Stone You Choose Will Reveal Well-Hidden Secrets Of Your Personality. You Can Give It A Try!

As a rule, the personality tests tell a lot about us what we already know. But there’re also those that can tell you even more. They open new aspects of every person and help people analyze themselves. So, have a look at these beautiful stones and choose the one you prefer the most!
The results are below:
1. Garnet
You always know what will happen next. You can plan and see ahead of you, and people like that. What’s more, your intuition often helps you a lot in different life situations.
2. Amethyst
For others, you seem to be quite an introvert, but in fact, you are a very emotional and open person with people you trust and know well. Your internal intelligence and quiet passion is what characterizes you the most.
3. Aquamarine
There’re not so many people who are as joyful as you! The endless flow of energy impresses other people, and they like spending time with you because they know they’ll never get bored in your company.
4. Diamond
You smile no matter what. You’re strong, independent and determined and people see that. They can characterize you as a person who never backs down!
5. Emerald
If a goal is set, there is no doubt you’ll achieve it. You always know what is what and can easily tell what’s black and white. For you, there’s no golden middle, and always there’s only one answer.
6. Pearl
You’re ruled by wisdom and morality. Your heart is open for others, and there is no place for anger in there. Your purity attracts people, and they like it about you.
7. Ruby
It means that whenever you start doing something, you’re fully into it. No person is more passionate than you are. And whenever there is something in your way, you tend to cope with it easily.
8. Peridot
People who choose this stone are full of internal energy, and that’s what other people like about them. You are always ready to embrace everything new and enjoy what you have.
9. Sapphire
Without people, you feel lonely. There is no day without fun and entertainment because you can’t live without it. Your friends and family is your everything.
10. Opal
If someone feels blue, you’re right there to help this person and give a helping hand. It’s a rare quality. But at the same time, in case of troubles, you can always stand your ground.
11. Citrine
People love when you’re around. You always impress you will your kindness and life experience full of joy and adventures.
12. Blue Topaz
Your personality can be characterized as rather sociable and amiable. You like people, and they like you. There’s always a lot you can talk about, but at the same time, you value quiet and soothing atmosphere.
source: awm

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