16 Characteristics Only Empaths Have; No. 8 Is Why We Love Being Around Them

Let’s begin by defining empathic people. Those are the ones who understand what another person is going through.
They can put themselves in the place of the other person and realize where are they coming from, what exactly are they experiencing and just take the vibe from the other person.
Empathic people are like magic. You can recognize them, you are simply drawn to them and you may even not know them but you will feel the need to open up, their aura shouts out that they are trustworthy.

Here are the 16 characteristics which can help you recognize an empathic person( Maybe you are one of them):

1. They are often found to be too sensitive

It is not true. They just understand the feelings of others and that can sometimes simply be too much for them. If the other is negative that could cause them stress or tiredness.

2. Empaths hate being lied to

Who likes that? Empaths can certainly tell if the other person is not being honest with them, so why even bother?

3. Negative news affect them

They can feel the pain from others as well as enormous suffering. And that refers not only to people close to them but also for distant people, like characters in a movie, historical events, documentaries…They get emotional over people’s destinies.

4. Empaths feel overwhelmed by crowds

Different people have different emotions and as the empaths are gathering them all inside it can be quite overwhelming or even claustrophobic in their own skin. Every day ends up with big exhaustion by all the vibes gathered in them.

5. Empaths find happiness through healing

They are there for people. Friends, family-you name it, they help. They ask for nothing in return, usually, their presence is just enough. They always give the best advice and are best listeners.

6. They react differently to stimulants and medications

They react to sodas, coffee, energy drinks etc. different from other people because of the emotions which are heightened in their case. They are more anxious mostly. Medications have different side effects on them, so it is wise to stay away from pills as further as possible.

7. They can’t change themselves

They can’t just shut down. They are the best of friends because they have the ability to walk in your shoes and feel your pain. Loyalty and honesty are their best skills and they expect you to reciprocate to their behavior.

8. They know exactly what you are going through

When you think that no one will understand you talk to an empath. They will believe your story, get in character and connect with you. They will try to help you as much as possible.

9. Empaths have a special bond with animals

They usually have a pet because they do not want to “own” another person. Even animals can sense their fragileness and behave differently around them.

10. Being exhausted is empathy’s everyday life

Listening to others all day long can wear them out by the evening and it’s often a difficult job.

11. If you ask for their advice, take it!

Making him/her listen to you and not accept their guidance at the end is first of all rude, and second of all just not fair. They understand you, simply do as they said.

12. They are easily distracted

They notice absolutely everything around them-smells, tastes, colors, situations which can be both good and bad because things might get overwhelming at times.

13. Empaths detest narcissism

They can smell selfishness, rudeness, overall bad people which are considered as toxic by them and they simply avoid them as they are the complete opposite.

14. Empaths are hypersensitive to certain sounds

This is one of the reasons why they lose focus. Everything is heightened to them, and it can certainly be annoying to hear a buzz or pitch loudly. This also refers to smells, noises etc.

15. They are the best listeners

They cheer for you, they listen carefully, never judge and give you the best advice…What could be better?

16. Electronics act strangely around empathic people

Weird, huh? But also true. Electronics could react when touched by an empathic person due to their high sensitivity.
So there you have it, all the reasons why we should love empaths; they guide us, they understand us and always help us. Their emotional capability is what might make the world a better place.
source: Peace Quarters

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