What Is Your Favorite Color Reveals About Your Personality

1. Like the leaves of fall, you are constantly changing. This is a good thing though! There’s a lot in life that happens, bad habits, friends drift away, things at jobs are never the same... you love the colorful variation of life! You are someone who probably gets into things very easily, like new hobbies, television shows and like making friends. You’re as beautiful as a gorgeous fall sunset... and as cosy as a pumpkin spice latte!

2. You’re one cool operator! It’s like you CAN’T do anything wrong! You’re the kind of person people strive to be - someone who goes out of their way for others, are beautiful both on the inside and out. Your life is about breaking down your own barriers, and not competing with anyone else. You plan to work on YOU and not make yourself “cooler” or “better" than other people. You’re just so awesome as YOU!

3. People admire you for your beauty, kindness and honesty. You’re funny, have a great memory and are always wanting to brighten others days! But remember to give yourself some downtime too. Although you’d rather be nice to everyone at all times, you need to cut those out of your life that don’t treat you the way YOU want to be treated. you deserve so much more. Know that you are doing the right things in life. if only others would mind their own business!

4. You’re wise, caring and have a heart full of love. Though sometimes you can be a bit forgetful, people don’t mind because they know you’re always up to something interesting… plus you don’t do it on purpose! What’s so unique about you is that although you have a good head on your shoulders, and don’t have time for mean or rudeness, you always give them the kindness you’d expect from others. You never know what kind of fight they’re battling! You’re just so awesome as YOU!

source: en.vonvon

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