Tea Ceremony- Thich Nhat Hanh

Although Tea Ceremony is ALL about that thoughtless free empty space of presence , thoughts generally invade and those thoughts are silently dismissed with awareness and you return to presence. 

I have another application for it that I discovered...
Creative people will find that ideas and solutions will fill that space instead of the usual egoic thoughts. 

So, if you are a creative person ( writer, poet, painter, sculptor, film-maker, actor, etc.) use Tea Ceremony for the Ideas that come into the silent spaces that Tea Ceremony reveals, and write them down or sketch them, or use it as a take-off point to enter your artistic expression.

Please note: I use coffee in the morning instead of tea, saving tea for the evening when relaxing and using the ceremony for the SILENT spaces instead of creative ones. But , as I promised my muse "I will write down any idea, anytime, anywhere"- because she doesn't believe in time off for creative beings....

source and courtesy: ideapod

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