Pick A Door And See What Your Future Tells You

Have you heard about the 6 doors personality test? It’s a simple quiz which should reveal a lot about your personality and even predict your future. Maybe you’re not a believer of horoscopes or predictions, but this fun little test is an excellent way to find out a bit more about yourself and it’ll only take 2 minutes of your time. All you have to do is take a look at the 6 doors on the picture, choose which one you’d most want to go through and read what this door says about you. Don’t overthink it, just pick the first one you like and then find the description below.
If you chose Door #1, Your Path is Freeing
If you choose the first door you need your space and freedom to be able to do what you like. You want to pave your own path into the future and you love to have a future with unlimited possibilities. You hate feeling trapped. This door represents independence and rebelliousness, and if you choose it those two characteristics describe you best. On the other hand, you aren’t the type to get into confrontations easily and you’re more likely to passively resist someone or something. You like to do things at your own pace and hate to be rushed. You enjoy life and want to take your time in doing so!
If you chose the Door #2, your path is Private
If your choice is door number 2 you enjoy in solitude and you love traveling alone.  You are a person that likes to observe, think, and sort out whatever is in your head. One of your top qualities is originality and insightfulness. You have a unique way of looking at the world. The downside is that you tend to be a loner but when you put a bit of effort you connect with others excellent. People love you because you’re kind and understanding.
If you chose Door #3, Your path is Colorful
If you chose door number 3, then you are very engaging and you love to be a part of the world. You want to take it all in and enjoy the colors, delights, and beauty along the way. You enjoy more in the journey than in reaching your desired destination. You love asking questions, you’re curious about everything and you are a natural conversation starter. Your intellect and wit are on such a high level that you can keep people entertained for hours.
 If you chose the Door #4, Your path is Exciting
Door number 4 is all about drifting into the unknown and moving forward in life, without ever turning back. If you could choose you’d always choose the most unpredictable and even a bit scary, road because the unknown simply draws you in. You go in head first and deal with the consequences later. You know to be a rule breaker and careless at times, acting first and thinking later but it all somehow works well for you. You’re impulsive and a true thrill seeker.
If you chose the Door #5, Your path is Welcoming
Choosing door number 5 means that you’re a peaceful and undemanding person with a welcoming path ahead. You’re happy with your life and don’t want anything more. You know exactly what you want and how to get it. You always want to enjoy your trip and to know what you’re getting into. You will often take the easy choice whenever possible. Life is hard enough, and you never want to make it harder on yourself. You are stable and supportive of those around you. You are known for your consistency and down to earth perspective.
If you chose the Door #6, Your path is Quiet.
If the door you chose is number 6 you enjoy being left alone in almost every aspect of your life. You never feel lonely, even if you’ve been alone for a long period of time. You want your future to be still and quiet and you want the thing to happen one at a time so that you can enjoy every one of them. You always put a lot of thought in your actions and never do anything without thinking it through first. You’d never choose a crowded place to spend your time but you do like spending time with people one on one. You value authentic relationships and people can see this and respect it.
So was your description as accurate as mine was? Which door did you choose? Do the quiz with your friends and family and see how accurate their description was. Enjoy and have fun with this unbelievably accurate pop quiz!

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