11 Behaviors Toxic People Display Before Revealing Themselves

In this day and age, it is actually harder to find a group of people that does not have at least one toxic person in it. Toxic people are dangerous and the more time we spend with them the worse off we will be.
Toxic people stop your personal growth and hold you back, there is no sense in allowing them to remain in your life once you identify them as what they truly are. While in the beginning, it can be a bit hard to tell if someone will turn out to be toxic or not you can still manage. The following list will give you a good idea on who is toxic and who isn’t if you apply it to those around you.

1. They belittle others

Toxic people will not give up any opportunity to belittle someone else. They gain a false sense of superiority from this and even though it bothers other people they still continue.

2. They exaggerate a lot

They make everything out to be either ten times worse than it really is or ten times better than it really is.

3. They are always causing problems

They create problems rather than solving them.

4. They are meticulous

They will be quite thorough when it comes to degrading others. It seems showing displeasure is one of their strong points.

5. They are fake

They seem a little too nice or a little too rude there is no in between. They only show affection or are kind when they can benefit from doing so.

6. They ruin good news

They turn everything positive into something negative and can never be happy for someone else.

7. They are manipulative

They only do this when they need something from you. If you have ever been around a manipulative person you know well how to tell when someone is trying it on you.

8. They are dramatic

They feel as though they need to be the center of attention and when they are not they will throw a fit.

9. They make you prove your worth

They want you to choose them over other plans or people.

10. They project onto you

They blame you for their own problems.

11. They never apologize

They never say they are sorry because they don’t think they are doing anything wrong at all.
If you come to realize that you are dealing with a toxic person cut them out of your life. There is no sense in trying to change them or dealing with their shit for longer than you already have. Your well-being is important.
source: Awarenessact

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