Your Dream House: Choose The House You Would Like To Live In And Learn More About Your Personality

Home is the place you want to return to no matter where you go. This is where you can feel comfy and cozy. Of course, everybody has their dream house. Some people imagine themselves living in a huge white mansion on the seashore. Others would be happy to live in a wooden cottage made of logs. There are people who dream of having an apartment in a noisy metropolis, where they can look out of the window and enjoy the eternal lights of the city.
You yourself might be dreaming of something totally different. The house you choose to live in reflects your inner world. Psychologists often use the images of your ideal house to examine your personality. Take this test and find out some interesting facts about your personality.
Have a close look at the picture and choose the house you would like to live in. Scroll down and read the interpretations below.

House №1

One of the most important things in your life is your privacy. You don’t like people interfering with your business affairs or personal life, unless you ask them to. You keep your thoughts and feelings to yourself. No one will ever guess what you are experiencing in a particular period of your life. You are too scared to look vulnerable. This might be because you had to go through humiliation, neglect, or loneliness when you were younger.

House №2

You are one of those people who live with their eyes wide open. You probably remember Jim Carrey’s character in the movie “Always Say Yes.” He was open to any undertaking or adventure. You too try not to miss any opportunity, since you believe that you should breathe with all your chest and live to the fullest. You get your strength and energy from nature. This is why you love spending your time in the country, where you can be alone with yourself and your thoughts. You value each moment of your life and each person who is next to you.

House №3

You are an open book for the people surrounding you. In a good sense of the word! You have no skeletons in your cupboard, and you hate two-faced people. Your actions are often directed by your emotions that beat over the edge. People never think of you as of a manipulator or a hypocrite, so they enjoy your company. You value sincerity and honesty both in friendship and personal relationships. That is why you are almost never misunderstood.

House №4

The idea of the famous Russian writer, Anton Chekhov, that everything should be perfect in a person ideally describes you. You love being surrounded by beautiful things. You are always dressed beautifully. Impressing people is the most important thing for you. And you do it perfectly well!

House №5

Dreaming of a tropical bungalow? This reveals your straightforward, honest, and freedom-loving personality. You will never try to meet the requirements of the society to please anybody or get a prestigious job for the sake of a higher status. You don’t try to be like everyone else. You don’t care much about other people’s opinions or remarks. You have a strong personality, and this gives you the strength and courage to swim against the current.

House №6

If you would like to live in this nice house on wheels, you are a philosopher. To reach your desired destination, you had to go a long way and get rid of harmful and painful things in your life.
You always ask the following questions to yourself: “What is the meaning of life?” and “How can I make the world better?” Perhaps, you are now standing at a crossroads and are trying to figure out how to live on. You are a spiritual person and do not depend on material values. You can expect changes in your life sometime soon. You believe you can’t reach the stars if you are not willing to overcome the difficulties and obstacles on your way. You are convinced that happiness must be earned.
source: ftwinsane

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