The 7 Types Of Empaths Who Are Here To Change The World

In this article, we share the 7 types of empaths that change the world. Empaths are the precious gift of society and we need to appreciate and respect them.

1. Emotional Empath

Emotional empaths are often overwhelmed by the world they live in. They are always the ones who are supposed to be hit by the tornado of emotions and feelings of the others around them. That’s in a way a special ability, but also a burden. Emotional empaths can experience the emotions and feelings of other people within their own body.

2. Medical/Physical Empath

You always know when a person is not feeling well. Medical empaths have strong sensory abilities for the physical issues of the people around them. Most of the medical empaths work as nurses, doctors, healers etc.

3. Geomantic Empath

You are the kind of empath that loves nature, environment, people and everything connected with the collective form of existence. That’s what you feel and predict the best- your intuition is connected with nature and that’s what you feel best- nature, plants, animals, colors etc.

4. Plant Empath

This is the empath who feels the plants. This is some kind of a ‘sub-kind’ of the Geomantic Empath, but the plant empaths are focused only on plants. They could seek connection with the plant’s spirit and communicate with plants.

5. Animal Empath

An animal empath is a person who feels deeply connected with animals. He/she knows what they need and can feel into their thoughts and emotions. They usually end up working as veterinarians. Many animal empaths will feel called to work in shelters and will give their energy to help those animals heal and become whole again.

#6 Claircognizant or Intuitive Empath

This empath just has to look at a person or place their awareness on them and they will start downloading information about their life and past. They will know their habits, blockages, and lifestyle choices. This can be very overwhelming and if this empath doesn’t know how to distinguish between his/her own thoughts and emotions and those of others then he/she can find herself in many co-dependent relationships or getting caught up in business that they have no place in being.

#7 Mirror Empath or a Heyoka

Heyoka’s are the native American empaths who are considered to be the pioneers of the empathic shamanism and practices. Mirror empaths or Heyoka empaths feel other people’s emotions and thoughts, and they manifest them in front of other people. They are driven by the other people’s actions and they repeat the negative behavior or thoughts to show the social group that someone among them is a traitor, for instance.
source: mysticalraven

The Dark Side Of Empaths That You Rarely See

Empaths are typically known as the healers of the world. They’re the people whose senses are heightened–the ones that not only see the different energies of the world but actually feel them, experience them.

Those who are not empaths might think that this ability to feel what others feel is a gift, but if you can convince an empath to talk about their gift, they might tell you that it’s not always sunshine and rainbows. In fact, it’s quite often not a very fun gift to possess at all.

Because of their gift, so many people rely on them for support. Empaths are almost always trusted because they make people feel safe. And while the empath is capable of handling the emotions of others, they also experience quite a bit of stress because of it.
The dark side of being an empath comes in the form of having two conflicting voices constantly roaring at each other inside of their heads. Constantly feeling both the good and the bad, the negative and the positive, to the point that they feel overwhelmed.
Empaths are more susceptible to the negative energies in life. Their intense ability to feel can’t get away from the deep-rooted evils that exist in the world. Their deep understanding of how the world exists and operates is enough to confuse and sadden them. What they can’t understand is why this type of energy exists in the first place, if all it does is hurt others.
The dark side of being an empath is constantly being exhausted and fatigued from the energies you absorb. But, you’d never know it. Because the empath never dares break down or lose composure. They quietly observe, acknowledge and feel.
As many others do, empaths want to be loved and accepted for who they are. But, it is their generosity and kindness that often sees them being taken advantage of by those who only take, never give. Empaths are ‘givers’ by all means, ready to show kindness to those in need at all times.
The dark side of being an empath is not knowing that being so selfless places an incredibly heavy burden on one’s self. Even the empaths that do recognize the burdensome nature of their selflessness often choose to ignore it, because carrying that weight is more meaningful than letting it fall on someone else’s shoulders.
The dark side of being an empath is knowing that you willingly neglect both your body and mind for the sake of others. A neglect that builds over the years, eventually resulting in the need to go soul-searching once again, a practice that we only take up when we feel completely lost.
The dark side of being an empath is knowing that even when they fall in love, they never do so entirely. They simply aren’t capable of giving every ounce of their heart to someone else. They know that if they tried, the intensity of the passion would most likely be too much to handle, for themselves and their partners.
Which is why they always keep a little part of them hidden away from the rest of the world. They keep a guard up out of necessity, even if they want nothing more than to let it down and succumb to an overwhelming love.
The dark side of being an empath is the war that is always being waged within. The war they wage against the sadness, the darkness, and the sorrowful side of themselves that is always trying to rear its ugly head and lead them into self-destruction.
The only way they can fight this successfully is by learning to distinguish between emotions that are their own, and emotional energies that are imposters, invading from the outside. Empaths need people who understand who they are, people they can talk to and who will listen.
Empaths need to be able to let down the wall they’ve built up around their feelings so that they can let their empathic selves do good in their own life.
Otherwise, empaths are destined to fight a war within themselves that never 
source : world.parhlo

8 Tips To Stay Balanced As An Empath

Are you an empath? Do you feel like a sponge absorbing all the energy from people around you? This could be good or bad energy but nonetheless harmful to our minds and bodies in the long run.

All humans have male and female energies. One helps us with our thinking and the other symbolizes our emotions.

Once the balance is gone, you feel out-of-place, irritated, tired, you find that you have less motivation and less energy. Empaths are mostly dominated by the female energy when they don’t know how to keep the balance in order to protect themselves.

They are more intuitive, they sense things more and faster than others, they absorb others’ vibrations to the point where they can’t exercise their own will at times.

If you are one of those people who find it hard to balance yourself as an empath, here are 8 tips to help you how:

8. Take control of your emotions, get in charge

You are the boss! Repeat this, you are the boss! When you notice someone’s bad vibes or destructive emotional ups and downs, remind yourself this.

Do not let these vibrations take control of your body and mind. Remember that you can have a protective shield around you and you are not a sponge.

It is good to be intuitive, it is good to have strong senses, so use these qualities in a positive way for yourself and don’t let the information that flows into your system overpower you. Keep a mental distance that will enable you to see things from a healthier perspective.

7. Your will power matters

Empaths find it hard to use their will powers to their advantage once they lose their balance.

Sometimes, to the degree of feeling other people’s wills as if they’re their own. It might get confusing.

In times like these, it is a good idea to take notes, write things down about you and what you need and what you want. Go back to these notes when you feel you are getting further away from yourself and about to take a path that is not meant to be yours.

Never feel guilty for having will power, it does not make you selfish, it only makes you stronger and it protects you.

6. Turn the lights off, mentally

When you realize things are getting overwhelming, and you find yourself consumed with bad or negative vibrations coming from all corners, shut down your channels.

It is like turning the lights off mentally, it is your way of telling yourself enough!

Because you need time on your own and away from all these mind tangling energies around you to sort out where you are, where you should be, what your feelings are and how you can help yourself.

5. Know when to run

When we say run, of course, we don’t mean it in a bad way.

You have people you care about and they need your help and support, but when you find yourself in an emotionally draining situation, or if this is a repeating situation that leaves you drained and unmotivated, it is time to run.

Get yourself out of that situation. Listen to the signs your mind and your body are giving you. Trust your gut feelings and if something doesn’t feel right do not get involved with it.

4. Take good care of your body

A good diet can help you balance your immune system and metabolism. But not only that, when you have a balanced body, your energy levels will be higher and you will feel healthier.

Make a list when you eat things and figure out which ones give you discomfort and which ones make you feel sick or tired.

Try to eat natural organic foods and stay away from processed foods as much as you can.

Yoga, tai-chi, martial arts, jogging, walking… any exercise will help your brain release more endorphins naturally and this will help you tremendously in finding back your balance too.

3. Don’t forget your mind

You need to take care of your mind too as much as your body. You need those gray brain cells to function properly.

A daily meditation, especially mindfulness meditation can help you with this. You can also try transcendental meditation.

They both help keep you in the present moment and with breathing exercises and repeating mantras, you can reorganize your brain and get rid of the thoughts that are not useful to you and that are giving you stress and anxiety.

2. Positive affirmations

When we put our focus and energy into something that we really want, we have the power to achieve it. Positive affirmations help us in this area.

Repeating them daily reprograms our brains and boosts our self-esteem and keeps us focused on our path to self-improvement. Positive affirmations also help us in times when we feel weak and we need to recharge our batteries.

Just a few minutes devoted to this practice daily will soon help you in need of emergency. Use this moment when you repeat these affirmations as an emergency brake to pull yourself out of a situation and quickly regain your focus and energy.

1. Reduce your consumption of certain things

Alcohol, caffeine, drugs that are stimulants… All these things are bad habits for everyone but especially when you are an empath they are worse for you.

Imagine this: you have your radar on, scanning everyone and everything around you and it’s on autopilot.

This scan happens constantly and the results are coming in by the seconds. You are very vulnerable and open to emotional breakdowns. Because your mind doesn’t know how to rest and you get emotionally involved in these things too.

Caffeine and drugs that give stimulation will give you panic and anxiety and alcohol will bring you down and make you weaker too. Stay away from these bad habits as much as you can to protect your inner balance.



Some people are meant for each other. And others just aren’t. Some make us better, and some only bring us down. Nevertheless, we cannot choose the people we fall in love with.
There is a saying that “opposites attract”, but here is what happens, when an empathic person is in a relationship with his/her opposite – a narcissist:
1. An empathic person falls in love with a narcissistic person, and it is the start of their relationship. An empath will fully commit to the relationship and makes an effort to make the relationship work.
2. The empath is blinded by the butterflies and a fake special bond. The narcissist creates the illusion of a strong commitment, and the empath falls deeper and deeper into this relationship.
3. Sometimes it might seem that the narcissist wants the relationship as much as the empath does and is even willing to work hard for it. Actually, they just want someone, who will devote their time, energy, and love while being under their control.
4. Over time the empath starts to depend on the relationship and the other person. The empath feels incomplete and insecure without their partner. The narcissist will make them feel like they can’t handle life on her own and that she needs him in her life; they use emotional violence to control their empathic partner to feel more powerful. At the same time, the empath becomes weaker and more uncertain of things.
5. The narcissist will portray themselves as the victim. They will talk about their past and make-up stories so that the empath will feel more connected to them and give the narcissist more support and care. Narcissists enjoy the attention and the compassion they get from empaths.
6. The empath will try to see the positive traits in the narcissist, and because of their big heart and compassion, the empath tries to understand where the narcissist is coming from and why they act the way they do. The empath knows that everyone has their own ways and they try to respect that.
7. The relationship is all about the narcissist and their needs. The empath will slowly see that, but they are too afraid to talk about their desires and needs. They know that the narcissists might get mad at them and they don’t want to cause any conflicts.
8. The empath will try to solve all the problems with love and affection. But the more time and energy they put into the relationship, the more the narcissist will feel powerful. Finally, everything goes in the way the narcissist wants, and the empath has no control over the situation. On the outside, the relationship looks healthy and happy.
9. Finally, the empath will say something, because they feel suppressed and suffocated by the narcissist. The narcissist, of course, does not like it and tries to turn it against the empath. They blame the empath for all the mistakes and unhappiness. The narcissist makes them feel selfish and unfair.
10. The narcissist always needs attention and drama around them. They can’t stand it when they’re not the center of attention. When there is an argument, the narcissist might storm off or go and bad-mouth the empath to their friends. The narcissist always believes that they’re the victim.
11. The narcissist will deny all their mistakes and will label the empath as “crazy” and “overdramatic”, especially when they want to talk about their problems and what’s been bugging them.
12. As mentioned above, over time the narcissist has made the empath insecure and confused, so the empath begins to wonder if all this is their own fault. The empath has a hard time understanding their partner’s actions
13. The empath will not understand that they are being manipulated because they have a pure and innocent soul. The narcissist will twist the empath’s words and make the whole situation look like the empath’s fault.
Everyone has to make their own mistakes and learn from them. It’s easy to talk, but hard to put into practice. Later it is, of course, easy to think that what a fool you were, but when you are in that certain situation and in love, you are not rational.

Choose a Card and Find Discover Profession Suits You the Most!

Finding your dream job is not so easy, so many don’t have the patience to spend time looking for it.
Unloved occupation doesn’t only breeds a bad mood, but also turns every day into a heavy burden. But why does this happen? Perhaps we initially predestine ourselves wrong! Who remembers how he ended up in his profession? That’s exactly my point.
That’s why we should not crash against the difficulties, but we must move on, towards the dreams we crave.
We offer you a test to help you know which profession is the best for you. You just have to select a card and read the answer below.

Card 1 – constant activity

You are a great adventurer. Sometimes you act without careful preparation. But even without preparation, you can have a lot of fun in your work.
The key to you is enthusiasm, and being in the thick of events is your everything.
You must find a job that will not let you down.
You are simply guided by the energies that govern you.
You need a job with lots of activity.

Professions: sportsman, event organizer.

Card 2 – Curiosity

You can describe yourself as a very curious person who likes to walk and experiment.
You are awarded strong qualities, but they don’t mix very well with other people!
You like to try and make mistakes and learn something new. Therefore, you need such work and environment that will allow you to freely invent, experiment and speak.

Professions: scientist, inventor, manager, marketer, researcher.

Card 3 – Creative Mind

Do you like everything new? You are really a creative person who likes to break stereotypes and create new things.
You love to lose yourself in your thoughts, where there are no time limits and you can create beautiful things with all the free time.
It is vitally important for you to completely express your thoughts.

Professions: artist, musician, designer or writer.

Card 4 – Peaceful spirit

You like to plan everything and have a constant need to coordinate things and people around you.
You are a realist who knows the management.
You feel that you have achieved success when the planned is realized.
You prefer to work on jobs that have a high degree of impact.
You need a position on which you can organize, sort and generalize.
You have a very high value of teamwork!

Professions: civil servant, teacher, an office worker.

If you liked this post and agree with the profession your card recommends you, share this post with your friends and family so they can find their dream job too.

TEST: Pick A Card To Learn Your Current Relationship Path And Future Love Life

Whether or not you are someone who believes in psychics, horoscopes, or even Nostradamus’ predictions for the future, this fun test is a great way to reveal a little more about your love life.
Just take a look at the four cards below. Which one calls to you? Try not to over think it. Just go with your gut reaction. Once you’ve chosen a card, keep reading to find out what your card reveals about you and your romantic endeavors!

Seven of Cups

When this card appears in your reading you have to be ready to defend yourself. You have to be on your guard as the expectation of trouble is coming your way. If troubles are coming from your past, you must think really clear and hold your ground, even if you are tired and weary. Deal with it once and for all.
The Seven of Cups card talks of perseverance, trying repeatedly and refusing to take “no” for an answer. You have to continue despite fatigue, slow stamina, toughness and strength. If you are single, the appearance of Seven of Cups in a reading might suggest that you are careful with relationships because you might have been hurt in the past.
Try and analyze the things that went wrong and see where there is room for change. Now is the time to get yourself whole emotionally. When in a relationship, the apparition of this card may suggest that you have to be on guard because you might get hurt.
Another meaning might be that a partner is very protective and you might feel suffocated. Tell him/her you need a little breathing space.

The Two of Pentacles

The Two of Pentacles is likely to appear when temptation has wormed its way into your life. This card presents to us seven golden chalices each overflowing with a different object. The picture is quite serene and reflects the only outcome is either one of two options.
You may feel as if you have too many options to explore and it leaves you feeling defeated, but this is not the case. The Two of Pentacles is pointing out this flaw in your plan and is here to help encourage prioritization.
In a relationship-oriented spread, the Two of Pentacles spells trouble. If you’re already attached, it means that you can expect some bumps in the road. At this time, it’s important for you to evaluate your relationship objectively. Are you being completely honest with your partner about your intentions?
If you are looking for love, this means that your romantic pursuits may not be what they seem. If you are unsure about someone, do not jump into a relationship with them.
This card is very likely to come up if your potential partner is not being honest about their emotional availability. 

The Tower

The tower is all about your ability to assert yourself in a diplomatic and constructive way. It is also about your own personal growth and coming into your own by taking the reins and directing yourself down your path without stepping on the toes of others.
It is a very powerful card and is generally a good omen in your readings. If you’re already attached, Tower in a love oriented reading is a sign that your relationship has stability and room for both parties to grow together in a healthy way.
For those looking for love, this is a good sign that it’s right around the corner, so long as you’re putting yourself out into the dating pool. Right now is the best time to let your confidence shine through and meet the person of your dreams.

Ace of Swords

The Ace of Swords is a card all about making steady progress in your life. It does not promise instant results, but it does bring it with happy endings for those who are steady on their paths.
When the Ace of Swords appears in your relationship spread, it means that you’re in a good position to grow with your partner. It’s possible that you are on the verge of starting something new or learning something new about your partner.
Be open and honest about your expectations of the relationship and do not be afraid to voice any concerns you have about the future. Now is the best time to figure out if you and your partner are on the same page, or if you want different things out of life.

4 Signs Of The Zodiac Who Will Face The Biggest Changes Of Their Life, In 2018

These 4 signs will face the biggest, life-altering changes in 2018. Are you one of them? Better start preparing!
The times are changing and so are you! Change can be such a polarizing thing. There are those of us who see change as something positive; as something that you should be willing to embrace and roll with. There are those of us who are reluctant to change; those of us who think that change always means bad and it should be avoided at all costs. Well, whatever the case, there is one thing that is for certain: change is inevitable. And those who fail to adapt to these changes are going to get left behind.
It’s simple really. Darwin explained it a long time ago. It’s all about being adaptable. It’s all about being to roll with the punches. It’s all about being to stay afloat. And regardless of your philosophy on change, there’s no denying that you still have to be able to prepare for it. And for these 5 Zodiac signs, in particular, you’re going to have prepared yourself for a substantial change in this year. Want to know if you’re going to have to brace yourself for a big turnaround in your life? Well, read on until the end of this article if your Zodiac sign made the cut.

1. Taurus

Uh-oh. Everyone knows just how much you hate change but you’re going to have to suck it up this year. As a Taurus, you are the type of person who finds comfort in routine and stability. You are pretty consistent with how you go about your everyday life and you don’t like to welcome change too much. You feel like you get thrown off your game whenever you’re forced to adopt something new into your everyday routine. But that’s all too bad for you. You have to realize that your 2018 is going to be one that is filled with a substantial change and you’re going to be forced to throw your routine out of the window or else you will risk getting swallowed up by life. But fortunately, the change you will go through is a good one. And by the end of it all, you will come out as a stronger and more resilient individual by the end of the year.

2. Virgo

A major personality shift is in store for you this year and it’s actually a shift for the better. As a Virgo, you tend to be overly controlling which leads you to become stressed a lot of the time. You used to always want things to be done a certain way and it always threw you off whenever you had to adjust. But this year, you are going to grow to be more welcoming of change; and you will start to let go of all your past insecurities.

3. Capricorn

Fortunately for you, you’re not necessarily intimidated by change. And in this particular case, there’s no reason for you to be afraid at all. As a Capricorn, you will find yourself in unfamiliar territory as far as your love and career lives are concerned. You are going to take a few risks and they are going to pay off big time for you. When you thrust yourself outside of your comfort zone, you will find for yourself an abundance of opportunities to grow and develop into a much more holistic human being. This will be the year where you also start opening up your heart to other people. You won’t be so stand-offish as you once more and you will be happier because of it.

4. Pisces

You probably already knew that you were in for a significant change this year because of your intuition. Out of all of the Zodiac signs, you are the one who is the best at really listening to your instincts. You really trust your gut, and for the most part, it really pays of for you. And since your gut has already told you that you are in for a big change this year, it’s highly likely that you are already very much prepared for these changes. This is the year where you cast all of your fears and hesitations aside. This is the year where you develop a strong backbone and you really fight for what you want out of life. You won’t be a punching bag or doormat for other people to walk all over anymore.

How to cope with the changes

Life is not a linear path. On the contrary, it’s a circular path and many things remind us what has already happened. This world is built on patterns and this is why we can predict the future. Knowing what has happened gives us a fair advantage to foresee future events. That’s the art of Omens. The art of Divination.
When things are about to change you ‘feel it in the air’. The Universe surprises even the most qualified astrologers and mediums. However, there are some things that happen right before a major energy shift in our lives.
We are on the precipice of profound change as we anchor into a new era of enlightenment or progression on earth. And that does not mean that something supernatural or epic will happen (either end of the scale). This whole rise of consciousness and emergence into a new paradigm is a process, after all.
Change is happening on levels and dimensions in our universe. It has been for some time and shall continue to do so – which is something that as humans we cannot fully understand. If you have already been humming along with the awakening process (or hanging on for dear life) then wonderful, you are already where you need to be.
source: mysticalraven

Choose One Butterfly To Discover What Thoughts Your Subconscious Is Hiding

In mythology, butterflies were the expression of the human soul. In ancient Greece, for example, people believed that after death their soul would turn into a butterfly or a dove.
Other legends say that butterflies are angels with petals of flowers or flowers that have caught wings after their prayer expressed to God to reach the sky.
The black background represents the darkness that surrounds you and prevents you from expressing your thoughts and feelings like a prison of your mind and body. Your choice of a butterfly can help you escape the darkness find the light in your life.
Look carefully at the 9 butterflies in the picture below and choose the one you like the most. Below the picture, you will find the corresponding result for the choice you made.
If you chose the first butterfly, you probably noticed that its upper wings are a different color. That means you are struggling to be free, and you want to express this frustration and desire for freedom at every moment. Someone or something prevents you from expressing your thoughts as much as you would like.
This is one of the most painful problems you face: the fact that you fail to integrate and express yourself properly, as someone always interrupts you and that your ideas are not received properly or not even heard.
You are eternally caught between two worlds, between the hammer and the anvil. You can hardly decide on anything in your life without feeling like you are under pressure. You are always confronted with situations where you are caught between two friends who don’t like each other and you can’t give up either of them or choose between them.
What you want to say to everyone is that you are not a mediator, and the choices you make from now on will have to be for you and about you- not others. Time to put yourself first for once.
If you have chosen the number 3, you are the type of person who finds it difficult to make changes for the better, give up vices or start new things in life. You enjoy routine and comfort, and even though the monotony might get to you from time to time,  you still prefer it to the unknown.
You need to step outside of your comfort zone and live life a little. Embrace the unknown, and try saying “yes” fro now on.
You hide a very big secret about your life. You’ve done something in the past that you’re ashamed of, or you just have a frustration that can never tell anyone, because you do not think anyone would understand. This big lie is eating you from the inside, but you are too afraid to reveal it. You need to find the courage to reveal your biggest secret to enjoy a life of peace and quiet.
Even if that means revealing to yourself; admitting and accepting is one of the hardest things we have to do in life.
Your big problem is the fear of expressing your feelings about the person you love. You fall in love without anyone noticing it. You hold those feelings inside yourself tight, and when the one you love is approaching you, you ignore them because of your insecurity. Once you find the courage to express those feelings and finally approach the one you love you will find happiness in your life.
A good starting point is to try loving yourself more each day. Tell yourself how amazing you are, and you’ll start to believe it.
You are attracted to the world of art and you are passionate about making creative things. You know how to express yourself through painting, music or writing, but others never understand what you are trying to say through your art. You use too many coded messages, abstract things, too much mystery. Sometimes even you don’t understand what you actually want to express, and you risk falling into the trap of the philosopher who is always trying to convey something…but they don’t know what.
To understand yourself better, try quieting the mind with some simple breathing meditations.
You are a very honest person, sometimes brutally honest. You don’t know how to lie and you don’t like to hide anything from those around you. Your friends consider you an authentic person, who might be a bit harsh sometimes.
Try smiling and speaking with kindness, rather than blunt honesty. Sometimes a few kind words can do a lot more to help someone than brutal honesty.
You chose this butterfly because you want to be perfect. You are constantly struggling to find that balance of perfection, even though everyone tells you it doesn’t exist. You are a very conscious person when it comes to work and relationships with friends.
Instead of trying to attain perfection, perhaps work on doing the best you can, and being the best version of yourself possible. There is no such thing as perfect, there is just “better than yesterday.”
If you chose the number 9, you are a person who likes to have full control of the situation. You would like for people to do everything you ask, to respond promptly to questions, and to do it all while using their brain. You always act like the boss or have to have some sort of control, and that can come off as abrasive to those around you.
Try to be a little bit more humble in your life and people will respect you more and you will live a happier life. Let go of the reigns once in a while and enjoy the ride.
source: mysticalraven

How Each Zodiac Sign Unknowingly Sabotages Their Relationship

How do the star signs ruin their relationships? What personality traits can make an otherwise perfectly healthy and happy relationship fall apart? Here’s what astrology has to say about how each zodiac sign tends to mess up when it comes to their relationship.
Struggling to form a healthy, long-lasting bond? Where are you going wrong? Astrology is here to shed some light on how each zodiac sign sabotages their chances for happiness in love. Read on for the star signs and how they mess up, relationship-wise.
Aries – “It’s my way or the highway!”
Aries never fails to find a way to disrupt the harmony of their relationship. If by some miracle, everything’s going well, they are sure to create a problem out of thin air by starting an unwarranted argument about that time their partner didn’t do them a favor they asked. And, of course, compromises are out of the question. Don’t try to change them – you’ll be wasting your time. Their ego is legendary.
Taurus – “I love you so much, where are you?”
Taurus has the bad habit of constantly interrogating their significant other about their whereabouts. There’s no denying everyone likes it when their other half expresses their love and affection in an intense manner, but Taurus overdoes it – like, really overdoes it. They are capable of interrupting an important work meeting to call their partner to ask them where they are! (“No, you don’t get to break up with me without having told me where you’ve been!”)
Gemini – “How many times do I need to say, ‘I promise’?”
It’s never Gemini’s fault when their relationships go awry; they will swear by the old gods and the new that they did everything in their power to make things work. They may have stood you up more times than you could count or never have gotten around to paying the electricity bill despite having promised you time and again that they would, but what did you expect? Can you really blame them, considering how busy they are and how many things they have on their mind? (Yes, you can.)
Cancer – “Have I… have I done something wrong?”
You’d better make sure you have access to infinite amounts of Prozac before getting into a relationship with a Cancer. You won’t be allowed to ever get the blues, have a bad day or be in a bad mood – not because they’ll get mad at you or anything, but because they’ll think it’s their fault. And when their insecurities get the better of them (which happens as often as 16 times a day), they are, simply put, insufferable. Which is why you will also have to constantly reassure them that you love them – unless you like falling asleep to the sound of whining.
Leo – “Wait till you hear what happened to ME!”
Are you involved with a Leo? If yes, could you please count the number of times you’ve been allowed to express how you feel? It should be easy; chances are it’s been no more than a couple. Every time you so much as attempt to talk to them about a problem you have, they interrupt you before you’ve even finished your first sentence to talk about how they’ve been through something similar, and before you know it, you find yourself sitting there listening to their story. It’s always about them, them, them, THEM!
Virgo – “Would you rather I lie to you?”
Virgo tells it like it is, and to hell with the consequences or how that makes you feel! It doesn’t cross their mind that maybe they should try keeping their mouth sh… their thoughts to themselves every once in a while! Their penchant for criticism borders on the obsessive-compulsive – just like the rest of their personality traits, if we are to be, well… honest. And when they hurt their partner’s feelings, they invariably fall back on the excuse that they’re being honest “for your own good”. (“No, I’d rather you not speak, like, at all.”)
Libra – One gets as much as one gives.
Thinking about getting involved with a Libra? Then you probably enjoy the idea of being in a relationship that feels like a constant negotiation process aimed at achieving a perfectly balanced give-and-take. You can choose where you two are going tonight as long as they get to pick the place you’re going to tomorrow. They don’t mind having pizza for dinner tonight as long as you agree to have sushi for dinner tomorrow. They will agree to break up with you tonight if you agree to go with them to the movies tomorrow.
Scorpio – “You think I’m gonna let you get away with this?”
Scorpio is somewhat unpredictable in their relationships – to put it mildly. They give themselves to their significant other body and soul, but one tiny misstep on the latter’s part, and all hell breaks loose. If you make the mistake of doing something they find even slightly hurtful or suspicious, they’ll lash out with words of poison, aiming straight for the heart. Eventually, they will regret it and come asking for forgiveness, assuring you that they love you – but not before they’ve made you regret whatever it is you have (not) done first.
Sagittarius – Memories, oh sweet memories!
Have you ever been to a place, heard a song, or been hit by a scent that reminded you of an ex while your partner was right there, beside you? Multiply the number of times one of these things, or something similar, has happened to you by 10 (or 90), and you get an idea of what it is like to be a Sagittarius. Sagittarius avoids commitment like the plague; as soon as they start feeling tied down, they locate the nearest exit and off they go, looking for their next romantic adventure. Which means that even the slightest gesture on your part can remind them of a past love. You probably won’t mind it too much – at least not until they accidentally call you by an ex’s name.
Capricorn – “Give me one good reason to do this.”
Capricorn is too busy to waste their time on relationships that hinder their progress. They can’t afford to spend time doing all those pointless things that would please you – they have work to do. And on the rare occasion that they don’t, they still have to keep the upper hand. So if you make the mistake of suggesting that you two take a walk in the park or go see that movie you’ve been dying to watch, don’t expect them to say “yes”; the minute they start indulging your crazy demands, they lose control of the relationship. Soon enough, you’ll find yourself suggesting that they continue to call all the shots, but count you out – permanently.
Aquarius – “I believe in you!”
Aquarius are natural-born encouragers. They encourage everyone to be themselves, to constantly test their limits and to explore their full potential – and their romantic partners are no exception. Aquarius themselves, though, are an exception; they make the best spectators in the world! They will suggest that you two go bungee-jumping together, only to stay on the sidelines, reassuring you that they believe in you, while you’re getting ready to look Death in the eye. And if by some miracle, you make it back up to the bridge in one piece, you’d better have prepared yourself for an evaluation of your performance (yes, pushing people off a bridge is illegal).
Pisces- Disaster after disaster after disaster!
Pisces believes everything happens for a reason, and the reason is that the Universe is out to get them personally. They experience – and present – even the most minor of setbacks as a catastrophe that could rival the Apocalypse. If you don’t enjoy listening to sob story after sob story on a daily basis, there must be something wrong with you. Try developing some empathy, or at least showing some appreciation for the fact that you no longer need to pay to watch a Greek tragedy; alternatively, you can break up with them and find out what it feels like to star in one yourself.