3 Women That Make The Best Girlfriends (According To Zodiac Signs): Everyone Wants To Marry The Third!

Now, we are not saying any girlfriend is bad but at the end of the day, behind every successful man is a firm strong woman, not a nagging one.
Believe us, there are some zodiacs that do really nag. Lol.
There are 3 zodiac signs that make the best girlfriends and with them, chances are the highest that the relationship will last forever.


The reason you make an amazing girlfriend is because you follow the ‘no bullshit’ rule. You’re the farthest from drama and just like that, you make an honest girlfriend.
You say it, as it is.
Sometimes, your partner may not like that or be disheartened but you are the absolute reason behind them being half the d**k today compared to when you met them. Sometimes, you yourself would be a little moody but then again, once you find someone who absolutely understands you, you’re one of the most committed individuals.
It would always matter to you the way your partners acts, dresses and looks among your friends and you would be pretty laid-back in many situations which allows space for both people in a relationship.
The ultimate deal breaker for you are lies. Zero tolerance – one lie and you’re out the door forever.
You don’t rush into things since you want to make a thoughtful decision but once the decision is made, you are all in.
Guys: Why An Aries Makes The Best Girlfriend?
She will not sugarcoat things just for you to feel good. She is adventurous and will always have your back while no one knows who you are.


A Gemini girlfriend is the most passionate one!
You get excited pretty much about every thing and you will come up with 50,000 date ideas. Mostly, these would be completely unconventional but a Gemini would only love her partner more for it.
You are extremely confident which then transpires into your partner as well. You create a relationship which is not boring to be a part of. You enjoy life and are totally high on it.
Guys: Why A Gemini Makes The Best Girlfriend?
She will make you do things you never thought you would and years from now, you would look back at these days as the most amazing you’ve ever had.


You are a truly caring sweetheart and you love doing your best, all the time. You are analytical and make critical decisions very logically. You are a method-lover, mature and sensible!
You are the girlfriend who has already been thought of as a life partner. This is because you have your shit together and this stability automatically makes your relationship stable as well. You are amazing with money and you are a good listener.
Chances are highest that you will marry her because she is the only one who can handle you and your shit. She is mature and would like to see you out of the mess you are. She will make sure she is taking care of everything that doesn’t interfere in your life, that may distract you.

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