Becoming mentally strong can be learned. Here are ten things that mentally strong people do that you can adopt:

1. They Take Responsibility

Mentally tough people do not blame circumstances or society. The entrepreneur Dan Sullivan went bankrupt and divorced on the same day. He decided that it was his fault for making these mistakes as a businessman and husband and learned from them. This is very different from what most people do, which is to blame others.

2. They Move On Quickly From Self-Pity

Mentally tough people know this is a toxic place to stay in. When they sense moments of pity or despair sets in, they stomp it out immediately and get to work. Biologically, humans are wired to naturally compare themselves to others and dwell on negative events. But they also have free will to choose to act differently once they are aware of these tendencies.
“I never saw a wild thing sorry for itself. A small bird will drop frozen dead from a bough without ever having felt sorry for itself.” ― D.H. Lawrence

3. They Do Not Let Circumstance Stop Them From Winning

The motivational speaker Brian Tracy said that successful people experience bad events just as much as unsuccessful people. The difference is that successful people prepare for them, take them in stride, and expect them. Do not let what life hands you stop you from achieving your goals or affecting your happiness.

4. They Recognize What They Cannot Control and Let Go Of It

Mentally tough, successful people can clearly recognize what is and is not in their control. Whatever is not in their control is let go and never blamed. They do not waste their time and energy crying over events that they cannot change. If an unexpected traffic jam makes them late, they do not blame strangers. They blame themselves for not leaving earlier.

5. They Do Not Let The Past Chain Them Down

Memories can be pleasant or horrible. But they cannot be changed. Many people let what has happened to them in their recent or distant affect their performance. Mentally tough people know they cannot in order to move forward.

6. They Are Motivated Beyond Belief To Never Give Up No Matter What

They will persist no matter how many times they fail or get knocked down because they are motivated by something stronger. It could be a higher purpose. It could be to help others. It could be to become a champion. They keep fighting. Period.

7. They Know They Are Not Entitled To Anything

They confidently accept that the world owes them nothing. They are not entitled to career opportunities. They are not entitled to food or shelter (despite what the government says). They are not entitled to even equal treatment. To succeed, they have to go out and work for it.

8. They Expect Many Failures and Rejections Before Success

Mentally tough people know that rejections, failures, and defeats are always part of the journey to their goal. They do not let these events discourage them because they know it is part of the natural process to where they want to be.
“It’s failure that gives you the proper perspective on success.” – Ellen DeGeneres

9. They Recognize The Inevitable Change of the Universe

Mentally strong individuals know that the universe naturally changes. They embrace it. They recognize it. They accept it. When a relative dies, a loved one gets sick, or an industry changes, they know it is part of life. They do not cry over spilled milk.

10. They Do Not Let Other People Influence or Control Them

Mentally powerful men and women do not let others control their feelings, emotions, or mood. They stomp out negative phrases they catch themselves saying like, “My boss made me feel sad” or “His email made me angry.” They meditate and improve their ability to control their emotions and responses.
Which one of these things are you going to get better at today? Leave your thoughts below!

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