Choose One Card To Reveal This Week's Karmic Theme

Life's lessons or opportunities for growth usually come to us in themes. Some of the common themes are; family relationships, communication issues, lack of trust in others etc. These opportunities for healing, growth, and soul evolution are often woven into our relationships with co-workers, friends, significant others, and family. 

When we understand the hidden meaning behind the chaos in our lives, it is much easier to manage and move through these situations with flying colors. The goal is to recognize the challenge and adjust how you work through these challenges with grace, integrity, love, and honesty.

To find our this week's karmic theme, take a deep breath, ask you higher self the question, "What is my karmic theme for this week." and then choose the card that stands out the most to you.

1. Patience and Take Your Time 
You may feel a bit overwhelmed with the different choices that are being presented to you these days. The shiniest most sparkly choice may not be the path for your highest and best good. Even though you may feel pressure to hurry up and make a decision, it would be best for you to take your time and research all of your options. Don't forget to tune in with your solar plexus (gut feeling) before make your decision.

2. A Test In Faith 
Just like the card, The Fool in the traditional tarot, you are being asked to have complete trust and faith with your present journey. There is such liberation when you do not question the events of your life. Embrace and step into the consciousness of The Fool today with the knowingness that spirit has your best interests at heart and that everything always works out for the purpose of the evolution of the soul.

3. Trust In Your Own Intuitive Feelings 
You may have that gut feeling that something feels off this week and this message is validating that things are certainly not as the may seem on the surface. The advice is to look a little deeper when communicating with others and then go within and weigh your own intuitive impressions and then move forward with discernment. Pay attention to the meaning behind the words that are spoken and unspoken.

source: awakeningpeople

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