Choose A Candle And Find Out Interesting Information You!

Have a look at each of the candles! Which one do you like most? If you don’t like any, choose the one that annoys you less and find out what it reveals about you.

1. Black

Many people think that black is the color of evil, as if evil were relegated to a color! Black candles actually summon the strength of those who have passed, not their evil tendencies. Black is a wonderful color to utilize in your time of need.

2. Purple

Purple is like a power up for your energy and vibrations. If you feel your aura has withered or you’re just not sure of yourself, purple candles can pump up your energy field and help you fill your space adequately with your energy.

3. White

White candles reflect lunar energy and helps your spirit vibrate at its highest frequency. It gives you the ultimate sense of purity and purpose. This color is excellent for calm meditation and self-reflection.

4. Blue

Blue is a strong color of psychic abilities. It raises the vibrational levels of your space and can help stabilize your moods. If you’ve been hurt, blue candles can create a healing atmosphere in which to recuperate.

5. Green

Green is most closely associated with the heart chakra. That’s right, it’s not red or pink. It’s a very earthy color, associated with the heart and nature. It’s a perfect color to add to your life when you feel disconnected from the planet or life in general.
source: wikr

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