Which Animal Do You See First? Your Answer Will Reveal Hidden Details Of Your Personality

According to a group of researchers at MIT, abstract images we see a priori can reveal significant personality traits that, for the most part, are hidden. However, in moments of extreme pressure, they come to the fore, either helping to save our lives or converting us into ruthless predators.

What did you see first? Be as honest as you can with your answer.

1. The group of zebras

You’re a charismatic person, willing to sacrifice for the needs of the group. You’re conscious of the fact that together a group is stronger. You make use of your anonymity to achieve your main goals. However, you lack individual will power, don’t forget it.

2. The lion

You’re egotistical and you know it. You’re willing to pursue your prey for miles and devour it without mercy. Your individual strength has one important weakness, however. That is that you may sometimes fall short and find it hard to work in a team.

3. The lion and the zebras

Just 5% of people saw both at the same time. If you’re among this select group, you’re one of the few who can sometimes be both a lion and a zebra. This dynamic ability not only makes you a formidable predator, but also a great leader.
source: wikr

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