Choose A Rune And Discover What The Future Holds For You

The first systems of writing developed and used by the Germanic peoples were runic alphabets. The runes functioned as letters, but they were much more than just letters in the sense in which we today understand the term.
Each rune was an ideographic or pictographic symbol of some cosmological principle or power, and to write a rune was to invoke and direct the force for which it stood. Indeed, in every Germanic language, the word “rune” (from Proto-Germanic *runo) means both “letter” and “secret” or “mystery,” and its original meaning, which likely predated the adoption of the runic alphabet, may have been simply “(hushed) message.”
Each rune had a name that hinted at the philosophical and magical significance of its visual form and the sound for which it stands, which was almost always the first sound of the rune’s name.
Look at the image below and choose the rune that calls to you, then read your message:
If you chose…
Rune 1:
This ancient rune predicts safety, stability, prosperity, and new riches. It’s saying to you it’s time to harvest the fruits of all your hard work. It doesn’t only denote just the material objects, but also the spiritual ones. You will soon come to a very important understanding in your life and there will be new and renewed love in your life!
Rune 2:
This ancient rune indicates speed, change, and free will. If great changes in your life haven’t yet begun then they’re about to! BUT don’t worry simply learn how to live your life at this amazing sped up pace. You’ll enjoy it, and love the brand new horizons, new places, new experiences, and new opportunities.
Rune 3:
This powerful rune predicts success, power, and a long healthy life. Choosing it means that soon you’ll see old dreams come to fruition, spiritual and emotional progress, and, best of all, discovering that you were right all along about a very controversial issue!
Rune 4:
Choosing this ancient and powerful rune shows that you will be undergoing or are currently some problems, BUT in the meantime you will also experience the protection of higher power! Yes, there will be a storm, but your tiny boat will unexpectedly defy all odds and you will TRIUMPH!
Rune 5:
This powerful and magical rune indicates giving, and you can be both a giver and a recipient. It’s also about sharing and connecting and being close with other people. You will most likely feel the readiness to spread knowledge and care about others. You can expect that new breakthroughs will be coming thanks to being such a generous and kind person.
Rune 6:
Selecting this wonderful and influential rune indicates a spiritual and emotional journey of growth that you’re currently on or about to take. It’s about renewal, growth and a new beginning. You will feel sudden relief after long grief or sadness. You’ll experience life at its best: hope and love, a new energy, and the happiness of existence.
source: VonVon

People Born Under These Zodiac Signs Are Generally The Smartest

Being smart is not always determined by birth. Sometimes, it is determined by birth whether you would be an intellectual one, but sometimes, it depends on you how you carry your life forward. If you have the thirst for knowledge, you will keep learning and thus, become a resource of information. However, some people are just very smart. These people are the ones who have their brains in the right places. In school, they would be on top of everything and would ask those engaging questions in the class that would even make a boring class interesting. These people would also be the ones who always came to the class reading the lessons and would submit their assignments on time.
Be it books, music, work, or life, the smart ones always know their way. They are intelligent and can make the smartest decisions in life. One thing is sure, these people would never do anything dumb and get into trouble. When it comes to who are the smartest ones on earth, the zodiac signs play quite a role than we think. Read below to find out who are the smarty pants of the lot according to the stars.


(March 21 – April 19)

Aries people are well-informed and have a quest for knowledge
A bookworm in school, Aries people love to keep themselves busy and are always ready to challenge themselves. They are constantly looking out for opportunities to learn new things in life and would never be shy to admit that there is more to learn in life. Their humble nature comes from their dedication to learn new things and keep themselves updated about the latest news. Aries people are opinionated and are ready to give strong opinions for everything. Since they are always well-informed of what is going on, Aries beings can engage themselves in a conversation about anything and everything.


(December 22 – January 19)

Capricorns are always ready to gather information on the subjects they love
Capricorns are always looking out to gather information about the subjects that they find interesting. These people are interested to learn about many different fields at a time, and their interests are always a wide range, for example, from literature to science. They would never waste their free time procrastinating or lazing around. Instead, these people will be watching documentaries on subjects that pique their interest or listen to podcasts. This is why, a Capricorn person knows a lot and are quite knowledgeable in the subjects of their interest. These people love to intellectually stimulate themselves, and this is the reason they are one of the smartest of the zodiac signs.


(January 20 – February 18)

Aquarius beings are deep thinkers who love to ask a lot of questions
Known for their intellectual abilities, Aquarius people are also very progressive in nature. They are deep thinkers and always ponder on questions of life and living. Aquarius people are very curious and ask a lot of questions. They strive to keep learning more and more about the world that surrounds them. Like Aries, Aquarius people too are strongly opinionated about everything. These people are the ones who would visit museums and libraries in their free time so that they can learn something and not waste any time lazing around.
If you are born under one of the zodiac signs mentioned above, you are already stimulating your intellectual self. However, if you are not one of these zodiac signs, now you know what shall be done to make yourself smarter than the rest of the world.

source: curejoy

These Zodiac Matches are Born Soulmates

You may always come across some individuals who despite having a very loving and kind partner can never bring themselves to reciprocate the same or even though being married for half century doesn’t make them feel complete.
There are chances that people confuse comfort and compatibility with partner to having found their soulmate. All things considered, you never know who may be perfect for whom, however you can have a thought by knowing the zodiac indications of the interested individuals.
We all know there are a couple of zodiacs run well with particular other zodiac signs. The following zodiac sign match is believed to be a ‘match made in heaven’.
1. Libra & Scorpio
Both Scorpio and Libra are subtly enthusiastic. This is the reason they share an extraordinary companionship. Libras have a secret desire to be needed by their partner and Scorpios love to fixate their world around people, who are close to them. Even though both these signs enjoy individual interests and identities; one may even discover dithering between the two at first. Once they come together, no force can move them apart.
Their soulful chemistry is unparalleled and often becomes the reason for other’s envy.
2. Pisces & Cancer
These two are the most passionate ones of all zodiac signs, especially for each other. Alongside their feelings, they additionally have great instinctive abilities. Because of these similitudes, both the zodiacs see each other in a radical new manner. No other zodiac can comprehend these two like they see each other. When they are as one, you can cut the pressure between them, utilizing a blade. They are like water and sponge.
3. Sagittarius & Aries
Once they get to know each other, no force in the world can set them apart. They read each other’s thoughts like they are telepaths. When they are together, there’s no place to entertain a third person; for them the world doesn’t exist beyond each other. If given a chance, these two individuals will only talk high of each other, plan out vacations, and discuss until time ends on any topic that brings their mindsets together. They start with becoming friends first and soulmates until they die.
4. Gemini & Aquarius
Gemini and Aquarius resemble magnets; while Gemini is a scattered and hesitant individual, Aquarius are solid disapproved and submitted, so when the two meet up, they bring the much-needed balance in each other’s lives. Despite the fact that they may have diverse beliefs on how they may accomplish their objectives, they both still depend on each other to fulfil them.
5. Taurus & Virgo
These two individuals are the perfect example of ‘match made in heaven’; they both can offset each other's fantasies. When they meet up in a relationship, they make the most grounded couples. Once in a relationship, both the zodiacs feel comprehended to a level that they can never accomplish things without the other. The Taurus has a sure approach and an extraordinary taste, which is exceptionally attractive to Virgo. Because of these reasons, they both feel pulled in to each other, and appreciate each other's existence in their lives.
6. Libra & Cancer
Like puzzles, these two just need each other to complete. Once they are together, they don’t like to be disturbed off each other’s attention by the world. Honestly, both Libra and Cancer feel good when they are with somebody who totally comprehends them and who better than each other? So, when they meet up, the bond between them develops so solid that they end up like two peas in a pod. When they fall in love, they don’t wait to waste even a minute apart and get hitched instantly. At the point when these stars meet, they don't hold up to get hitched. This may be because of the Cancer's want to settle. Also, this early marriage dependably appears to work for them.
source: speakingtree

If You Have Any of These 8 Traits You Belong To The World’s Rarest Personality Type

INFJ personality is a very rare kind of personality type and only two percent of the world population has this special personality.  Have you ever felt that you are different from your peers? Do you ever wonder what some people possess which makes them so rich? It is the kind of personality and mindset a person has which makes him or break him.
If you are an INFJ personality, you are bound to reach the heights of success just like many others like Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa, Beethoven, and many others. People with this unique personality are called as “The Advocate”. INFJ stands for Introvert, Intuitive, Feeling and Judging.
You love writing!
INFJ have a very strong affinity to write and like to let out their feelings in the form of writing. They are very introvert and don’t like to interact much with people, so they let out their emotions in writing. Writing brings them peace and comfort. You don’t like to mix with a lot of people and become lonely sometimes. But you like to stay away from people and like the feeling of privacy. You don’t like to interact with large groups of people and want to keep your group of interaction as limited.
You are an Empath!
Empathy is the ability to connect to people easily, feel their emotions and understand through their energies. You have high empathy and you are the person everyone seeks when in a problem. You are always the person which gives the best advice in problems and provides emotion support to all your near and dear ones.  You empathy also helps you to read people very easily. Since, you can feel the energy of a person, you know whether the person is lying or telling the truth. Even if words say otherwise, the energy of an individual always speaks the truth. You are not easily deceived and able to judge a person by his energy.
Contradictory in Nature
You contradict yourself and your mood changes very quickly. One minute you are happy and the next minute you are crying with tears falling down your cheeks. Since you are so unpredictable; people find it hard to keep track of your mood. These mood swings are one of the traits of INFJ personality.
You Make Strong Connections!
Your pattern recognizing ability is very strong and you are able to join dots easily and turn out right. You are able to detect hidden meaning and code language. You can strong connections and feel that everything happens for a reason. INFJ’s have vision and believe in giving their best. All or nothing is their motto.
You are Hardworking!
You believe that to achieve something, hard work is the first step. You are always eager to work for your goal and are not frightened of challenges. You have a strong ambition to achieve which triggers you to put your best efforts. You always find a way to make it work. You are future conscious and have the vision to achieve.
You are Intuitive!
You have a strong intuition and trust your gut feeling completely. You believe that someone bigger than you is guiding you to make the right decisions and immediately knows if something is off. If your instincts are telling you not to go further for a work, you don’t and it always proves to be the right decision.
You are Judgmental!
You tend to be judgmental and often hurt people with your bluntness and straightforwardness. You judge people very easily based on their opinions.
You seek the Truth!
You have a strong spiritual connection and seek the truth of the universe. You believe that everything is cosmically connected to each other. You try to find the deeper hidden meaning behind the patterns of the universe. You are very curious by nature and your personality propels you to learn.
INFJ’s are shy, instinctive, empathetic and critical in their thinking. They like to stay to themselves and have an insatiable ambition to achieve. They are very diligent works which make them achieve their goals faster than anyone else. If you are an INFJ, you are one in a million and bound to achieve great success in life.

Trees Help Us Heal! This is How You Can Use Their Energy

Taoist masters observe that trees are very powerful. Not only can they absorb carbon dioxide and transform it into oxygen, but they can also absorb negative forces and turn them into positive.
The trees are deeply rooted in the Earth, and their roots are deeper higher and they rise to the skies. The trees then absorb Earth’s energy and the Universal Force of the Sky.
Trees and all other plants possess the ability to absorb the light from energiesand turn it into nourishment; In fact, much of their nutritional needs depend on light, while water and mineral salts account for only 30%.
Trees can live long. Trees like healers and friends
Trees are the largest and most spiritually advanced Earth plants. They are constantly meditating and subtle energy is their natural language. When your ability to understand this language increases, you can start having relationships with them.
They can help you open up your energy channels and cultivate calm, presence and vitality. In  return you can help them eliminate their blocks and devitalized parts. It is a beneficial mutual relationship that deserves to be cultivated.

Choose a tree to work with

Throughout history, humans have used all parts of the tree to produce medications to cure. For this purpose the best trees are the big ones, especially the pines.
They radiate Chi, nourish the blood, strengthen the nervous system, and help to ensure longevity. At the same time they feed the soul and spirit.
Pines are “immortal trees” and ancient Chinese poetry and paintings are full of admiration for them.
Although pines are often the best choice, many other types of trees or plants can be used. The larger ones contain the maximum of energy and the best ones are those that sit up near the streams.
Some of them are warmer or hotter than others, some cooler or colder, and only practice allows you to distinguish the different properties of the various species.
1. Cypresses and cedars lower the temperature and feed Yin energy.
2. The willows help fight the dry winds to eliminate excess moisture from the body, reduce blood pressure, and strengthen the urinary tract and bladder.
3. The elms calm the mind and strengthen the stomach.
4. Maples fight the dry winds and help reduce the pain
5. Carobs help eliminate internal heat and balance heart conditions
6. Banyan trees (Bengali figs) purify your heart and help eliminate bodily moisture.
7. Cinnamon can remove the cold from the heart and the stomach
8. Fir trees help to absorb bruises to reduce sweating and first heal bone fractures.
9. Hawthorns help digestion, strengthen the intestine and fight low blood pressure.
10. Birches lower body temperature, eliminate body moisture and help detoxify the body.
11. The prunes feed, the spleen, the stomach, the pancreas and calm the mind.
12. Figs eliminate excess body heat by increasing salivation, nourish the spleen, and help cure diarrhea.
13. Knees help to strengthen the bladder and relieve urinary problems in women.
There is no need to go into a forest to find the right tree to work with.
Trees that are used to having people around, include our energy and are actually more accessible and available than those in the wildest areas.
City parks and suburban courtyards are full of powerful and accessible trees that would love to have closer ties with humans who dominate their environment.
There are certain dimensions that make trees more accessible to humans. When a tree is too small, it does not have enough energy to act in particular on you.
When it is too big the opposite problem occurs, so you must insist to make them interested in you. As a source of healing energy it is therefore best to choose a large and robust medium-sized tree for a pleasant interaction of a small size.
Though it is not necessary to climb a tree to begin a relationship, however, it does reveal a whole new world. Climb while making sure not to damage the tree.
Establish a communion with a tree

Communion with a tree

There are precise ways to approach, interact, retreat, and leave a tree. Following a specific progression you can create a silent communion rite that can be understood by you and the tree, to increase the potential of a harmonious interaction.
This progression is the result of observing the natural course of events in the subtle energy communion and can be applied to anything: trees, rocks, humans or animals, although the following is specifically designed for trees.
First of all, every tree, like every person, has a personality, desires, and a life of its own. Trees differ greatly in terms of their tastes in human contact. Some are very generous and eager to provide all the energy you can take.
Others are weak or ill and need the profit out of your healing energy. Some are friendly souls who enjoy the human company. Others are still quite indifferent.
You can learn to grow by working with all of them. Try to be respectful and open, rather than pushing them to bend them for your purposes. In this way they will provide you something more than another Chi source: friendship, joyful expression, and love.
The trees operate on a longer scale than that of humans. You can overcome this difference, returning and returning from the same tree, until the relationship is born.
Visit it regularly so that the tree knows when to expect you and wait anxiously to see you. You may have the obvious impression that the tree really misses your absence when you are away for a longer time than usual.
Spiritual communion with trees resembles making love, more than any other human activity, and consequently there should always be sensuality and tenderness.
You do not have to keep the situation under control, take time to relax and melt in that communion. Let the tree guide you in the wonders of your inner life. Working with a tree in that case can help mitigate sexual frustration.
source: Gostica

5 Signs That Show You Are A Powerful Lightworker

Lightworkers are people who volunteer to assist the planet heal from any form of fear since they perceive themselves as able to deliver an elusive energy for healing.
They feel they have been awakened mystically to heal the world. Have your colleagues ever described your heart as pure? Do you feel you are warm and loving? Do you always have a feeling that you can resolve the environmental and social problems facing this world? Are you compelled to teach and counsel people about your experience?
If the answer to these questions is “yes”, then you must have been a lightworker without knowing. The following are other signs you might have.
1. Desire to help people
Lightworkers feel they are called to heal the world. This doesn’t mean the “light healing” we know of but the actual healing of physical problems in the planet like war, poverty and hunger.

2. Respect to all life

Normal life habits like eating meat might be disgusting since it is actually animal abuse in the eyes of a lightworker who views all life as valuable and deserves our respect. Protecting life on earth is generally your major role.

3. You are rebellious

You always go against those in authority like government and culture since you view them with mistrust. Though culture can sometimes be a source of destruction, lightworkers feel like they are the odd women and men out there in the society.
4. You feel united with the universe
As a lightworker, you don’t feel to be part of your people like the way you feel when you look at the sky. The cosmos is you source of happiness and peace especially at night when you admire the universe to be around you. You perceive the reason behind your existence in the earth is to promote better living.

5. Being in solitude is normal

You desire being isolated as it is easy to analyse and respond to the moods of your surroundings.

source and courtesy: gostica

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