5 Signs That Show You Are A Powerful Lightworker

Lightworkers are people who volunteer to assist the planet heal from any form of fear since they perceive themselves as able to deliver an elusive energy for healing.
They feel they have been awakened mystically to heal the world. Have your colleagues ever described your heart as pure? Do you feel you are warm and loving? Do you always have a feeling that you can resolve the environmental and social problems facing this world? Are you compelled to teach and counsel people about your experience?
If the answer to these questions is “yes”, then you must have been a lightworker without knowing. The following are other signs you might have.
1. Desire to help people
Lightworkers feel they are called to heal the world. This doesn’t mean the “light healing” we know of but the actual healing of physical problems in the planet like war, poverty and hunger.

2. Respect to all life

Normal life habits like eating meat might be disgusting since it is actually animal abuse in the eyes of a lightworker who views all life as valuable and deserves our respect. Protecting life on earth is generally your major role.

3. You are rebellious

You always go against those in authority like government and culture since you view them with mistrust. Though culture can sometimes be a source of destruction, lightworkers feel like they are the odd women and men out there in the society.
4. You feel united with the universe
As a lightworker, you don’t feel to be part of your people like the way you feel when you look at the sky. The cosmos is you source of happiness and peace especially at night when you admire the universe to be around you. You perceive the reason behind your existence in the earth is to promote better living.

5. Being in solitude is normal

You desire being isolated as it is easy to analyse and respond to the moods of your surroundings.

source and courtesy: gostica

Choose A Card For The Message You Need To Hear At This Exact Moment

Look carefully at the cards, let yourself be guided by your intuition and choose your favorite.
Right in that card, there is a message that we hope will inspire you to take matters in your own hands right now in this moment, not later, not tomorrow, but now, because the time to act and improve your life is NOW.

Beyond Illusion

Commentary on the Card: The butterfly in this card represents the outer, that which is constantly moving and that which is not real but an illusion.
Behind the butterfly is the face of consciousness, looking inward to that which is eternal. That space between the two eyes has opened, revealing the lotus of spiritual unfoldment and the rising sun of awareness.
Through the rising of the inner sun, meditation is born. The card reminds us to look outside for what is real, but to look within. When we focus on externals, we too often get caught up in judgments – this is good, this is bad, I want this, I do not want that.
These judgments keep us trapped in our illusions, our sleepiness, our old habits, and patterns. Drop your opinionated mind and move inside.
There, you can relax into your own deepest truth, where the difference between dreams and reality is already known.
Meaning of the Card: This is the only distinction between the dream and the real; reality allows you to doubt, and the dream does not allow you to doubt… To me, the capacity to doubt is one of the greatest blessings to humanity.
The religions have been enemies because they have been cutting the very roots of doubt, and there is a reason why they have been doing that: because they want people to believe in certain illusions that they have been preaching…
Why have the people like Gauntam Buddha been so insistent that the whole existence – except your witnessing self, except your awareness – is just ephemeral, made of the same stuff as dreams are made of?
They are not saying that these trees are not there. Do not misunderstand because of the word “illusion” … it has been translated as an illusion, but the illusion is not the right word.
Illusion does not really exist. Reality exists. Maya is just in between – it almost exists. As far as day-to-day activities are concerned, it can be taken as reality. Only in the ultimate sense, from the peak of your illumination, does it become unreal, illusory.”


Commentary on the Card:  The central figure in this card sits atop the vast flower of the void, and holds the symbols of transformation–the sword that cuts through illusion, the snake that rejuvenates itself by shedding its skin, the broken chain of limitations, and the yin/yang symbol of transcending duality.
One of its hands rests on its lap, open and receptive. The other reaches down to touch the mouth of a sleeping face, symbolizing the silence that comes when we are at rest.
This is a time for a deep let-go. Allow any pain, sorrow, or difficulty just to be there, accepting its “facticity”.
It is very much like the experience of Gautam Buddha when, after years of seeking,
he finally gave up knowing there was nothing more than he could do.
That very night, he became enlightened. Transformation comes, like death, in its own time. And, like death, it takes you from one dimension into another.
Meaning of the Card:  A master in Zen is not simply a teacher. In all the religions there are only teachers.
They teach you about subjects which you don’t know, and they ask you to believe because there is no way to bring those experiences into objective reality. Neither has the teacher known them–he has believed them; he transfers his belief to somebody else.
Zen is not a believer’s world. It is not for the faithful ones; it is for those daring souls who can drop all belief, unbelief, doubt, reason, mind, and simply enter into their pure existence without boundaries.
But it brings a tremendous transformation. Hence, let me say that while others are involved in philosophies, Zen is involved in metamorphosis, in a transformation. It is authentic alchemy: it changes you from base metal into gold.
But its language has to be understood, not with your reasoning and intellectual mind but with your loving heart. Or even just listening, not bothering whether it is true or not.
And a moment comes suddenly that you see it, which has been eluding you your whole life. Suddenly, what Gautam Buddha called ‘eighty-four thousand doors’ open.


Commentary on the Card:  This character is obviously “on top of the world” right now, and the whole world is celebrating his success with a ticker-tape parade!
Because of your willingness to accept the recent challenges of life, you are now–or you soon will be–enjoying a wonderful ride on the tiger of success.
Welcome it, enjoy it, and share your joy with others--and remember that all bright parades have a beginning and an end.
If you keep this in mind and squeeze every drop of juice out of the happiness you are experiencing now, you will be able to take the future as it comes without regrets.
But don’t be tempted to try to hold on to this abundant moment, or coat it in plastic so that it lasts forever.
The greatest wisdom to keep in mind with all the phenomena in the parade of your life, whether they be valleys or peaks, is that “this too will pass”. Celebrate, yes, and keep on riding the tiger.
Meaning of the Card:  Watch the waves in the ocean. The higher the wave goes, the deeper is the wake that follows it. One moment you are the wave, another moment you are the hollow wake that follows.
Enjoy both–don’t get addicted to one. Don’t say: I would always like to be on the peak. It is not possible.
Simply see the fact: it is not possible. It has never happened and it will never happen. It is simply impossible–not in the nature of things.
Then what to do? Enjoy the peak while it lasts and then enjoys the valley when it comes. What is wrong with the valley? What is wrong with being low? It is a relaxation. A peak is an excitement, and nobody can exist continuously in an excitement.

The 15 Strange Behaviors Of An Authentic Empath

The Empath is often said to have such a great degree of empathy that they can literally feel what others feel, and thus intuitively know many of the yearnings, sensitivities, tastes and even thought patterns of the people they’re around.”
― Aletheia Luna, Old Souls: The Sages and Mystics of Our World.
Empaths are the most sensitive ones among all. The term ‘empath’ is derived from the Greek words ‘em’ meaning in and ‘pathos’ meaning ‘feeling.’ Hence, a person who can feel the feelings of others is called an empath.  An empath is characterized by the traits of understanding the universe around them.
Though many of us might claim to have a sense of empathy, very few are rather what we call authentic empaths. 
It is but hard to notice when an empath is around, below we have listed 15 strange traits and behaviors that are common among empaths.

(1) They are extremely sensitive:

One of the predominant traits of an empath is sensitivity. They can’t see anyone in pain. They feel a person’s suffering as if it’s your own. In this situation, they will try their best to lessen the pain.

(2) They are highly intuitive:

They can sense positive and negative vibes in people. While talking to people, they will figure out their negative intentions even if they don’t spell it all. The empath can easily track their thought processes without giving them a single inkling about it.

(3)  They  get drained easily:

Since they are constantly getting affected by the energies of people around them, an empath gets drained easily. They are always busy helping out people. Hence, their energy decreases. Also, negative energies pull an empath down. This is however not good for their psychological and physical well-being. An empath gives too much to the world more than what they receive. At the end of the day, they feel completely exhausted.

(4) They pick up physical symptoms of another:

Not just psychologically, but physiologically too, an empath can feel the pain of others. They tend to catch pains like cold or body aches of the person.

(5) They imbibe emotions of other people in themselves:

An empath absorbs emotions of other people, be it pain, anger or fear. They feel exactly what others are feeling at that moment of time.

(6) They  help friends as well as strangers:

If they feel someone needs help, the empath will immediately jump into it. They might know that person, they might not. The empath always tries to help people irrespective of the relationship they share.

(7) They feel the nature:

An empath is drawn towards not just human beings but animals and plants too. They feel upset when a tree is cut or a pet is mistreated by the owner. The empath takes steps to stop the living being from getting hurt. If they can’t do anything to help them, the empath will leave the scene because they can’t stand and tolerate their pain.

(8) They  can’t tolerate violence:

An empath cannot stand violence even if it’s shown in a television series or a movie. They will close their eyes or leave. If it’s narrated in a book, they will cry.

(9) They can tell if the other person is lying:

It’s not that easy to fool an empath. They can easily catch a person lying. Even if they don’t express it in front of others, the empath will not trust that person themselves.

(10)They  attract sad people:

People who are sad are drawn towards an empath. It’s the empath’s caring and sympathetic nature which alleviates other’s pain. Not just friends but strangers too find it easy to open up to them.

(11) They  find it difficult to stay in crowds:

Crowds affect an empath a lot. There are so many energies among the people of the crowd that the empath gets confused. All these energies attack them from different directions leaving them baffled.

(12) They enjoy solitude:

The empath needs space for themselves to introspect on life. They enjoy spending their time alone. It also helps the empath to heal themselves and rejuvenate.

(13)  The place where they  live affects their psyche:

An empath gets affected by the energy of the place where they are living. Primarily they enjoy less crowded place surrounded by nature.

(14)  They  can sense the energy of the collective consciousness:

The empath can sense the energy of the collective consciousness. For example, they can feel the fatigue of Thursday even if they are not working themselves. The empath can feel the joy of Christmas celebrations even if they are having a difficult time of their own.

(15) They  don’t care about themselves:

The empath spends too much time helping others. They don’t pay heed to their own needs. The empath must realize that if they don’t take care of themselves, nobody else will. If you found these traits in yourself, that means you are an empath. The empaths are extremely good souls. It’s okay to help others but one must know where to draw the line.
source: themindsjournal

The 4 Signs When You Are Feeling Vibrations in your body

Some people feel intense vibrations in their body at some point in their lives. These vibrations are the harbingers of spiritual illumination.
Most people who experience them often think that they are symptomatic of physiological disease. They continuously knock on their doctor’s door and get frustrated when the treatment doesn’t do them any good.
Our spiritual journey dives us deeper into our spiritual realms. It familiarises us with ourselves even if we try our best to resist its advances.
Our spiritual body is tainted with fears, insecurities, self-ego and all sorts of negative energies.
These vibrations inside our body try to eliminate these malevolent presences and strive to turn us into compassionate human beings. They cleanse our spirits to make room for perpetual love and light.

Episodes of an Intense headache, Nausea, fever

During this process, your psychic senses get attuned to these vibrations, and that is why the symptoms are felt at a deeper level.
You might experience intense headaches, fever, nausea etc. when your vibrations are being raised. You feel giddy and dizzy during these vibrations because you are slowly adapting yourself to your spiritual body and getting introduced to a world of new energies.
Our spiritual and physical bodies and everything around us is composed of energy. We emit a particular frequency that is received by others around us.
When we emit low energy waves, they have an adverse effect on people. That is why some people are manipulative and downright deplorable because they haven’t yet received the gift of “higher vibration”.
As your vibration rises, you can access your spiritual realm which helps you to comprehend yourself better.
The frequency of the spiritual world is high, and in order to synchronize with it, your vibrational frequency must sky-rocket as well to align with your spiritual frequency.

Feeling lethargic and Unwilling

Developing sloth-like tendencies, and feeling emotionally and physically drained is all because of feeling vibrations in your body.
The process of spiritual illumination requires a lot of energy in order to propel a spiritual body to a higher vibration.
That is why, you might feel as if you have already utilised all your reserves of energy, and are running on nothing but sheer will.

Feeling detached from your physical body

An ethereal feeling might also envelop you during this process.
When you learn to use your spiritual body for the first time, you will feel completely disconnected from your physical body, as if someone has cut the cord between the two.
In order to thread yourself back to your physical body, you must strike a balance between your spiritual and physical bodies


Your ears might also ring tinnily and heat up considerably. They’ll instantly become hot when someone touches them.
People who learn how to channel the energy of their vibrations often feel this symptom.
This helps them to develop the ability of Clairauditory, through which they can communicate with spirits and anticipate danger from a mile away.
Feeling vibrations in your body is nothing to be afraid of. This temporary agony slowly transforms into perpetual stability and aligns you with your higher consciousness.

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