Imagine Standing In Front of These Doors. Which Color Do You Choose And Through Which Door You Go?

1. You chose the green door!
Your choice says that you are very attentive and usually assume the role of the messenger. One of your strengths is taking care of other people. You are very vivid and full of positive energy. You always give 100%. You are a good listener for others and always have the perfect advice up your sleeve, which is why you are the first person your friends turn to.
2. You chose the blue door!
Your choice tells us that you are a big learner and have extraordinary abilities. You have an analytical mind and a mild temper. Remarkable discipline and incomparable self-control are your trademarks.
3. You chose the red door!
You were born with a unique sense of style and additionally have exceptional eyesight. You make your decisions quickly and always have a clear solution in mind. As someone who always forms their own opinion, you have a strong and special personality. You are unbelievably reasonable and goal-oriented.
4. You chose the purple door!
You have mysterious charm and have incomparable artistic abilities. You are incredibly friendly, helpful and your powers of observation support you in every life situation. Your calm personality and your extraordinary attractiveness are your trademarks. You are full of ideas and are a very emphatic person.
5. You chose the grey door!
You always address issues carefully and are incredibly studious whenever you dedicate yourself to something. In personal relationships you are focused on establishing a balance. Working hard is one of your top priorities. You do not rest on your laurels until the work has been done and only then do you go have fun. You have elegant taste and are a true pacifist.
source: apost

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