What Does Your Handbag Reveal About Your Personality?

Each woman is unique in her own way. And it’s absolutely amazing! Life would be so boring and uninteresting if we all had similar preferences and taste.
A handbag is one of the most important accessories for every woman. Read on to figure out what exactly your handbag is telling the world about you.


You are a responsible person and never let people down. Your colleagues highly respect and value you. Your leader at work always knows he can rely on you. You are extremely responsible for the education of your children. Most likely, you are a member of a parent committee. You are always there to help everybody with your advice. Among your friends, you are the organizer and the one everybody relies on.


You never sit still and you are always on the move. You are an independent person. Men like this quality of yours and you have a lot of admirers. You tend to be single for quite a long time. However, you don’t care much about it. You spend your time on yourself. Most likely, you work in a creative environment. If not, you strive to work in one. You do not rush to have children.


You are a true business lady with a somewhat domineering character. You have always been a leader. If you don’t occupy a leading position, you strive to take one. Your friends are mostly men. Women tend to dislike you. However, you don’t care much about it. You are a hard worker, who can cope with any task. You get married and have children either too early, or at a fairly mature age.


You are extremely stylish and trendy. You know everything about the latest trends of fashion and beauty. If you don’t yet run your own fashion blog, think about it! You attend all the fashion events in your city. You live your life the way you want. You travel a lot, and one day is more than enough for you to plan a trip to an exotic country.


You will never tolerate something you don’t like. Your self-esteem is quite adequate. When it comes to clothes, you are for comfort. Most probably, you have a nice short haircut. You prefer soft makeup. You are very sociable and have a lot of friends and acquaintances. You could make a good artist, radio presenter, makeup artist, stylist, or an illustrator.


When it comes to femininity, none of the above-mentioned ladies is able to compete with you. You always look gorgeous. You have a lot of friends. You often go shopping or to a cafe with your friends. In addition to traveling a lot, you attend most of the social events in your city, where you can make new useful acquaintances.

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