The Dark Side of Empathic People That You Rarely See and Must Always Be Cautious Of!

Empathic people, i.e. healers of the world, also known as empaths who are they?
They are the people that have senses that are heightened, they not only are able to see energies that are different and also they have the ability to experience and feel them.
The ability of the empathy to  feel and experience at the same time is considered as a gift. The ones that considered this ability to be a gift are usually those who are not empaths.
However, this gift has both bright and dark side. This characteristic is not always fun to have.

Both Sides of Being an Empath

Around empaths, other people feel safe and secure, and they do not hesitate to share their deepest secrets and also to share their deepest concerns and fears. However, nobody thinks about the way the empath is feeling?
Yes, the empath can handle and deal with emotions, but at the same time, they experience stress. That can be very overwhelming to experience both the good and the bad emotions at the same time. Empaths have to handle negative and also positive thoughts.
Positive and negative energies are attractive to the empaths. Even if empaths try, sadly the cannot escape the negative and evils that surrounded them. In addition, they can understand the way the world functions and that at the same time makes them feel sad and confused.
They empaths known trait is that they just observe and feel. Empaths for sure are fatigued and exhausted but because of their personality to make other people feel good; they rarely spend time to express their emotions.
Considered it this way, the empaths are givers; they do not ask anything in return.  And unfortunately, most of the time the empaths are taken advantage of and also taken for granted and rarely given back.
Empaths carry the weight on their shoulders. For sure the dark side, having to deal with all kinds of emotions, is hard to bear.
They also neglect their mind and body just for the sake of others. This shows how selfless they really are.
However, this also can lead to consequences. When empaths neglect their mind and body, which happens very often, that neglecting builds with time. What happens is that empaths feel connected with other people, but become distant from themselves.

Empatic People and Falling in Love

The really dark side about empaths is falling in love. They somehow do not have the ability just to let go and fall in love fully. Bear in mind that empaths are actually aware of their dark side of the so-called gift they have and all the emotions they have to deal with.
And when they fall in love they understand that if they just let go, the other person in the relationship will feel the same burden as they do. That is why they cannot fully fall in love.
They try and protect the person that they are with. And if they express themselves that might only lead to an incredibly overwhelming relationship that will be hard to handle for both sides.
As a result, they prefer to hide part of their life. Just to be safe. The empaths do not let anyone into their area and always have their guard up. And in a way, this is their safe place where unlike other people they can deal with their emotions themselves.
In an ideal situation, the empaths would like to make a difference between the energies from the outside and their own emotions.
If you recognize yourself in this article and you are empaths, please do consider to let the guard down, you would allow others to enter in your world.
In not, you shall have to fight the war on your own. And because you are an empath and know the benefit of feelings that are shared, maybe you need to try your own medicine. And enjoy while doing so.

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