Select One Color To Find Out Who You Were In A Past Life

Ever wonder who you may have been in a previous lifetime? Most of us have had hundreds or even thousands of past lives. It is practically impossible to know all of the details of every past life we have experienced. We can uncover a few lifetimes and delve into the the basic details of the lifetimes that may be parallel to this current lifetime experience. To find out who you were in at least one lifetime, select the color that resonates the most with you.

Select One Color To Find Out Who You Were In A Past Life​

In a previous lifetime you possessed excellent communication skills. You were either a teacher, counselor, advisor, or someone who was respected and often looked up to. When you spoke you had the attention of everyone in the room. You also were fair, honest, and were always in integrity with your intentions which is why everyone held you in a favorable light. 

Attributes To Embrace In This Lifetime -
 Excellent communication skills, honesty, fairness, and the ability to train and teach others to help raise them up.

In more than one lifetime you were extremely creative and artistic and were either a musician, artist, composer, and or writer. If you did not have some sort of creative outlet in that lifetime (and this one as well), your soul is restless and out of whack. You often needed alone time as an outlet to connect with your inner self. It's as if there was an insatiable desire to express yourself through the arts and not many understood this drive.

Attributes To Embrace In This Lifetime - 
The ability to see the ordinary and make things extraordinary and appealing to the senses was and still is a gift that you possess. Be sure to make time to connect with your inner creative self often because your soul craves an artistic expressive outlet.

You were a either a healer, medicine man/woman, doctor, nurse, and or veterinarian. You were someone who was a natural healer and helped others who were needing deep healing on either the physical or spiritual realms. You had the ability to see the medical issue, find the emotional/spiritual cause and help them with their physical ailments.

Attributes To Embrace In This Lifetime
 - Natural healing abilities. If you haven't already taken an energy healing class or read books on the heal process, it probably is a good idea to learn more about your natural healing gifts and how you can integrate them on a professional or personal level.

source: awakeningpeople