6 Zodiac Sign Relationships That Have Deep Emotional Connections

Have you had substantial trouble finding the love of your life? Perhaps you have been caught in a string of relationships that just weren’t right for you. You feel like the entire world is crashing down and you and the pressure keeps on getting higher. You think you are running out of time to find the real love of your life and you just can’t stand being in another dead-end relationship with someone. Remember that a lot about what makes great relationships work is the emotional connection that two people can have for each other. It’s from this emotional connection where a strong bond of love, empathy, compassion, and commitment are built. So without a strong emotional connection, even the slightest setbacks or hurdles will be enough to end a relationship.
So maybe you have to start focusing your energies towards finding the person that you can build a strong emotional connection with. Maybe you should be working hard to find that person with whom you can establish a strong emotional bond. Having trouble doing so? Then maybe you should start turning to the stars for advice. The Zodiacs have the answers to everything and so it would be wise to look to them for some answers. Want to find someone you can have a strong emotional connection with? Then just read on until the end of this article.
Gemini and Aquarius

Both the Gemini and the Aquarius have very extreme personalities that cancel each other out. They both like to live life on the edge of the spectrum and that’s why they always work well with each other. They are both incredibly passionate about things, and their passion can always be something that they can fall back on whenever times get rough. The Geminin tends to live life very sporadically whereas the Aquarius is often very rigid and organized. That is why they always manage to complement each other well. They are so good at filling in the gaps for one another.
Libra and Cancer

The word “soulmate” is something that people should never be taking lightly. But when it comes to the Libra and Cancer pairing, it’s practically a match made in Zodiac heaven. These two signs are the very epitome of the term soulmate. The Libra has a tendency to always be in need of the affection and validation of other people and the Cancer just happens to be a very affectionate creature. They are also both very emotional and communicative human beings and so they are constantly talking about what they can do to help build their relationship to something better.
Libra and Scorpio

At the base of it all, the Libra and the Scorpio make the best of friends. There is an undeniable synergy that exists between these two signs and it’s very hard to match or replicate with other relationships. Scorpios tend to be very obsessive and passionate, and Libras like to be obsessed about and loved. That’s why this is a pairing that always works out for the best. It takes a while for these two to actually develop feelings for one another, but once the spark is lit, there is just no stopping that flame from shining brighter and brighter.
Virgo and Taurus

There are very few pairings that can rival the chemistry and connection that is shared between a Virgo and a Taurus. They manage to just mesh well with each other on so many aspects of life. They make for really good career partners. They are very compatible lovers. And they also make for very ideal friends. The Taurus tends to be very goal-oriented and ambitious whereas the Virgo has a tendency to be very grounded and simple-minded. They play off of each other fairly well and this is practically an unstoppable duo.
Sagittarius and Aries

The most adventurous couple award is always going to go to the Sagittarius and the Aries pairing. These two Zodiac signs have a natural thirst for wonder and amazement. They are true and genuine wanderers at heart who always give in to their inherent curiosities about life and the world. They aren’t afraid of stepping outside of their comfort zones. They are also both known to be very smart creatures and they both possess very strong and passionate personalities. While this can sometimes be a source of conflict, they always know how to manage it well.
Cancer and Pisces

There will never be a shortage of sympathy, sensitivity, and emotional intelligence in a relationship between a Cancer and a Pisces. These are two Zodiac signs that always find a way around their emotional troubles whenever they arise. They are never afraid to talk things out in very long, meaningful, and difficult conversations. They may seem like they are meek and simple-minded, but they have very strong hearts. They are very attuned with their feelings and they always know how to act around one another.
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Zen Philosophy Reveals Why Attachment is the Source of All Suffering And What You Can Do About It

Attachment, desire, clinging and grasping. You’ve probably heard these words spoken about negatively by Zen Masters before.  Buddha said that “the root of suffering is attachment.”
But what does attachment exactly mean?
It’s basically what we do when we hold on to things in an effort to find happiness and comfort. We don’t just cling to things that give us joy, but we also cling to something because we’re afraid to let go of them as well.
The reason desiring causes suffering is because attachments are transient and loss is inevitable.
Buddhism says that the only constant in the universe is change, and by desiring you are trying to control and make something fixed. Suffering will follow because you are going against the forces of the universe, which is what causes anxiety, depression and negative emotions.
The key then to reduce our suffering to embrace the impermanence of life. Below we’re going to talk about what Buddhism means by impermanence and how you can learn to embrace change and let go of attachments.

What Anitya (Impermanence) Means According to Buddhism

The Buddha described the world as an unending flux of becoming.  He believed that everything in the world is changeable and in continuous transformation. In other words, everything exists from moment to moment and everything is moving from birth to death.
You can witness this law in day-to-day life. As each day passes, our cells are different, our thoughts develop, the temperature and air quality shifts. Everything around us is different. Always. Nothing is permanent

Neuroscience agrees: Everything is changing, even you

Most of us believe that our selfhood – our essential being – is always intrinsically the same. In other words, you’re the same person you were 5 years ago.
Buddhists argue that this is simply an illusion as you have a constant stream of consciousness. And recent research in neuroscience has backed up this assertion.
Evan Thompson, a professor at the University of British Columbia ,  says:
“And from a neuroscience perspective, the brain and body is constantly in flux. There’s nothing that corresponds to the sense that there’s an unchanging self.”
A neuroscience paper, published in Trends in Cognitive Sciences in July, says that there’s scientific evidence that “self-processing in the brain is not instantiated in a particular region or network, but rather extends to a broad range of fluctuating neural processes that do not appear to be self specific.”
Why Embracing Impermanence Reduces Our Suffering
According to Buddhism, our suffering arises from attachment to desires. These desires can vary from material objects, sensual pleasures or even your relationships. The reason desiring causes suffering is because attachments are transient and loss is inevitable.
If the only constant in the universe is change, then by attaching yourself to something, you are trying to control and make something fixed. Suffering will follow because you are going against the constant flux of the universe.
So what can you do instead?
Embrace the idea of change! By accepting the idea of impermanence, it helps us appreciate everything we are experiencing in the present moment: our relationships, mood, body, health, the weather.
We must savor the moments we enjoy because they won’t last forever. Likewise, when we’re experiencing something that’s negative, we know that it also won’t last forever.

5 Ways to Embrace the Idea of Impermanence

1) Reduce expectations
Many of us have high expectations for our family, our business, our marriage…and we expect this to remain constant and last forever. But nothing lasts forever. Of course, you can have expectations with how you want things to turn out, but you can’t attach yourself to these results.
When you set reasonable expectations, and don’t demand a particular outcome, you’re better able to react to change and develop a more healthy response to loss, disappointment and pain.
2) Acknowledge change
Cultivate the awareness that change can happen quickly and at any time. Learning to develop this mindset allows to let things happen when it unfolds instead of approaching change from a place of denial and resistance.
3) Practice acceptance
Many of us try to desperately prevent change from happening because we fear the unknown. Instead of resisting, allow change to unfold. A lot of the time, this attitude will make life easier to deal with.
For example, by refusing to accept a negative emotion like anxiety, we actually make it worse because we’re fighting against it. Circumstances will not always turn out the way you want and that’s okay. Embracing the situation can help you deal with it far more effectively.
4) Learn from experience
If you embrace change, you will start finding lessons in it. Trying to keep everything fixed means we’re not really changing and therefore we’re not really growing. Life is constant growth in many different ways. Change and different experiences can be your greatest teacher, but only if you give yourself permission to learn from it.
5) Embrace the wisdom
Not only you grow as a person when you embrace change, but more inner peace will come into your life. Instead of fighting against the principles of the universe, you’re flowing it which will bring my calmness and joy. And when life shakes you up with twists and turns, you’ll realize that changes can’t break you.
When we accept change, and learn from it, change is no longer our enemy. It becomes our teacher.
source: hackspirit

The 6 Zodiac Pairs That Understand Each Other Better Than Anyone Else

If you believe in astrology, you might constantly be looking into which signs link up well with yours. You know, like which zodiac signs will make the best of friends, or which ones will give you the most passionate lover, or which sign will have a deep connection with you.
There are many questions we all ask to find that special someone in our lives, be it a friend or a significant other, and you can turn to the stars to get answers. Whether astrology is a real thing or not, many people swear by it, or are at least curious about how it works.
These are the 6 zodiac pairs that zodiac pairs that understand each other better than everyone else.
Libra and Scorpio
Libras and Scorpios are one of the few zodiac pairs that understand each other on a deep level. They make amazing friends and partners because they are both secretly intense.
Libras are needy, and Scorpios obsess over people in their lives. That makes them a complete couple(not always romantically).
The Libra takes on the role of the counselor, and the Scorpio finds a lot of comfort in that. Together, they create this beautiful symbiosis that fulfills both of their needs. Libras and Scorpios wouldn’t seem like they’d immediately get along, and maybe on the surface there is some hesitation as their interests and personalities seem so different.
But when these two spend any significant amount of time together, they discover there is a bond that is truly indescribable. They don’t really feel that way about anybody else.
Pisces and Cancer
Known for being the two most emotional and intuitive signs in the zodiac, a Pisces and a Cancer understand one another like nobody else does.
The attraction between them is immediately undeniable.
Pisces and Cancers are amazing together because they balance out each other’s depths. The Cancer is the feeler and grounder, the Pisces is the creative and intuitive.
They understand one another’s sensitivities and tend to have a lot of mutual interests right off the bat.
Sagittarius and Aries
When a Sag and an Aries are together, adventure is inevitable. These two like to bounce thoughts off one another, plan trips, and discuss every weird fact about the Universe they can conjure up.
These two are intellectual soulmates, and find in one another someone who they can both respect and have an amazing time with. Sags and Aries are both individual thinkers.
They are both independent and strong-willed. But the thing is that they both admire that quality in other people, and rather than butt heads, they actually create this kind of equal-power symbiosis.
If they are romantically involved, they were undoubtedly best friends first.
Gemini and Aquarius
A Gemini and Aquarius balance one another’s extremes. Geminis can be indecisive and scattered, the Aquarius is determined and tunnel visioned.
They truly need one another to accomplish their goals: the Gemini lightens the Aquarius and the Aquarius gives the Gemini direction.
This partnership works because underneath the surface, they each have similar goals. In the end, an Aquarius just wants to live a balanced quality life, and a Gemini wants the same.
However, they are both very polarized about how they try to accomplish that. In the end, they need each other to lean on, and create with.
Virgo and Taurus
A match made in heaven. They are both Earth signs, and balance one another’s idealistic desires. They make amazing friends and business partners, and in romance, they never feel as understood as when they are with one another.
Taurus’ confident approach to life inspires Virgo. They will thrive off of being in the company of someone they admire so much.
Virgo will ground Taurus, and they’ll help them have a great time and remain mindful of what really matters in life – how it feels, not just how it looks.
Cancer and Libra
Cancers and Libras are true soulmates. Where the Cancer is emotional, the Libra is level-headed. Where the Libra is needy, the Cancer is happy to give all the love and affection they crave.
These two are natural BFF’s, and have an easygoing way about living life together. The truth is that they are both deeply emotional creatures who find comfort in others who understand them and similarly want to work on ways to live better and thrive more. Together, they are truly unstoppable.
These two are likely to get married quickly if they are in a romantic relationship.. A Cancer craves feeling settled while at the same time, wanting their life to “take off” because of their partner.
A Libra gives them just that. These two waste no time making things official, and starting life together.
source: yourbigcheese

The Most Attractive Ring for Your Will Reveal the Deepest Secrets of Your Personality

All you have to do is choose the most attractive ring for you and read the description below.

Ring 1:

You’re definitely a queen. You know your value, and that’s why you’re honest not only with yourself but also with other people. Nevertheless, there are times that the people around you suffer from your excessive straightforwardness.
You’re genuine and resilient, and this can attract everyone around. So if you like somebody, they will feel it; but if not, you won’t hesitate and tell the truth.

Ring 2:

You’re known for your womanliness. You’re dreamy, affectionate, and loving. You also have a big heart and young soul. Aside from that, you look incredible in dresses, and every time you wear them, your loveliness and liveliness are revealed to the fullest.
You know how to vision; after all, it’s not an infrequent case that your ideas turn into reality. Flirting is your cup of tea, and if you want to captivate a man, you succeed in it.

Ring 3:

You’re undeniably a huntress, and such a person like you is full of wild energy that comes in convenient every moment you need it. Your eyes are hard to forget. The people who surround you endeavor for being with you as often as probable. Meanwhile, if a person is close to you, it’s expected that you fully trust him or her.
Your life is fascinating for others, and it often occurs that they envy you but you don’t notice it.

Ring 4:

You’re unquestionably a healer. Have you perceived that cats live in two worlds at the same time? It’s also true about you too. Even though, it’s hard to tell this at first look.
On the outside, it often appears that you are a modest and cheerful person. You have a lot of friends, and it means that you’re exceptionally outgoing. Consequently, it’s essential that you care more about yourself. Only in this case your life will be even and stress-free. Don’t drop the breaks your life conveys to you! You’re a fortunate person!

Ring 5:

You’re love! You like to love and being in love is your typical state. You love everybody from your man to work and life on the total. You adore wandering, but it’s significant for you to travel with your significant other.
Every day you live is exceptional for you, and even a small thing can make you pleased. When you’re happy, you’re getting even more attractive!

Ring 6:

You’re a lady! You’re a bit kept back by your nature and you have a perfect taste. Also, you can easily present yourself in a promising light. You’re fashionable, and everyone around admires how you look like.
You’re a tranquil and perceptive person. No one has a better instinct than you have. It’s difficult to hide something from you, but only a few people know your secrets.

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What You See First In This Picture Reveals Your Subconscious Fear

What is the hidden fear of your subconscious mind? Perhaps you are consciously all-too aware of your fear of spiders or clowns, but what other deep-rooted fears are kicking around in your subconscious?

Take a look at the Vladimir Kush painting below below. What do you notice first? Now, remember your answer, and scroll down for an analysis of your choice!

Scroll down to discover what your subconscious fear is!
This is what it means if you saw the KNIFE first:
Your subconscious fear is terminal illnesses. You have a fear that you have a terminal illness without knowing it. You fear suffering and you worry you might die at any moment.
This is what it means if you saw the CATERPILLAR first:
Your subconscious fear is ghosts, also known as phasmophobia. It is likely you fear that ghosts or evil spirits will appear and haunt you at your weakest moments, like when you are confused or when you’re just about to fall asleep.
This is what it means if you saw the BUTTERFLY first:
Your subconscious fear is betrayal. Perhaps others have hurt or crossed you too many times.  Maybe you’ve faced some serious rejection, whether it be a job or a dream. You do well at hiding this weakness, however. It only rears its ugly head when you’re face to face with it.
This is what it means if you saw the APPLE first:
Your subconscious fear is death. Not your own, mind you, but that of your loved ones. Perhaps you’ve already lost someone dear to you. With that traumatizing blow casting a shadow on your subconscious, you naturally can’t bear the thought of losing someone else.

8 Things Men Only Do With The Woman They Love

There are at least 8 things a man will only do for the woman he sincerely loves.
1. He listens
If you ever think that men sometimes behave like children, you’re not entirely wrong. Most men only concentrate on things they are passionate about. If they love you, your voice is music to their ears and all you have to do is say something that really matters and they are hooked.
The man who really loves you will not only hear you but will pay attention to your words. You will notice that he follows your advice and respects your thoughts.
2. He fights with you
Yes, that is correct. Fights are not always a sign that the relationship is going through a bad time. If he truly loves you and is invested in your relationship, he will take the time to fight, discuss and find solutions for your relationship. Occasional discussions are a sign that he wants to make things work. You want to find a middle ground where you both can be happy.
3. He makes sacrifices for your happiness
This is one of the biggest signs that a man loves a woman. If he changes his plans from something he would like to do for something he knows would make you happy, he is showing that he loves and respects you and is willing to always put you first.
4. He fights for your love
A man in love will take the punches as they come and fight to keep your love. He will weather the coldest winters and the rainiest spring showers just to be with you. A man in love feels lucky to have you in his life and makes it known that losing you is the last thing he would ever want.
5. He’s proud of your achievements
When a man loves a woman, everything she does feels like his own achievements. It’s almost like the pride a mother feels when their child does something kind or new for the first time. A man in love does not compete with the woman he loves, a man in love wins with the woman he loves.
6. He thinks you look beautiful even on your worst days
A few weeks ago, one of my coworkers had a cold sore on her top lip. She did not feel comfortable enough to meet her boyfriend that day because she did not want him to see her like that. However, after gathering the opinion of the whole office, the consensus was that if she met up with him with the sore and he did not care, it would be a sign that he was really interested in her for her and not just her looks. When a man really loves a woman, she always looks beautiful no matter what.
7. He cares about your family and friends because you do
A man in love understands that the people you love are important to you, and if they are happy, you will be too. If he loves you, he will patiently listen as you share detailed stories about your friends’ lives. He will recognize their importance in your life and will offer solutions to their problems with genuine interest.
8. He’s not afraid to be vulnerable
Men do not like to be vulnerable–ever–but if he loves you, he will not have a problem with showing you that he is afraid to lose you. by Mariel Reimann
source: Family share

4 Most Powerful Signs Of The Zodiac And Their Strengths

Do you check your horoscope everyday and live your life accordingly? Turns out your birthday, date and year contribute a ton to your personality and psychological abstract human traits. Many people believe that their daily horoscope is a prediction of what their upcoming day might look like. We’ve all checked our zodiac signs atleast once and said “Wow that’s so me!”

We’re here to present 4 astrologically powerful signs aka the bosses that represent different elements and strengths the owner might possess. As an added bonus, we’ll even name some celebs that have won the zodiac lottery by being blessed with these signs

Aries is one of the strongest, most rebellious signs there exists. They usually like to take control and show everyone who’s boss, adding to that, they are extremely compassionate people and tend to like all the attention given to them while taking every leadership authority there exists.
Celebrity Aries:
Lady Gaga
Charles Chaplin
Harry Houdini

Scorpios are definitely the most different signs. Their emotional stability is everything to them and they will never settle for less. The dreams they dream are their goals and getting things done just naturally comes to scorpians.
Bonus: This is also the world’s most dangerous sign according to FBI crime data. (One more reason to be badass)
Celebrity Scorpios:
Jimmy Kimmel
Katy Perry
Ryan Gosling

Cancerians are known for their sudden change in plans and minds. They aren’t any less persistent and strong though. Infact, they tend to drive and motivate people around them by making them believe in their own competency! But what makes cancers ideal is their perfectionism and self confidence. This runs in their blood and for good reason.
Celebrity Cancerians:
Julius Ceaser
Prince William
George W. Bush

We’ll end this article with the real boss. Leo’s are born leaders. When they’re determined to do something, there’s nothing you can do to misguide them or take them off path. They’re like lions, strong and without fear. The ability to direct things and lead them into perfection is what makes them stand out.
Celebrity Leos:
Barack Obama
Amelia Earhart
What’s your zodiac? Are you one of the dominant 4’s? Tell us in the comments below! We’d love to know
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If You Experience Any Of These 5 Signs You Are An Extreme Sensitive

When we think of people with great strength of character, who are able to come through difficult circumstances often seemingly unfazed, we don’t generally think of them as sensitive.
But strength is not forged in calm waters. It is created in fire. Some of the strongest people in the world, with the strongest characters, are actually extreme sensitives.
According to psychology, people who are extremely sensitive can develop an unshakeable character due to their constant struggle with feeling “too much”.
Most sensitives establish a firm tolerance, principles and discipline unlike anyone. They have to in order to manage their emotions and survive in the world.
Their strength of character is the only thing standing between them and their feelings. It prevents them from getting burned by the fires of their extreme emotional nature.
Such people are the people you call when you need to lean on to someone.
Strength and sensitivity are not things people usually put together when describing someone. Contrary to the popular belief, these 2 things render the strongest people in the world.
Below are 5 signs you just might be one of these rare people yourself. If you experience any of these signs, you are an Extreme Sensitive:
1. You find yourself overwhelmed at times.
The world is wild and sometimes scary place, life slows down for no one. Yet you feel everything! You feel what others feel, you feel for the world and the conflicts in it, you feel what animals feel, you feel for Nature… And sometimes, the weight of it all is extremely overwhelming, but you never give up.
You’re sensitive enough to feel those feelings deeply but strong enough not to be halted by them. You know better than anyone that what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger.

2. You call it like it is.

Your sensitivity allows you to be attuned to the details and hard truths of reality, and whether it’s the behavior of a friend or some small injustice that may go unnoticed by others, you aren’t afraid to bring it to the forefront of attention.
You’re in touch with the feelings of others, as most sensitive people are, but you don’t sugarcoat or gloss over things that need to be addressed.

3. You’re only interested in real romantic connections.

You’ve got a lot going on inside of you and you’re not interested in spending 5 dates talking about weather and local sports or favorite bands. Everything that’s not REAL is really tiring for you!
You don’t like to be alone, but you know what your company is worth and you won’t settle for less. You want something honest and real from your partner and you’re not afraid to wait it out a little longer in order to get that.

4. You have standards for yourself and others.

You wouldn’t expect anything from others that you don’t expect from yourself, so when something is unacceptable, it’s important to you to let the proper people know so that the situation can be remedied.
You’re sensitive enough to know when something isn’t quite right but you’re also strong enough to know you shouldn’t take something you don’t deserve. Basically you don’t take any BS and you don’t allow yourself to dish it out, either.

5. You are an excellent listener.

Your natural sensitivity gives you a unique talent for listening and being compassionate to the troubles of others, while your strength helps to make you a great shoulder to cry on in times of need. Your presence is kind and warm but also firm and reassuring.
You’re able to empathize and sit through the pain with a friend, but you’re also there to help them stand back up, to motivate them and push them forward. You are strong enough to embrace their emotions, charge them with strength, and give them back as an empowering boost. That’s why people should be REALLY thankful for having you as a friend!

How to detect and remove negative energies at home using only a glass of water?

There are many techniques that can help you detect negative energies in your home. Today we’re going to show you the simplest one which will clean negative energies from your home and maintain the harmony in your family.
We inhabit certain energies wherever we live. Our homes are a space of unity where many energies meet – our feelings, thoughts and emotions emit a certain type of energy, but also attract other energies. Family members, neighbors or visitors in our homes can bring in negative energies which may affect our well-being.
Once they enter our home, negative energies impact our whole life. They can cause our budget to fluctuate, break the relationships between family members and disrupt the harmony in our home. As a result, you will feel anxious, restless and broken, with no will to live. However, the symptoms may not be noticeable early, which is why it’s important to know how to detect the negative energy in your home.
Before starting, it’s important to know the reason for the disharmony – sometimes, even negative energies are not the culprit. However, if you can’t find the underlying problem, try this trick to detect bad vibes:
Get a clear glass and pour sea salt in it – it should cover about a third of the glass. Top the glass off with water, then put it in the room where you think the bad vibes are most powerful. Put the glass in a hidden spot and leave it for a full day.
Make sure no one moves it from the spot. After 24 hours, examine the glass – if it’s just like you left it, there are no negative energies in that room. You can try the trick in another room and see what happens. If the glass has smudges and is clearly not like you left it, it is a result of energy problems.
In this case, repeat the procedure again with a new glass, and repeat until it’s as clean as you left it.
Watch the video below How To Detect Negative Energies At Home Using Only A Glass Of Water for more information:

The Zodiac Sign You Should Be Marrying Based On Your Zodiac Sign

I hear wedding bells!
Aries (March 21 – April 19)
As an Aries who is looking to get married, you are most likely the kind of person who wants to get settled down properly. You have very traditional family values. You want to have all of your eggs in a row before you decide to tie the knot with someone. You want someone with whom you can have kids and buy a house with. That’s why it’s ideal for you to marry a strong and prideful Leo.
Taurus (April 20 – May 21)
Usually, you are known to be quite intense and extreme. That’s part of your personality as a Taurus. You are very aggressive and downright ruthless sometimes. But when you decide it’s time for you start settling down, you really choose to settle down. You want a simple and comfortable family life and that’s your major motivation for marriage. You can only get that kind of life with a Cancer.
Gemini (May 22 – June 21)
It’s all about having fun for you. That’s why it’s fairly important for you as a Gemini to find someone who you’re really compatible with. You require the kind of marriage partner who can keep you stimulated; a person who knows how to just have spontaneous fun with you. That’s why you would do yourself a favor by marrying either a Sagittarius or Aquarius.
Cancer (June 22 – July 22)
As a Cancer, you are always bracing yourself for difficulties. You understand just how challenging marriage can be and that’s why your most important thing to look for in a partner is compatibility. You need someone who can be your teammate as you face life together. You are best suited to be with either a Virgo or a Capricorn in this case.
Leo (July 23 – August 22)
For you, it’s all about world domination. You have so much you want to offer the world and you are excited for the future. That’s why you need to be with someone who is as confident and as determined as you. You want to be married to someone who will be as motivated as you to succeed. That’s why you should be with an Aries or a Gemini.
Virgo (August 23 – September 22)
It’s all about commitment for you when it comes to marriage. You want to go into a marriage with someone you know you can trust and rely to be there for you at all times. You are scared of being betrayed and so you need to really trust the person that you’re marrying. That’s why it would be good for you to get with a Taurus.
Libra (September 23 – October 22)
You constantly crave for love and validation. You always like it whenever people are intimate and affectionate towards you. You are needy in some sense and that’s why your choice of partner in a marriage is extremely important to your well-being. You should probably be marrying anyone willing to do that for you regardless of their sign.
Scorpio (October 23 – November 22)
As a Scorpio, you tend to be incredibly passionate and intense. You always have no problems expressing your emotions, but you are also very secretive especially when it comes to protecting your personal interests. That’s why your ideal marriage partner is someone who can be patient with you. You should marry a Virgo if you want to be happy.
Sagittarius (November 23 – December 21)
You have two choices here, Sagittarius. If you want someone who is a virtual copy of yourself, then you should go ahead and get married to an Aquarius. But if you are looking for someone who can keep your life constantly interesting and stimulating, then you can match up with a Libra. You can’t go wrong with either Zodiac signs.
Capricorn (December 22 – January 20)
You are quite a dreamer and adventurer. You are always looking to go on various explorations and escapades. You like to immerse yourself in the cultures of other people. You like being placed in unfamiliar territory. The only other Zodiac sign who shares the same values is the Scorpio. They will help you pursue all of your dreams and passions.
Aquarius (January 21 – February 18)
You are quite the brainy person. Not a lot of people can understand you easily. You have a hard time getting people to like you because you intimidate them with your intelligence. So that’s why it’s important for you to marry someone who can keep up with your brain power. So who can keep up with you? Another Aquarius, that’s who.
Pisces (February 19 – March 20)
You are emotionally needy. You always need to be reassured of your emotions. You need someone to help strengthen your resolve because sometimes your emotions get the best of you. The ideal person you should be marrying for constant emotional support is a Cancer.
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via RelRUles

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