The Best Husbands Of The Zodiac, From Worst To Best

Yes, the ultimate ranking of the husbands. Well, well, where are you ranked? Or, where is your husband ranked?
12. Gemini
This sign is the worst zodiac husband of them all! The thing about these people is that you will never know where you are standing in your relationship. One day they feel fine and they cannot wait to be with you, they make sure that they are always there for you, but the other, they give you an impression of a stranger! That can be difficult to handle in relationships! You probably are marrying someone who is a gambler and will ask you to lend him some money every now and then!
11. Pisces
If the husband under the sign of Pisces wants something, you have got to give it to him immediately. To live an easier life with a Pisces, you need to be a loving mother! They are like little kids that need to be pampered all the time. On the other hand, he is a man who gives himself entirely to his wife, and is with her till death do them part! Even if you want to get rid of him, you will not succeed.
10. Sagittarius
Sagittarius is the perfect husband. Romantic but practical; masculine but gentle; wonderful lover and caring father… you just need to believe in them with all your heart and put all your trust in them but they soon get tired of the relationship they are in and start hunting for a new one. So make sure your relationship with him is not that boring.
9. Scorpio
With his bad reputation. The are two options: 1. wife with a negative presupposition will get a ticket straight to hell. Wife with a normal point of view will receive a trip to a private paradise. You do not have to agree with whatever they say, only nodding will do the trick but you do need to be full of enthusiasm all the time for them!
8. Cancer
The man that was born under the Cancer sign is sympathetic, intelligent and loving. A responsible husband and father, who knows exactly how to keep his family, educate children and help his wife in everyday life. His wife will receive so many gifts from him. However, all this is a show they put on! When they come back to their sanctuary, their home, everything changes! They turn into a couch potato, watching TV, eating, in other words, doing nothing!
7. Aries
He is adventurer, selfish, and gluttonous. He is always and forever hungry! He has an insatiable appetite. Under his favourite couch, you can find remnants of dirty socks and pizza. They are not good with cats and babies. Aries is confident that he has the best wife in the world and boasts of it at every opportunity. Nice guy!
6. Aquarius
A raw material from which you can carve a wonderful husband. He never bothers you or causes any inconvenience. He will support you financially. But for the rest the time he is living in his own world. Dreaming about all the possible things that he could do. If the wife is strong and firm enough, she will be able to get a perfect husband. He is easygoing and has a great sense of humour.
5. Taurus
He is a faithful and caring husband. He provides everything for his wife and children. He never betrays you. He is quite as long as you are not poking him! If you know how to manipulate him, you shoot him with impunity on all sides. He purchases small gifts for his wife. He is not demanding, always satisfied with whatever he’s got. He is loyal, patient and kind.
4. Libra
He is the romantic type of husband. No matter for how long they have been married, he will continue proving his love to his wife. He will surprise her with roses, prepares breakfast in bed for her, and gives her presents for no particular reason. He will remain faithful to his wife until death does them part. Having said all that, don’t expect him to take the trash out because that is just not him!
3. Capricorn
Capricorn is the one who is holding the third place on this list. If you ever get a chance to go out with this guys and get to know him, you are the luckiest girl on planet earth. It is such an honour getting to know him. You need to beat other competitors in order to win the game because he is the ideal man. Smart, handsome, honest, charming and nice. And most importantly, Capricorn keep all these features in old age, not transforming to a cranky grandfather. The only drawback is that they never like to get married!
2. Leo
This is your guardian angel. They only marry the sheer beauty! Or the ones that succeeded in proving their beauty and charisma to them. He cares for you like how a father will but the only difference is that you are not actually their daughter. A woman who marries this guy will receive numerous gifts. One single point is that you need to admire him all the time! Just like a flower, they are delicate and are thirsty for attention and love.
1. Virgo
Virgo man is the embodiment of Mr. Darcy Clever, handsome and well educated. He has a well-paid job. He is an excellent cook. He can clean and raise the children. He is a reliable husband who will never betray you. He is kind and tender, the best lover, and your best friend. He always marries the most hopeless cases. They always need to take care of someone and feel needed.

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