What Happens In The Final 30 Seconds Before You Die

Life after death is something we fear. Whether it be someone who is religious or an atheist, the fact that we don’t know what occurs after we die is quite frightening to say the least. Some people who have near death experiences or out of body experiences have claimed to seen and experienced similar things: a bright tunnel or their lives flashing before their eyes. People who have such experiences tend to attribute that to a greater or a higher being. Scientists argue that in states of trauma (such as near death experiences) the pineal gland releases a strong psychedelic chemical known as DMT which can cause these experiences.
But what is just as confusing is the similarity between people’s experiences. Do all ‘DMT trips’ result in the same hallucinations? Or are these chemicals just a glimpse into the world beyond?
Here is what happens to your brain about 30 seconds before you die.
What separates humans from other animals is not just mere brain size, but rather the efficiency or capabilities of the human brain.
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The folds or wrinkles of the human brain are what creates the superior (when compared to other animals) ‘processing power’ of the human brain. The folds allow for more surface area even in a compact space thus creating more power.
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Animals such as elephants and primates have evidence of these folds in their cranium thus indicating a higher intelligence.

Dolphins in facts have more wrinkles in their brains than humans do which can explain their capacity for altruism and language.

source and credit:www.belgievandaag.com

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