It Is All About Color: Eight Autumn Leaves That Help People Understand Their Personality Better

Autumn is the perfect time to enjoy hot tea, sweet cookies, evening readings, and curious personality tests. For example, this one will tell what kind of character you have.

Today, we have a special autumn test that will reveal the truth about your personality.
Here are eight autumn leaves with different colors, but you need to pick only one. The most important part is that you should make your choice without thinking too much. And once the decision is made, scroll down and read what the color you’ve picked tells about your personality.


Red is the color of courage and confidence. You are an optimistic and active person who loves to be in the center of attention. Such people represent the true driving force in any team. You are always full of energy and ready to move forward. Perhaps, this is why other people like your company so much.


Orange is the color of optimism. So, if you’ve picked orange, it means that you are a very positive, open-minded, and extroverted person. You are a good friend and easy to talk individual. Orange lovers know how to turn any event into a fun and thrilling party. And since you love being around other people so much, you are most likely the center of any party you go to.


Yellow is a color of happiness and joy. People who prefer it usually are fun and entertaining. You have a very creative mind and generate new ideas one after another. However, bringing these thoughts to life is not easy for you, but it does not bother you much.
Sometimes, yellow color lovers become the real perfectionists and are being too harsh on themselves. They like to analyze everything and have excellent analytical skills.


Green is the color of balance. So, if you choose the green leaf, it means that you are always seeking balance in every part of your life. You are a kind, caring, and generous person who can easily connect with others and understand their needs. You are always willing to help people around you, but some individuals may use this against you. So, be careful and do not neglect your own needs for the sake of others too often.


Blue is the color of trust. You are one of these persons who always keep their promises. People trust you easily, but to gain your trust, they must work very hard.
Acting on the spur of the moment is not your favorite strategy. You plan every step and assess all possible risks before making any decision. Opening up to another person and showing your feelings may be difficult for you.


Brown is the color of honesty. If you choose the brown leaf, then you are a true and open person. People like you because you are sincere, responsible, and reliable. You keep your word no matter what and take your obligations seriously. And when your friend needs you, you are always ready to do whatever you can to help them.


White is the color of new beginnings. If you choose this color, it means that you are ready to start a new chapter of your life. You are a wise person and try to focus on the bright side of your life. You like it when everything around is clean and in its place. Just remember not to waste all your free time on cleaning up your surroundings.


Black is the color of power. People who choose the black leaf are independent, confident, and sometimes a bit demanding. You have a strong will and take the control into your hands in any situation. You are one of these people who can fight for what they want without further hesitation.
On the other hand, people who choose black color may be quite conservative. So, remember not to take things too seriously and give yourself a break from time to time.
So, have you recognized yourself in these descriptions? Leave a comment and share your impressions with us.

Empaths Attract these 4 Types of Narcissists. Is there One in Your Life?

Because empaths care so deeply, they are often taken advantage of. Those with an agenda may seek out an empath and use him/her to get ahead, satisfy their own desires, or gain a certain image or status. It’s common for an empath to end up in a relationship that leads to feeling drained and used. Narcissists often feel a pull toward empaths. Narcissists are at the other end of the spectrum, but they can often disguise themselves as charming and attractive, in order to gain an empath’s trust, then take what they want or need. Learning to protect yourself is an important part of being an empath.

Are you unconsciously attracting unwanted narcissists?

There are two main types of narcissists: Vulnerable Narcissists and Invulnerable Narcissists, along with four sub-types. Let’s break them down

1. Vulnerable Narcissists

A vulnerable narcissist is typically very sensitive. They tend to be shy or quiet by nature to disguise their own feelings of self-hatred and unhappiness. They often overcompensate by putting on a mask and playing a character that is completely different from how they’re actually feeling. They want to feel special and put their own feelings above others. They are primarily motivated by the fear of rejection and abandonment. A vulnerable narcissist doesn’t authentically love or care for anyone, and they use emotional manipulation as a tool to gain sympathy and attention from others.

2. Invulnerable Narcissist

An invulnerable narcissist is highly self-confident, cold and has no sympathy for others. They seek power, recognition and pleasure above anything else. They often believe themselves to be superior to everyone else, and they have a inner need to make sure that everyone knows it. An invulnerable narcissist craves power and doesn’t care who they step on in order to get ahead.egocentric

Sub-type #1: The Amorous Narcissist

An amorous narcissist uses sexual conquests to gauge self-worth. This type of person uses his or her charm to gain trust and attention from someone, then wants nothing to do with that person once he/she becomes “too boring” for their liking. Amorous narcissists are often labeled gold-diggers, heart-breakers or players. They use others to gain a desired image or status in order to please their own wants and needs.

Sub-type #2: The Compensatory Narcissist

This type of narcissist is driven by a past trauma. They love to create larger-than-life illusions of themselves and their achievements in order to gain power and control. They tend to hunt out those who are emotionally vulnerable, hoping they will serve as an audience to their games. Compensatory narcissists are often extremely sensitive to criticism, and their tools of choice are emotional abuse and manipulation.

Sub-type #3: The Elitist Narcissist

An elitist narcissist will do anything to get to the top. They want to win and be in control of others. They believe that they are better than everyone else, so they deserve special treatment. They have a clear sense of entitlement that can be seen in all aspects of their lives. This type of person is a bragger and a one-upper with a need to be the best and prove that they are superior in every way.

Sub-type #4: The Malignant Narcissist

Malignant narcissists show similar behavior to a psychopath or someone with antisocial personality disorder. They have no boundaries when it comes to moral versus immoral behavior, and they feel no remorse for their actions. They are often arrogant and enjoy outsmarting others. This type of narcissist can easily become dangerous.
Learn how to safely deal with narcissists in the video below!

The Animal You See First Reveals Who You Are!

If You Saw The Cobra:

Seeing the Cobra first indicates you're a very well integrated person. You're a great mix of brains, heart, and emotions! You never lose your cool, yet you're not all wrapped up in yourself. If more people had your balanced personality we'd all get along better!

If You Saw The Bat:

In all the ways that matter you are a very strong person: you have an inner core of resolve and strong morals. However, people don't read that way because you're also in-touch with your emotions! You also can feel the emotions of those around in a strong way and you're extremely good at "reading" people!

If You Saw The Lion:

You're a self-reliant and independent person. You have a strong need to be free and follow your own heart AND you actually thrive when left to pursue the kind of life YOU believe to be best for yourself. You truly flourish when given the opportunity to be yourself without too many rules and regulations.

If You Saw The Tiger:

You're an open minded person who always sees what other's don't. You're an understanding person who doesn't judge people harshly, but always tries to understand what they are going through. You don't get off on gossiping or making other people feel bad, you have possess a natural kindness that you share around.

If You Saw The Wolf:

You're a problem solver who can win at life by relying on your natural gifts and inborn talents. Your mind is a beautiful thing that works in a way different from others, this makes you great at giving advice and helping others. You can see the way through any situation, so people need to hear your take!

If You Saw The Baby Owl:

You're a natural born leader and you're great at inspiring and guiding other people without being bossy. Life works best for you if you're left alone to follow your heart and if you don't have someone trying to control you or push you down with a bunch of rules or negative feedback.

If You Saw The Puppy:

You can't help but be kind to others! It's just simply in your nature. You don't have to go out of your way to be nice, you were born a nurturing person. And others can feel this about you as soon as they meet you--you have a powerfully positive energy that people love to be around!

source: en.vonvon

10 Signs That You Belong To The 2% Group Of The Rare Personality: INTJ

INTJ has been all over the media in the past few years. It’s a buzzword that major celebrities and public figures use. Apparently, it’s also one of the sixteen Myers-Briggs personality types and only 2% of the world’s population belongs in the INTJ group.
Yup, 2%!
INTJ stands for Introversion, Intuition, Thinking and Judgment. In the movie The Hunger Games, lead role Katniss Everdeen is characterized with this personality. Bruce Wayne in Batman is also perceived as an INTJ.
Many famous people also are an INTJ , like Nikola Tesla, Stephen Hawking, Sylvia Plath, Beethoven, Jay-Z, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, just to name a few.
While in order to find out if you’re an INTJ you need to take an official personality test (I suggest to take the official personality test by the Myers-Briggs Foundation for the most accurate results), here are some of the most common signs that you just might be one. Take a look.

1. You keep to yourself.

While most people are loud, you stay reserved and calm. You feel that people who express themselves too loud or bold are obnoxious.

2. You are a full on techie.

You just saw the new iPhone X and want it immediately! You are a love of all things tech and stay up to date with the recent games. Skyrim is coming to Android, yay! To you, technology offers you the perfect tools to let your thoughts unwind.

3. You can be judgmental sometimes.

Ever slapped someone in the face with just one word? INTJ’s can excite anyone with their directness and can come off as arrogant. The ‘no filter zone’ of INTJ’s can be even hurtful for some people, even though they never had an initial intention of hurting people.

4. You don’t follow, YOU LEAD.

This trait is one of the strongest that INTJ’s have, and if you’ve been a leader your entire life, you might just likely belong to this personality group. An INTJ cannot be lead, they will fight their way to be a leader because they have a unique capability of creating followers and guiding them.

5. Your business is ONLY your business.

You like to keep business to yourself. No matter how well it’s going (you hate bragging), you don’t want to talk to people about it, and likewise. You see your business as something secretive from your personal life and this helps you succeed.

6. You don’t live off of compliment and focus on flaws.

While most people love compliments, you’re then one that doesn’t know how to take one. Seriously, nice shoes? You always focus on your flaws to self-improve. You have accepted yourself to the max and don’t idealize perfection – this isn’t Disney Land.

7. You embrace the fact that you’re different.

This is the most recognizable trait that makes INTJ’s different from the other 15 personality types. They have fully accepted the fact that they are different and embrace it. They are the opposite of narcissists and tend to make jokes about themselves. An INTJ woman will never ask her partner if she looks fat in a certain dress — she loves her body as it is.

8. You have principles.

No, this isn’t the typical ‘I have a principal but I’m just gonna skip it now YOLO’ principle that most people have. If you’re an INTJ you know what I’m talking about. You have firm principles that each of your decisions are based upon, resulting in the direction your life is going. You always take responsibility for your actions and stick to your principles.

9. You are a bookworm.

Every time you find a new topic that interests you, you start researching about it, buying books and connecting with experts in that field. You love to learn! This ambition makes you able to learn anything your heart wants — making you a jack of all trades.

10. You’re a star-gazing romantic.

While everyone’s “hooking up” or “being benched”, you’re reading The Notebook cozied up on your couch. Yeah, that’s you isn’t it? You always believed in love and that you’ll meet your soulmate by avoiding the mediocre dating games that are popular lately.
source: mindvsbrain


Are you an Unbound Woman?
Well, if you crave freedom beyond all else and you’ve been consciously unbinding yourself from the old, restrictive enchantments you were brought up with, then the chances are you are.
In fact, you’ve most likely felt like Gulliver for much of your life, tied down by a whole load of lilliputian rules and stories and beliefs. The desire to break free of those ties is strong. Can you feel it?
And when you recognise and embody your Unbound nature, you’ll access an unlimited source of power within you.
But, the very nature of the Unbound Woman means that she can be tricksy to define. (Because, of course, she’s not bound by traditional labels or expectations).
However, there are some very clear (and often uncomfortable) clues that show you are, or are becoming, an Unbound Woman.

1) The unexpected guilt of having a freedom schedule

Being is not celebrated in our culture. Doing is. So having an excess of ‘free’ time can feel decidedly unusual and somewhat alienating.
‘Surely I should be doing something?’
‘Surely I should be working harder?’
These are the kind of questions the Unbound Woman might find herself pondering upon.
Because she has consciously created a life where it’s not all go, go, go. She desires time and space and that’s exactly what she’s given herself.
But a part of her can feel guilty about this.
It’s the same guilt you might feel if you were playing hooky from school or taking a sick day from work.
You see everyone else rushing around doing lots of ‘stuff’ (most of which they clearly don’t enjoy) whereas you are wandering through the park, appreciating the warmth of the sun on your skin and experiencing the stunning richness of each moment.
‘Hmmm, surely this can’t be right?’, you might think to yourself.
But it IS. Like I said, you consciously created this.
The Unbound Woman needs time and space to expand, to tune into new insights and ways of being.
Remind yourself of this. You’re blazing a trail and creating a brand new normal, both for yourself and for all the other women who will be inspired by you (and they will).

2) Feeling isolated

The uncomfortable truth is that very few people will ‘get’ the Unbound Woman.
Her way of being in the world does not compute for the majority of folks. This means she can feel isolated and freaky (in a ‘Do I actually belong on this planet?’ kinda way).
And this is when doubts can arise. Because we like to be one of the tribe. In fact, our survival used to depend on it.
You might find that even those close to you, your family and friends, can have a hard time understanding what you actually do, how you make your money and how you spend your time.
So it’s vital to make sure you have people around you who do get you.
The Unbound Woman needs mentors, guides and friends who are on the same path. She needs to be surrounded by other trail-blazing, freedom-seekers.
So, gather your people and call in your tribe, because when you allow yourself to be fully seen, heard and understood, it’s like floating in a warm ocean.
You feel beautifully buoyant, completely supported and free to move however you choose.

3) There are no words

For the Unbound Woman trying to explain what she brings to the world is a challenge in itself.
She has so much to offer, countless skills, a wealth of experience and a subtlety that can’t be summed up by mere language.
And this can be immensely frustrating.
People ask her ‘What do you do?’ and her heart sinks. The Unbound Woman does not have a 15-second elevator pitch.
We can all reel off the various skills we’ve acquired over the years:
‘I’m Nicola and I’m a coach, hypnotherapist, emotional freedom technique and matrix reimprinting practitioner, therapist, writer, energy worker’.
They’re simply labels (and quite the mouthful!)
You can even try to put into words who you help and how:
‘I help women who’ve made the bold and beautiful decision to start their own businesses to uncover and release any old, subconscious blocks, so they can be their fullest, most brilliant, unbound selves (and get well paid for it).’
But still it doesn’t quite communicate the real power of what you bring to the world.
What you do and who you are in the world is limitless, luminous and multi-faceted. So it’s no wonder you’ve been struggling with the traditional ways of sharing your business.
You have to let go of the ‘normal’ advice and invoke your power as an Unbound Woman.
When you do that and when you trust that whatever you say or write will have a magical, magnetic energy (because it will), you’ll attract your people to you in the most unexpected ways.

4) Your attitude to money can trigger others

The Unbound Woman is very aware of the energetic nature of money. She is abundance and she chooses to experience this quality in all areas of her life – love, health and money.
She’s done the work on her own money stuff – the deeply engrained stories she was brought up to believe.
She’s cleared a lot of shiz about her ability to allow money into her life and consequently she doesn’t play by the old, limiting rules.
She knows the value of what she brings to the world and she charges accordingly.
She doesn’t want to work all the hours. She chooses to be well paid for what she does. And that’s how she’s set herself up.
Consequently people can get triggered by her attitude to money and her ability to create unbound wealth. Because most people haven’t done the same amount of work when it comes to their money stuff.
This means that as you expand into your most abundant, Unbound Self, you may well attract criticism and downright vitriol from other people about your prices and your chosen lifestyle. This is a drag.
But it’s okay. Because YOUR people will recognise the immense value you bring and will be more than happy to pay you accordingly.

5) The need to make choices and figuring out what you actually want

This might not seem like a big challenge. I mean, heck, we all make countless choices every day. It’s no drama.
But the Unbound Woman is continually making BIG choices.
How do I truly want to live my life?
Who do I truly want to spend my time with?
Where do I truly want to live right now?
Most people cling to the familiar, living their lives doing the same thing day in, day out, year in, year out. This makes life eminently easier.
When there are no limits, choices have to be made and the Unbound Woman questions EVERYTHING.
She’s continually asking herself ‘What do I really want?’ And tuning into her true desires. This can lead her in unexpected (and unapproved of) directions.
It also means she can end up leaving loved ones behind.
This can be deeply uncomfortable. The Unbound Woman is committed to taking radical personal responsibility for every single area of her life. She does not shy away from difficult decisions.
So, yes, figuring out what you want and actually making choices based on that can be challenging, but it also allows you to be the magnificent being that you truly are.
Worth the discomfort? I think so.

6) Holding the paradox

The Unbound Woman recognises and accepts that life is inherently paradoxical.
She has learned that she is able to hold two seemingly opposing ideas at the same time. And, more importantly, she has given herself permission to do so.
Whereas the Inner Good Girl likes to have everything cut and dried, black and white, with clear, unwavering opinions, the Unbound Woman allows herself to change her mind, to move fluidly from one point of view to another and to contradict herself, sometimes within the same sentence.
And of course, this has its challenges.
Some will judge her as flaky, muddled or crazy, but that’s because they’re not able to recognise the paradoxes that lie within them, the paradoxes that lie within all of us.
The Unbound Woman does.
And she is.
A paradox.
As an Unbound Woman you see that any ideas of ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ are an illusion. So you don’t get to sit back, comfortably on the ‘I’m right’ train.
You have to continually tune into what feels good for you right now. And then carve your unique path accordingly.

7) Sitting in the void

The Unbound Woman has to learn how to sit in the void, the place of not knowing, the in-between.
Whilst the rest of the world dashes around, desperately trying to fill every last space in the day with doing, the Unbound Woman allows herself to be.
Over the years she has found herself in the void time and time again.
And although it can feel deeply uncomfortable to reside there (because the urge to do, to figure it out and move forward is strong within all of us), she has recognised that the void is a hugely creative space.
In Gestalt therapy it’s called the Fertile Void, the place we come back to after action, the place we rest before setting off into another cycle of doing.
It’s the place where ideas begin to form and take seed. It can feel muddy and dark and damp.
And often we long to skip merrily past the void.
Because not knowing what comes next is terrifying. So we pick something, anything and go with it.
But as an Unbound Woman you develop a tolerance for sitting here. And as time goes on and you experience the cycle over and over again, you begin to relish the limitless unknowingness of the void.
source: badwitch

5 Signs You Are a Precognitive Empath

Precognition is also called future vision. It is the psychic ability to know the future. Anyone could be a precognitive empath. It could be your gift by birth, or you can develop this ability by practising and opening your mind to extrasensory perception.
The development of any psychic ability requires patience, lots of faith, an open mind and a good heart. Here are some most common signs that you are a precognitive empath:
Precognitive dreams become common:
The number 1 sign of being a precognitive empath is to see dreams which turn into reality. These dreams could be of two types: either you can see what is exactly going to happen or you get the signal of the future through symbols or other indicators.
When you see the exact situation, things remain easy; but deciphering the symbolic dreams is not easy. Precognitive dreams are not ordinary dreams, and they will always wake you up from the deep sleep; sometimes, with heavy breathing.
It also happens that when you wake up during the night after seeing the future, you remember your dream at that time and then you completely forget in the morning what you have seen at night.
The classic idea is to keep a journal beside your bed and write down the dream right away to read it in the morning. Most people own a smartphone these days, which makes it easy to record your dream.
Your instincts are correct:
Most of the time, you just know who is on the call, before you see the number; or you know what the person is going to say next and so on and on. When you just know things before they occur, you are a precognitive empath.
Anxiety is your new friend:
You feel anxious suddenly when you get the hunch that something bad is going to happen. You just know it in your head, and you don’t know what to do. Even you get the special feeling of what is about to happen with the person; you are unable to tell them.
It is not the bad idea to call them and ask how they are and tell them just to be careful today; you are getting some bad feelings. That’s all.
Déjà vu turns more mysterious:
It happens to you a lot. Now and then, you think that this has happened before. Déjà vu is the experiencing of the event again. When you are in a situation, and you feel that you have already seen or done that thing before.
Your perception is heightened
You do not perceive things from your five senses only but your mind as well. You can detect the minor change in the energy or vibrations around you.  You can also easily sense the emotions of others. Also, you have become highly sensitive. All these are the signs that you are a precognitive empath.
Knowing the future can be a blessing and a menace at the same time. Because nothing can make you uneasy more than an adverse event that is waiting for you around the corner and you know you can’t do anything about it. However, it is amazing in its way when you know something pleasant is coming.
source: spiritualunite

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