10 Powerful Lessons to Learn About Love

Image credit: Android Jones
In the journey of life, we are all searching for love, whether consciously or unconsciously. We all deep down desire to lose our sense of self in the embrace of a bigger whole — that is, to feel connected with others. Most of us, however, feel disconnected and alienated, and as a result we experience immense psychological pain.
Here I would like to share ten powerful lessons that I’ve learned in my journey which helped me to better understand what love is and how to break down the walls that kept me separated from others, with the intention to assist you in your search for finding love and living in harmony with yourself and others.

1. Love is a gift — you can’t demand or force it.

2. A loving person loves unconditionally. Like the sun, he or she pours the rays of love to everyone, regardless of their superficial differences.

3. Love is, in a sense, death — the death of the ego.

4. When you love, don’t ask for love in return — if you do so, you are not a truly loving person.

5. To offer love, you need to be loving. How can one who is destitute offer financial wealth?

6. Love builds bridges between people’s hearts, and only when there is love can a true heart-to-heart communication take place.

7. If you possess everything but don’t feel love, you will not be happy. If you possess nothing but your heart is overflowing with love, you will be as happy as anyone can get.

8. Lovers don’t talk about love — they communicate it through their eyes.

9. Love gives meaning to life, and only those who love squeeze the juice out of life.

10. Love is your nature, so don’t seek for love. Instead, remove what is preventing love from flowing out of your heart.

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