Your Weekly Horoscope: September 17th-23rd

Capricorn's Horoscope For September 17th-23rd

Others depend on you more than usual. You might even have to go into work. Don’t worry; you will have your reward in the near future. Others notice your dedication. Be responsible. Tonight: Do only what you must. This week: Lucky Jupiter moves out of your sign Tuesday. Good fortunes are ahead!

Aquarius' Horoscope For September 17th-23rd

You might feel more vigorous than you have in a while. Others come toward you today. Take the “different” invitation. Tonight: Live for now. This week: Celebrate on Tuesday, as Jupiter, the planet of luck, enters your sign. Not every day will be perfect, but watch what happens.

Pisces' Horoscope For September 17th-23rd

Others want to do more with you. You might find it difficult right now to be as vulnerable or open as others would like. Remember that you also need to be comfortable. Dig into a project. Relax by focusing. Tonight: Spend time with a key person. This week: You might become more inward for a while. Don’t fight the trend.

Aries' Horoscope For September 17th-23rd

Others dominate once more. You might have a great idea or some fun adventure in mind. Others might not be as responsive as you would like. Let your creativity flourish. Kiss controlling ways goodbye. Tonight: Go along with the program. This week: Networking, combined with good luck, will start drawing what you want. This tendency will last a year.

Taurus' Horoscope For September 17th-23rd

You might be best off being low-key. Honestly, there are matters around your home and family that need to be taken care off. A project or hobby could be a great way to funnel your energy. Tonight: Start thinking about tomorrow. This week: Carefully observe what happens this week. How realistic are you?

Gemini's Horoscope For September 17th-23rd

You want to have fun, and you will. You need to let go and become a kid again. Be careful what you say to a close associate. He or she might take your words personally. Think before speaking. Tonight: Add more spice to your life. This week: Work on mind-opening experiences.

Cancer's Horoscope For September 17th-23rd

Some of the recent heat that you have experienced from others might dwindle in the next few weeks. Thank goodness. You will be calmer. As a result of your recent experience, you might want to relate individually. Tonight: Bring others together. This week: Big planetary changes might have long-term implications. Lady Luck follows you this year when you’re playing bingo or buying a lottery ticket.

Leo's Horoscope For September 17th-23rd

The sun enters your opposite sign today. During the next few weeks, others might question you or criticize you more. You will also get a stellar review or report card as to how well your life is going and those who criticized you will be silenced. Tonight: Go along with another’s ideas. This week: Get ready for an onslaught of admirers – and this is only the beginning of this trend.

Virgo's Horoscope For September 17th-23rd

Though being playful and spunky feels great, you become more focused starting today. You will concentrate on some part of your daily life. Consider making changes that improve the quality of your life. Tonight: Read or chill out. This week: What you do now in your daily life makes a huge difference, more so than ever. Give 100 percent.

Libra's Horoscope For September 17th-23rd

Your creativity and imagination emerge. Let the kid in you out. You will be full of fun. Bring friends together, and you’ll have a veritable party on the way. The more people, the better time you will have. Tonight: Have a blast. This week: You christen a period Tuesday in which your imagination and creativity peak. Want romance? That, too, can happen.

Scorpio's Horoscope For September 17th-23rd

Anchor your day close to home. You might need time off from the world. Rather than be out of kilter for a week or so, take time just for yourself. If you had no one to answer to, what would you do? Do just that. Tonight: quiet. This week: Your focus will be on security and family more and more after Tuesday.

Sagittarius' Horoscope For September 17th-23rd

You might have plans, but if your friends aren’t included, you might be making different choices. Start talking more in the next few weeks. Clear out some strong feelings. What you thought someone said might not be what was really said. Tonight: Make the most of every moment. This week: Your ability to communicate is enhanced from Tuesday on. Your smile and charm start peaking.

source: vonvon

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