Thirty-two Auspicious Marks on Buddha’ Body

1. His feet have level tread. This is one of the marks of a Great Man,
        2. On the soles of his feet are wheels with a thousand spokes, complete with felloe and hub,
        3. He has projecting heels,
        4. He has long fingers and toes,
        5. He has soft and tender hands and feet,
        6. His hands and feet are net-like,
        7. He has high-raised ankles,
        8. His legs are like an antelope’s,
        9. Standing and without bending, he can touch and rub his knees with either hand,
        10. His male organs are enclosed in a sheath,
        11. His complexion is bright, the color of gold,
        12. His skin is delicate and so smooth that no dust can adhere to his body,
        13. His body-hairs are separate, one to each pore,
        14. His body-hairs grow upwards, each one bluish-black like collyrium, curling in rings to the right,
        15. His body is divinely straight,
        16. He has the seven convex surfaces,
        17. The front part of his body is like a lion’s,
        18. There is no hollow between his shoulders,
        19. He is proportioned like a banyan-tree: the height of his body is the same as the span of his out-stretched arms, and conversely,
        20. His chest is evenly rounded,
        21. He has a perfect sense of taste,
        22. He has jaws like a lion’s,
        23. He has forty teeth,
        24. His teeth are even,
        25. There are no spaces between his teeth,
        26. His canine teeth are very bright,
        27. His tongue is very long,
        28. He has a Brahma-like voice, like that of the karavika-bird,
        29. His eyes are deep blue,
        30. He has eye lashes like a cow’s,
        31. The hair between his eyes are white and soft like cotton-down and
        32. His head is like a royal turban.