Your daily psychic guidance 3

Image A: 

Today you are advised to work on your self-esteem. Be more optimistic, original, and creative. Act on your ideas, show confidence in yourself and travel a path of your own, not one paved by others. You were more optimistic in your past life, to recover it. Find something that you are passionate and dedicate yourself to discover more about it. Be willing to try it out, even if you don’t have the knowledge. If you stay within the boundaries you’ve set for yourself, you might never get to know how brilliant you are.

Image B:

Your psychic guidance tell us that you should to take the time and review the relationship you have with yourself and your inner divine spark, think of how you treat yourself every day, how you talk to yourself, see if you appreciate yourself enough or not, if you acknowledge and enjoy the progress you have made so far. This is a day when you can make a strong commitment to yourself and promise yourself that you will pay more attention to what your body is telling you.

Image C:

At times your life might seem like complete chaos. You might feel that things are simply not how they are supposed to be and you are not where you are supposed to be. Today you are advised to ask your Spirit Guides to help you see the reasons why you have to experience certain situations, to bring more harmony into your life, and heal arguments and misunderstandings. You might not see it this way, but everything is how it should be.

Choose A Card And Find Out What Will Happen To You in The Near Future

Take a moment to ground your energy before making your rune and Tarot card selection above. Scroll down past the general spirit guidance message for your individual week ahead message.

You chose Rune & Tarot card  1

Wunjo with 10 of Cups (Mars in Pisces). 

For the relationship:  

A great week for love and romance of all kinds. If you are single and looking, go out and meet someone new… This is certainly the week for it!

Great happiness is in store for you this week. Much of it will come from relationships that are set to improve now. It becomes possible to connect deeply with friends and family. The key to joyful experiences is to be fully present at the moment as well as making yourself emotionally available.

A family celebration of some kind could be on the cards, whether it be an anniversary, birthday, christening or just a get-together because the weather allows for it.

Make the most of the momentum the sense of optimism brings now – especially creatively – to bring any projects to completion. There is a risk you could get a bit lazy and overoptimistic about things taking care of themselves.

You are brimming with compassion and empathy this week, as well as optimism, so expect people to be drawn to you for comfort.

You chose Rune & Tarot card  2

Raidho with 5 of Wands (Saturn in Leo). 

For the relationship: 

Your closest, most intimate relationship is a mirror for your creative energy this week. Pay attention and take responsibility for the part you play in nurturing the relationship. For both coupled people and singles, sexual frustration carries a deeper lesson now.

Time to sort out any creative blocks and seek out some sexual liberation. Work deeply with the prescription in the general weekly guidance above. Much progress needs to be made… and much progress can be made!

Don’t fool yourself that this will take care of itself though. You have to face your blocks to release them. Ideally, you should seek to gain a deeper understanding of how your creativity is linked with your sexual energy in order to prevent future blocks.

This rune and Tarot combination could also address your unwillingness to step into the spotlight or take on the role of a leader. Look closely at how you may be holding yourself back while pushing others to the front.

You chose Rune & Tarot card  3

Algiz and the 4 of Pentacles (Sun in Capricorn) 

For the relationship: 

Sound boundaries are very important now, whether you are coupled or single. If you are coupled, help your partner understand that you may not have huge amounts of energy left over for relating until you get over this rough patch and start feeling more stable again. Singles, avoid all the sharks, takers and moochers out there!

– Protect what is yours. This week is more about battening down the hatches than going off on grand adventures. Finances need to be put in order. Spend as little as possible now until you have a better idea of how to distribute your spending so that you don’t overspend.

Ground your energy. This is especially important if your current state of affairs is making you feel anxious. You have what it takes to get this sorted but you need to keep a clear head, so look after your physical health by making sure you have proper home-cooked meals and go to bed early enough to get a good night’s sleep.


In classical antiquity, an oracle was a person or agency considered to provide wise and insightful counsel or prophetic predictions or precognition of the future, inspired by the gods. As such it is a form of divination.

So all you have to do is take a deep breath and calmly look at the pictures of these 8 Oracles for a brief moment. Which one of these are you drawn to the most? Which one caught your eye immediately? Scroll down to read the prophetic message each one reveals for you.

1. Every life is a teaching tool for others. Your authenticity and honesty are an example to those around you. You are being called to lead others by example. Your wisdom has been earned as a result of your bravery in the adventure of your life. The experiences of battles won and lost, places discovered, tears shed, and joy revealed have placed you in a unique position to be of service to others.

Your suffering has been crystallized into a talisman of wisdom. Now you must share it. By being fully authentic, you will lead others into the light. You will be required to divulge some things about your past so that you may help someone else. Lead with love. There is another message here as well. Look to those whose great character and accomplishments you admire.

Emulate the leaders you respect. You will then, in turn, have more to offer. In a relationship or partnership, be the one to voice what must be said. Muster your courage and speak your needs aloud. Affirm what you like and what you feel. Do not just hope for someone else to fix the problems you see.

2. Your time for manifestation, for the fullness of success, is either upon you now or close at hand. It will come, and soon. Now is not the time to force anything or try to grasp control. Even if it seems as though you are losing the very thing you want to hold onto by letting go, do it anyway. If you try to maneuver events you will just get in the way. Let go with patience, trust, and serenity.

You will see the unthinkable happening in the most beautiful of ways in perfect timing. This is the masterstroke of the divine artist. It will be worth any effort applied to become effortless so that grace can happen. It wants to happen now, or very soon. Be determined to allow it.

This message is to trust in what you feel beneath the surface of things rather than what appears to be…. It indicates a quickening on your path into an accelerated manifestation of your desires into physical form. You are being asked to trust unconditionally. So even if all appears to be going backward at an alarming rate, do not give in to doubt, do not dispense with trust. The ocean appears to pull back in order to build another wave that will soon reach the shore. So it is with the unfolding of life and the mysterious workings of grace.

You must trust unconditionally. There is no need for fear or anxiety here. Although it may seem unfamiliar or strange to you, it is completely appropriate to wait and rest to allow life to have its way. When it is time for you to act again, to take flight by using your won wings, you will feel the airlift you and naturally, the flight will happen. The Oracle gives an indication of timing that this fulfillment, this manifestation, is close to happening if it hasn’t already begun.

3. Here is a chance for rest and recovery after the challenges and various lessons that have recently been coming your way. The Swan Goddess is offering you the option to retreat into a calm environment to replenish your energy and regain your composure. There is a need to stabilize your energy and recognize that you have been wrapped up in a stress filled time. Brief periods of respite will enable you to improve your energy levels and concentration, as well as bring greater peace to your heart. This will set you up to start anew.

No matter how big the task you are involved in, times of recovery, including a good night’s sleep, are important to healing the body and reset your mind back to positivity. Regardless of what you are facing, Swan Goddess is gently reminding you to surrender this challenge for a while. You can take time for yourself knowing that when you are ready, the task will be there for you. If you are trying to make a decision or change, this may not be the best time. Give yourself a much-needed break and decide once you have a clearer head.

4. A new opportunity is coming your way, but in order grasp it you must love, accept and embrace the many aspects of your personality. You can do this by listing all the things you like about you and then listing all the thing you do not like. These are usually the things you try to hide from others, feel uncomfortable about or are ashamed of.

List everything, good or bad, that you think describes you. Look carefully at the list of things you do not like. Now find at least two positives for every negative thing you listed. In reality, there are much more than just a couple, but two will do for now. Then go through the qualities in your original list of positives and find at least two negatives for each positive.

With practice, you will come to realize that every positive has negatives attached to it and vice versa. Every quality you possess serves a valuable purpose in your life. Accepting and loving the negatives and positives equally leads to wholeness and balance and through this you are better able to see and grasp the opportunities that life constantly presents.

5. You have many loving words to share, and a higher consciousness to be. In your own way, in your own world, in your own relationships, you are a light bearer and a bringer of truth. Although you have had past experiences where this was not always well received, and sometimes resulted in abusive behavior towards you from those who were afraid of love, you have never closed off from your truth. You still know what you know. You may have become reluctant to share it so freely, but you cannot forget your inner wisdom.

This oracle comes to you with a message. It is safe for you to be seen. In this lifetime, you are meant to be a spiritual leader of sorts, to bring through the light, peace, love, and guidance that others around you need. Do not be afraid of their reactions. Some will love you for what you do. Others might not understand or may resist or even attack in fear, but in truth, you cannot be harmed. You shall always be what you are and no one can ever take that away from you. It is simply not possible. No matter how many times you have been blocked, denied, dismissed or abused, you find your way back to the truth of your heart, again and again.

So your soul has learned over time that your spirit is indestructible. It has learned that the truth of love is always there for you. Love will always welcome you into its arms and you can feel at home within your heart, even if you don’t always feel at home in the fear-based belief systems that so many still consider being a reality. You have developed the strength of knowing your own truths. You have survived and healed yourself through situations that threatened this truth, and still, you are here. You have heard lies and you have chosen to release them and to trust in your truth. With your loving heart, on your spiritual journey, you have learned how to shine true.

So you are ready to be seen. You shall not be cast down. The love in you is stronger than the fear, rejection, doubt or resistance in any other. You have no need to convince anyone of anything. You just have words to speak and a truth to be. It is safe to be seen for who and what you are. Let go of fear and take the next step on your life journey now.

6. Protect your energy as you lift your vibration and frequency. As you continue on your spiritual path you begin to lift in vibration and frequency and you continue to experience new levels of love and light. Your energy body undergoes an essential transformation. These changes in the energy body require that past pain and limiting views of self be released. When this happens and the pain comes to the forefront of your experience, it can definitely feel like you are taking quite a battering!

Ask the Angels to surround you with their beautiful energy at this time. You may envision this energy as red, yellow or white in color, or in any color that resonates with you. Imagine this energy is filled with love and light. The Angels light energy serves to release any negative energy within its field into the light. Visualize negative energy, entities, memories or stuck energy being released from your spirit, mind, and body. When previous pain shows up, it may not be a clear-cut memory of a particular past even or feeling of fear.

Past experiences may be reflected in your current challenges and lessons. It appears in a form that will trigger you now, bringing up resistance and distraction to be dealt with immediately. Keep in mind to respond with love. You are assured that you will continue to grow and evolve through this challenge. The Angels will assist you in protecting your energy for the best possible results.

7. This oracle comes with spiritual guidance for you. You have broken through a barrier, a self-imposed barrier of fear (whether it seemed to originate from within your consciousness or from an external set of circumstances) that held you back from taking the steps you are now taking, or just about to take. These steps may feel strange, new, uncertain and exciting. Your mind might not have received the memo that fear-based existence is no longer in operation for you. It may need a loving, tender, reassuring and firm update that the relationship you have with fear is now rather different. You are the witness, not the victim.

Your consciousness is strong enough to hold it in compassion. You don’t collapse under its weight; in fact, it is becoming less and less substantial for you. When it is there, it seems less convincing than what it once appeared to be, compelling still at times perhaps, but not anywhere near as powerful as it once was. That power has been claimed by your heart instead. So give your mind the memo! Get used to the new way and take steps. Test your legs – you’ll find them powerful and ready. Get set to fly! Test your wings – trust is one, daring is the other. You’ll find them enthusiastic for flight and ready to learn to ride the currents, purpose-built for soaring to great heights.

Trust in your vision – without the murky filter of fear it is sharp and clear. You can see what is meant for you, what is true for you what is beckoning you forward now. Take the running leap. There is no darkness and light for you anymore – just life, living, free and clear. I’ll be running and flying beside you. We’ll soar and dive and rise, together. Let’s play. 

8. There is always enough! This picture represents good fortune, ambitions fulfilled, wealth, and prosperity. It may also indicate emotional fulfillment, as perhaps you are entering a time of happiness that is long overdue. The message here is that self-worth is not measured by what you have, no matter how abundant your life is. Instead, it comes from what you are, how authentically you are living your life, and how much love you are willing to share.

Granted, receiving this card does indicate material gain and a furthering of tangible rewards. But things come and go, and knowing your true value leads to even greater riches now. Share the wealth with others. So let go of any tight hold you have on what you believe security should look like. Now is the time to conserve your energy and count your blessings.

Resist the pull to become miserly. There is always enough money, love, youth, food, and shelter to go around. A mindset of fear and lack will shut off the flow of true abundance. Trust in the tides, because the flow always returns from the ebb. “Chop wood, carry water,” as the Chinese proverb says. Practice faith and the treasure will be revealed. In fact, you will find it in plain sight!

Pick A Christmas Tree To Reveal Something Unique About Your Personality

O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree, how lovely are thy branches! Pick the Christmas tree that catches your attention first and we'll reveal something interesting about your personality

Christmas Tree 1.

You always give people the best gifts. You love searching through gift guides to find the perfect presents for your friends. But many times you can simply sense what somebody truly wants or needs. You keep your eyes open for the perfect gifts for others and you are delighted when you find the perfect gift for someone. People love unwrapping any present delivered by you, and you treasure the look in their eyes when they open it.

Christmas Tree 2.

You can remember the smallest details about your friends and family members. You remember their birthdays, favorite foods, the names of their pets, and much more. This talent of yours makes other people feel important, and your endless love is what drives this remarkable memory of yours.

Christmas Tree 3.

You are a wonderful peacemaker and mediator. When two friends have a dispute, they know they can turn to you to find the best resolution possible. You are able to effortlessly understand both points of view in a conflict. You are also able to help both parties understand these points of view. Many friendships have been saved by your peacemaking talents, and many holiday dinners have been calmed down thanks to your thoughtful words.

Christmas Tree 4. 

You know how to send people the best messages. You sometimes send letters, but most of your messages are sent through texts and social media accounts. You always seem the know the best thing to write and it brings joy to others. People love to reread your messages and save them on their phone. 

Christmas Tree 5. 

You are the daily sunshine in the lives of many people. Your smile brings a little bit of happiness to people who are feeling down. You may not even know it, but some of these people truly admire you! Service workers, fellow commuters, coworkers, supervisors, family members, and more appreciate the positivity you bring. Your absence for a day or two is noticed by many people, and they feel as if they've lost a little bit of sunshine each time you're away.

Christmas Tree 6. 

You know exactly when kindness is needed at the most important moments. You are somehow always able to sense when somebody needs help. Small acts of kindness seem to come naturally to you, and you never ask for thanks. You are selfless without even realizing it, and this does not go unnoticed by others! You immediately bring happiness and peace to those around you.

Christmas Tree 7. 

You collect secrets. You never set out to have such an odd collection, but secrets seem to naturally drift your way because you are a true friend to others. People trust you with their thoughts and desires and you never once consider betraying their trust. You know about the hopes and dreams of your friends and family members. You also know the deepest sorrows of some of your friends. Collecting these secrets is rarely a burden to you, and allowing your friends to share their secrets is a great relief for them.

Christmas Tree 8. 

You bring the gift of laughter wherever you go. You always have a quick joke or a sly observation to share with others. The laughter you inspire is never mean-spirited or crass. You are able to find the humor in almost any situation. The laughter you inspire helps others solve problems and enjoy life. People love to be near you in the hopes of hearing something both memorable and funny.


Look carefully at the cards, let yourself be guided by your intuition and choose your favorite.
Right in that card, there is a message that we hope will inspire you to take matters in your own hands right now at this moment, not later, not tomorrow, but now, because the time to act and improve your life is NOW.

You chose a card number one: 

You are ready for new beginnings. Not everyone has to wait until eclipse season and Mercury retrograde has blown over! Follow your creative inspiration and begin now! Spend as much time outdoors as possible to allow for Mother Nature herself to inspire your new creative venture. You have the blessing of Spirit for whatever you feel drawn to begin… How lovely!

You chose a card number two:

As this card opens in the week ahead you will begin attracting more of the right people into your life because you are giving off more of a ‘true self’ kind of vibe than before. You can also actively seek out more kindred spirits, trusting your inner intuitive guidance all along. This has the potential to be a really fun week if you remember to bring a light-hearted energy to any gatherings you attend.

You chose a card number three: 

This week is best used for integrating everything that has happened during the past few weeks. Quiet time, journaling and reading the Tarot/Oracle cards for self-reflection will do you a world of good. Trust your Inner Teacher even when the understanding doesn’t surface immediately. Be patient with yourself. Keep surrendering and going within. You can also call in the guidance of Owl – don’t surprise if you get dream messages from her!