Choose a card reveals that your Economic slum will end soon,  then you will receive a reading of what awaits you in your economic life the following weeks.

Card 1 An good job offer will come, and you will make good deals according to this tarot of money

If you are looking for a job, it´s possible that you can receive good news and a call for a job interview; for a position, you were looking for some time ago but did not get. If that interview comes up, prepare for it, because you will have many chances to get the job.

You will receive a proposal from someone, for some purchase or sale. It is possible that at the beginning you will not be convinced because you think it is not worth it, but you will agree to reach an agreement because both of you could see very much benefit from it. Think it over.

Card 2 A family member will prosper and a good economic streak will come without any unforeseen

A relative of you had a bad streak. Do not despair, in the medium term this person will have a 180º life turn. That improvement for that person will benefit you in some way.

The tarot of money assures that you will have economic security in the following months. You will recognize bad purchases, scams, deals that do not suit you, etc. All the decisions that you´ll make in the economic plane are optimal and you´ll even make good investments. Your money will be used more efficiently than ever.

You are going to receive the money or some benefit from a debt that someone with you was waiting for. It can be from money to something material that will be useful to you and will bring you a very big life improvement

Card 3 you will receive abundance if you prepare for it.

The tarot of money says that a person from your environment is going to propose a good plan that could bring money or some material good. You may not be ready at all to make that plan, but it will be worth it. When that proposition comes up to you, put all your attention on it, and you will benefit greatly.

You are a very fierce and persistent person, but do not let that side of you come out completely for some kind of distraction. It is possible that some time ago you will abandon a project that could benefit you a lot, it is time to take it up again and create it until the end, without leaving it halfway. You have the necessary power to take it forward this time, do not waste it because it will bring you some kind of profit



According to the Myer-Briggs personality test, 16 personality types are based on four categories. Although 98% of the world share 15 of the personality types, only 2% have this type, the rarest personality type in the world. For this reason, members of this group are a mystery since many people have never met one.

What is the rarest personality type in the world? INFJ, also known as Advocates.

The four categories that personality types are based on are extroversion vs. introversion, sensing vs. intuition, thinking vs. are feeling, and judging vs. perceiving. These category titles determine the name of the personality type, making INFJs introverted, intuitive, handling, and deciding as they lean further to each of those traits.

Here are some more details about this rare personality type:


When they spend time with someone, they want to talk about the essential things and hate small talk because it feels meaningless to them. When something or someone doesn’t feel entirely genuine for them, they tend to lose interest quickly.


There’s something about people with this personality type that allows other people to trust them immediately. It’s not unusual for complete strangers to start talking to an INFJ and begin telling them things many of their close friends don’t even know about them.


Whether it’s a specific insecurity or past trauma, INFJs can quickly do things about people they meet without necessarily knowing why. This also means that they can see beyond outward behavior and to the root of it.


They value truth and search for meaning in life, which is why they hate lies and when they sense that someone is manipulative. This is also what drives this type to be adventurous, as they want to expand their knowledge of the world.


This is because this personality type can adjust to social situations and are usually very open and talkative with people they’re close to. Although they may be seen as the life of the party all night, when they get home, they’ll be exhausted.


This can lead to problems as once they have established what they believe about something; they won’t back down on that belief, leaving relationships and careers behind if they don’t line up with their convictions. INFJs may even ignore laws that they don’t agree with.


Although they might use the term “friend” to describe the many people they know, someone with this personality type only keeps a select few people close to them. And these lucky few will be treated with absolute, unwavering loyalty.


Although they work well in larger groups because of how well they get along with others, they do their best work when they’re able to work alone or with only a couple other people that they trust and that think like them.


Everything they do, they want to do it right, the first time. This is a double-edged sword since they can do quality work, but also feel hurt when their work is criticized and often struggle with fear of failure or being inadequate.


This is why many people with this personality type have a hard time expressing themselves verbally. It’s also why so some successful writers share this rare personality type.


They can’t help but be drawn to injured people with the desire to set them. This is because they see the good in that person as well as the struggles that have left that person in their current situation, and they want to lift them out of it.

Like all personality types, the INFJ has both strengths and weaknesses, but understanding them can help others get along with them better and harbor deep and meaningful relationships with them.





It is a card where the answer is more positive than negative. The tarot of true love tells us that if you have a partner, everything follows its course. There will be stability and solidity, good and bad moments. Some discussion, but in general the balance is positive. If lately, you have had ups and downs in the relationship, calm down because a quiet stage comes, but it is not perfect.

If you do not have a partner you may know people, but those relationships do not go any further. They will be exchanges of friendship, passion, good feelings in general, with some end perhaps unwanted, since they will hardly prosper. However, it will be good experiences.


Abundance will come to you, but it will not be on economic issues at the moment, but it will be about love. The free tarot reading for love tells you that whether you are single or with a partner, a halo of positive energy comes to you to wrap and achieve your purposes in love.

If you have a partner, you will notice that little by little your relationship is revitalized more, you do more things together, you get out of the routine, there are more passion and understanding. Problems and couple arguments are going to decrease.

If you are single, you will receive unexpected messages or calls from someone you expect. You will also meet people in situations that wouldn´t wait for you and will surprise you. There will be some daring on the part of another person that you will like very much.


The free tarot reading for love tells you that if you are in a sentimental relationship, there comes a time where you will have to rethink several questions.

Your relationship has reached a stalemate, probably by routine. You think that past times were better and you felt more alive. However, if you analyze your situation well, you are not reluctantly.

Temptations are coming to your life and you will know more people, which is increasingly difficult for you to resist. The answer to what you should do only your heart has. Ask for an answer to your heart and you will know what to do.

Spiritually Gifted People Are Affected By These 5 Strange Things


Among the human population, since ever, there have been people who have ‘supernatural’ powers and abilities. In the past in some civilizations, the people with special abilities and abnormal powers were treated like gods and they still play important role in lives of so many individuals.

Healers, shamans, even witches- they all exist, especially in the third world countries. In the 21st century the humanity, despite the fact that it's completely absorbed by the technology and the material world, still the people believe in people with spiritual gifts. On the contrary, many people don’t even know if they have a special gift and many of them will pas their whole life journey without knowing the truth and working on their special gifts.

Here are the 5 signs that you may have a special gift:


This is the most common sign for all perceptive, sensitive, special people. Spiritually powerful people are very sensitive and they also have the ability to form strong bonds with other people and, also, feel the energy around them. Empaths with strong special abilities are able to perfectly understand their surroundings and they have a better view of the world as a whole. Their own perception is special as it is, without even having some special spiritual gift.


We can define ‘vision’ in many ways. Do you often get feelings about things and they really happened? Do you often have weird dreams that in a short period of time manifest in real life? Well, if you do, this indicates that you might have a special spiritual gift.


If you have serious problems sleeping at night, if you’re troubled by disgusting dreams and if they have a special meaning- you may have a special gift or some sort of a special connection with a higher power/energy. Often when emotional people suffer from nightmares try to find they escape in no-sleep. However, that may lead to permanent insomnia and many other complications. These things indicate that you should work on your inner self and find out what causes those dreams and how to control them, even how to control your special gift or ability.


If you have a habit of waking up between 3-4 a.m. on a regular basis, it might mean something more than a bathroom break. Waking up around this time is believed to be a sign that there are spirits looking to communicate with you. It’s often referred to as the spiritual hour or the connection hour. Try to be more open to receiving messages at this time.


The introverted people are often so deep in their own heads they forget to maintain good social connections with the outside world. However, some of them are having a big burden. The silent people with huge imagination who live in the ‘sacred’ universes in their heads are actually having special gifts.

The reality is too harsh for them and, on the contrary, their special gifts (that is often connected with creation) are deep inside them and they are always torn between their unknown spiritual ‘treasure’ and the cruel, dark outside world.

Source: SoulTravelrules

Shamans Believe Mental Illness Is Something Else Entirely


A West African shaman by the name of Dr. Malidoma Patrice Somé has a different view of mental illness compared to that of people in the western world, where we focus on pathology and the idea that the behavior exhibited by those diagnosed with the condition is something that needs to stop.

Dr. Somé proposes that what we call depression, bi-polar, psychosis and schizophrenia may perhaps be a remarkable transformation in consciousness and an inevitable step towards human development.

Dr. Somé and the Dagara people support the shamanic view that signals mental illness as “the birth of a healer.” They believe that this person has been selected as a medium for a message to the community. What Westerners view as “mental illness”, the Dagara people view as “good news from the other world.”

“Mental disorder, a behavioral disorder of all kinds, signal the fact that two obviously incompatible energies have merged into the same field,” says Dr. Somé. “Disturbances result when the person fails to acquire assistance in dealing with the presence of the energy from the spirit realm.”

Upon Dr. Somé’s first visit to the United States in 1980, he encountered how the country deals with mental illness. Dr. Somé was startled to notice that patients in the psychiatric ward were exhibiting the same symptoms as those he had seen in his village.

“So this is how the healers who are attempting to be born are treated in this culture. What a loss! What a loss that a person who is finally being aligned with a power from the other world is just being wasted.”

He acknowledged that the West is not trained in how to deal with the existence of psychic phenomena and the spiritual world. When these energies emerge, the individual, that lacks the capacity to recognize what is happening, is labeled “insane” and is given high doses of anti-psychotic drugs which hinder spiritual evolution.

Shamans and psychics are also able to see “entities” or “beings” that linger in the presence of these individuals. The screaming and yelling exhibited by the patients in the psychiatric ward signaled to Dr. Somé that the entities were trying to rid the medication out of their bodies and their pain was heightening in the process.

In the Dagara tradition, these individuals are seen as a bridge between the physical and spiritual world and the community assists the person to reconcile with the energies of both worlds. Failing to do this aborts the birth of a healer and sustains the initial disorder of energy.

He describes Schizophrenia as having “receptivity to a flow of images and information, which cannot be controlled.”

“When this kind of rush occurs at a time that is not personally chosen, and particularly when it comes with images that are scary and contradictory, the person goes into a frenzy.”

Shamans will clear foreign energies out of the individual’s aura using a practice known as a “sweep”. This helps calm the spiritual energy that is being received and calms the person down. The shaman will then seek to align the high-voltage energy of the spirit attempting to come through from the other world and in turn, give birth to the healer. Blocking this is what creates problems and exacerbates the situation.

In cases where the energy channeled is negative and will not promote healing, shamans seek to remove them from the aura rather than align them.

While in the USA, Dr. Somé was curious if his techniques would be universally applied to all patients. Upon request, he took an 18-year-old mentally-ill patient back to his African village. After four years of hospitalization and suffering from hallucinations and severe depression, the boy’s parents were stumped on what to do. Dr. Somé reports that after eight months, their son had become “quite normal” after participating in Shamanic healing rituals and understanding his gifts as a healer. He continued to live in the village for another four years as a healer before returning to the US to complete his Psychology degree at Harvard. “He discovered that all the things that he needed to do had been done, and he could then move on with his life,” said Dr. Somé.

One of the gifts Shamans can bring to the Western world is to assist individuals in rediscovering a spiritual point of view which is necessary for one to live. Adopting the spiritual realm of life reduces the likeliness of mental distress which stems from the fact that “they are called by beings from the other world to cooperate with them in doing healing work.”

Dr. Somé suggests that “some of the spirits trying to come through, as described earlier, may be ancestors who want to merge with a descendant in an attempt to heal what they weren’t able to do while in their physical body.”

He continues, “unless the relationship between the living and the dead is in balance, chaos ensues. The Dagara believe that, if such an imbalance exists, it is the duty of the living to heal their ancestors.  If these ancestors are not healed, their sick energy will haunt the souls and psyches of those who are responsible for helping them.”

Dr. Somé suggests that taking a ritualistic approach to mental illness creates an array of opportunities and can change the individual’s life for the better.

Parts excerpted from The Natural Medicine Guide to Schizophrenia, pages 178-189, and The Natural Medicine Guide to Bipolar Disorder. Based on Jayson Gaddis’ article.  Via ForeverConscious