Card 1
This card spread tells you that it is possible that a negative energy is going to surround you, but do not give it much importance, it is not what it sounds like. This will materialize in some bad habit or an undesirable person who feels envious towards you or speaks negatively of you towards others. You will have a somewhat uncomfortable experience, but in return, you will get wisdom that will help you not have that problem anymore.
Not everything will be bad, luck will accompany you in some aspect of your life, you must guess which one is. But you will have to make merit to know it, you will be able to reach some goal in which you strive to achieve. Everything will depend on the effort you put to achieve it.
CARD 2: 
The card spread tells that lately you have a lot of desires to spend money on whims that you know that are unnecessary. You will be under some stress thinking to make that extravagance or not. Be careful because you could have financial problems if you buy those whims according to the tarot.
Now it’s time to make good deals with people. These tarot cards tell you that you can trust in most of the people you know and it will be a favorable time for interactions with people, even new loves may arise, and there will be a good social life. Enjoy the moment because this moment may be passing by.
Card 3:
Your card says that a new responsibility will come to your life. It is something new, that will change your life a little. Although it is a new responsibility, it will bring you many blessings and joys.
A negative cycle of your life is about to end according to this reading, and with its end, a new phase of your life will come. The obstacles will be left behind and you will be able to breathe easy. The following months will be quiet, you can rest and relax at last.
You are a very open person and you make the mistake of sincere with anyone. In your environment, there is a toxic person who rejoices when you tell him/her something negative about your life. Do not be so open to everyone.

7 Superpowers All Empaths Have But Don’t Usually Notice

Below I am going to go over some of the powers empaths have that they tend to go overlooked. While they are important things and they make big differences in the lives of those around the empath is completely oblivious normally. If you’re an empath these things will really bring you to a new understanding.

Empaths are some of the most powerful people on this planet. While they don’t usually know their true potential, others see it big time.

Now, for those who do not know empaths are people who can sense and absorb the emotions of others. They take them on as their own and sometimes that causes them a lot of issues. While no two empaths are the exact same, they do tend to have a lot in common with one another.

7 Powers Empaths Have But Don’t Usually Notice:

1. They understand animals on a deep level.

Empaths are able to understand animals in ways people usually don’t think about. They can see the emotions animals are feeling and animals are drawn to them. It’s like they are able to actually communicate in a deeper plane.

2. Empaths have a stronger intuition than most.

Empaths can sense things that most other people don’t sense. They have a strong intuition and act accordingly. They don’t ignore the things their intuition is bringing them to.

3. They see people for who they are.

Empaths see other people for who they truly are which is something almost everyone in this day and age is not capable of. They can tell when someone is a good person or a bad person. Even in situations where you do something wrong they see the good in you if it is present.

4. Empaths can spot liars from a mile away.

Empaths can tell whether or not you’re a liar with ease. Empaths can sense when there is something weird going on with the people in your life. If someone isn’t being genuine then you will be able to see it big time.

5. They can change the mood of a room with ease.

Empaths can make the mood of a room turn from positive to negative or vice versa. When they want to make the mood of the situation to change they change it. That being said, sometimes they don’t see the things that are going on. They sometimes do not realize how big the impact they have on things are.

6. They can read auras.

Empaths can read the auras of other people. They can sense whether or not someone is being genuine and can tell if a person is toxic or not. While they might not be able to see a person’s aura they do sense things about them other people can’t.

7. Empaths are natural born healers.

Empaths are able to heal others in ways that most cannot. They work through the emotions and bring forth a sense of comfort within that people otherwise wouldn’t be able to find. While sometimes they struggle with keeping the emotions they absorb from being confused with their own they do work wonders in the lives of others.

source: https://awarenessact.com

The Buddhist Card will Reveal if You will Be Lucky In Life or Not

Card 1:

The Buddhist tarot announces that a dream you had will come true in part. You will not be able to get everything you have in the dream, but you will have enough to enjoy it. You will feel very satisfied and fulfilled.

This tarot card indicates that by chance of fate, the following week's luck will be on your side. Take the opportunity to try to always do what you want. Although you will not be able to achieve everything, I am sure that a large part can do it.

You will correct a bad habit in your life. You have been trying for a long time to avoid that bad habit (sedentary lifestyle, smoking, alcohol, etc), and this year will be where you finally get over it and enjoy a healthy and happy life.

Card 2: 

The Buddhist tarot tells you that the answers you were waiting for, will come soon. Meanwhile, it will be a time to be prudent and think things through.

You have to think about new responsibilities and reflections in your life, you will have to prepare yourself to make the right decisions.

If you maintain an optimistic and positive mood, success and your health will increase enormously, but you will have to be persistent in that mood.

The tarot card indicates among other things, a period of renewal, to start over again a failed purpose, when there was a staging point, to do things right by correcting past mistakes and achieving your goal

Card 3:

The Buddhist tarot says that you will experience an exclusive luxury within a short time and you will feel lucky. It is a luxury that few people can try. This will not change your life but the way of thinking, you could attract luck.

There will be some positive event that you did not expect and new possibilities for improvement in your life will open up for you. Do not hesitate and take advantage, it may not happen again.

You will receive the peace you are seeking. You will have the control of your life again and feel that the problems are finally happening. You will feel that your life finally achieves that harmony and peace that you have fought so hard to have.


This test uses the majestic beauty of the butterfly to reveal fascinating facts about your true personality. Looking at the picture, there are 6 different butterflies, each with their own color, shape, and beauty. Select the one that you find yourself instantly attracted to, remembering the number that has been associated with it. Read on to learn what your choice of butterfly will reveal about you!

The Butterfly is a symbol of immortality, reincarnation, and resurrection. It is the symbol of total transformation, it represents the need for change and greater freedom and at the same time represents courage.

There are approximately 24,000 different species of butterfly in the world, each with their own unique pattern and coloring. While some of these beautiful creatures can be witnessed from the safety of our own backyards, others are exotic, viewed only through images and video.

Butterfly 1 – Enthusiastic and Happy

You view the world as a constant source of joy and energy, waking up each morning with a smile on your face that refuses to fade, shining just as strong as you climb into bed at the end of the day. You love excitement, always looking for your next big adventure, and hate nothing more than the idea of monotony or boredom. Relishing in our freedom, you fill every day with a variety of different activities, determined to experience everything at least once.

Butterfly 2 – Hardworking and Goal-Oriented

When you set your eyes on something, there is nothing that will hold you back! You aren’t afraid of hard working, understanding that with hard work comes success. While some may refer to you as being a workaholic, the truth is that you take a tremendous amount of pride in your work and feel as though anything less than your complete best would be insulting. You set goals in every area of your life, then work towards achieving them, unwilling to rest until you do.

Butterfly 3 – Logical and Tidy

There is a place for everything, and everything has its place. This is your motto, and you expect everyone around you to follow it. Your home is immaculately organized, and that is how you plan on keeping it! If you notice even the smallest item out of place you become overwhelmed with a sense of chaos. Your schedule is just as organized, carefully blocking out the hours of your day in a way that you feel is logical and productive.

Butterfly 4 – Harmonious and Peaceful

You highly value calm, peace and harmony, going to great lengths in your life in order to avoid any possibility of conflict. Your life is full I balance, understanding that you will need both the light and the dark, the high and the low in every situation that you encounter. There is nothing more important to you than ensuring that you maintain this balance, as you experience a high level of anxiety anytime things move even slightly out of place. Your radiate peace, and bring a sense of calmness to all that you encounter.

Butterfly 5 – Sensitive and Big-Hearted

You have a heart of gold and an unwavering desire and passion for helping others. Often stopping to put yourself into others shoes, this provides you with an understanding of your fellow man that most would only dream of obtaining. You are also highly sensitive, feeling as though you are deeply and personally impacted by all that you experience in life, shaping you into the incredibly loving and honest person that you are today.

Pick a Card, The Spanish Tarot Has Urgently Something Good To Tell You

Card Number 1 :

You can finally get an acquisition that you’ve been wanting to do for some time. This will make you very excited and also make your life easier. Maybe you feel selfish about buying something for yourself and not for others, but you deserve it, you have been looking for others for a long time.

There will be an event that is not important, but you will give it a lot of importance. This will make you spend a few days worried, but it will end up solving without needing you to do anything.

The Spanish tarot tells us that there will be a favorable time for the family economy. If you are working there could be a salary increase; If not, you could find a job or a family member.

Card Number 2 :

You will have a good time with your partner. After some unimportant discussions, it will strengthen your relationship and you will enjoy good times. If you are single, you will meet a great person in a situation that you would NEVER think.

The next months you will have to face an odious expense. Maybe it’s something from the kitchen, some appliance. But taking away from that expense, you will not have to spend more for a long time and you can enjoy peace of mind and save.

Card Number 3 : 

The Spanish tarot augurs good health. There will be no serious illness, indeed, you will improve your health by taking better habits and therefore more vitality, energy, and joy.

You have to look for the positive side of each situation and be grateful for everything that you have achieved in your life. Do not be so pessimistic sometimes, you know what I’m talking about.

It´s time to stand up again now that you will enjoy good health and energy, you have been letting yourself be carried away by the stress and the accumulation of bad news, and you have surrendered, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. Start preparing to get ahead, in reality, all these problems have an easy solution.