TEST: Choose A Dream House And It Will Reveal A lot About One's Personality

Millions of personality tests have been making its rounds around the internet lately. These tests can reveal everything about a person, even things we never knew about ourselves. It’s unbelievable sometimes how accurate they are. Today we have one such test for you. All you have to do is choose a house from the picture below that you are most drawn to.

House 1: Art deco

You are a high spirited person and are full of humor. No one or nothing can dampen your spirits even if they tried. You live in the moment and people love that about you, after all, you live only one life! It is good to show your sensitive side to your close ones once in awhile if it was possible, they love you even more. You live in peace and prefer to avoid conflicts. 

House 2: Craftsman

You are the kind of person who loves exploring, learning new things and going on adventures. You live on the edge and you make spontaneous decisions. You are an empathetic person and you are a great friend and you will always be there for your loved ones in any time of need. You need to learn how to properly embraces what may happen in your life.

House 3: Modern

You are a sensitive person with a heart so big it is made of gold. You tend to others needs first before yours and people might take advantage of that. You stick to your word and always have a positive outlook on life, no matter the situation. Make sure to be selfish every once in awhile, there’s no harm in taking care of yourself first. 

House 4: Colonial

You are a calm and collected person even during the most stressful situations. You pay attention to details and are very organized. Once you have set your mind to something, no one or nothing can make you think differently. Remember to stop for a moment and think about yourself. Be selfish once in awhile. Also, remember, you are human, it is okay to let off some steam.

House 5: Victorian

You are a risk taker. You are creative and are always looking for answers to problems. You are brave enough to take the road less taken which people admire you for. You are trustworthy, encouraging and people value your advice and everyone looks up to you as a role model. You make decisions using your head and you think of the consequences before acting.

House 6: Ranch

You are a very humble person, calm and are aware of one’s self-worth. You think before you speak or make any decisions. Your personal achievements give you immense pride. you exhibit wisdom and integrity and you do well under pressure and over time you learn from your experiences. A life changing transformation is just around the corner, so chin up!

House 7: Tudor

You are sensitive to others feelings and a big softie. You are so sweet that you could never hurt a fly! The people around you trust you so much that they tell you their deepest secrets. You are very approachable that way. You are also very passionate about your beliefs. When people provoke you, you tend to react. It will be best if you control it a bit. 

House 8: Cottage

You are a determined, ambitious and strong person. You have a positive effect on the people around you. When everyone else is sad or dull, you are there to lift their spirits. Pressure doesn’t break you and you have the strength to withstand it all. You are hardworking and honest. Something unexpected and exciting is on its way, maybe a little scary to take the risk but you won’t regret it.
source: dazzling

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