Pick a Spirit Symbol to know what message it has for your soul

As you try to comprehend what is a Spirit Symbol, let me tell you one thing - Spirit Symbol will be your calling as you set your intention right and focus within, you will feel one of these 6 symbols calling you out. As you choose one, be very sure that you have a mind free of thoughts and you feel well rested. Relax, breathe and choose your symbol and once you do, go ahead and read what is in store for you?

Spirit Symbol 1
The universe is telling you that what had to be done is done and now you need to sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor. The Universe is showing you gratitude for you being you and spreading the message of consciousness. There is nothing right or wrong - it is, as it should be. You have been growing a lot recently and your horizon is broadening up.

Spirit Symbol 2
It is a close call for you to connect. Connect to people around you and nature too. Always remember you are not alone and in this Universe whether plant or animal is all connected with each other through a greater system and plan. For all the changes you are looking for begin with yourself and the rest shall follow. Relationship issues or work-related problems, you will notice exists because you are unable to connect. Focus within and let go of Ego.

Spirit Symbol 3
You have worked really hard to achieve your goals and now it is time for you to breathe and relax. Do something spontaneous, or plan an adventure or overseas trip. You have much to learn from taking time out of your day to do something that is just completely pleasurable - let your heart be your guide and not be sorry about anything at all. No matter where you stand in your life right now, do not forget the power of smiling and laughing often.

Spirit Symbol 4
Let go of the external and focus within - too much attachment with the material aspects of life will give you nothing but grief - Your heart holds the answers to all your questions. Meditation is the key; just be with your breath and relax. Go on a long walk amid nature and calm your soul. Try to become one with the Universe and realize your true self. Your thoughts will reveal you your shortcomings so pay attention and try to not hold onto things that will only give you pain.

Spirit Symbol 5
Boundaries aren't bad when they are drawn to make things better in your life. So, it in your favor that you draw these boundaries to (un)scatter your scattered self. BE more responsible and focus on things that really matter and are aligned with your higher purpose - do not delve and waste your time and energy on people and situations that do not serve you well anymore.

Spirit Symbol 6

Well, let the flow hit you and let all go! Stop fighting everything and just let your life for once become your guiding light. As you become calm within, let that stillness seep into your body and mind and make you ready for the next big step in your life. Avoid making any rash decisions and believe in yourself when you want some space and time to absorb a situation and make a wise call on it. Breathe and be!

source: speakingtree

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