What Animal Medicine Is Best For You At This Time?

From the beginning, people from different cultural backgrounds have used the spirit energy or medicine or different animals, birds and fish as messengers of wisdom, healing and guidance from spirit. Animal totems and messengers come and go in our lives based upon the current situations we are dealing with at any given time. To find out which medicine is best for you to call upon at this time, select the photo that you are most drawn to.

Your Medicine: 

1. Wolf 
At this time in your life it is imperative for you to trust your natural instincts and put your strong, sharp intellectual skills to good use when discernment is needed as choices and options arise. The medicine of wolf is confident and observant and these skills are required of you as you contemplate different the areas of your life that you desire change. Wolves usually travel in packs. Have you been the lone wolf? Have you sought the guidance and protection from your pack lately? If not, it's time to regroup with your pack and embrace the available support from your peers and like-minded individuals.

2. Butterfly

The butterfly's message for you is that there already has been or there will be a huge transformation taking place in your life that is for your highest and best good. That transformation may be taking place on the inner and or on the outer planes of your being. In ancient Chinese symbology, the butterfly represents the immortality of the soul. There may be a loved one that is making their presence known to you and is here to assist you at this time in your life. Butterfly's message: "You are already morphing beautifully into your divine potential. Trust me as this process continues to unfold."

3. Horse
Horse medicine is exactly what will help you to gain more independence, confidence and motivation. You may be stalled in an area or two of your life and are lacking the drive, stamina and confidence to take that leap of faith and step into your independence and individual soul path. It may be that you have been on the fence with opening a new business, setting boundaries within a relationship (romantic, personal and or professional), moving, changing jobs and or starting a new career. Horse does not shy away from any challenge. Horse understands the job at hand, holds his head high and pushes forward without looking back or second guessing himself

source: awakeningpeople

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