Choose one of These Birds and Get to Know Your Personality!

Choose a bird from the picture, the first one which falls into your eye and you like the most, and find out a bit more about your reactions to emotional situations, learn your strengths and weaknesses, get to know how you should make decisions. 
Have you already chosen your bird? So read the description of them!
1. Dove - loving calm and nice
Dove has a very high emotional intelligence. It is a sensitive person, willing to reflect, gifted with great empathy, and the one you can count on in every problematic situation. At the same time, this type is not very communicative, does not like going out with the initiative in interpersonal relations, but when someone trusts Dove, can rely on him in every situation.
The positive qualities of Dove that can bring him success:
- patient,
- generous,
- trustworthy,
- introverted,
- conservative and risk-free,
- full of respect for the others,
- honest,
- reliable,
- laid back.
Negative features of Dove, which should be improved:
- dependent on others,
- predictable,
- gullible,
- with a tendency to fanaticism.
2. Owl - logical and intelligent
It is a person with high logical intelligence that will solve every problem. This type likes to know what's is going on around them, willingly deepens its knowledge, especially in the areas of interest. At the same time Owls are passive in communication, rarely takes the initiative and a little bit distrusts people, especially to newly-known people.
Positive personality traits of Owls that can bring them success:
- peaceful,
- meticulous,
- specific,
- attentive,
- determined,
- conservative,
- well-versed in the areas of interest,
- careful,
- interested.
Negative features of the owl's personality, which they should work on:
- suspicious
- self-centered,
- undecided,
- vengeful,
- unforgiving,
- short-sighted.
3.Peacock - impressive and open
Peacock has a great emotional intelligence - it's an expressive person, open to others and very tolerant. It's easy to sense what's in its soul and what it has on mind. No wonder it is very active in terms of communication. Peacock is not afraid of making new relationships, is enthusiastic about new tasks, loves rivalry on every level and is not afraid to talk about it openly.
The positive qualities of Peacock personality that can bring him success:
- talkative,
- with an open mind,
- energetic,
- charismatic,
- emotional,
- social,
- enthusiastic,
- brave,
- competitive.
Negative personality traits of Peacocks, which are worth to work on:
- distracted
- has a tendency to overemphasize,
- selfish,
- born controller,
- dominant,
- power-hungry.
4. Eagle - brave and determined
Eagle is a person with a high logical intelligence, independent and charismatic. At the same time, this is a type who is very active in terms of communication - it is not afraid to take over initiatives, and honestly talks about its ideas, doubts or fears. Unfortunately, sometimes Eagle's comments are too rude and offensive. It also happens that this kind of character wants to achieve the intended goal in the quickest way, so it needs to work on patience.
Positive Eagles personality traits that can bring them success:
- charismatic,
- honest,
- they can take the initiative,
- independent,
- motivated,
- compelling,
- fearless.
Negative features of the personality of the Eagles, which they should work on:
- crude, 
- aggressive,
- unfavorable,
- egoistic,
- controversial,
- impatient,
- obtrusive,
- wicked,
- stubborn.

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