Choose Jesus Card and Get Hidden Meaning For Your Life


You have the power to make every day the best day of your life, that’s why today you look up to the sky and sign with love that you enjoy the present, as you project yourself with love to all that is yet to come.

Your true nature is love and happiness. And although there are sometimes situations that get out of control and test your faith, your optimism and your desire to go ahead, it is important that you remember your essence of light, that magical place within you, where everything you want to be and do is possible. Life has hundreds of situations that come and go every day, the important thing is that what you learn will be with you for always.


It is important to remember that your willpower is enormous, that you work with love for the

people, you love and that everyone who sows will soon harvest. Today this card comes into your life to invite you to trust. Go ahead.

Your true nature is the strength, which is the greatest emotion in the universe. Sometimes the road ahead seems long and it is likely that sometimes questions why, Even though you have walked for a long time, you still do not reach your desired destination.


Your true nature is kindness and generosity. You have given much and you have done much for others because your heart always makes a sincere call to help.

You know that an act of kindness can illuminate a person’s life and today this card reaches
to your life to tell you that it is time to enlighten your own life.

The universe is governed by laws of balance, you have given much and it is time to allow yourself to receive the heavenly reward that is reserved for you. Everything good has to come into your life, only if you allow it.

That is why today you open your arms wide, thank you for all that I have received and
For all the blessings that are to come.

Here are the Keys to a Famous Psychologist Choose one and Get Hidden Meaning For Your Life

1. Humor and frivolity.

This key, resembling a leaf of clover, is chosen by optimistic people. You look at life with humor and a smile. Since you are always easy, fun and carefree.

But it is worth reminding you that serious danger is sometimes not visible from afar, so learn at least sometimes to be a little more serious. It will do you good.

2. Creativity and freethinking.

The unusual shape of the key indicates a bright and extraordinary personality. You always come up with something new, ideas and beat over the edge. We think that you are a person of a creative profession with potential.

But it is worth noting that you are subject to bouts of laziness and often windy. Try not to waste your skills on nonsense, and then you will succeed in all your plans!

3. Conservatism and poise.

This key belongs to a conservative person, who prefers to go along a previously beaten track. But think about it: isn't it great sometimes to step back from a thoughtful path and take a chance?

You need to be able to change - then you can see new horizons and find something more interesting for yourself.

4. Restraint and rationality.

This is the choice of a reserved emotionally and closed from outsiders. You do not even open up to your own people. The reason could be some events in the past that changed you and your behavior. This form of the key is the simplest, not because it is boring, but because its owner thinks rationally and is expressed in a straightforward way.

5. Strictness and confidence.

This ornate version of the key is chosen by the person with whom it is sometimes very difficult to get along and work together. Surely you hold a leadership position. All your employees treat you with respect and fear.

This is an occasion to think. After all, we are all living people, we tend to make mistakes - remember this!

6. Ambitiousness and commitment.

This key is reliable and strong. Its owner achieves his own, without fear absolutely no obstacles. Your strength and charisma help you easily generate hundreds of ideas. Opinion from the outside does not play a role for you, you trust your intuition and keep your own principles.

And this is your minus. Sometimes you need to see and admit your own mistakes in order to achieve something more.

Do you agree with your result? Share this test with friends and family, they will definitely find two minutes for the result! They will thank you for it. Leave your comments and share your impressions !!

Which Card Do you Choose? The Card will Give you a Message for this Moment

CARD NO. 1  Determination. 

To achieve success, a series of virtues and attitudes are usually necessary, but among all of them, the determination stands out since it is the motor that drives the entrepreneur to achieve his goal. It is the inner strength, the drive or courage that moves entrepreneurs to self-overcome and look for ways where others give up.

The belief that there are good and bad decisions is an energy that does not allow us to move forward and makes us live worried about a future that does not exist. Take advantage of the arrival of this month to stop doubting and do what you long for, full of faith and with the certainty that everything we do is always beneficial for our personal growth.

To think otherwise is to live connected with the restlessness and the little confidence towards ourselves.

CARD NO. 2 Decision. 

Every minute of our lives is defined by the decisions we make consciously or unconsciously. These can change our career, our relationships or our whole life. Even when we do not choose, we are deciding. Unfortunately, there is no manual that you can go to find the correct answer, then, how to make good decisions?

Making good decisions is one of the most important and most complicated learnings of any person. This is because any situation in which you have had to choose can have great consequences in the future, even when you no longer remember it or see it as something unimportant.

When they harm us, we have two ways. One is to build a wall in our heart, to stop feeling. The other is to build tools based on what happened.

This month will be very beneficial for you to choose one of the ways and to take responsibility for the decision. With the first, self-deception and bitterness will be your companions. The second is for brave and full of faith in personal healing.

CARD NO. 3 Responsibility. 

I am responsible for what I can do and what I can control. The moment I try to do something that is not in my hand will be when these unpleasant emotions begin to surface. If I realized that my responsibility goes as far as I can comprehend, I would not be a slave to anxiety. If I realized that I am the person with whom I will live all my life and it is to her that I have to be faithful and for whom I should feel responsible, I would not eat the demon of guilt.

Blaming others for what happens to us in life is almost a habit that is hard to see clearly. That's why we heard that the ex-was bad, that my parents mistreated me, that society does not give opportunities, that a friend betrayed me, that the boss is unfair. And although many times some of these situations are true, it was time to take charge of life and take charge of what we want for ourselves.

This moment is ideal to realize and change it. Because finally the spectacular of life is that everything depends on me, that I can be the change I want to see.


The published date of this post is not important, as time and space is different in the Spiritual realm. You are being guided to this post because you are required to hear this message NOW in whatever time zone you are in and whatever space you are in now.

Nigredo and The Fool speak of a rebirth and the beginning of a brand new adventure. Unexpected events and bits of information are coming your way and while you may not know exactly how to deal with it all, you know that doing what you have done in the past is simply no longer an option. There has been too much water under the bridge. Don’t be afraid to try new approaches or to experiment. Never mind what the world expects from you now. Be daring and bold. You have nothing to lose. There was a time when the thought of having nothing to lose used to scare you. There was a time when you clung tightly to what you owned and your persona. You vaguely remember those days. You are free now. The best solutions for any challenges you face in the week ahead will come to you when you play, move (walk/run) or dance… as if out of the blue!
The Alembic with The Woodward (Strength). What you observe around you is mirrored within through the process of soul alchemy this week. Subtle tests are coming your way which demand your inner strength and compassion. Be sure to observe without judgment to see what you can learn. This is a week when you are likely to feel a bit like a caged tiger, restless and eager to move forward in leaps and bounds… but now is not the time. Be patient, watch and learn. Stay with the process. Get rid of restless energy through exercise and focus your mind through meditation. You are being prepared to take on greater responsibilities.
Quintessence  The Lovers speaks of everything coming together for you in the week ahead. Limiting beliefs and opposition melt away. There is harmony within and without. An important choice is coming up for you. Focus your energy and align your mind with your heart so that no energy is wasted. This is a choice that could serve to better align you with your soul’s calling… A choice that could change your life for the better… A choice that is supported by Spirit because it helps you to live more from the heart. Beltane (30 of April) is an important date to keep in mind and work toward. At least one aspect/stage of the choice you make over the next few days should culminate around Beltane, so plan ahead for that. An engagement, handfasting or commitment in love could also be on the cards.
Wow, so now that we have concluded that all three week ahead messages were Major Arcana Tarot cards, we can see a bit more clearly why it is so important to become super clear on what we wish to manifest in the week ahead. The energies are strong… and we are called to level up!


After you select the card, find the message below and read how you can improve your own future.

Card number 1

This card shows a time to retreat in the face of opposition that is too fierce for you to face head on right now.

This is not about conflict avoidance in general, but rather a tactical move to retreat and gather strength before you can move forward again. A confrontation now would not lead to anything good, so you must sacrifice your lust for vengeance, instant success or proving that you are right.

When the time is right and you are strong enough, the resistance and opposition will simply melt away. This is all about picking your battles wisely and not allowing yourself to be baited. Sometimes standing your ground means having to retreat temporarily. Do not interpret this as if the opposition ultimately has the upper hand – If you are on the side of Love, you will win in the end.

Card number 2

This Card shows trust issues in an existing relationship or the need to align with core values to stop attracting Mr/Ms wrong for those of you who are single and looking.

Ehwaz is a rune of relating, just as the 2 of Cups is a card of relating but Ehwaz is showing up reversed here, which brings more of the troubled aspects of relating and a lack of trust to the fore.

Ehwaz can refer to our trust in ourselves and life in general as well. Here, with the 2 of Cups, the focus is definitely on close relationships and could concern a close friendship as well as romance.

The advice is to take some time to realign and create a horizontal sense of trust with Spirit so that you have a firm sense of your core values and personal boundaries before you move forward again.

Card number 3

Your heart and mind are fertile with the riches of Spirit your fear of life’s difficult lessons is great lessened because of it.

This is a wonderful time to contemplate new beginnings and perhaps even a career shift that better aligns you with your soul’s calling, which is no doubt spiritual in nature. You are a guide to your people because you have navigated the underworld and brought back pearls of wisdom from there.

Believe someone the first time when they show you with their actions who they are. You are not obliged to place trust in those who do not keep their word.

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