The Ten Kinds of Supernormal Power of the Buddha’s Enlightenment - Dasa Bala

1/ The insight or ability to know what is possible and what is impossible. The knowledge of how things come into existence, their causes and how they disappear.
2/ The insight to see the inner workings of the web of karmic effects and their fruition; how a karmic effect inevitably ripens, is averted, is counteracted or minimized according to the interaction and intensity of the three evil roots of greed - lobha, hatred - dosa and delusion - moha along with their opposing virtues or anti-dotes of liberality -alobha, loving kindness -adosa and right view -amoha and to understand certain worldly conditions which hinder or favor the operation of karmic effect, good and bad.
3/ The insight to understand how one particular karmic action such as killing - panatipata, or liberality - dana performed, conditions rebirth dependent on each person’s intention -cetana when the idea of going that particular action is implanted.
4/ The insight to know how animate and inanimate objects and the world systems exist according to the combination of the five aggregates and the four elements of solidity, fluidity, motion and heat.
5/ The insight to know how people maintain differing characters, likes and dislikes as a flow-over (continuum) of their habits and mental tendencies from their previous births in samsara.
6/ The insight to preach efficaciously according to the understanding capacity of the listener, often resulting in instantaneous enlightenment.
7/ The insight to prescribe the right objects of meditation by knowing the different mental defilements or hindrances prevailing in the mind of the meditator at that moment of time to gain ecstasy - jhana.
8/ The supernormal power to recall His previous lives and those of others.
9/ The insight to understand how the rebirth of individuals takes place according to their kamma.
10/ The insight to know how He gained His mental development, purity and enlightenment by a process of eradicating all His mental impurities and developing only virtues.
By way of analogy, the supernormal powers of the Buddha when compared with other spiritual leaders is like that of sunlight placed against moonlight; the light of stars and the light of an oil lamp. The brilliance of sunlight which leaves no object unseen is all pervasive and illuminating.

~M. I: 69-71; MLS. I: 93-95
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