What's Your Psychic Message For 2019? Select A Symbol

The new year is a time of fresh, new beginnings and it's always a great time to start a new journey or two. Do keep in mind that in order to make room for the new, it is best to release what does not serve us anymore.

To find out what your psychic message is, select the image that calls to your soul.​

Symbol 1. 

There is no doubt that you've been under tremendous stress these days. You have been doing an amazing job of keeping it together and now it is time to take a bit of a breather. The suggestion is to take a day or two off, meditate, journal and/or give yourself time to contemplate the recent events and regroup your thoughts now that you have even more clarity due to overcoming the recent challenges. There is one more hurdle to overcome which is why it is so important to allow yourself time to reset your energy, thoughts, and emotions. You've got this 

Symbol 2. 

The solutions you are seeking are woven within your experiences. Look past the suffering, the unfortunate and the injustices you have experienced. There is much wisdom that has already been gained from all you have been through. These experiences have brought you to places of higher understanding. You are becoming wiser and wiser with each situation that you have navigated through. Take time to go within to obtain the answers you are seeking. You have the ability to access sage wisdom within yourself.

Symbol 3. 

In order for things to shift for you, you must make room for the new to come on in. The new may be a belief system, a new process, a new way of eating and/or exercising. It may be a number of different things and it all has to do with what shifts you are wanting to create in your life. Making room may consist of many different things. You most likely already know what no longer serves you and it is up to YOU to create those changes. The sooner you allow what doesn't serve to move out, the sooner the positive desired shifts will start flowing in.

Select One Symbol To Reveal Your Major Life Theme For 2019

I think we can all agree that it’s a good thing 2018 is done and dusted. But what does 2019 have in store for us?

Well, every year teaches us valuable lessons, and this year is no exception. We will all learn something incredibly helpful in 2019, and the major life theme of ours will forge a new path.

Let’s see what the main theme for you will be in 2019 by selecting the image that you feel a strong connection with. First, ask the question – What is my main theme for 2019 and then select the image that you feel a slight pull towards.

If you chose #1

1. Perfect Alignment – If you have been observing your reality lately, you may have already noticed that you have begun attracting different types of people and opportunities. You have been moving into a more expanded state of consciousness/belief system that supports abundance, joy, love, and success. The Laws of Divine Attraction are most certainly always at play and you can now celebrate that in the least a few areas of your life you are in the flow, the vortex of juicy awesomeness! Please take time to celebrate these victories because you worked so hard to get here.

If you chose #2

2. Taking the High Road – Spirit is reminding you that you don’t have to participate to every disagreement, chaotic conversation that you are invited to. Nor do you have to match the emotionally charged responses of the other party. Oh, of course, there will be situations when and where you will lose your temper, however, there are some situations where you can apply your well-earned higher consciousness to the current situations. And in doing so, you will continue to raise your vibrations.

If you chose #3

3. Cherish Your Healthy Relationships – Even though there some rough patches in some of your relationships, there are still some supportive and loving relationship connections that are present in your life. Let’s shift the focus from the challenging and toxic relationships to the joy-filled and loving ones that feed our soul. These healthy relationships DESERVE the majority of our attention and focus rather than the ones that keep us up at night. By default with the Laws of Attraction, we are in alignment and attract what we focus upon. Therefore, by shifting our attention from the challenging to the healthy, we will manifest and be in alignment with the partnerships that are for our highest and best good.

source: https://mysticalraven.com

Choose a Symbol to get Advice about Your Current situation

Take a look at these 3 symbols and choose your favorite, the one that attracts you most. Then find the explanation in the sequel and read the important life message that the universe is trying to send you.

1. Patience 

Your life is perfect, thanks to the three best features you have: perseverance, positivity and patience. Every day you face hundreds of different situations, some happier, others are sadder, but everyone equally helps you to progress.

It is important, however, to remember that any situation that happens in your life, no matter how simple or complicated, prepares you for what’s coming. For that reason, do not let the situation determine your attitude, but let it be your courage.

2. Progress

Now is your time! It’s time to allow yourself to be happy, to allow yourself to progress, to rejoice, to love and to enjoy all those goodies that are currently in your fulfilled life.

If you really believe that you deserve it, you will get it, you just do not want to stop it. All good things start with just one thought and a small change – so always be positive and open to the opportunities that life offers to you.

3. Force

You must start to believe in yourself. When things get tougher, remember that you have tremendous power, that you have important goals and that the motivation for moving forward is exactly the people you love most.

Where there is trust in oneself, the power of will and desire for success, miracles can happen. So let go of events that lead you through life and use every situation as best you can. Things are constantly moving, so do not stop.


Look at the following 4 crystals, analyze them well and choose the one you like the most. Make sure your choice is careful and honest to get the best results. After you select the crystal, find the message below and read how you can improve your own future.

1. Citrine

When you feel sad, it’s because you stick to the memories in the past. When you feel bad, that’s because you spend a lot of time thinking about the future. Remember that the past and the future are nothing more than mental projections of what it once was. The only thing that exists and belongs to you is here and now, as it really is.

This crystal comes in your life to tell you that you can not change the past – what happened, has already happened, and the only thing you can do is to improve the present and move forward towards the future.

Now is the right moment to relax and to thank the past that built your foundations, which brought you valuable lessons and made you realize that life is actually in the present.

2. Jade 

This crystal reminds you that you need to create your own reality. It is possible at some moments to doubt your ability to realize your dreams, but whenever you happen to remember this, remember that you are an enthusiastic, passionate and courageous person and that it is in your nature to achieve goals.

It’s time to believe and create – Define your goal, visualize the way to it and take the right steps to achieve your dreams.

But also keep in mind that there is no need to imagine the full path or to know exactly what to do. Sometimes it is only enough to do the first step, to keep the positive attitude that allows you to be happy and the rest will develop in itself.

3. Rose Quartz

The universe is in balance. Each action creates a reaction, so each act has its own consequence. If you act with love, prosperity, happiness and wealth, then these same things will return you to even greater volumes – but you must allow it.

his crystal arrives in your life to remind you that, even if you are not so learned, it is equally good to give and receive. You have been giving it so long (the kindness is in your nature), which you have forgotten how to allow others to bestow you on you.

You are a person who consistently does good. But do not forget that you will receive only what you think you deserve, so do not be too hard on yourself.

4. Labradorite 

You are a person who knows that devotion and the desire for success are crucial in building a life from dreams, so you always put your whole being into everything you do. Your main challenge is to be patient and to learn to move in parallel with your life because you are sometimes overly concerned and disrupt the natural course of events.

Remember that life is perfect and that it has its own timeline, so if you want to be happy, then you must move freely along the natural path.

If you do your best in your life, you will always see results, so continue to act with love, courage and confidence and everything will go well!

Choose A Card And Find Out What Will Happen To You in The Near Future

Take a moment to ground your energy before making your rune and Tarot card selection above. Scroll down past the general spirit guidance message for your individual week ahead message.

You chose Rune & Tarot card  1

Wunjo with 10 of Cups (Mars in Pisces). 

For the relationship:  

A great week for love and romance of all kinds. If you are single and looking, go out and meet someone new… This is certainly the week for it!

Great happiness is in store for you this week. Much of it will come from relationships that are set to improve now. It becomes possible to connect deeply with friends and family. The key to joyful experiences is to be fully present at the moment as well as making yourself emotionally available.

A family celebration of some kind could be on the cards, whether it be an anniversary, birthday, christening or just a get-together because the weather allows for it.

Make the most of the momentum the sense of optimism brings now – especially creatively – to bring any projects to completion. There is a risk you could get a bit lazy and overoptimistic about things taking care of themselves.

You are brimming with compassion and empathy this week, as well as optimism, so expect people to be drawn to you for comfort.

You chose Rune & Tarot card  2

Raidho with 5 of Wands (Saturn in Leo). 

For the relationship: 

Your closest, most intimate relationship is a mirror for your creative energy this week. Pay attention and take responsibility for the part you play in nurturing the relationship. For both coupled people and singles, sexual frustration carries a deeper lesson now.

Time to sort out any creative blocks and seek out some sexual liberation. Work deeply with the prescription in the general weekly guidance above. Much progress needs to be made… and much progress can be made!

Don’t fool yourself that this will take care of itself though. You have to face your blocks to release them. Ideally, you should seek to gain a deeper understanding of how your creativity is linked with your sexual energy in order to prevent future blocks.

This rune and Tarot combination could also address your unwillingness to step into the spotlight or take on the role of a leader. Look closely at how you may be holding yourself back while pushing others to the front.

You chose Rune & Tarot card  3

Algiz and the 4 of Pentacles (Sun in Capricorn) 

For the relationship: 

Sound boundaries are very important now, whether you are coupled or single. If you are coupled, help your partner understand that you may not have huge amounts of energy left over for relating until you get over this rough patch and start feeling more stable again. Singles, avoid all the sharks, takers and moochers out there!

– Protect what is yours. This week is more about battening down the hatches than going off on grand adventures. Finances need to be put in order. Spend as little as possible now until you have a better idea of how to distribute your spending so that you don’t overspend.

Ground your energy. This is especially important if your current state of affairs is making you feel anxious. You have what it takes to get this sorted but you need to keep a clear head, so look after your physical health by making sure you have proper home-cooked meals and go to bed early enough to get a good night’s sleep.