Press These Points On Your Wrist To Reduce Anxiety & Fall Asleep Fast!

Anxiety can have a profound negative effect on your life. It can destroy your happiness, your health, your relationships and your sleep quality. When you don’t get enough sleep, every part of your body suffers. You feel constantly fatigued, have difficulty concentrating and remembering things and your immune system weakens. Anxiety and insomnia often go hand in hand. If you’re looking for a way to lower your stress levels and get a better night’s sleep, Traditional Chinese Medicine might be able to help.

There are two acupuncture points that can be used to treat insomnia, known as Heart 7 and Pericardium 6. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, these two points are closely related. Pressing on them helps calm the body and the mind to promote sleep.

Heart 7

Heart 7 is also known as Shenmen, which means Spirit Gate. Pressing on this point can help release negative feelings from the inside out, while allowing positive influences to flow into the body. Heart 7 can be located on the anterior side of the transverse crease of the wrist. Look for a small depression on the radial side of the ulnar tendon. Activating this point is best known to help with insomnia, irritability and chest pain. Lightly press and massage for several seconds to activate this point.
Watch the video below for a how-to:

Pericardium 6

Pericardium 6 is also known as Neiguan, which means Inner Gate. It can be located on the anterior side of the wrist, about 2 finger widths from the transverse crease of the wrist. Pericardium 6 lies between the two tendons that run up the arm. Pressing this point can help radiate a sensation of positivity and peace throughout your body. It is best known to help with insomnia, nausea, upset stomach, motion sickness and headaches. To activate this point, apply light pressure between the two tendons. Massage the area for 4-5 seconds.
Watch the video below for a how-to:
source and courtesy: davidwolfe

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