Long-Term Narcissistic Abuse Can Cause Brain Damage

The effects of psychological and narcissistic abuse come with many devastating consequences, but there are two that almost no one knows about–unless they’re a doctor or neuroscientist.
In fact, these two outcomes may be the most destructive result of emotional trauma over the long-term and is an added reason why–if you have children with a narcissistic partner–you should try to leave as soon as reasonably possible.
By now, most of us know that repeated emotional trauma leads to both PTSD and C-PTSD, which should be reason enough to leave an abusive partner.  But, what many people don’t realize is that over time, these repeated emotional injuries shrink the hippocampus, which is responsible for memory and learning, while enlarging the amygdala, which houses primitive emotions such as fear, grief, guilt, envy, and shame.
In a study conducted by a team of the University of New Orleans and Stanford University researchers, patients with the highest baseline cortisol (a stress hormone) and a greater number of PTSD symptoms had the greatest decreases in hippocampal volume over time.
In other words, the longer you stay with an emotionally abusive partner, the more deterioration you can expect of your hippocampus. It can be easily understood how this neurological process may enhance feelings of confusion, cognitive dissonance, and abuse of amnesia in victims of narcissistic and psychopathic abuse.
Narcissists keep their victims in a constant state of anxiety and fear, which in turn causes their victims to react from his or her amygdala. The amygdala is responsible for the fight or flight reaction.
Victims of narcissistic abuse live in this state almost daily. Over time, the amygdalae remember the things we felt, saw, and heard each time we had a painful experience.
Even after the toxic relationship has ended, victims suffer PTSD, C-PTSD, panic attacks, phobias, and more… due to the triggering of their primal fears by their overactive amygdalae. Out of these fears, targets of narcissistic abuse often engage in primitive defense mechanisms including (but not limited to):
Denial – Victims use denial to escape dealing with painful feelings or areas of their life they don’t want to admit.
Compartmentalization – Victims pigeonhole the abusive aspects of the relationship in order to focus on the positive aspects.
Projection – Victims project their traits of compassion, empathy, caring, and understanding onto their abuser, when in fact, narcissists and other emotional abusers possess none of those traits.
Narcissistic abuse changes your brain
According to Goleman, everything we learn, everything we read, everything we do, everything we understand, and everything we experience counts on the hippocampus to function correctly. “The continual retention of memories demands a large amount of neuronal activity.
In fact, the brain’s production of new neurons and laying down connections to others takes place in the hippocampus.” Basically, a bunch of stuff takes place in the brain when you are emotionally abused by a narcissist. The part of your brain that learns and adapts (hippocampus) actually shrinks when cortisol (stress) is a constant factor.
Goleman explained, “Cortisol stimulates the amygdala while it impairs the hippocampus, forcing our attention to the emotions we feel while restricting our ability to take in new information”
But, there is hope.  There are reparative activities you can do to restore and rebuild your hippocampus and stop the hijacking of your psyche by your amygdala.
What to do
Luckily, as brain scans have now shown (thanks to the magic of neuroplasticity), it is possible for the hippocampus to regrow.  An effective method includes the use of EMDR therapy (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing).  One recent study showed that 8 to 12 sessions of EMDR for patients with PTSD showed an average of a 6% increase in the volume of their hippocampi.
EMDR is also beneficial for counteracting the hyperarousal of the amygdala, allowing the brain to more appropriately direct what needs to happen rather than remain stuck and unnecessarily trigger problematic emotions.
Other methods that have been shown to repair both the hippocampus and amygdala include:
Guided meditation – Recent studies from Harvard University show that daily meditation can help repair the brain by actually rebuilding the brain’s gray matter. Study participants who spent an average of 27 minutes per day practicing “mindfulness” exercises showed a major increase in the density of the hippocampus and amygdala and associated reductions in stress, compared to a control group.
Aromatherapy and essential oils
Performing acts of kindness – simple, daily practice of altruism can dramatically alter your outlook on the world.
EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) – helps correct the biochemical short-circuiting that occurs with chronic anxiety.
Of course, the first course of action would be to plan and implement an exit strategy.  It takes time to recover from narcissistic abuse and one short encounter can set you back enormously.

5 Reasons Why Walking Meditation Is Going To Change Your Life

Walking is healing they say, especially when you are accompanied by someone you love talking to or even alone, with your own self. Taking walks every day is great for many practical reasons, not to mention the physical benefits.
However, in this article, we will share 5 reasons why you should take it to the next level and try walking meditation. There are many good reasons why this combo (meditation + walking) is absolutely great. First of all, this is not an orthodox meditation technique, but the basis is the same.
Your brain is turned off and your senses are fully on. You completely suck everything around you while you are walking, you feel the outside material and spiritual reality very intense and you develop a better sense of nature, the surroundings, the world, space.
You learn how to feel everything and how to value and respect even the smallest ant or the largest and oldest tree. In addition, we give you 5 great reasons why you should start walking meditation immediately:
As we already mentioned, you will develop a new type of connection with nature and you will grow as one with the Mother. Walking meditation will help you connect better with all living beings including animals and plants. You will learn to have patience and respect, to understand the world better and see it with different eyes.
Many people have contempt for their bodies which makes it very difficult to feel connected to their physical selves. Walking meditation helps to establish a deeper mind/body connection which will help you embrace your body and makes you more aware of how your body moves. Your posture, gait, and balance all tell a unique one-of-a-kind story, which gives you valuable insight into how you can move with greater ease and comfort.
Walking can naturally clear your head. Taking a walk outdoors can break you out of a mental fog or a toxic train of thought. The act of walking might be all you need to get your away from your normal scenery and shift your awareness from destructive thoughts to a more positive, universal perspective.
Slowing down is the natural result of moving mindfully and consciously. Enjoy the opportunity to not have to reach a destination. Mindful walking is about taking your time, all the time you need. Remember, it isn’t about how fast you go, but how deeply you can feel.
This is the best thing about this meditation technique compared to the others- you can do it anytime anywhere. There is no limit- only the planet Earth. You can walk wherever you what whenever you want, of course, we talk about places in nature here that are not forbidden by people for security reasons. You can use this meditation technique to calm yourself or boost your energy whenever needed.
source: Gostica

4 Warning Signs Your Home Is The Cause Of Your Anger And Stress

Feng Shui is a practice that involves balancing out the energy flow in your home. That’s the definition in a nutshell. Energy is everywhere and everything is energy. So if you think about that statement for one second you will understand that if there is negative energy in your home, well guess what. It affects your life. Feng Shui is about clearing out old energy, allowing new fresh energy to enter your space and your life, and in turn, balance out your life.
To the uninitiated, feng shui can feel a little esoteric, but if you take the time to dig into the philosophy behind it, you’ll find out that it’s not only based on simple common-sense practices that make our homes healthier and more organized, but it also reveals how connected we are to our homes—and in turn, how they can affect our mood and well-being. In practicality, feng shui should feel no weirder or less intuitive than spring-cleaning or be decorating a comfortable home.
That being said, there are 4 clear ways that your home is contributing to anger and stress in your life. We’re going to show you how to avoid making these common mistakes so you can live a happier, more positive life.
1. Clutter causes stress
The cardinal rule of feng shui is no clutter. Energy, or chi, must be able to flow freely throughout your space. Clutter disrupts the flow creating negative energy. Decluttering, on the other hand, has the opposite effect. Start by prioritizing the areas that bother you the most and devote a set time—as little as 10 to 15 minutes each day—to tossing out what you do not love or need.
2. The air needs to be clear or good smelling
Plants purify the air by absorbing toxins and electrical pollutants admitted by appliances. Smaller plants can feel like clutter, so bigger is better and fortunately some of the best options are also the lowest maintenance. The areca palm is pet-friendly, grows up to 7 feet tall, is famous for its air-purifying benefits—even receiving the NASA stamp of approval—and is also one of the easiest palm trees to grow indoors. Perfect for those who have been known to kill every plant to ever cross their doorstep.
The air should be clear in a metaphorical sense as well. Remembering that energy is everything and everywhere, keep in mind that when you have a fight with your spouse or child or someone on the phone or whatever, that negative energy is still hovering around in your house. If the air in a room feels heavy or dark, you might try smudging.
3. Broken things leave a sense of despair
Drawers that stick, drains that clog, and even clothes with holes are just a few examples of impediments to vitality in the home. They reflect a sense of “brokenness.” Try putting a red dot on everything that needs fixing as a way to represent the way you want your space to be. As objects are repaired and you peel the stickers off, it becomes symbolic of a positive change in energy.
4. Stop blocking the door to opportunity
An entranceway with proper feng shui will always feel welcoming: The front door will be clean, free of obstacles like packages or pairs of shoes, and open with ease. The first thing you see when you open the door sets the tone for the entire home. Place a beautiful piece of art, furniture, or any other object that feels pleasing to you at this all-important focal point and you’ll want to stick around.

QUIZ: Choose One Of These Symbols And We Will Reveal Your Biggest Fear

We all have very similar fears, but some of our fears play a bigger role in our lives.
While you may have an idea what your biggest fear is, shamans, believe symbols have the power to reveal what your subconscious is thinking.

Looking at the image above, which symbol stood out to you the most? Was it the eye on the top left? The wheel on the top right? The lotus flower on the bottom left? Or the tree branches on the bottom right?
Go with your first feeling, and then scroll to read your biggest fear, and how you tackle it.
The Eye
The way others see you affect how you live your life. Although you have an ability to connect with people easily, you are constantly worried about how they judge and perceive you. You fear people questioning what you do in your life, which has prevented you from living to your fullest potential.
The best thing you can do is work on your confidence. As a member of society, it’s easy to be worried about appearances, but we must also stay true to ourselves.
The Wheel
You’re afraid of remaining stagnant. Life isn’t mean to be lived doing the same thing over and over again, but you’re unsure of how to live a life like that. You want every day to feel like a vacation, not have to work yourself to death to go on a two-week break.
If you feel this way, it’s time to gain some clarity. What is it that you want most in life? What makes you truly happy? Weigh the pros and cons and move forward from there.
The Flower
Your biggest fear is a failure. Failure of the unknown. Failure of not being able to reach your goals.
As much as you hate it, failure is holding you back. But don’t forget, it’s the risks we take in life that are worth it. One door will lead to another and the next thing you know, your life is even better than you could have ever imagined.
The Tree
If your first choice was the branches of a tree, you’re afraid of growing old. To you, old age is just another word for death. It’s not that you want to live forever, but that you want to stay young. You want all your loved ones to always be there with you. You don’t want them to grow old either.
Your heart is big, and that’s such an admirable personality trait. However, you must come to terms with the reality of life. Time moves forward, whether you like it or not. Cherish every moment of your life, and I promise you, turning 80 won’t be so bad.

QUIZ: Choose Your Guardian Angel to Receive a Holy Message!

Take a deep breath and calmly look at the pictures of these cards for a brief moment. Which one of these are you drawn to the most? Scroll down to read the messages each one reveals.
You have a maternal side to you that naturally cares for those in need, yet this must be balanced with receptivity or the flow is blocked. Receiving is the essence of feminine energy, and it means allowing yourself to receive with grace and gratitude.
If you feel guilty when asking others for help, or if you feel bad about receiving gifts, then you block your feminine energy. Your receptivity is just as natural as your nurturing, giving energy. Receptivity allows you to better hear the voices of the angels.
When you receive, you have more resources to give to others. Begin by noticing the hundreds of gifts you receive each day, whether it is seeing beauty in nature, witnessing a touching human moment, or being hugged by a loved one. Simply say “Thank you” for each gift, and know that they are filling up your storehouse, keeping the Divine flow going strong.
You have received this card because the angels of Harmony have heard your prayers for assistance. There are times in your life when you can feel out of balance due to the stresses and demands you are experiencing daily, which can challenge all of your relationships.
This can create disharmony within yourself and with those around you. Your Angel of Harmony wants you to feel at peace through knowing that she is trying to resolve any disharmony you are experiencing with friends, loved ones, and co-workers. During this time of disharmony, acknowledge that the Angels of Harmony are assisting you from the spirit world to feel and see a positive outcome.
The Angels of Harmony are also healing any disharmony you may be feeling within yourself. It is important to remember that there are times when your natural balance is disturbed through issues that are no fault of your own. Challenges can occur when important changes happen in life and this can put you in a state of disharmony because you do not know what the outcome will be. Only think of positive thoughts at this time. Try to feel relaxed in the knowledge that positive balance and harmony you wish to rediscover in your life is not far away. Be patient and let the Angels of Harmony take care of the rest.
As your heart heals old emotional pain, you receive new blessings and love. This pick signifies that you are healing some old emotional pain – the first thing that comes to mind is exactly the issue you are resolving.
As you let go of anger, guilt, or other emotional wounds, you awaken a new level of power within yourself that attracts everything you desire…and more. Call upon the fairies, as well as supportive people or professionals, to help you through this time of healing. Know that you are lovable and that you deserve a happy heart.”
This pick indicates the end of a karmic lesson or cycle where you have successfully cleared a contract or debt from your past. This could refer to a challenging situation you have recently conquered in your life or a troubling experience with an individual that involved a great deal of effort or pain. Even though there are ongoing lessons to confront throughout the course of your life, you will never have to experience this particular lesson again.
This also represents the “Wheel of fortune,” where whatever goes up must also come down. Just as the tides are constantly ebbing and flowing, you are being encouraged to adapt to both the highs and lows in your life. For it is in your ability to adapt that you will make your dreams come true. By stating “This too shall pass” in the face of each and every experience, you will remain centered, grounded, and stable. In order to better your current situation, you a being asked to adjust to, and harmonize with, the natural rhythm and cycles of your life – cycles that have cleared you of a karmic debt from your past.

So pat yourself on the back and acknowledge your efforts and achievements. By continuing to face your challenges head-on and treating others with love and respect, you will be rewarded beyond your wildest dreams. Affirmation: I clear debts from my past and create a happy, harmonious life.
Amidst the rapid pace and daily demands of life, taking time to indulge in Pure pleasure is rarely included on our to-do list – or it is the first to be removed once we get busy. When was the last time you did something just because it made you feel good?
Now is the time to allow your senses to genuinely engage with more of the simple and profound pleasures of life. Prepare a special meal and savor each of the flavors and textures. Immerse yourself in the sounds of the natural world. Watch children or animals at play – and join them! Pamper yourself or cuddle a loved one.
Take the time to walk along the beach or through the trees. If you feel guilty enjoying pleasure for yourself, take a breath and Sense where this feeling stems from. Remind yourself – life is meant to be enjoyed, if we never allow pleasure, we can become numb and forget how to feel. We become Snappy like the crocodile, lashing out from this unfulfilled space Within. If we overindulge, always looking outside of ourselves for something to feed our sensual desires, in time our surface pleasures lose their appeal or can even become unhealthy addictions.
Sensations are most pleasurable in balance. By allowing yourself to engage your senses in things you find pleasurable, you connect with the very Essence of life. Joy and pleasure are fundamental ingredients for a happy life!
Awaken the child within you and remind yourself of the beautiful and simple things in life. By guiding you to this card, the angels are confirming that you are on the right path. They ask you to keep focused on your dreams and to honor your inner child by doing more of that which brings joy to your life. Even though you may be experiencing some setbacks, you are urged to continue to follow your heart. Do not give up hope, for all to fall into place soon. Ask your angels to light your path and guide you in all you do. When you see a rainbow its healing vibrations will inspire you to pursue your dreams.
Sometimes we get stuck on the treadmill of trying to get somewhere or be someone based on external pressures and expectations. We get stuck in our daily life routines so long that we forget what we are passionate about. We put aside things would really love to do with the justification that once we do x (get this job, achieve that goal, earn that accolade), then we will have the freedom and power to do what we really want to do. What if you knew that your greatest point of power to truly live the life you came to live, was resting in the very center of that which you love the most?
It’s time to give yourself permission to do more of the things that truly make you come alive. To remember what used to make you throw back the sheets in the morning and leap into the day – and to find a way to reignite that energy in your life now. What brings a spark to your eyes and lightness to your step? What fills your body with such excitement that it opens a smile deep in your soul?
It is true that love has the power to heal all wounds and opens all doors, but it is our passion that allows us to leap through to the other side. When we Immerse ourselves in what we really love, we awaken a part of ourselves that is connected to the very pulse of life and everything just seems to flow. It’s like our soul takes over and we feel invigorated with a powerful desire and drive. We get swept up, letting go of time, worries, and any restrictions.
We come away feeling rejuvenated and connected to an energy that washes over into all other areas of life. By engaging in our passion, we become the energy of passion, transferable and highly contagious wherever we go. Find ways to reignite your daily life with things that you are passionate about, and the energy of your Inner Light will begin to lead you on a bright and bold new path of expression in the world. Follow the pulse of your passion!
A deep transformation is taking place in your life. You have managed to reconcile issues from your past and as a result, your true nature is now beginning to emerge. This card is here to encourage you to continue on your spiritual journey and to continue to be yourself. You have much to offer the world by just being you. Love is magical, for it has the power to transform all things.
The love you hold has the power to touch not only those around you but the whole world. In becoming aware of your own beauty, you are not only empowering yourself, but you also help to mirror beauty in others. This card is connected to Nature and the healing power and beauty that She radiates. Nowhere is it easier to feel the magic of the Universe than in Nature. Nature exudes peace, love, and tranquility that touch the heart. She reflects the love that we have inside of ourselves. Regularly set aside some time to surround yourself with Nature. Her magical powers will help to reflect the magic within you. The coming weeks and months will bring healing into your life.
As your spiritual awareness deepens, so too will the awareness of all that you are, expand and deepen. This will have a magical effect on your life that will be felt not only by you but by all those around you. A time of transformation, of magic and beauty, is about to unfold in your life. Butterflies are a powerful symbol for you at present; symbolic of the transformation that awaits you. Over the coming weeks, take heart every time a butterfly flutters into your field of vision, for it confirms the wondrous progress you are making.

TEST: Pick One Sun as Your Emblem and See what it Means

If you were about to create your flag, by choosing a Sun, which one would you pick? Which one describes you best? Each Sun is an archetype symbol, which is associated with a Magical Force.
Emblems were and still are chosen (although now we call them logos) to represent the force which stands behind who we are. Our true nature and our deepest aspirations. So which one would you pick?


This is the Sun which corresponds to an ancient Greek Symbol, the Star of Vergina, mostly known as the Star of the ancient Greek kingdom of Macedonia, the land of Alexander the Great. The Star of Vergina is God Helios (Sun God) himself.
It represents our Soul’s Wisdom as a powerful Weapon against the Darkness. If you chose this Sun, what you are striving for is Knowledge and Clarity.
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In your past life, you may have lived close to great King whom you wisely consulted. Sometimes you may be stern in your decisions but these are characterized by the Spirit of Justice. You are a natural born leader in any case.


This is the Sun of modesty. Although you shine, he does not manifest his Powers to their whole extent. If you chose this Sun as your emblem, you hide great powers inside you.
You have all qualities to become a great person. But there is something that hampers your development. Be honest with yourself and revome every obstacle so that you can shine in your whole brilliance.
Remember the Latin proverb: Non-Valet Umbra Diem “The Clouds will not cover the Sun”.


One of the most potent yet difficult Suns. This Sun represents our infinite Chaotic powers which unfortunately cannot be easily harnessed. (See our Spell of Infinity Mirror for help).
Chaos is a powerful Power. It can be creative or destructive. Embrace the Chaos inside you, as the whole Universe does.
We are a result of a thousand different forces. Make peace with these forces and they will help you. Think positively about its potential and set a good goal in order to remain focused on it.


This is warmest and most passionate Sun. Surely, you have tremendous amounts of energy which nevertheless cannot easily be directed.
Unfortunately, on many occasions, you may spend much of your valuable energy on excesses like alcohol, gambling or futile love stories. Beware!
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In all your beauty, you may be self-destructive like Phaethon the son of Helios who could not drive the sun chariot of his father and he set the earth ablaze. According to other versions of the myth, Zeus killed him before he plays havoc on earth.
Use this tremendous energy of yours in art and other creative activities. You have a huge potential on which you can capitalize. If you do so, success is guaranteed. 


This Sun reminds us of a Sauwstika rotating anti-clockwise. Unlike the Armenian Eternity Sign and similar to the first Mandala we presented in this article, you are a Destroyer. This is not necessarily a negative attribute.
A creative power could act in a more effective way when a destructive power has paved the way in order to remove what should fade away. There is no Rebirth without Death.
But be careful! Before you act, you should be aware of what you are aiming at. Don’t destroy without being able to rebuild. At best, you should combine your powers with a Creator, being a co-worker, a comrade or a partner.


This is the Sun of Illusions. You are remarkably open-minded and you have extraordinary ideas and thoughts. Everything appears to be possible for you.
This can be very inspiring for you and the others around you. You also have an erotic attitude which makes you fairly attractive. Yet, you often become unrealistic or even delirious.
Afterward, you get disappointed because of your high expectations. You also may tend to experiment with hallucinatory drugs.
What you should do is to find a project that matches you. You would enjoy working by the sea, in a gallery or in a theatre. You can create a vivid and colorful world around you as long as you understand that life is not without responsibilities and difficulties.


Contrary to 5, this Sun is closer to a Swastika rotating clockwise. you are the Creator that appears where Chaos and Disaster had prevailed before. You have tremendous creative powers.
You also have many tasks. Honor and Morality are values you respect. Sometimes, you are too much devoted to your duties that you neglect your own self.
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This is something you should avoid in order not to spend all your powers at once. People love you but sometimes think you are a bit distant. Family and home are important for you.


This is a Sun that can be connected with esotericism and spirituality. Everything inside you comes from the power of harmony and divine symmetry. Genuine Beauty is what you are seeking for.
Reading about ancient cultures is an activity you adore. Communication with the Spiritual World is possible for you. You also have the ability to practice magic and cast spells.
You also have the powers of Intuition, Empathy or even Telepathy at your disposal. This is a great asset undoubtedly. Just be careful not to become too fragile emotionally.
You may sometimes seem too naive to the others because of your pure nature. That could make you vulnerable, therefore protect your self from malevolent intentions.
source: gostica.com

Your Message For The Summer: Which Number of Angel Are You Drawn To?


Angel number 866 is a message that you are about to part ways with something in your material world, such as selling a possession. If you do not intend to lose or sell anything in your material life, you can change your thoughts and alter this direction.
However, if you are intent on selling or detaching material in your life, consider this a sign that your wish is about to come true.
Angel number 452 is a message that the hard work you have been doing has manifested new opportunities and changes in your life that will rapidly advance you along your Divine life path and soul mission.
Trust that any projects will succeed and your goals will be attained.
Angel number 129 is a message that your angels are prompting you to fully live your divine life purpose and soul mission. Trust that you have the skills and talents to live your passion and purpose when you apply yourself.
You are the only one qualified to fulfill your life role and purpose. Take assertive action related to your spiritual interests and passions on a daily basis.
The angels applaud you…congratulations, you are on a roll! Keep up the good work and know your wish is coming true!
This is an extremely positive sign and means you should also expect more miracles to occur.

Pick Your Favorite Card to Reveal Important Message About Your Life

Although it may seem surprising, with only a picture, a card or a drawing … you can define aspects of your life and your personality, that you did not expect to have. take a deep breath and calmly look at the pictures of these cards for a brief moment.
Which one of these are you drawn to the most?
Scroll down to read the messages each one reveals.
Look carefully at the 8 cards and choose the one that appeals the most to you.
This pick encourages you to trust your inner guidance and to embrace the intuitive wisdom that resides within your soul. By drawing this card, you are being urged to honor your sensitivity at all times and to prioritize your premonitions and hunches above practicality and logic. This isn’t a time to be influenced by others’ opinions or to betray your inner guidance in order to fit in. Instead, you must trust your intuition, for it will never let you down. You are now being encouraged to spend quiet time alone. Nature and the outdoors will enhance your connection to Source and align your soul with Mother Earth.
Likewise, regular prayer, meditation, listening to beautiful music, mindful breathing, and exercises such as yoga or Qigong will enhance your intuition and help develop your clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, and claircognizant abilities. In order to improve your current situation, you are being asked to adjust to, and harmonize with, the natural rhythm and cycles of your life — cycles that are encouraging you to trust your inner guidance.
When you’re indecisive and unsure, always go within, for your intuition knows the path that serves your greater good. When you trust in yourself and your connection to the Divine, you will synchronistically be led to where you need to be.
Animation: My intuition leads me to where I need to be.
This pick indicates a time of major transition and transformation that will result in significant personal growth. You have entered a period of spiritual awakening and rebirth, where you have the opportunity to align with your higher self and overarching principles that guide you.
There is where you surrender to the changes around you and prepare to be the best you can be. You are being encouraged to trust and believe that a magical future awaits, but first, you need to let go of the old in order to experience the new.
Take time to re-evaluate your core values and re-examine your life, then eliminate any superficial foundations that don’t align with your higher self and your dreams. This is a time to recognize and rise above any ego-based thoughts and behaviors, for humility and authenticity are the keys to your success. In order to improve your current situations, you are being asked to adjust to, and harmonize with, the natural rhythm and cycles of your life – cycles that are leading you toward a higher level of understanding and awareness. This transformation is inevitable, so know that this is a very exciting time . . . for you are about to become the best you can be.
Animation: Through personal transformation, I reach my greatest potential.
This pick indicates a need to exercise restraint and self-control in every area of your life. Perhaps you are overeating, drinking too much alcohol, smoking, overmedicating or taking drugs, overspending, exercising excessively, consuming too much sugar or coffee, gambling, worrying too much or obsessing over a problem, or otherwise overindulging or engaging in the obsessive or aggressive behavior. If so, this card serves as a gentle and loving reminder that behaviors such as these can delay the manifestation of your dreams.
This card also indicates a need to balance your desire for freedom and adventure with your responsibilities, because by honoring your commitments, you will prevent the buildup of karmic debt. By choosing to live as your higher self rather than giving in to your lower tendencies, you align with Source and the intentions of your soul. Everybody has a shadow side that needs to be acknowledged, embraced and loved.
But when you learn to rise above it, you can make your dreams come true. In order to improve your current situation, you are being asked to adjust to, and harmonize with, the natural rhythm and cycles of your life—cycles that are encouraging you to exercise temperance and moderation. Have the courage to seek professional—or Divine— assistance if needed. You don’t have to go it alone; you can call upon your heavenly helpers for inner strength and courage. 
Animation: With temperance and moderation, I create balance in my life.
This pick indicates a need to take a timeout from your busy schedule and the hustle and bustle of life. Perhaps you’ve been working too hard or have a lot going on. Maybe you’ve been tired, irritable, and anxious, or just generally feeling unwell. If you’ve been under stress of any kind or have been spending time in a negative or toxic environment, you must remove yourself from the situation to heal and recharge.
This is the perfect time to take a vacation. Even a day or two away will revitalize and recharge your soul. You don’t necessarily need to leave your home; you could laze around the house and unplug your computer and phone. Having an energy healing, massage, or facial; soaking in a hot bath; taking a walk in nature; watching a movie, and reading a good book are perfect ways to unwind, center yourself, and feel a sense of renewal. In order to improve your current situation, you are being asked to adjust to, and harmonize with, the natural rhythm and cycles of your life—cycles that are encouraging you to take time out for you.
If you’re feeling overwhelmed, uncertain, or confused, the answers will present themselves during your quiet time. Clarity comes from silence, and order follows peace. So step away from the stress and find your inner sanctuary. 
Animation: I take time out for myself and rebalance my body and my life.
This pick indicates a time when a significant spiritual relationship is about to be forged. Perhaps it comes in the form of a friendship between like-minded souls on a similar journey toward enlightenment. Or maybe it’s a master/disciple relationship where an important individual enters your life. The saying goes, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear,” and when yours arrives, he or she will assist you in expanding your spiritual growth. During the course of this relationship, you will play the role of both teacher and student, and the wisdom gained from this experience will enhance your connection to Source.
Perhaps a spiritually minded person will broaden your understanding of the Divine. Maybe you become a catalyst in another’s spiritual journey and help that individual on his or her path. Regardless of the form, this spiritual relationship takes, it will serve your greater good.
In order to improve your current situation, you are being asked to adjust to, and harmonize with, the natural rhythm and cycles of your life—cycles that are leading you toward a significant spiritual relationship. So pay attention to the speakers, teachers, and authors whose teachings you respect. Be on the lookout for people on a journey similar to your own. Embrace the opportunity to enhance your spiritual growth.
Animation: Through a sacred spiritual relationship, I deepen my connection to Source.
This pick indicates a need to surrender your attachment to a particular situation or preferred outcome because your inability to let go is impeding your success. Desperation blocks manifestation; therefore, the more you struggle to attract your desire, the more you push it away. By drawing this card, you are being encouraged to detach from the situation and surrender the outcome to the Divine. In order to attract what you want, you must give the Universe space to deliver your request.
This can only be achieved by getting out of the way so that everything can unfold as it should. It isn’t your job to “make” it happen; it is simply your job to allow it to happen. When you surrender the outcome to the Divine, you let the magic flow. In order to improve your current situation, you are being asked to adjust to, and harmonize with, the natural rhythm and cycles of your life—cycles that are encouraging you to let go, trust, and surrender.
Make peace with your life as it is today, and appreciate what you already have. When you do what brings you joy rather than fret about the end result, Divine order and timing will bring the perfect outcome your way. 
Animation: I receive the best possible outcome when I surrender to the Divine.
This card indicates a need to reconnect with your creative side to improve your quality of life and align yourself with Source. By drawing this card, you are being encouraged to step out of your practice, logical mind and the seriousness of life in order to partake in lighthearted endeavors that are stimulating and fun. A playful creative expression is important because it raises your vibration, which brings you closer to your dreams.
This is a time to immerse yourself in any creative endeavor that lifts your spirits and makes you feel good. It might take the form of playing a musical instrument, painting, writing, cooking, jewelry making, decorating, sewing, photography, landscaping, dancing, or designing—it doesn’t matter what it is as long as it brings you joy. Through playful creative expression, you can heal disharmony in your body . . . and disharmony in your life. In order to improve your current situation, you are being asked to adjust to, and harmonize with, the natural rhythm and cycles of your life —cycles that are encouraging you to express yourself creatively.
It’s now time to use your imagination and see the world through the eyes of a child. For in rediscovering the creativity of your youth, you will rediscover the magic in your life. 
Animation: Through playful creative expression, I make my dreams come true
This pick indicates a time to keep moving forward as you strive to achieve your hopes and dreams— because, despite your current challenges, success is well within your reach. You are never given more than you can handle, and you have the strength and ability to make it through . . . so face your challenges head-on with determination, courage, and faith. With perseverance and persistence, you can make your dreams come true. By drawing this card, you are being encouraged to cultivate mental resilience and stability, since a calm and stable mind creates a calm and stable life.
Make yourself aware of the negative thoughts and beliefs that are currently influencing you, and muster up the strength to develop a positive state of mind. In order to improve your current situation, you are being asked to adjust to, and harmonize with, the natural rhythm and cycles of your life—cycles that are encouraging you to persevere through your obstacles and challenges. Call for heavenly assistance when you need it, and have faith in your ability to create an exceptional life.

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