Only 1 In 100 People Can Find The Hidden Animal In This Cat

You must have planted all the right foliage in your garden this year, because here comes a playful butterfly to frolic in the beautiful flowers! And look! Isn’t that adorable? One butterfly has landed on the handsome neighborhood cat! But this particular butterfly might be a little tricky to spot, as he is hidden somewhere on the cat’s face.

What do you see in the vintage image below? It could be a number of things that you see, but one of them is probably a domestic cat. Or, perhaps to you, it looks like a scruffy rendering of a lion.
But do you also see the hidden butterfly?
Optical illusions are a great way to tease the brain. They can also symbolically teach us that things are often not what they seem to be, such as in the 1986 film Labyrinth. From hidden openings to endless brick walls, to snarling beasts that turn out to be friendly and to pretty fairies that bite, certainly nothing is what it seems to be in the labyrinth that surrounds the castle beyond the goblin city.
As it is with the vintage image of the cat and his hidden companion, the beautiful garden butterfly! What a delightful springtime pair!
The image, allegedly part of a trading card collection from the 1800’s, features a dapper-looking feline friend. But there is another hidden animal, a butterfly, dwelling somewhere on the cat’s face. Do you see it?
Be sure to look closely, now, at the cat’s wide eyes and prominent brow. He sure is a handsome, friendly-looking kitty, but are you able to spot his butterfly companion?
If you aren’t able to locate the hidden butterfly, here is the solution:
We turned the cat upside down so that you could more clearly see the image of the butterfly, right on his face!  Were you able to find the butterfly on your own?  Share with your friends to see how well they do!
source: Lucasfilm Ltd.

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