If You Experience Any Of These 6 Signs You Are Definitely A Heightened Version Of An Empath

Empathic people are not only highly-sensitive but also highly attuned to the thoughts, feelings, and emotions of others. For them, feeling things for other people comes as second nature to them.

However, being an empath isn’t just that. No, instead, there are a number of traits that make them empathic person uniquely them. And if you experience any of the following signs, you are not only an empath but a heightened version of an empath.

1. You Just Know Things

While we all have intuition to some extent or another, yours is out of this world. Sometimes, you know when things are going to happen before they do, and you can always sense when trouble is ahead.

2. You Don’t Do Crowds

Empaths can actually feel exactly what another person is feeling, and not only can they, but they do whether they want to in that moment, or not. With that being said, this makes large crowds an excruciating endeavor for the empath

3. People Gravitate to You

People are drawn to you, and to tell you personal things about themselves and their situations.

4. Animals Gravitate to You

And it isn’t just people, either! Everyone’s pets love you, and so do wild animals and strays. They can sense that you are attuned to them and that you mean well.

5. Sometimes, You HAVE to Unwind

Call it grounding, calming, whatever you like, but that alone time is necessary to recharge your batteries. Why? Because constantly feeling for other people can be quite draining, causing a need for some alone time to recharge.

6. Violence and Cruelty on TV Are Intolerable For You

Watching television violence is almost as disturbing as encountering it in your day to day life, due to the fact that you truly empathize with the characters. You may find yourself changing channels or leaving the room when a graphic scene is taking place because it’s just too much for you.
source: awarenessact

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