The Dream Of Life: Alan Watts’ Beautiful Philosophy For Humankind

What is your dream of life?

Humankind has been mulling over the meaning of life for eons, and seem to have arrived at a pigeon-holed version of happiness, which many are striving for: white picket fence, money in the bank, 2.5 kids, and an unmatched Facebook highlights reel.
But what if the polarities and juxtapositions in life — the shadows and the light, the ups and downs — were the very fabric of our lives, and something we should honor and respect? What if our lives were simply the expression of consciousness… a living dream?
In this beautiful video, featuring an extract from Watts’ speech, “Out of your Mind,” he puts forth the possibility that, if we were able to dream any dream, we would inevitably end up dreaming about the life we are living today, just as it is.
While this may sound far-fetched, Watts encourages the listener to simply entertain the idea that it is possible; to suspend disbelief for a few fleeting moments.
By simply “playing” with this idea, we begin to realize that “God” (however you call it) is expressed through us, not to us.
In doing so, Watts is able to so delicately portray the uncertainties in life — and how they are exactly what makes life so complex, exciting, and sweet.
source and courtesy: mindvalleyacademy

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