The Strongest Women Are The Women With Anxiety

She’s been battling her anxiety for quite some time and she continues to do so with bravery. She’s not a victim of her mental struggle, because she knows in her heart that she’s so much more than the demons that live in her mind.
She’s learned to hold her head up high when the chaos in her mind consumes her, so the word weakness is practically not in her vocabulary. She’s a strong girl because she manages to survive the battlefield that is her life, dealing with a mental illness that takes a lot of courage to tame and survive on a daily basis.
She manages to function because she’s tried every coping mechanism possible and she has found ways that help her calm her anxious heart. She pushes forward with determination.
She knows how important it is to not give up because she’s got so much to give and she can’t allow her condition to dictate her life. She has goals and dreams like everyone else, and all she wants is to be able to be herself.
Yes, her anxiety plays tricks on her and sometimes it wins, but for the most part, she’s able to tap into her inner strength, fight back, and quickly get back on her feet.
Battling with anxiety takes the life out of her, but she doesn’t give up on herself. The days she feels like drowning are hard to get through, but her heart knows that it’s only temporary and she rides the wave as best she can until the apprehension and the fear that is incessantly gnawing in her mind slowly disappear.
She’s the strongest girl because even when it’s pitch black in her mind and her palms are sweaty, she grabs onto hope, takes a deep breath and waits for the light to come back and guide her out of the darkness.
She’s strong-willed, intelligent and brave and even when she feels that she can’t handle what anxiety throws at her, her heart whispers in her ear and reminds her how important she is to this world and to every single person that loves her.
Her goal is to never take the easy way out, she shows up for herself every day and pushes through because she’s her own hero. As hard as it might be sometimes, she refuses to give her anxiety power.
She might give in sometimes but she knows that she’s so much more than her anxiety and she won’t let her define her. It takes a lot of inner power and resilience to navigate the world when anxiety is constantly following your every step.
She knows that she cannot give up because she knows that her bravery will conquer her anxiety if she continues to show up for herself every day.
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Pick a card for your important message

Card 1.

That which is permanent and may be passed on to future generations. The family business. Fortune. Heirlooms. Estates. But also traditions, ancestry, the family name. Wanting to ensure the security, comfort, and preservation of the family. This card may be an indication of a coming inheritance, perhaps as the heir, or perhaps as the executor. A card of stable wealth, and also a card of heritage

Card 2.

After hard work and thought, the light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter. Perhaps unexpected good fortune. Reversal of negative trends. The traditional interpretations of this aspect are darker, however. Traditional meanings include confusion, anarchy, and discord. Possibly those who stood by each other during the lean times may be less faithful when the material situation improves.

Card 3.

Focused on advancement and success in the material world, while ignoring the emotional and aesthetic elements of life. Turned inward, uninterested in others and apparently boring to them. However, some see this aspect more in the traditional light… burned out, inactive, unwilling to work hard. Traditionally apathetic, stagnant, indolent, discouraged.

The three cards oracle will reveal great changes in your life

Pick any card and read for the meaning for great changes in your life.

CARD 1: 

The three cards oracle tells you that your ability to plan your economy and ease of problem-solving will help you to move forward positively to the family economy. With regard to your health, if you have been dragging a certain aching, there is going to be an improvement. You’ll have to worry about your health and take care of yourself, be serious.
You’ve been under some pressure lately. You’ve usually had obligations in your personal life or too much work. This has been creating problems that are accumulating. Solve these problems as soon as possible because it could create more problems.
You’re going to realize that you’re wrong in one aspect of your life. You will correct this error and you can channel your life to a better direction.

Card 2

The three cards oracle tells us that something new is about to start in your life. You’re facing a positive new energy, so don’t be afraid when there’s a change in your life. It can be a new job, something about your family, some project, etc.
There will be a quality improvement in your life. The tarot card does not show me specifically in what aspect will improve your life, but it does glimpse joy and more comfort.
In the long run, thanks to your hard work, you will get certain goals you wanted for you. Other goals will be incomplete. You can’t get it all, sometimes you have to know when to stop and enjoy what you have already achieved.

Card 3

The esoteric oracle tells you that, in a situation you never imagined, there will be a reunion with an old friend that you have not seen for years. This will bring an improvement in your social life, you will do activities that you never did before.
There will be a rollercoaster of emotions in your life; Both good and bad. There will be much love and passion, but perhaps also some arguments and anger.
You’re going to get out of a dark and negative stage of your life. Can be many things, you may stop seeing a toxic person who hurts you, an obligation you do not like will end, etc.

The Card You Choose Has a Wonderful Message For You

Choose your favorite card from the forest spirits, and please don’t choose just for the sake of choosing. Listen to that voice that tells you which card to choose, because right in that card there is a message for your life.
If you already chose, all that’s left is to discover the wonderful message it sends you.
This card comes in your life to tell you that wonderful thing are about to happen. You probably have many questions: what to do, what decision to make, where to go. And although sometimes you lose your temper (and even faith and patience) the important thing is to understand that one day, very soon, everything will make sense, that everything that must happen will happen, naturally, at the right time and for the best reasons.
Every situation you experience has a purpose in your life. For this reason, stay patient, fill yourself with optimism, work every day with love and continue advancing along the path of your dreams. Very soon you will see how your great challenges of today become your greatest joys of tomorrow.
No matter how many times you are knocked down, keep getting up, God sees your determination and will reward you when you need it the most. If you liked your message, do not forget to support us with a like and share the result with your friends and family.
This card comes in your life to remind you that every situation that occurs and every situation you experience has a purpose in your life. The important thing is to stay strong, trusting that God always walks by your side. You are passing through the middle of a storm, but that does not mean you are not heading towards the sun.
So today, with much love and much faith, open your arms, close your eyes, breathe deeply and say: I know that every event in my life is part of your plan, just give me your peace and help me flourish with the strength of your infinite love. Wonderful things will happen very soon. If you liked your message, do not forget to support us with a like and share the result with your friends and family.
It is wonderful to have a beautiful mind that dreams, imagines, projects. But even more wonderful than dreaming is having the courage to turn your dreams into reality, because a dream without action is only an illusion. It’s time to stand up, analyze your possibilities and start taking steps to fulfill your desires.
You should not run a marathon on your first day, the important thing is to start moving forward and every day keep moving forward, even if it is a single step, the most important thing is to never stop. If you had the ability to dream it, you surely have the ability to achieve it, a little more discipline and perseverance will make the difference.
If you give your best, life will return it 10 times better, because God promises you that what you sow, that you reap. If you liked your message, do not forget to support us with a like and share the result with your friends and family.
When you are committed to your dreams, God moves the universe to begin to conspire in your favor and in a wonderful and almost inexplicable way people, resources and situations start appearing to bring you closer to the place where you want to be.
But it is not a superficial commitment, you must commit your body and soul with all that you have: take your time, always give the best of you even when nobody is watching you, be kind and trust in the goodness of life.
You are the architect of your dreams and the architect of your own destiny; commit yourself to your greatest desires and you will see how every day, at every moment, life gets on your side and God guides you along the path that will take you to your goal. If you liked your message, do not forget to support us with a like and share the result with your friends and family.


Which of the following animal cards caught your eye and jumps out to you? Every animal represents a type of personality. So, take a deep breath and have a good look at which animal resonates the most with you!

1. You are sensitive, compassionate, understanding and supportive.

You are always thinking of others before yourself. You are the person others come to for help. Being needed motivates you but sometimes people take advantage of you. You are a gentle and free spirit. Your feelings run deep and you can be quite sensitive to hurtful comments from others, although you would never show it. You have a peaceful and tranquil quality and a quiet dignity about you.
People are drawn to your charismatic and alluring energy. You are usually introverted rather than extroverted and may give the impression of being shy; although this is not the case. You are creative and like to be individual in most of your endeavors, including your dress and home decoration. You love the unconventional.
You are idealistic, and often impractical, with a great imagination; often dreaming of a future in an ideal fantasy world where you exclude the ugly side of reality. You tend to look at life through rose-colored glasses. People who don’t understand you sometimes think you are eccentric because you spend so much time in your fantasy world.

2. You are warm, optimistic, extroverted and often flamboyant.

You are friendly, good-natured and generally an agreeable person. You are assertive and determined rather than aggressive. That’s because you are too light-hearted for that. You thrive on human social contact and social gatherings, bringing all types together.
When the mood strikes you enjoy partying, socializing and planning all types of social events. You are often the loudest talker in a group. While you are charming and sociable you do tend to be a bit of a show-off. You get great satisfaction from helping others and they find you inspiring with your vitality and positive energy. You are tolerant and accepting of others just the way they are.
You are a people person, motivated by what others may or may not think and always trying to keep up with the Jones’. You need people around you – being alone for too long makes you depressed and you then allow negativity to engulf you.

3. You are moderately conservative, reliable and trustworthy.

You are quite trusting of others although you are very wary in the beginning until you are sure of the other person. At the same time, you also have a deep need to be trusted. You are not impulsive or spontaneous. You always think before you act and do everything at your own pace, in your own time.
You take time to process and share your feelings. You are genuine and sincere, and you take your responsibilities seriously. You are fairly even-tempered unless your emotions take over. Then you can become either moody and over-emotional, or cool and indifferent.
You are sensitive to the needs of others and caring with your close circle of friends. While you are friendly and sociable, you prefer the company of your own close group of friends. You need to have direction and order in your living and work spaces – untidiness and unpredictability overwhelm you.

4.  You are independent, strong-willed and determined.

Prestige and power are important to you and like to be in control of yourself and situations. You are non-emotional and give the appearance of a dignified and sophisticated person who is in total control. This is often a front as you may feel quite insecure in the company of sophisticated and cultured VIPs and upper-class people.
You like to keep people at a distance – guarding your emotions and creating an impenetrable barrier between yourself and others. You may be looking for protection from the negativity that surrounds you. You sometimes try to create an aura of mystery and intrigue around yourself to keep people curious.
You may be going through a stage of self-denial right now, not allowing pleasure and joy into your life. You hold things inside and are not good at sharing yourself with others out of fear of judgment. You are methodical in your work, making sure everything is completed as required, down to the last detail.
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Pick Your Favorite Fairy to Uncover a Positive Message Which Will Inspire You to Improve Your Life!

Fairies are ethereal spirits that have been referred to as “demoted” angels  or servers of sorcerers. In modern tales, fairiers are often depicted as beautiful and enchanted tree spirits who remain hidden from humans.
These elemental creatures can be messengers of spiritual guidance, if you know how to look out for them.
There are different classifications and characteristics of fairies, so the one you’ll choose will send you a message to inspire you to improve your life and reach for the sky.
Take a deep breath and calmly look at the pictures of these fairies for a brief moment. Which one of these are you drawn to the most? Scroll down to read the messages each one reveals.


This fairy sends you a message that indicates the end of a karmic lesson or cycle where you have successfully cleared a contract or debt from your past. This could refer to a challenging situation you have recently conquered in your life or a troubling experience with an individual that involved a great deal of effort or pain.
Even though there are ongoing lessons to confront throughout the course of your life, you will never have to experience this particular lesson again. This also represents the “Wheel of fortune,” where whatever goes up must also come down. Just as the tides are constantly ebbing and flowing, you are being encouraged to adapt to both the highs and low in your life. For it is in your ability to adapt that you will make your dreams come true. By stating “This too shall pass” in the face of each and every experience, you will remain centered, grounded, and stable.
In order to better your current situation, you a being asked to adjust to, and harmonize with, the natural rhythm and cycles of your life – cycles that have cleared you of a karmic debt from your past. So pat yourself on the back and acknowledge your efforts and achievements. By continuing to face your challenges head-on and treating others with love and respect, you will be rewarded beyond your wildest dreams.
Affirmation: I clear debts from my past and create a happy, harmonious life.


This fairy indicates a time to lovingly lead and guide others who are less capable than you are. This may apply to your workplace, community, family, or circle of friends. You are being encouraged to have confidence in your ability to motivate and inspire those who accompany you on your path. This also indicates a role as a leader in your field.
You may choose to rise to the top of your game with your unique talents, or to lovingly lead others to a new-and-improved way of life. Either way, it’s time to step up to the plate and adopt a position of authority, for you have a natural ability to lead.
In order to improve your current situation, you are being asked to adjust to, and harmonize with, the natural rhythm and cycles of your life – cycles that are encouraging you to be a compassionate leader. Remember, a successful leader leads alongside others rather than from above. Others graciously follow when you have their best interests at heart. So know that it is safe for you to lead the way
Affirmation: I lead others, and in turn, serve a higher purpose.


This fairy indicates a need to see your life as an adventure. No one knows what will happen tomorrow, so why not make the most of today? By drawing this card, you’re being encouraged to step out of the rut of your everyday life to experience exciting new things. It doesn’t have to be anything dramatic; just a couple of minor adjustments can add a little adventure and zing. This is a time to be inquisitive and daring.
You might want to rearrange your furniture or experiment with new styles of clothing. Perhaps you could eat a different type of food, take up a new hobby, or go on an overseas voyage. Sometimes a new version of something familiar is enough to shake things up. Even a random act of kindness can be an adventure in itself.
In order to improve your current situation, you are being asked to adjust to, and harmonize with, the natural rhythm and cycles of your life—cycles that are leading you toward new experiences and adventures. You’ve got people to meet, and plenty of things to see. So open yourself up to the unknown, revitalize your soul, and broaden your horizons. Adventure stimulates the life force and enhances your connection to Source.
Affirmation: I broaden my life experience, and therefore expand the growth of my soul.


This fairy show you a need to acknowledge the power of your mind and your ability to manifest your desires. You are being urged to familiarize yourself with the Law of Attraction and clarify your wants and needs, for you have entered a powerful cycle of Divine manifestation. Provided that your dreams serve the greater good, as well as the intentions of your soul, the Universe will assist you in making them come true.
By choosing this fairy, you are being reminded that successful manifestation requires more than just positive and wishful thinking. You must also surrender the outcome to the Divine and detach from the results. Remember that the Law of Attraction works both ways, so pay attention to your doubts, worries, and fears, and monitor your negative thoughts. Then focus predominantly on what you want, rather than what you fear or don’t want.
In order to improve your current situation, you are being asked to adjust to, and harmonize with, the natural rhythm and cycles of your life—cycles that are leading you toward a time of manifestation. By making peace with your life as it is today and appreciating what you already have, you will create the life you’ve always imagined.
Affirmation: I use my thoughts to make my dreams come true.


This fairy indicates a need to focus on your well-being and self-care. You are being encouraged to explore practices and behaviors that can enhance your physical, emotional, and mental health. Whether you explore conventional or alternative methods, it’s important at this time to put your health and happiness first.
This is a time to eliminate any unhealthy habits and behaviors that are impeding your success. You can seek professional assistance if you need to, or make improvements on your own. Some of the basic necessities for optimal health are regular checkups, good nutrition, exercise, drinking plenty of water, getting a good night’s sleep, detoxification, going outside in nature, engaging in relaxing activities, avoiding toxic people and environments, maintaining a positive mind-set, meditation or yoga, defining your personal limits and boundaries, doing what you love, laughing often, and spending quiet time alone.
In order to improve your current situation, you are being asked to adjust to, and harmonize with, the natural rhythm and cycles of your life – cycles that are encouraging you to work on improving your current state of health. This isn’t a time to procrastinate, for you are being called to take action. Call upon your spirit guides and angels, if necessary to be shown the next step to take for the sake of your health.
Affirmation: Wit a healthy body and mind, I raise my energy vibration.


This fairy indicates a need for self-discipline, motivation, and action to improve your quality of life. By drawing this card, you are being reminded that you need to meet the Universe halfway, because your dreams won’t manifest by themselves.
This is a time to clarify your goals, and to plan and prioritize your ideas and actions. Then take the mental, emotional, and physical action needed to make your dreams come true. You are being encouraged to rein in any thoughts and emotions that are contrary to what you’re trying to attract.
Rather than letting your doubts and worries consume you, you must have the strength and willpower to focus predominantly on your dreams. You can attain those goals with a strong, disciplined mind when you surrender the outcome to the Divine.
In order to improve your current situation, you are being asked to adjust to, and harmonize with, the natural rhythm and cycles of your life—cycles that are encouraging you to be motivated and strong. This is where you need to play your part. The Universe will provide the opportunities, but you need to see them through.
Affirmation: With self-discipline and action, I make my dreams come true.


This fairy indicates a time of necessary endings and completion in preparation for new beginnings. By drawing this card, you are being encouraged to let go of the old to make way for the new. This may relate to a particular mindset, behavior, friendship, job, residence, or relationship you have outgrown; or it could indicate the completion of a karmic lesson, period of study, or contractual obligation.
Either way, this fairy serves as confirmation that you must move forward with confidence and courage toward bigger and better things. Have no fear of the unknown, for you are being Divinely accompanied and guided. This card serves as confirmation that you are definitely on the right path, so surrender yourself to the changes that are occurring, and you’ll be led to where you need to be.
Spend quiet time alone to connect with your inner guidance, for in the silence, you will be given the next logical step to take. In order to improve your current situation, you are being asked to adjust to, and harmonize with, the natural rhythm and cycles of your life—cycles that are leading you toward a time of endings and completion. So let go of what no longer serves you, spread your wings, and trust in the Divine to show you the way.
Affirmation: It is safe to surrender to the magical future that awaits me.


This pick indicates a need to embrace your individually and be your true, authentic self. Rather than follow the crowd, you’re being guided to break away from the pack and “take the road less traveled.” Instead of feeling like you’re a square peg in a round hole, you’re being encouraged to build your own “square hole.”
You are being called upon to step up to the plate and celebrate your uniqueness. At this time, you must have the courage to speak your truth and march to the beat of your own drum despite the opinions of those around you.
What others think of you isn’t your business anyway, and it’s impossible to please everybody, so you must focus on pleasing yourself. As you honor your individuality and feelings, you will reclaim your personal power and enhance your connection to Source. When you do so, you can make your dreams come true.
In order to improve your current situation, you are being asked to adjust to, and harmonize with, the natural rhythm and cycles of your life – cycles that are encouraging you to embrace your individuality. As you step into your power as your true, authentic self, you will improve your relationships with others and your overall quality of life.
Affirmation: I embrace my individuality and become my true, authentic self.
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Pick an Angel And Receive a Personal Message

You Angels want you to know they’ve seen your struggles over the past year. Perhaps you lost a loved one or a beloved pet. Your Angels are guiding you to the signs your loved ones past are leaving for you. Have you recently found a penny, dime or feather? Have you seen a cardinal, or blue jay lately? Have you heard a sentimental, familiar song? Have you smelled a familiar scent, or seen lights flickering? These are all signs from your loved ones who have passed letting you know they are with you in your times of need. They know that certain dates, especially Holidays can trigger grief and sadness, but want you to know they are here with you in spirit, giving you a warm, comforting hug. If your pet has passed, they curl up beside you at bedtime and times of rest in spirit to comfort you. Know your loved ones often turn into your Guides from the other side after transitioning to the Light. If you quiet your mind and tune in, you will see the signs, and hear their guidance gently guiding you on the rest of your journey. You cannot mistake the feeling of a loved one coming to you, as it feels like an all-encompassing love not of this world. You get goosebumps, and tears of joy float to your eyes. The next time you are missing a loved one who has passed, simply ask them to give you a sign. Then be aware of your surroundings, as they surely always answer your calls for guidance, peace, love, and comfort.
Your Angels are here to let you know they are working behind the scenes to bring either new love into your life or assist you in improving the relationship you already have. They have heard you ask, when is my soul mate going to come to me? When will I finally meet The One? Can I get this relationship back on track? Your Angels come to you today to provide confirmation that the time is soon. The guidance they give is; begin to love yourself, and others will find you loveable too. Go out and have fun, flirt, and find your joy again! Having fun allows your inner spark to shine which makes you attractive to a potential partner. Your Angels say, now is the time to create that vision board you’ve been thinking of. Be specific in the type of partner you wish to attract into your life. Begin embodying those qualities as like attracts like. If your friend wants to fix you up on that blind date, go this time, because you never know if your soul mate is that blind date. The Angels have a way of using friends and family in our lives to arrange the perfect meetings for us at times. Be open to going to new places, and stepping outside of your comfort zone. Our soul mates tend to appear in the most unlikely of places when it’s entirely unexpected.
If your relationship has gotten stale, in a rut, or mundane routine and the spark is gone, your Angels ask that you remember all of the Beautiful qualities that attracted you to your partner in the first place! What made you fall in love in the first place? What attracted you to your partner? The Angels say it’s time to plan a date night, out of the ordinary, with some romance and passion! Buy a new outfit, get your hair done, do your nails. Some suggestions are: You can book a couples massage. Google date night ideas. Flirt, and send sexy texts throughout the day building up to your date night. Slip little notes in your partners' purse, or pants pocket letting them know how much you love & appreciate them. When your partner comes home from work, have candles lit, music on, a sexy outfit and you might not even make it out on the date! There are all kinds of ways to get the passion back in your relationship. The Angels ask that you think outside the box, and have fun being creative.
Your Angels want to let you know how proud they are of you and how far you have come on your spiritual journey! They see all of the obstacles you have overcome. They want you to know, they were by your side the entire time providing you synchronicities to guide you on your path! They say congratulations is in order, as you’ve either recently moved, started a new career, and have taken your life in a completely new direction. They want you to know they assisted you in removing the fear of stepping outside of your comfort zone to go in this new direction. Your Angels say, now that you have aligned your energy to your new path, big things are on the way for you. They ask that you stay focused and on track with the goals and aspirations you’ve set for yourself. Your Angels say, do not worry, all of your needs will be met in Divine right timing, as long as your energy remains aligned to this new path. Your Angels see that it was necessary to cut certain people out of your life in order to progress forward. They say, have no regrets as these relationships would have fallen away anyway very soon as they were no longer in your new aligned energy. Keep moving forward and don’t look back. They remind you to take time to stop and smell the roses and to remain in your here and now, as they will continue bringing you the synchronicities to guide you further on your next steps. Pay attention to your immediate surroundings, and you’ll surely notice the signs.
Your Angels have seen you struggling with an addiction. This could be in the form of; drugs, alcohol, food, cigarettes, hoarding, OCD behavior, having control issues, drama, etc… Your Angels have been working behind the scenes to release this bind from you. You have slowly, over the past month lost your craving for this addiction. It is losing its grasp on you. Your Angels have placed positive affirmations as signs to distract you from cravings. Your Angels are assisting you in replacing a bad, harmful habit with a positive, healthy one. You have realized how strong your will has become over the past month to resist the urges to go back to the old ways. You are now optimistic about your future and can see clearly your new destined reality. You think to yourself…, how easy it was to give this up. Why did it take so long? Your Angels have a way of working miracles in your life. And they use every means necessary to assist you on your true path and journey. Your Angels have increased your vibrational frequency to a more positive, optimistic outlook on your life. You have now begun to catch yourself when any negative thoughts enter your mind and immediately replace it with a positive one. Your Angels want you to know, they are by your side every step of the way. Just simply call on them in any time of weakness and they will provide the strength you need to carry on. Your Angels are so proud of you, and are elated to assist you on the steps of your newfound freedom and life! They want you to know you are about to be rewarded for all of your hard work. This form of abundance can come in any form to you. Remain open to the abundance of the Universe, and it will flow easily to you. Remember, you deserve it!

Choose Your Favorite Card And Discover What Your Subconscious Says About You

Although it may seem surprising, with only a picture, a card or a drawing … you can define aspects of your life and your personality, that you did not expect to have.
Look carefully at the 4 cards and choose the one that appeals the most to you.
Next, discover its meaning and how it is represented in your life.

1. Dreamy and Adventurous person

You characterize yourself as a curious, very analytical and observant person. One of your main pursuits in life is freedom and many times you may feel overwhelmed by commitments or situations that limit your ability to decide where you want to go or what you want to do. Your mind is very active and can process many ideas simultaneously. Because of that, you are a very impulsive person, who has a hard time finishing his obligations on time and is constantly changing his plans.
Your main challenge is to silence your mind and better organize the way you spend your time. Remember that it’s better to work on a single task at a time than to take on many tasks at the same time because when you focus on something, you invest all your talent, concentration and energy to achieve great results. You are a naturally talented person and with a little more organization you can continue to reap triumphs and achieve wonderful things in your life.
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2. Creative and Emotional Person

You are characterized for being a detail oriented, sensitive, spiritual, creative person, with great aesthetic sense and with a great talent for areas that require some form of art or manual creation, such as painting, making music, design, etc. People like you enjoy building a unique personal style because they want to feel different and special. It is likely that your world and your personal space are full of color, accessories and innovative items.
It is very likely that due to your emotionality you constantly change your mood and it is very important that you accept this situation so that your moodiness does not control your life and your relationships but that you control your moodiness. Remember that beyond the circumstances, the difference between happiness and sadness is determined by your attitude, so remember every day that you are a naturally happy person, who with your creativity and energy can achieve wonderful things every time you want it.
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3. Intense and Optimistic person

You characterize yourself for being a sociable, fun, very energetic and intense person, whose essential nature is to be happy. It’s likely that sometimes things happen that sadden you, but over time you have managed to understand that with optimism and perseverance you are able to resolve any situation that occurs in your life. By your way of life, you can’t stand the monotony and you need situations that challenge you and your desire to get ahead all the time.
Because of the intensity with which you assume your life, you are likely to remain very active and rest very little (or even sleep at night). At night try to set a few hours in which you will eliminate all distraction from your life (computer, phone, TV, etc) and allow yourself to have a good restful night. This way your work, your state of mind and your results will improve remarkably with each passing day!
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4. Romantic and Loyal Person

You characterize yourself as a noble, generous, very kind person with a sincere love for others. You constantly dream of an ideal world, with justice and well-being for all and for this reason it’s common for you to commit to charitable causes or to support the poor and other people who need your help as much as you can to the best of your abilities.
Your commitment to your family and the people you love most is absolute and you are definitely a person they can trust. As you are trustworthy, you want to trust others and when someone disappoints you, that person will have a hard time to regain your trust.
One of your main challenges is to learn to say no because many times you agree to do things just to please others. Remember that helping and doing good deeds should be a joy, not an obligation. Understanding this will help you avoid being used by other people and make your life more joyful and happier.
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Choose One Celestial Symbol To Read Your Inspiring Angel Message

Our angels are always around us, guiding us and giving us divine protection. Sometimes we are not fully aware of their presence, but that doesn’t mean we can’t tune ourselves into their message if we try.
Below is a series of four celestial symbols, each used with a specific purpose for the angelic realm. Look at them carefully and choose the one you feel most attracted to, or resonate the best with.
Then, scroll down to see what your angelic message is- remember it’s okay if you feel drawn to more than one. Sometimes we need more than one message!
If you chose…


You were inspired to pick the bell. As an angel symbol, it means you are going through an ‘awakening’.
Bells have been used throughout time in religious services and celebrations.
The sound of the bell clears stagnant energy and speeds the arrival of new opportunities, new people, new interests, new ideas and good health. It’s like a personal spring cleaning!
our body, mind, and spirit are being re-energized, embrace it.
If you dream of a bell or it appears to you in meditation, your angel asks you to spring-clean some part of your life that is keeping you down. Once you do this, the doors to angel communication open beautifully. The block has been removed.


You were inspired to pick the crown
Your angel is placing a crown on your head as a sign of congratulations.
Perhaps you have been wise enough to count your blessings, despite your challenges.
Angels love when you do this because it means you are becoming more spiritual (the ultimate aim for all of us).
Only when you take this approach does life open and become truly amazing. It is no coincidence that the crown is placed on top of the head, the home of the crown chakra.
This chakra point (energy center), is all about spiritual connections.
If you dream of a crown or it appears in meditation, be very pleased! It means you are on the way to spectacular spiritual development.
You were inspired to pick the harp. Harp music resonates on a special frequency and has a calming, healing effect.
Your angel says a period of peace, acceptance, and happiness is approaching.
If you’ve been feeling a little sad, or frustrated by life, your angel says relax and enjoy the time ahead. Feel the sun on your face, take joy in being alive.
There is nothing else you need to do but embrace the peace coming to you.
All will be well, the enlightenment you seek will follow.
If you dream of a harp or it appears to you in meditation, your angel reminds you everything is about timing. Trust that there is a heavenly order and you must submit yourself to it.
“And each man stands with his face in the light. Of his own drawn sword, ready to do what a hero can.” Elizabeth Barrett Browning


You were inspired to pick the sword.
It is the symbol of Archangel Michael, the warrior angel.
Because you picked this symbol it means you are consciously (or subconsciously) calling on this Archangel for help and protection.
Know that He hears you, even if you have doubted your ability to contact angels.
He is here to help you conquer personal demons (unhealthy habits, fear, negativity, and self-doubt).
Perhaps you’ve even questioned if you’re special enough to be worthy of angelic attention?
The answer is, YES you are!
If you have the ability to be kind to just one person (or animal), then you are worthy of angelic attention. The main job of angels on Earth is to promote what is known as the ripple effect.
Every tiny ripple you create a kindness you show triggers another ripple until eventually a wave is made. The Earth and humanity are at a critical time in history and it needs your ripples to survive.
So now you can see just how important you are to angels!