Choose Your Favorite Purse And It Will Reveal A Lot About Yourself. You’ll See How Accurate It Is!

Although you may not believe it, all of our clothes and accessories reveal a lot about our personality. Today we bring you a test, which will reveal your personality traits based on the type of wallet or purse you use.
Just pick the type of purse you like most or normally use, and find out.
1. No purse
You like to carry your money in your pocket or your handbag. You’re smart and cautious, since you keep your money in several places in case your purse is stolen.
2. Bright and shiny designs
You are creative and have a big imagination. You are young at heart and always see the positive side in people and life.
3. Travel wallet
You love to travel, although it’s possible your travels are business trips. You like having everything you need at hand. You’re competent and good at making efficient decisions.
4. Card wallet
Most of your transactions are made via card. Thus, you probably live in a big city, where you don’t need to carry much cash.
5. Folding wallet
It’s practical, since you can fit it in your pants or a small bag. You’re a free spirit and like saving space.
6. Clutch purse
You’re very organized, because in this purse you can reach many things as well as your money. You like everything to be organized and in its place.
source: wikr

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