Pick A Christmas Tree To Reveal Something Unique About Your Personality

O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree, how lovely are thy branches! Pick the Christmas tree that catches your attention first and we'll reveal something interesting about your personality :)

Christmas Tree 1.

You always give people the best gifts. You love searching through gift guides to find the perfect presents for your friends. But many times you can simply sense what somebody truly wants or needs. You keep your eyes open for the perfect gifts for others and you are delighted when you find the perfect gift for someone. People love unwrapping any present delivered by you, and you treasure the look in their eyes when they open it.

Christmas Tree 2.

You can remember the smallest details about your friends and family members. You remember their birthdays, favorite foods, the names of their pets, and much more. This talent of yours makes other people feel important, and your endless love is what drives this remarkable memory of yours.

Christmas Tree 3.

You are a wonderful peacemaker and mediator. When two friends have a dispute, they know they can turn to you to find the best resolution possible. You are able to effortlessly understand both points of view in a conflict. You are also able to help both parties understand these points of view. Many friendships have been saved by your peacemaking talents, and many holiday dinners have been calmed down thanks to your thoughtful words.

Christmas Tree 4. 

You know how to send people the best messages. You sometimes send letters, but most of your messages are sent through texts and social media accounts. You always seem the know the best thing to write and it brings joy to others. People love to reread your messages and save them on their phone. 

Christmas Tree 5. 

You are the daily sunshine in the lives of many people. Your smile brings a little bit of happiness to people who are feeling down. You may not even know it, but some of these people truly admire you! Service workers, fellow commuters, coworkers, supervisors, family members, and more appreciate the positivity you bring. Your absence for a day or two is noticed by many people, and they feel as if they've lost a little bit of sunshine each time you're away.

Christmas Tree 6. 

You know exactly when kindness is needed at the most important moments. You are somehow always able to sense when somebody needs help. Small acts of kindness seem to come naturally to you, and you never ask for thanks. You are selfless without even realizing it, and this does not go unnoticed by others! You immediately bring happiness and peace to those around you.

Christmas Tree 7. 

You collect secrets. You never set out to have such an odd collection, but secrets seem to naturally drift your way because you are a true friend to others. People trust you with their thoughts and desires and you never once consider betraying their trust. You know about the hopes and dreams of your friends and family members. You also know the deepest sorrows of some of your friends. Collecting these secrets is rarely a burden to you, and allowing your friends to share their secrets is a great relief for them.

Christmas Tree 8. 

You bring the gift of laughter wherever you go. You always have a quick joke or a sly observation to share with others. The laughter you inspire is never mean-spirited or crass. You are able to find the humor in almost any situation. The laughter you inspire helps others solve problems and enjoy life. People love to be near you in the hopes of hearing something both memorable and funny.


Look carefully at the cards, let yourself be guided by your intuition and choose your favorite.
Right in that card, there is a message that we hope will inspire you to take matters in your own hands right now at this moment, not later, not tomorrow, but now, because the time to act and improve your life is NOW.

You chose a card number one: 

You are ready for new beginnings. Not everyone has to wait until eclipse season and Mercury retrograde has blown over! Follow your creative inspiration and begin now! Spend as much time outdoors as possible to allow for Mother Nature herself to inspire your new creative venture. You have the blessing of Spirit for whatever you feel drawn to begin… How lovely!

You chose a card number two:

As this card opens in the week ahead you will begin attracting more of the right people into your life because you are giving off more of a ‘true self’ kind of vibe than before. You can also actively seek out more kindred spirits, trusting your inner intuitive guidance all along. This has the potential to be a really fun week if you remember to bring a light-hearted energy to any gatherings you attend.

You chose a card number three: 

This week is best used for integrating everything that has happened during the past few weeks. Quiet time, journaling and reading the Tarot/Oracle cards for self-reflection will do you a world of good. Trust your Inner Teacher even when the understanding doesn’t surface immediately. Be patient with yourself. Keep surrendering and going within. You can also call in the guidance of Owl – don’t surprise if you get dream messages from her!


Look at the following 4 crystals, analyze them well and choose the one you like the most. Make sure your choice is careful and honest to get the best results. After you select the crystal, find the message below and read how you can improve your own future.

1. Citrine

When you feel sad, it’s because you stick to the memories in the past. When you feel bad, that’s because you spend a lot of time thinking about the future. Remember that the past and the future are nothing more than mental projections of what it once was. The only thing that exists and belongs to you is here and now, as it really is.
This crystal comes in your life to tell you that you can not change the past – what happened, has already happened, and the only thing you can do is to improve the present and move forward towards the future.

Now is the right moment to relax and to thank the past that built your foundations, which brought you valuable lessons and made you realize that life is actually in the present.

2. Jade 

This crystal reminds you that you need to create your own reality. It is possible at some moments to doubt your ability to realize your dreams, but whenever you happen to remember this, remember that you are an enthusiastic, passionate and courageous person and that it is in your nature to achieve goals.

It’s time to believe and create – Define your goal, visualize the way to it and take the right steps to achieve your dreams.
But also keep in mind that there is no need to imagine the full path or to know exactly what to do. Sometimes it is only enough to do the first step, to keep the positive attitude that allows you to be happy and the rest will develop in itself.

3. Labradorite 

You are a person who knows that devotion and the desire for success are crucial in building a life from dreams, so you always put your whole being into everything you do. Your main challenge is to be patient and to learn to move in parallel with your life because you are sometimes overly concerned and disrupt the natural course of events.
Remember that life is perfect and that it has its own timeline, so if you want to be happy, then you must move freely along the natural path.
If you do your best in your life, you will always see results, so continue to act with love, courage and confidence and everything will go well!

4. Rose Quartz

The universe is in balance. Each action creates a reaction, so each act has its own consequence. If you act with love, prosperity, happiness and wealth, then these same things will return you to even greater volumes – but you must allow it.
his crystal arrives in your life to remind you that, even if you are not so learned, it is equally good to give and receive. You have been giving it so long (the kindness is in your nature), which you have forgotten how to allow others to bestow you on you.

You are a person who consistently does good. But do not forget that you will receive only what you think you deserve, so do not be too hard on yourself.


The published date of this post is not important, as time and space is different in the Spiritual realm. You are being guided to this post because you are required to hear this message NOW in whatever time zone you are in and whatever space you are in now.

Nigredo and The Fool speak of a rebirth and the beginning of a brand new adventure. Unexpected events and bits of information are coming your way and while you may not know exactly how to deal with it all, you know that doing what you have done in the past is simply no longer an option. There has been too much water under the bridge. Don’t be afraid to try new approaches or to experiment. Never mind what the world expects from you now. Be daring and bold. You have nothing to lose. There was a time when the thought of having nothing to lose used to scare you. There was a time when you clung tightly to what you owned and your persona. You vaguely remember those days. You are free now. The best solutions for any challenges you face in the week ahead will come to you when you play, move (walk/run) or dance… as if out of the blue!
The Alembic with The Woodward (Strength). What you observe around you is mirrored within through the process of soul alchemy this week. Subtle tests are coming your way which demand your inner strength and compassion. Be sure to observe without judgment to see what you can learn. This is a week when you are likely to feel a bit like a caged tiger, restless and eager to move forward in leaps and bounds… but now is not the time. Be patient, watch and learn. Stay with the process. Get rid of restless energy through exercise and focus your mind through meditation. You are being prepared to take on greater responsibilities.
Quintessence  The Lovers speaks of everything coming together for you in the week ahead. Limiting beliefs and opposition melt away. There is harmony within and without. An important choice is coming up for you. Focus your energy and align your mind with your heart so that no energy is wasted. This is a choice that could serve to better align you with your soul’s calling… A choice that could change your life for the better… A choice that is supported by Spirit because it helps you to live more from the heart. Beltane (30 of April) is an important date to keep in mind and work toward. At least one aspect/stage of the choice you make over the next few days should culminate around Beltane, so plan ahead for that. An engagement, handfasting or commitment in love could also be on the cards.
Wow, so now that we have concluded that all three week ahead messages were Major Arcana Tarot cards, we can see a bit more clearly why it is so important to become super clear on what we wish to manifest in the week ahead. The energies are strong… and we are called to level up!


Pick a card and get quick and simple way to get insight into the past, present, and future. There are many variations on the 3 card tarot spread, including the past life tarot spread, but this is one of the most common and useful (in my opinion!) spread. This spread also works great with oracle cards if you prefer using those.

1. Past

Energies and events that are in the past yet still affect you
How your past either holds you back (blocks) or helps you move forward (growth)
What you need to take from the past and use to your advantage today

The Lovers card is about love, relationship and forming a pair. But we have to see the question also, in which context this card has come. The Lovers Card in Career Reading shows your passion and attachment towards your work. One feels very connected with work and loves it. The Lovers card in career reading can also show the possibility of doing a partnership. It also shows one may be doing a dream job. One may be very enthusiastic about the job. Since this card came in past position, it shows how much you love doing your work.

2. Present

What is going on for you right now, The energy of the present moment, Opportunities and challenges that are currently being presented to you

Seven of wands in a career reading, if it comes is a good card. It shows the character and determination. This card came in the present position. This card shows the effort that the lady is putting in. here, a person loves the challenges and will give her best. It also shows a person is ambitious. A person would try to remain on the top.

3. Future

The outcome of the situation, The direction that things seem to be moving in, What you are wanting

In future career reading, 8 of cups card came. This is not a good card as we can see a person walking away in the card. There are disappointment and uncertainty. Eight of cups in career reading, if it comes shows the possibility of a change of career or even taking a break from a career. A person may be turning back due to some emotional reasons.