11 powerful Life Lessons from a Zen Buddhist Monk

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Never stop trying

The worst thing technology has taught us is to be lazy. It is crucial to try several times before giving up. It is also important to try different approaches. When you have reached the point where nothing works then make peace and move on, but giving up after only trying once usually leads to disappointment. Practice or new habit requires patience and a “never stop trying” attitude.

Lessons from a Monk

Is there any doubt that people are searching for happiness in the wrong places? Buddhist Monks have obviously figured this out because instead of chasing material value they look within. Here are ten lessons that come from Monks who know what a fulfilled life entails…

“No self, No enemy.”

It’s the enemy within that causes all of our fears, worries, and insecurities. If you come to terms with this enemy within, it will impact every area of your life. It’s the identification with the “self/ego” that causes all of life’s problems. If you can conquer the enemy within yourself, you won’t have an enemy outside yourself.

All the answers come from within

In order to deal with problems the world throws at you, you need to use your sixth sense. Buddhism students are only given a small amount of information from which they have to solve big problems. This is part of their preparation for facing the world. All the answers reside within us; we just need to look in the right places and trust ourselves.

Know the power of impermanence

Impermanence is one of the most important Buddhist teachings and one that must be fully understood and accepted in order to fully understand life. Nothing is Permanent and the sooner you understand what this really means and accept this; you will be able to live a life filled with less expectation from anything and anyone.

Failure equals growth

This is a lesson very few people seem to understand. Making a mistake or failing at something tends to make us focus on the worst. You should keep in mind that there are always two sides to a coin. Failures and mistakes are a learning process and a precious one at that. Taking chances are such a critical part of a fulfilled life and yet we are scared to take part in the learning process.

Forget about what other people think

Society has a way of programming our egos. We are constantly aware of what other people might be thinking or saying about us. You need to focus on what you think and feel instead of those around you and when you are able to do this; you will be more in tune with your true self.

Learn the art of patience

For some people patience is the hardest thing to achieve. Notice how these people become angry and agitated quite quickly? There is a time and place for everything. Time is man-made and should never cause you frustration. Patience is definitely a virtue and the moment you are capable of controlling frustration, you are well on your way to living a more fulfilled life.

Happiness Starts from within

It will be cynical to assume that happiness is only based on the spiritual side of life. Once you reach happiness from within it will manifest outside in the people and things that make life worth living.

Be present

We hear this one all the time but really, stop and think about how present you are right in this moment. If we learn to do our best, feel our best and just be for this moment only, then we will be able to live a much more fulfilled quality of life as Monks do

Fight the enemy within

You might think your biggest enemy is your boss or the bully at school, but it’s not. You are the one that gives power to your fears and insecurities. Before you can accomplish anything you need to tackle the enemy that empowers the elements keeping you from happiness. In other words, overcome your internal fears.

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