Ten things to be rich

Translated by Tinh Tam

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1.  Save to be rich and work hard to be rich:  Know how to save and live within your means;  work hard but not very hard to make you sick, working hard means not be lazy either working at a factory, at the farm or in your home-based business.  

2.  Be honest to be rich:  Be fair in your business, have the right price for goods or service, so there will be more trust and more customers.  

3.  Work hard to be rich:  Wake up early everyday for your work or business.  

4.  Have time management to be rich:  Take care of your chores at home.  

5.  Have prevention to be rich:  Have the burglar alarm and fire alarm installed at your house to prevent burglars and fire.  

6.  Have reputation to be rich:  Never do any illegal businesses.  

7.  Have union to be rich (Union is the noun of the verb To unite):  Every member in the family has to help each other.  

8.  Be faithful to be rich:  Have virtuous wife and well-listened kid(s);  avoid conflicts, jealousy between husband and wife, also do not get angry to your kid(s).  

9.  Belief in your future to be rich:  Teach your kid(s) about wealth building.  

10.  Give back, do charities, have merits and good karma to be rich:  Be willing to do the charities and be generous in charities;  also do good things and avoid doing bad things.

Source & Credit;www.truehappiness.ws