What The Heart Line on Your Hand Reveals About Your Personality

Ever had palm readers tell you what the different lines on your hands mean?, most often they are rather off. For a long time, people have read palms to try figure out a persons character and emotion. Just to make sure you understand, the heart line begins near the middle of your hand at the edge of your palm and ends towards your pinkie finger.

Which heart line is yours?

1. If you have this heart line, then you are ambitious, independent, intelligent , and have many good qualities when it comes judgment and making decisions. However you do have a selfish and materialistic perspective on life. You should use your good qualities to better your self.
2. If you have this heart line, you are very kind and considerate, trustworthy with people. However you tend to give your heart away too easily. For you its important to know when to be guarded, it may take some work.
3. With this heart line, you are some one  who is content and confident in your love life, it does not matter if your single or in a relationship. Your happy whatever the situation.
4. If you have this heart line, then you are patient, calm, caring, warm hearted and full of good intentions. You are very charitable.
Did you find this accurate?
source: spiritualunite

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