If You Are One of These Zodiac Signs, You Are Extremely LUCKY!

Zodiac signs can reveal a lot about your personality. Although each sign is unique and individual with its own strengths and flaws, these three signs are considered incredibly lucky!

Cancer people are known for their good sense of humor. They generally win other people’s attention with their unique approach. They love sex games and fantasies and don’t mind discovering new things, even being a bit cruel, if this is what you want. If you want to keep a Cancer guy, don’t be afraid to show him your emotional side and your weaknesses, because he wants to give you the support you need.
People born in the sign of Leo are true trendsetters. They are normally the most popular in a group. If you want to have a good time out, just stick to Leos, and you won’t regret it. They will sweep you off your feet and bond you for life. Leo people are generally better at things than others, so it’s up to you to challenge their abilities. If you want to seduce a Leo, you’ll have to be a bit more pleasing and flattering, as they really revel in this.
Scorpio men are the gods of sex. If you’ve ever been in a relationship with a Scorpio guy, you’ll know how irresistible their sex-appeal can be. If they perceive you as a potential partner, they’ll surely seduce you, and by the time you see through their love game, you are already in love. Apart from their sex-appeal, people born in this sign are extremely loyal friends, great heroes, and dedicated employees. If you want to seduce a Scorpio guy, wear black, especially black underwear. They often fall for artistic people.
source: healthyfoodteam

Fun Test: The First Picture You See Reveals Your Current Situation

Psychologists suggest the face that you see first in this image hints at some changes you may expect shortly.
If you’re a girl and see a girl’s face first, you might consider getting ready for happy and positive events in the future. The girl is looking upwards, and you too similarly are looking at the skies with hope in your heart and positivity all around. Being a girl and seeing a girl’s face also shows you’re content with who you are and at peace with your individuality. It is a sign of confidence.
If you’re a boy and see a girl’s face, you’re fixated on the opposite gender. You tend to be affected too much by what they have to say. And currently, there might be some women in your life that are causing you happiness or distress. And you’re looking too desperately for validation by them. It’s time you accept yourself as you are, relax and move on. It’s most likely they’re not going anywhere. Your future, however, holds great prospects and professional successes. Focusing on things that matter might just be a good idea right now.
If you’re a girl and see a guy’s face, it symbolizes your want for a partner, or the coming of your prince charming soon or maybe your connection with a prince charming you’ve already found. They are occupying quite a bit of your mind, and that’s good. Since the guy’s face shows changes in love life and healthy changes that you need.
If you’re a guy and see a guy’s face, you might be concerned about some guy at work, family, or even your sports team. It can be a good or a bad concern, but that guy can be on your mind, especially when you’re going to sleep. It’s time to put that to rest since it’s just something that will pass and you need not spend more time on it.

Look closely at the picture below. And decide what you saw first. Whatever you see will tell you a lot about your perception of life and who you are on the inside. This might mess up with your head but it gives a true reflection of your current state of mind.

A car:
If you see a car, it means you are fixated upon the ideals of freedom and having things your way. The car is also a small part of the picture, so it exemplifies your ability to delve into detail and find out the most meticulous of things in any situation. The signifies your tendency to brood over the details, and it might, at times, hamper your overall judgment, especially in adverse circumstances. While being detail oriented can be a good thing, forgetting the bigger picture too often can lead you into making bad decisions.
A man with binoculars:
If you first saw the man with binoculars, you’re entirely concerned with the bigger picture and tend to miss out on important details. Also since the man with binoculars is the entire image, you may be prone to gathering data in quick glances instead of properly thinking things through. Although being fixated on the bigger picture is usually a good thing, sometimes, details matter too.
The alphabet A:
The letter A is a lighter color and is thus somewhat difficult to figure out initially. Identifying it first shows you have a rare ability to see things most people miss. You can be best suited for some detective work where you have to think outside the box to figure out a murder. The least amount of people noticed the alphabet ‘a’ in the picture.
source: themindsjournal

Small Test That Can Reveal The Secrets Of Your PERSONALITY

There are thousands of species of butterflies of different shapes and colors. Some of them can even be seen in our neighborhood, but others are exotic insects. The most precious ones are among the second aforementioned category. Here we have prepared a test with the help of which you will discover interesting things about yourself.
You will see a few of butterflies in the image below.  
Each one is different in size, color and shape. Surely, one of them will attract your attention more than the others. Keep in mind the number of that butterfly. You have as much as you need time for understanding which insect attracts you the most, but also do not think too much about it since you can lose that “first reaction”. Now we turn to the descriptions.

1. Sensitive and big-hearted
Certainly, you are a really sensitive, honest and full of love person. You are able to put yourself in the shoes of the others easily. Now you can remember who you are and what your real interests are

2. Harmonious and peaceful
You are a person full of harmony, patience and serenity. The most important thing for you is to maintain the balance of life. You transmit peace and calmness to others.

3. Talented
You are an observant, logical and tidy person. You do things well when you like them. Relax, walk across the park and contemplate the things that surround you.

4. Goal-oriented 
You are a hardworking and confident person full of energy. Achieving the goals that you have raised is that really interest you. Accept that you are a wonderful person full of talents.

5. Enthusiastic
Your greatest desire is freedom, happiness and good experience. The worst thing for you is boredom and monotony, so you do your best to fill your day with different activities.

6. Artistic
You are simply an artistic soul. Your sensitivity levels are almost insatiable, that makes you a person full of kindness, empathy and love for others, but above all you are creative.
source: wnews

Two Zodiac Couples That Can Never Be Separated (They Will Give Up Everything For Each Other)

People turn towards a number of means to check their compatibility with their loved ones.

What if we told you that zodiac signs can also tell you whether you’ll be with your partner forever or not? Surprised, aren’t you?! Well,  it’s true. Here, we have two zodiac couples that can never be separated.

So go ahead and find yours now.


Leo is the typical conceited conqueror, which often repels their partners. But, in combination with a Libra, Leos behave and even feel differently. Instead of the vain conqueror, a Libra will get a true friend and protector.

This egoistic can even forget about his needs in order to cater to those of the charming Libra.

Leo being a sophisticated being and bestowing Libras with luxurious gifts is the key mantra of this relationship’s success. On the other hand, Libra’s mistrust and possessiveness act as a barrier to this relationship.

Leo, who would not overlook this flaw with other signs and would readily ignore this flaw and in fact, beg for forgiveness from the partner.


This zodiac couple, Virgo is the one that conquers, and being meticulous as they are, this sign carefully devises a strategy to approach their love interest. The Aquarius generally falls for their wittiness. This is a very unusual combination, but it’s because of this that this couple has the perfect relationship.

Aquarius people are dreamers, while Virgos are more practical, and that’s how they complement each other. The only thing that can come between these two is that Virgos are prone to lecturing, something Aquarius people find boring, even exhausting, and can potentially lead to a breakup.

However, even a break of several weeks, even months can’t prevent them from rekindling their love!

If You’ve Ever Been Called Overly Emotional or Too Sensitive, This is For You

For some reason, people in this day and age think that being emotional is a bad thing, that telling someone they are ‘too emotional’ is an extreme insult.
Is it really no longer okay to feel things?
People will call you over emotional for any reason they can find, they will throw the words around as if it is going to hurt you. There is nothing wrong with being sensitive please don’t let other people lie to you. Being sensitive is something to be proud of, it means you feel things deeper than others. A lot of people are lacking when it comes to their emotions, and you have something people want but cannot find.
Just because someone does not know how to appreciate your gift in the way that you do does not mean there is anything wrong with you. You were meant to go out and help people, to make a difference in this world. That is why you feel everything so deeply. If you were not meant to use this gift you would not have it in the first place, remember that.
You are happier, more loving, and going places in this world. Your life is so much more fulfilling than the lives of those wasted insensitive souls that surround you. Your relationships are not lacking and your spirit is filled. The people who waste their time trying to criticize you are nothing more than jealous. They want to be able to feel things the way that you do. They want to look at the world and feel something more.
You are optimistic and they are wastrels. Your life is richer than they could ever hope for theirs to be. The universe sees the good work that you do and rewards you. Other people see this as things being handed to you because they do not see the work that you have put in. Yes, you are too sensitive in all the right ways.
People will be uncomfortable from time to time but you have a greater purpose. You bring to light all the things that we need to know in this world and will not let others forget it. Take pride in all that you do. You are a rain cloud coming to clear away all the dust from the drought, you are needed.
You should never have to apologize for feeling something. The world is yours to take, continue on your journey and do not let anyone get in your way. You are well on your way to doing fantastic things in this life. I would choose an overly emotional person over a bland person any day. Celebrate yourself!
source: awarenessact, image source: dlounge.org

BIZARRE CASE: Grey Alien Shot And Killed At USAF Base

Witnesses in a strange and unexplained UFO case claim an alien was shot dead at an U.S. Air Force Base in New Jersey.
Ever since this case was presented to the public, numerous UFO researchers have tried getting to the bottom of it with little to no success.
As the story goes, in the early hours of January 18, 1978, after a night of heavy UFO activity over the McGuire Air Force Base near Trenton, NJ, an extraterrestrial being ended up losing its life on the tarmac.
Details of the case have been submitted by one Major George A. Filer III, who was an Air Force Intelligence Officer at that time. According to his testimony, a small, grey alien had been shot by a military policeman after the being had left the safety of its spacecraft.
While he was driving near the base, the policeman noticed the UFO activity was on the high-end of the spectrum and was already in a state of high alert when he came upon a “small being with a large head, black eyes and a very slender body.” Believing they were being invaded, he panicked, got out of his car, pulled out his .45 caliber handgun and demanded that the being lay down on the ground.
Naturally, the grey alien did not comply so the policeman fired several shots. Wounded, the being climbed the fence into McGuire AFB, took a few more steps and then collapsed on the runway.
grey alien shot at mcguire afb
Filer did not witness the event firsthand, but was briefed by the head of the command post over at McGuire AFB.
“He was very specific about the fact that an alien from outer space had been shot at Fort Dix, and that he had run away after being wounded, and headed for McGuire,” Filer told UFO investigator Dr. Steven Greer. “Now McGuire and Fort Dix just have a fence between them, and this alien apparently climbed the fence or went under it, and got to McGuire and died out on the end of the runway.”
Filer got there just in time to see the aftermath of an alien being shot to death.
The security police were already there, guarding the body of an alien “crouched in a fetal position, not breathing.”
Another witness to this scene was Sgt. Jeff Morse, one of the officers who roped off the body to keep anyone from tampering with it before the specialists arrived. It is very likely that ‘Morse’ is a pseudonym intended to keep the witness’ identity secret.
Morse told UFO investigators that the “specialists” consisted of a team of military officers wearing blue berets and that their first order of business was to order everybody to take a few steps back, enough that they wouldn’t be able to see the details.
But he managed to see enough to confirm Filer’s description of the otherworldly being. He vividly remembers “the skin of the unclad, hairless body was wet, shiny and snake-like.”
grey alien shot mugshot
The Blue Berets kept spraying the body with liquid from a portable tank, probably in an effort to preserve it. It was then placed onto a wooden platform and a wooden frame was quickly built around it. The entire assembly then went into a large metal container which was then loaded onto a C-141 cargo airplane that landed on site.
Nobody who’s willing to talk knows where the dead grey alien was taken but some researchers suspect it was brought to the Wright-Patterson AFB in Dayton, Ohio, the same place that housed the alien bodies recovered from the 1947 crashes in Roswell, NM.
By their own admissions, Morse and Flier were later flown to Wright-Patterson and subjected to strict interrogations. Although they were interrogated on separate occasions, they were basically given the same warning: “keep quiet or you’re done!”
One would be entitled to ask: what had triggered the intense UFO activity over McGuire AFB and what was the alien doing out of its craft and on the side of the road? Filer’s testimony answers the first question:
As for the presence of the lone ET, Filer suspects that one of the UFOs crash landed or was shot down and in an attempt to gain sanctuary, the alien was heading for the Air Force Base.
Recently, the case has made a comeback but despite the fresh interest, it is unlikely that more details will surface. This incident, like so many before it, raises a legitimate concern. As omni.media reports, “we have an alien race expecting one of their own to eventually come home. They just probably weren’t expecting it to be in a body bag.”
Still, if retaliation hasn’t come in the nearly 40 years since the incident took place, we could consider ourselves safe. Or should we?
source: ufoholic

Pick One Of These Magical Symbols And We’ll Tell You Something Important About Your Present

These five symbols may look familiar to you. They’re ancient symbols that bring good luck and prosperity to those who see them. Each one has an emotional charge linked to the person who chooses it, predicting something about their presence to help them in the future. Naturally, you'll be drawn to the one that fits you best.

Which of these five symbols do you choose?

1. “North Star”

Now is the time for action. Don't put off what you've been wanting to do any longer. Actualize your vision and concentrate on how you can make it happen. With enough determination, it will be a reality in no time.

2. “Magic”

Your life right now is fantastic. Good fortune is raining down upon you, even if you don't yet realize it. Other people can see this, too, and would really like to be a part of it. Live in the moment and don't worry too much about the things holding you back. Life is too short to be afraid to take chances.

3. “Trinity”

An external force is trying to influence you in a decision you're not yet sure of. You can't decide whether it's in your best interest or not just yet. Consider all your options and what kind of consequences each would have. Thinking rationally is the best way to figure out what you should do.

4. “Spinning Wheel”

You might be lacking independence, unable to live how you wish. If this is true, it's probably time to make a change. The time is right for things to move forward. Listen to your heart and find the best way to pursue your dreams.

5. “Om”

You're currently awaiting the result to something important. Regardless of the outcome, remember to be thankful to the universe for it. Even if at first things seem bad, you might realize later on that getting what you wanted would have made things even worse. Most importantly, thank yourself for bringing so much positivity and goodness into the lives of those around you.

Who Is A Girl Here? Simple Test To Reveal Some Interesting Facts About Your Personality!

We make different choices every day – what to eat, buy or what to wear and never think about what the answers to these questions reveal about our personality. We have a simple test which will tell you what your personality is – look at the picture and take your best guess: which of these babies is a girl?

1. If you choose A, 

you’re a rationalist. These people usually think twice before making a decision and can follow rules. Those around them consider them model citizens who will never break the law.

2. Option B is usually 

picked by artistic people. You’re always full of creative ideas and can easily develop your drawing and painting skills. You are a true inspiration to those around you, and people are attracted to you.

3. If you choose option C, 

you’re a problem solver. There isn’t one obstacle that can threated you as you always know what to do in any situation. These people can adapt to changes and easily recognize the true motives of others, which is a fairly useful skill to have.

4. If you pick D, 

you’re a loving person who tries to see the good in others and knows how to forgive. You can be good at charity as you want to help others and think that people have a right to make a mistake.

See Who Is Your Star Sign Angel

See who is your angel, according to your star sign. Speak with him and he will help you.
Angel Barachiel care about the success of Aries. He donates a strong charge of vital energy which helps to easily deal with everything, attracts friends and helps Aries to became more optimistic .
 Angel Barachiel
Your angel is Amitiel – patron of the truth, new initiatives and changes in life. He will fill your soul with bright hope, will help you to clearly see the real path and find out what you need to do here and now.
Angel Amitiel
The Gemini star sign is managed by Metatron – angel of victory. Metatron will help you overcome obstacles and to deal with any obligations. With his help all tests will be within your power.
Angel Metatron
Angel Dina strongly encourages Cancers to acquire new knowledge. Wisdom will not come when you stop asking questions, but then when you start to ask. Only the wise man is able to reach the heights in every sphere of life.
Lions are governed by the divine angel Aquariel. Call upon her for help, when you seek spiritual development and deeper understanding of the surrounding world.
Kadmiel – the angel of fate, always ready to help you choose the right path. Turning to him with prayer, listen carefully at what your intuition tells you. Through it the angel of fate guide the star sign Virgo.
Angel Barchiel gives the Libra inner strength and compassion that are needed to help others. If you want to change the lives of those who are near you and you love, contact Barchiel.
This sign is managed by Gabriel – one of the most powerful angels. Gabriel helps to achieve cardinal changes in your life and to create favorable conditions for a major ventures. Determine the main purpose, call to Gabriel and soon you will see your dreams coming true.
Sariel is the spiritual creature, determined by the Heavenly Father to direct and support people born under the star sign Sagittarius. He will discourage them when they embark to do things that would bring them disappointment.
Angel Cambiel patronize Capricorn in all new, unusual and exotic endeavors.
Angel Chamuel donates “the children” of Aquarius with an union between them and the surrounding world and nature. He bless enlightenment and deep penetration into the essence of things.
Pisces are managed by angel Anael, determining their sexual attractiveness. With his help, they feel more confident in the strength of their charm, which leads them to success in love and in deeds.
We should not pray to angels directly, only to God, so that He may dispatch His angels where needed.
source: Gostica

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