What's Your Psychic Message For 2019? Select A Symbol

The new year is a time of fresh, new beginnings and it's always a great time to start a new journey or two. Do keep in mind that in order to make room for the new, it is best to release what does not serve us anymore.

To find out what your psychic message is, select the image that calls to your soul.​

Symbol 1. 

There is no doubt that you've been under tremendous stress these days. You have been doing an amazing job of keeping it together and now it is time to take a bit of a breather. The suggestion is to take a day or two off, meditate, journal and/or give yourself time to contemplate the recent events and regroup your thoughts now that you have even more clarity due to overcoming the recent challenges. There is one more hurdle to overcome which is why it is so important to allow yourself time to reset your energy, thoughts, and emotions. You've got this 

Symbol 2. 

The solutions you are seeking are woven within your experiences. Look past the suffering, the unfortunate and the injustices you have experienced. There is much wisdom that has already been gained from all you have been through. These experiences have brought you to places of higher understanding. You are becoming wiser and wiser with each situation that you have navigated through. Take time to go within to obtain the answers you are seeking. You have the ability to access sage wisdom within yourself.

Symbol 3. 

In order for things to shift for you, you must make room for the new to come on in. The new may be a belief system, a new process, a new way of eating and/or exercising. It may be a number of different things and it all has to do with what shifts you are wanting to create in your life. Making room may consist of many different things. You most likely already know what no longer serves you and it is up to YOU to create those changes. The sooner you allow what doesn't serve to move out, the sooner the positive desired shifts will start flowing in.

Human Energy Fields Are Stronger Than We Realize.

When you are on the computer, does it seem to do things that aren’t “normal” or does it work fine one day and they won’t work at all the next day?

Are you one of those people who go through device after device for no apparent reason? Is there other unexplained, almost supernatural, a phenomenon that happens to you when it comes to computers and electronics?

Maybe it’s your energy field.

Please note that while the phenomenon we are about to discuss is very real for many people (I’ve personally seen it in action many times) it is not necessarily widely recognized by the scientific or technical communities as a real causality of computer/electronics issues.
An energy field, or electric field, is a physics term used to describe the magnetic fields created in the space surrounding electrically charged particles. Because of our electrically charged particles, our cells and tissues generate electrical fields.
This is typically referred to as an “aura,” although it’s a bit more complicated than that. Should you like to get into the science behind this, here is some information surrounding the possible physics of human energy fields.
It is believed (and seen and experienced by many) that your aura can interfere, interrupt, and even affect and break computers and electronic devices. For some, this happens routinely, and they go through device after device, with each one breaking for no apparent reason.
For others, the problem is experienced intermittently, like when their emotions are running high, they’re overly stressed out, or when they are sick or run down. And yet others still will never experience this phenomenon at all.
One possible reason that human energy fields can affect electronic energy fields is that our modern day electronics all contain quartz crystals which help the internal clocks keep time, and which also help transmit and receive signals.
The computer is electrifying and vibrating the quartz using a magnetic field, so if your personal energy field is strong enough, it could affect and even change the frequency at which the crystal is vibrating.
If you are experiencing an abnormal level of computer or electronic weirdness, it could be because you too are experiencing disturbances in your energy field. If this experience is sudden and out of the blue, review how you’re feeling.
Are you stressed out, angry, or feeling any other strong emotion that could be causing the problem?

If you are overly emotional for any reason, try to find ways to calm your emotions and see if that helps the problem. If you’re sick or rundown, give yourself some extra TLC and see if the problem is still occurring once you’re better.
If you experience these disturbances all the time, such as the man I know who cannot keep a digital camera for longer than a few months because they just stop working, you could have a larger problem with your energy field, one that may be corrected by finding ways to re-ground yourself, along with visiting an energy specialist, such as a Reiki practitioner, who can re-attune and align your chakras (the energy centers at particular points throughout the body).
You can also correct the problem by keeping particular stones or crystals around your desk, to help mitigate the effects of your electric field.
Some good crystals to use for this purpose are black tourmalinetourmalated quartzhematitesmokey quartz, or unakite. When you are experiencing effects, either wear the stones or place them on your desk while you’re working.
This article Human Energy Fields Are Stronger Than We Realize was published by Humans Are Free and it is re-posted here with kind permission. www.selfdevelopshop.com

The March Full Super Moon Opens a Portal to a New Wave of Energy

Under the light of the March 20-21st Libra Super Moon, we are going to be guided to enter into the new. We are going to be guided to get to zero with ourselves and to find that place of wholeness that resides within.

This is the last Super Moon in a string of three that we have had since the start of the year.

The energy of a Super Moon is like the Universe’s way of reminding us to get in touch with our lunar side and to embrace the power and magnetic energy of the mystical Moon.

Under these three Super Moons, we have been encouraged to tune into our intuition, tap into our feminine side, and to purge and release all that is holding us back. Under these Super Moons, we have been preparing for the new chapter that is ahead.

March’s Full Moon opens a portal to a new wave of energy. It falls around the same time as the Equinox, which is the start of the astrological year and the beginning of a new cycle.

In order to enter into the new, we have to purge and release the old. We have to wipe the slate clean and be ready to begin again. We have to return ourselves to ground zero.

Zero is the number of infinite potentials, and it’s no coincidence that the March Full Moon falls at zero degrees of Libra.

At the time of the Full Moon, we will actually have three planets in the cosmos aligned at the vibration of number zero, which means the Universe is just going to be blossoming with potential.

This energy is going to activate us. It is going to recharge us, it is going to tweak and tune the cords of our energy, and prepare us to walk into this new wave.

This new portal of energy is at a higher vibration than we have experienced before. It is going to help us awaken to new potentials and opportunities. It is going to open and guide us into higher realms of consciousness.

To tap into this energy, the Libra Moon will be calling us to take inventory of how we are using our energy and to assess whether we are using it in a way that serves us or drains us.

Through this process, we may realize that we need to let things go, and to do away with things take up too much of our precious energy reserves. We may also find that we need to protect our energy or adjust the flow of where we are directing it.

Allow the Full Moon to guide you with this. Allow its light to beam straight into your heart, mind, body, and soul so you can come into balance and see the truth of your ways.

The March Full Moon is not going to hide things; the answers you seek are going to appear right before you, the things you need to change are going to be made clear to you, and it will be up to you to decide how best to act.

We have to learn to put our energy into things that fill us up and make us realize the joy and wholeness that resides within.

We all have joy flowing inside of us, all we need to do is learn how to tap into it. Joy flows from within, and when we tap into it, life becomes more fluid, more fun, and more enjoyable.

Life can feel like a chore or a bore if we are not activating this river of joy that resides within us.

To activate this flow, we first have to get into balance and then open ourselves under the light of a potent Full Moon, just like this one.

This Full Moon comes to remind us to center ourselves, to return to the blank slate, to the zero points of our life and start from there. It encourages us to get perfectly balanced, so we can feel more peaceful and in tune with our lives.

It encourages us to start giving energy to things that we want or desire and to minimize the amount of energy we spend on things that drain or deplete us.

The Universe works in mysterious ways but the cosmos can give us clues. On this night, when the Moon is shining brightly in the sky, we can use this energy to center and ground ourselves, we can use this energy to align ourselves, we can use this energy to step out of our own way and enter into the new.

You are an important work of art, and just like an artist balances colors or a chef balances flavors, you need to learn to balance yourself. You need to learn to treat yourself like the precious gem that you are and to create as much harmony, as much support, and as much love in your life as possible.

Don’t wait for others to do this for you, take control of your own life and begin balancing and aligning yourself in whatever way calls to you. Ask the Moon to be your guide and then when ready, walk confidently into this new portal of energy.

Awaken to the new potentials that live there, and don’t be afraid to shed and let go of things that no longer deserve your energy.

Thanks to Tanaaz from ForeverConscious for this amazing article Mystical Raven

Select One Symbol To Reveal Your Major Life Theme For 2019

I think we can all agree that it’s a good thing 2018 is done and dusted. But what does 2019 have in store for us?

Well, every year teaches us valuable lessons, and this year is no exception. We will all learn something incredibly helpful in 2019, and the major life theme of ours will forge a new path.

Let’s see what the main theme for you will be in 2019 by selecting the image that you feel a strong connection with. First, ask the question – What is my main theme for 2019 and then select the image that you feel a slight pull towards.

If you chose #1

1. Perfect Alignment – If you have been observing your reality lately, you may have already noticed that you have begun attracting different types of people and opportunities. You have been moving into a more expanded state of consciousness/belief system that supports abundance, joy, love, and success. The Laws of Divine Attraction are most certainly always at play and you can now celebrate that in the least a few areas of your life you are in the flow, the vortex of juicy awesomeness! Please take time to celebrate these victories because you worked so hard to get here.

If you chose #2

2. Taking the High Road – Spirit is reminding you that you don’t have to participate to every disagreement, chaotic conversation that you are invited to. Nor do you have to match the emotionally charged responses of the other party. Oh, of course, there will be situations when and where you will lose your temper, however, there are some situations where you can apply your well-earned higher consciousness to the current situations. And in doing so, you will continue to raise your vibrations.

If you chose #3

3. Cherish Your Healthy Relationships – Even though there some rough patches in some of your relationships, there are still some supportive and loving relationship connections that are present in your life. Let’s shift the focus from the challenging and toxic relationships to the joy-filled and loving ones that feed our soul. These healthy relationships DESERVE the majority of our attention and focus rather than the ones that keep us up at night. By default with the Laws of Attraction, we are in alignment and attract what we focus upon. Therefore, by shifting our attention from the challenging to the healthy, we will manifest and be in alignment with the partnerships that are for our highest and best good.

source: https://mysticalraven.com

Choose a Symbol to get Advice about Your Current situation

Take a look at these 3 symbols and choose your favorite, the one that attracts you most. Then find the explanation in the sequel and read the important life message that the universe is trying to send you.

1. Patience 

Your life is perfect, thanks to the three best features you have: perseverance, positivity and patience. Every day you face hundreds of different situations, some happier, others are sadder, but everyone equally helps you to progress.

It is important, however, to remember that any situation that happens in your life, no matter how simple or complicated, prepares you for what’s coming. For that reason, do not let the situation determine your attitude, but let it be your courage.

2. Progress

Now is your time! It’s time to allow yourself to be happy, to allow yourself to progress, to rejoice, to love and to enjoy all those goodies that are currently in your fulfilled life.

If you really believe that you deserve it, you will get it, you just do not want to stop it. All good things start with just one thought and a small change – so always be positive and open to the opportunities that life offers to you.

3. Force

You must start to believe in yourself. When things get tougher, remember that you have tremendous power, that you have important goals and that the motivation for moving forward is exactly the people you love most.

Where there is trust in oneself, the power of will and desire for success, miracles can happen. So let go of events that lead you through life and use every situation as best you can. Things are constantly moving, so do not stop.

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