Which Chalice would you drink from?

The Chalice is essentially a goblet which acts as a vessel for liquids used in magical rituals. It is associated with the element of Water and the Divine Feminine. Surely surrounded by many stories, the Magic Cup is one of the magical tools all witches should have.
It is believed to be the Womb of the Great Mother, the sacred vessel which holds the primordial waters. Ancient Egyptians in their cosmogony described the oceanic abyss of the goddess Nun as a vessel which holds the primordial waters where all life came from and represents one of their greatest mysteries. Read all about the Magic Cup here! 

Which Chalice would you drink from?

The magic Cup also has been described as the human body, the vessel which holds all liquids that keeps us alive. In both old pagan and modern rituals, the Sacred Tools were and are being used in the enactment of the Great Rite. It is the sacred union of Male and Female that brings life into the World. The chalice, of course, represents the Divine Vulva.
As an archetype of our human body and the liquid that fills the chalice is our divine essence, our spirit. Therefore, each chalice can symbolize our fate and destiny. Special spirits will enter special chalices.
Choose wisely. Let your spirit choose a chalice. If you let yourself free then you will know so much more about your magic and where are you good at. Let us know the results!

No1. the Chalice of the Healer

Embellished with turquoise this is the chalice that brings forward the gift of healing to all those who drink from it. The snakes that intertwine bestow the bearer with the amazing power to know the secrets of poisons and cures of all sorts.
If you have chosen this Chalice you need to look closer into all the healing arts as you are naturally inclined to them and you will flourish by healing the ones in need.

No2. the Chalice of the Ceremonial Witch/Wizard

Even the most complicated spell can be understood by you. You have chosen the Egyptian Chalice decorated with hieroglyphs. Your powers manifest from bringing Order to Chaos and you have a disciplined mind.
You will flourish if you start practicing the formidable art of ceremonial magic and even the most complicated ritual will be able to unlock its secrets to you. 

No3. the Chalice of the Theurgist

You have drunk from the Chalice that brings the bearer closer to God. The Three aspects of the Divine Unite in one and the holder gains clarity in understanding their Sacred role. 
You should practice evocation of the Gods and learn how to become whole again, reaching perfection and Union between the Human and the Divine.

No4. the Chalice of the Elementalist

Decorated with the colors and symbols of the four elements, this Cup gives its bearer the power to understand and be one with the Elements.
Start by looking into the element you feel closer to and deepen your connection with them, I am sure that you will be able to unlock bigger mysteries than you ever imagined. You can try to attune with the magic of each element. How? Here is a simple guide for it and how to connect with each element in a very simple and effective way.

No5. the Chalice of the Medium

The drinker of this humble Chalice is bestowed with the gift of Mediumship. You are able to perceive more than meets the eye and definitely, you know that you can see the unseen.
Acting as a bridge between the World of Spirits and Men, you can bring messages and unite both sides. Start practicing what you always knew was your gift

No6. the Chalice of the Natural Witch

The drinker of this Chalice is bestowed with the power to connect with Nature and perform Miracles. The double helix shows your connection with Mother Earth and clarifies the meaning as above so below to you. We have connected with Her always – for as long as we breathe. This is why we should cleanse this bond and empower it.
Spend more time in Nature and invoking the sacred powers that reside there. Use magic to ground yourself and connect it with the entire planet. I am sure you will deepen your connection and be able to understand what remains a secret to the rest of us

Choose One Of These Mandalas And See What It Reveals About You

A mandala is… An integrated structure organized around a unifying center.
The word “mandala” is from the classical Indian language of Sanskrit, states Mandala Project.
“Loosely translated to mean “circle,” a mandala is far more than a simple shape. It represents wholeness and can be seen as a model for the organizational structure of life itself – a cosmic diagram that reminds us of our relation to the infinite, the world that extends both beyond and within our bodies and minds.
Describing both material and non-material realities, the mandala appears in all aspects of life: the celestial circles we call earth, sun, and moon, as well as conceptual circles of friends, family, and community.”
Now, based on your subconscious mind, you will likely choose the mandala that fits both of your material and non-material realities, and reveals intriguing concept about you and your life.


The first mandala represents the entire color spectrum. You likely choose the first one because you are the “know it all” type of person. On the contrary, not the one that sits and gossips about each and everything, but the one that may see a flower and look at it for an entire hour!
You are a bit scattered with your thoughts. As much as it’s good to be curious about big and tiny things, it’s overwhelming. You need to calm down and silent the oh-so-loud mind that can’t seem to stop speaking and commanding.
Relax, take your time off, do yoga, exercise. Get that full spectrum of energy wasted somewhere. It may be the only way to think selectively.


The second mandala represents travel. It surely is colorful, but it’s dimmed color. You likely choose this one because you simply want to travel the world.
Yeah, you might say, who doesn’t want to travel the world, right?! But you are different because you really get the idea that money should be spent on experiences instead of things. It’s even proved by science!
Don’t wait, nor hesitate to start. It’s never too late. You really know how to ‘consume’ the real knowledge of traveling. Whether you are 20 or 85, it doesn’t matter. Like Nike says: Just do it.


The third mandala is a spectrum of colors that represent experience. It reminds you that you want more and more and more…
You likely choose this one because a person like you can never get enough of experiences. You just want to experience each and everything. And it often puts you in trouble, but in the end, you say “it was all worth it.”
Be extra careful of gambling and drugs. Those two things can really destroy you and the people around you. Otherwise, be selective about what you should and shouldn’t indulge in. Don’t calm your spirit, but be selective with it.


We all know what the ‘golden’ color represents. Money.
You likely choose this one because you cannot differentiate what you truly want: possessions or spiritual experiences. Sometimes you question yourself: Why work that much? So I can make money? And then what? Buy a house? And then what? Have a family? And then what?!
It bothers you that you have to spend your precious time to earn for living, and oftentimes more than you need.
You are prone to become workaholics. Be aware of that. You may spend your entire life earning… and then what?! It really will be a waste of life.


Color wheel prostates:
“Red is the color of fire and blood, so it is associated with energy, war, danger, strength, power, the determination as well as passion, desire, and love.
Red is a very emotionally intense color. It enhances human metabolism, increases respiration rate, and raises blood pressure. It has very high visibility, which is why stop signs, stoplights, and fire equipment are usually painted red. In heraldry, red is used to indicate courage. It is a color found in many national flags.”
I think you already have a clue why you choose the fifth mandala.
You are prone to climb to the top of the pyramid, you crave for danger and power. But it doesn’t always have to be destructive.
Try to climb the stairs and become important enough to help people in need. You already have the courage and determination to climb the stairs, but don’t forget to lift humanity up. The word altruism will save you. Read it and be it.


This mandala represents calmness and nature. You are definitely the ‘me and the forest’ type of a person
Purple combines the calm stability of blue and the fierce energy of red. The color purple is often associated with royalty, nobility, luxury, power, and ambition. Purple also represents meanings of extravagance, creativity, wisdom, dignity, grandeur, devotion, peace, mystery, independence, and magic.
It is also associated with the third eye, or pineal gland – one of the biggest secrets kept from humanity.
You seek to find something bigger than us, humanity. The creator of this perfect world, and that’s exactly what you seek in Nature, and you are in the right place.
You are an uplifting person and radiate feminine energy. You are the romantic of the world and the deep thinker – beyond the measures of reality.

Receive A Beautiful Butterfly Message From Spirit

Select that number and scroll down to read your message

Butterfly Message from Spirit 1:

Your butterfly message is: Your angels are asking you to please love and accept yourself as much as you accept and love those around you. You always do your best to look at others in a positive light and give the benefit of the doubt. Now it is time to give yourself that same respect and remember how awesome you are. You are such a Divine Being of Light and a huge gift to the world around you! You should always remember this and watch carefully how you think and speak to yourself.

Butterfly Message from Spirit 2:

Your angel message is: You’ve been working too hard lately! Take some time out today to enjoy yourself! Things have been a bit stressful lately and you deserve some time off. Find joy in any little moment or beauty that surrounds you and everyday life. By simply being present in the moment and enjoying the fruits of the hard labor that you have been putting out lately, you will feel rejuvenated and refreshed as you move forward!

Butterfly Message from Spirit 3:

Your angel message is: The law of attraction is a very real thing and you may be wondering lately what’s wrong with your connection to it! Make sure that you are not operating in the energy of wanting, but moving through the energy of knowing that it is already yours. You have lost a little bit of connection lightly to the Divine Source of all that is and the universe that surrounds you. You may be trying to over control the situation or do it all on your own and the angels are here to remind you that you have help if you will simply let go of that feeling that you need to control your own destiny. Take a moment to remember that your destiny is already within you and all you need to do is ease into it and allow it to manifest around you.

Choose And Find Out What Will Happen To You in The Near Future

At first, I couldn’t believe it, but everything began to come true! Thanks for the great advice!
People have used fortune telling since ancient times. Mankind has always wanted to know what awaits it in the future.
And this is quite a natural desire since any of us would like to glance at our future at least for a moment and fortune telling give us this chance
Many of the methods of fortune telling, which were popular with previous generations, have survived today.
They include numerology, palmistry, and fortune telling. Today we offer you the latest type of predictions.
1. Love adventures are waiting for you
Soon, a real romance will enter your life. If you already have a partner, then be sure that you will be surrounded by the care of your partner. The relationship will start a new romantic period. If you are still alone, it won’t be for long. Very soon you will find a new love. 
2. A riot of colors and a sea of impressions
Sadness and dullness will disappear from your life. You will have a great opportunity to start something new, vivid and unexplored. You will discover things you did not even know existed. Don’t be afraid to experiment – you will succeed!
3. Your life will be calm and stable.
All your questions and problems will be solved in the most unexpected way. All fears and bad feelings will disappear from your life for a long time. You can finally relax and enjoy life. It will be a pleasant relaxation. Such a period will last long enough and you will have time to gain strength for new challenges and experiences.
4. Special attention to yourself
Until now, due to certain reasons, you have absorbed the grayness and merged into the crowd. But very soon everything will change. You will literally begin to shine in all spheres of life. At work you will be set as an example for everything, friends will admire you, and relatives will be proud of you. It’s a great time to make new and useful acquaintances.

Choose One Card To Reveal This Week's Karmic Theme

Life's lessons or opportunities for growth usually come to us in themes. Some of the common themes are; family relationships, communication issues, lack of trust in others etc. These opportunities for healing, growth, and soul evolution are often woven into our relationships with co-workers, friends, significant others, and family. 

When we understand the hidden meaning behind the chaos in our lives, it is much easier to manage and move through these situations with flying colors. The goal is to recognize the challenge and adjust how you work through these challenges with grace, integrity, love, and honesty.

To find our this week's karmic theme, take a deep breath, ask you higher self the question, "What is my karmic theme for this week." and then choose the card that stands out the most to you.

1. Patience and Take Your Time 
You may feel a bit overwhelmed with the different choices that are being presented to you these days. The shiniest most sparkly choice may not be the path for your highest and best good. Even though you may feel pressure to hurry up and make a decision, it would be best for you to take your time and research all of your options. Don't forget to tune in with your solar plexus (gut feeling) before make your decision.

2. A Test In Faith 
Just like the card, The Fool in the traditional tarot, you are being asked to have complete trust and faith with your present journey. There is such liberation when you do not question the events of your life. Embrace and step into the consciousness of The Fool today with the knowingness that spirit has your best interests at heart and that everything always works out for the purpose of the evolution of the soul.

3. Trust In Your Own Intuitive Feelings 
You may have that gut feeling that something feels off this week and this message is validating that things are certainly not as the may seem on the surface. The advice is to look a little deeper when communicating with others and then go within and weigh your own intuitive impressions and then move forward with discernment. Pay attention to the meaning behind the words that are spoken and unspoken.

source: awakeningpeople

TEST: Select An Image And Reveal Your Angel Message

Sometimes we receive messages in the form of friends giving advice, animal messengers, and in this case, being drawn to a certain image.
Take a moment and look at the pictures below. Choose the one you feel most drawn to and your angel message will be revealed.
If you selected Picture A:
This is a really good time. Either you can already feel the ease in your life, or it will soon feel that way. The energetic conditions are right for success in whatever project you are involved in. This is because you have made good choices. Your dream is now coming true. It is time to get the benefits of a project, venture, or idea you planted some time back. It wasn’t easy to get here. There were times you doubted your success. And yet the time has come now that you receive the benefits of your hard work. Now you can either build upon your successes, or you can move on from them, and set new goals, start something new. And as you start something new, have patience, do it after reflecting on the goals and your next steps. There could be travel involved for your work.
If you selected Picture B:
It is time you sat up and took a good look at yourself. You find wonderful qualities in others and admire them. While this is a great trait to have, do not forget that what you recognize in others is present in you as well. Others are just a reflection of you, showing you back what you are. So don’t put yourself down. When you recognize something good about another, remind yourself that you recognized it because you have a trait very similar to that within you. You often think others are better than you. It is time you let go of thinking less of yourself and recognized your own beauty, talents, and creativity. As you start to improve your own self-perception, you become a strong force of positive change in this world. And allowing yourself to shine as your true self will open up doors of abundance, success, and endless blessings. You will see!
If you selected Picture C:
If you have been indulging a bit on relaxing more, chilling out, or in food, relationships, material possessions, and have been secretly beating yourself over it….stop. As long as you don’t overdo it, a little bit of indulgence is perfectly OK. Life is not only about work, seriousness, and responsibilities. Life is meant to be enjoyed. Yes, an excess of anything leads to an imbalance in your life and in your energy. Whether that excess is in indulging in the goodies, or in overworking yourself. A balanced approach is needed. Look towards bringing more balance in your life and work on balancing your energy. And at the same time, make sure you are not beating yourself up for anything. That will not help you with anything. There is no need to deny yourself of pleasures in life. Just keep in mind to come back to balance.

8 Strange Things Empaths Do that Only Authentic Empaths Will Understand

Empaths are unique and amazing individuals. They can do and feel things most people might never even be able to imagine.
If you are an empath then chances are you have noticed that you are not anywhere near the definition of what society has deemed ‘normal.’ There is nothing wrong with that. The only true hard past about it is that no one really understands you. You can only truly be understood by your own kind, other empaths know exactly how to spot a fellow empath.
The list below is of the most common abnormal things I have noticed that empaths do. If you are an empath then you know these things to be true. Does this sound like you?
Empaths are unique and amazing individuals. They can do and feel things most people might never even be able to imagine.
If you are an empath then chances are you have noticed that you are not anywhere near the definition of what society has deemed ‘normal.’ There is nothing wrong with that. The only true hard past about it is that no one really understands you. You can only truly be understood by your own kind, other empaths know exactly how to spot a fellow empath.
The list below is of the most common abnormal things I have noticed that empaths do. If you are an empath then you know these things to be true. Does this sound like you?

8 Abnormal Things Empaths Do:

1. Empaths ignore their own problems.

Most people put their issues first, but an empath will never talk about things that are bothering him or her. It is hard for the empath to open up on that level. He or she also would much rather carry the burden alone than share it with someone else.

2. Empaths take on other people’s emotions.

Empaths feel everything on a much deeper level than most. They can truly identify with what a person is going through. They literally feel your pain.

3. Empaths have an extremely high level of intuition.

The empath is hard to fool because he or she can see through just about everything. It is like they have a magic wand that waves over everyone and shows them the person’s truest intentions.

4. Empaths get overwhelmed in large crowds.

Empaths cannot handle being around so much emotion at one time. You see when surrounded by people the emotions become too much, they cannot stop themselves from absorbing their surroundings. Empaths have to be very careful.

5. Empaths get exhausted much quicker than most people.

This is because while they are being physically drained through the day they are also being emotionally drained. Empaths are usually top priority targets for energy vampires as well as narcissists. It is like they just cannot catch a break.

6. Empaths have a deep connection with animals and nature.

Empaths are at peace when they are alone in nature. They love animals and feel as if animals are pure. Chances are animals love them as well.

7. Empaths cannot change.

An empath cannot merely decide to stop caring and absorbing. It doesn’t work like that. You cannot change an empath.

8. Empaths cannot handle negative images.

When something upsetting comes across the screen the empath has to look away. He or she must prepare for things like this. Devastation and overly negative situations throw them into a fit of depression depending on the severity.
If you want to learn more about empaths check out the video below. Sure, empaths are a bit different but they sure are always there when you need them. An empath will never let you down.
source awarenessact

Are You Experiencing Advanced Energy Shift Symptoms?

Energy shift or ascension as they call it, is basically an increase in the awareness level and vibration energy which creates an obvious shift in the level of consciousness one possesses. You have to attune yourself with the universal energy to experience this shift in energy level. These energy shifts are quite natural and you feel you are undergoing a process of evolution.
When the vibration state moves from one energy level to a higher energy level, there are some symptoms on your body and mind to demonstrate that the change is happening inside you.
These changes reboot your system and you feel like a completely changed man. The old patterns are lost and a bunch of new ones are added to your being.  Your body and mind have to accommodate these changes to get to the right wavelength with the universal energy. If you are in the process of awakening, you will experience these changes. The major symptoms of basic energy shift can be listed as below.
-Symptoms on the body can be heavy sweating, feeling of nausea, flu, dizziness and ringing in the ears.
-Your mind also experiences things like forgetfulness and depression.
These symptoms are common for most of the people undergoing ascension. These stay there with people for quite some time; however, the frequency and the time span may be different for different people. So, when they team up, they can help each other while they are at different levels of frequency.
There are some people who have already been through this basic energy shift, are now experiencing a new phase wherein a new batch of advanced energy shift symptoms appears. Some of these symptoms are similar to what they experienced in the basic energy shift, in addition there are some more they experience during this advanced ascension process.
-You feel very much tired as if you lost your balance under medication.
-You experience severe stomach ache and heavy indigestion problems.
-Your eating pattern becomes unpredictable. Sometimes you feel like eating madly beyond your capacity; you simply fill in your stomach. Some other times you don’t feel like eating at all. You lose you control on your appetite.
-Your skin becomes very irritating and you feel like scratching on it all the time.
-Your throat becomes sore.
-Your sleeping pattern also changes drastically. Sometimes you feel like sleeping all the day and some other times you just keep tossing and turning on the bed; you are not able to sleep even 4 hours at a stretch.
-Inertia takes full control over you. You do not feel like doing anything, just prefer to stay idle. You feel demotivated.
-You generally feel awkward. For no obvious reason, you look sad. Even if there are moments of happiness, you keep a long face and feel dejected all the time.
With so many afflictions, this energetic shift which grows over a period of linear time leaves a drastic impact on your body. It is really very difficult to absorb its impact all at once. Even if it is taken phase wise, it is not easy on the body. However, with the passage of time, we develop the feeling of absorbing it slowly. That is, the progress gives us the courage to continue with it.
This has been observed however that if you continue with the symptoms of basic energy shift over a longer period, say four years or so, the body takes it well and the symptoms greatly subside. So even if there is advanced energy shift ensuing, you do not feel the punch. The severity level is adjusted over a longer period. This is a more recommended way to take it at slower pace instead of getting hit in few months only.
Faster the process, deterioration on the body is seen on a larger scale. That way the severity level becomes very high. People have reported suffering from migraines. There are other symptoms also and in totality people feel extremely weak. This could be possible because of loss of vital minerals and vitamins from their body. This is not at all advisable and needs immediate help. They should maintain their body good enough to do at least their daily work. You can have heavy sweating and increase in body temperature but if you are able to keep your body cooler through some means, the intoxication in your body is very much reduced and you feel comfortable and relaxed. There are even no relapses of these sufferings.
The feeling of heavy tiredness also is limited to some period, say a couple of months or so when you really do not feel like doing anything. However, when this gets over, you feel energized to do more things.
The stomach upset is a severe symptom you experience during advanced energy shift. You feel like there is an explosion in your stomach and it is very difficult to bear the pain. It possibly might have been initiated because of some food you took. But you cannot simply absolve yourself from the responsibility of eating it knowingly. It is said that apart from the poison of bad food in your stomach, some sort of negative feelings like anger etc are also stuck to the stomach wall. The nervous plexus i.e. the bunch of radiating nerves situated at the bottom of the stomach is also adversely affected. However, when you are through it, you feel greatly relieved.
One big symptom of advanced energy shift is that your food patterns become very unpredictable. Even if you were strict on diet, this time you feel like losing all control over your eating habits. Instead of restricting yourself to food that is good for you, you simply don’t care and eat what you want. You do not care about the nature of food and you also do not worry much on the quantity you take. It may be high fat or high protein food; it may even be a strange combination of food, you simply do not care. You go for food as much as you like or you can accommodate. Food becomes an obsession for you. As long as you feel happy about your eating you simply do not care what people think about it. In fact, it has been seen that during such energy shift symptoms, you feel better to move to your choice food instead of restricting to diet food. This reduces the shift symptoms too over a period of time. There may be some but they are definitely to a lesser degree.
Though there are many energy shift symptoms, they are not applicable to everybody. People are seen to have different symptoms and of varying degrees. It is just that you may have one but at such a low frequency that you do not even notice it. The upkeep of your body and general health conditions also play a role on the severity level. Your food habits also determine the severity level. If you generally take healthy food, the symptoms will be less severe than on people who prefer eating junk food. You must love your body and take care of it well.
All said and done, it is all for taking you to the higher level of energy. The sufferings you had mentally and physically, you have taken them in the right spirit for your purpose to move on to a greater energy state. So what if you had to suffer a little bit? It’s worth it and after all these sufferings you very well deserve this ascension.

The First Letter Of Your Name Shows Your Personality

The first letter of your name shows your personality:
‘A’- You are not romantic but practical. You always achieve your goals when set. You are not patient and you do not react fast to others even when they were sweet and polite. You are attractive, polite, open mined and have a serious personality. You always need your partner’s support and full courage to be able to stay with them. You find it important to feel a mutual romantic attitude within your relationship. You do not create problems but you are selfish. You always need your partner’s support to be able to stay with them. They have to show you love and appreciation. You know how to select your lover.
‘B’- You have a romantic personality. You like to exchange gifts with your lover, as it is a proof of true love. You know how to love, act and talk. You are very patient and you reach your goals. You control your emotions and your feelings well and you love to go on adventures.
‘C’- You are very sociable. You fall in love with a close friend or colleague. You are very sensitive. You need your lover not only to love you but to adore you. You are patient and you could get what you want by controlling your feelings very well.
‘D’- You react fast. You care for others and solve their problems. You are kind and sincere and very sensitive with your romantic life. Sometimes your love turns to jealousy and overprotectiveness. You have a temper and are hard yet can be smart and pleasant. If you put your mind into loving someone, you do not give up easily.
‘E’- You need your partner to be a good listener. Your lover is a friend or colleague. You keep negotiating serious conversations from time to time to maintain excitement within your love life. Actions and challenges are important to you. You are very loyal to your loved one. You enjoy to read before going to bed.
‘F’- You are sensitive, generous and romantic. You know how to select your future partner and are sincere when you promise true love. You are courageous, attractive and generous. You are good hearted but if you get hurt you look for revenge.
‘G’- You are difficult to please. You are always looking for idealism inside you and your lover. Your lover has to be at the same maturity level as you. You are sensitive and you know how to reach the highest excitement in your feelings because through your nature you are accurate and picky. Very active and you never feel tired. Priorities in your life go to your duties and responsibilities and for this reason it is hard to be close and give enough love to those who are around you.
‘H’- You need a companion who can add happiness, joy and anything you look for within your life. You are generous with your lover. You are very careful in your behavior and relationships. You are a sensitive and patient lover. You remain patient until you reach what you plan for. You are strong in your beliefs. You work hard until you reach your goal. You are hard to please and you are not effected from those around you. Since you have your own knowledge, others rely on you.
‘I’- You need to love and be loved. You need appreciation from your lover. You are very emotional. You like researching and knowledge. You look for a lover who knows how to please you emotionally, financially and morally. You get board fast and look for change. Your close relationships are short lived because you do not commit yourself. You can be very materialistic.
‘J’- You are gifted with a financial power. Nobody can stop you from being kind to others. You always go after financial challenges with friends without thinking. On the other hand, you are full of romance. You are a wonderful person but you are missing the belief of love. You need to drink and eat to grow up within your relationships. You keep creating foreign relationships and communications.
‘K’- You are very hard to talk to. You are very lonely and shy but also very attractive. You are caring to only those that are close to your heart. You are full of courage and knowledge. You have a commercial mind. You know the most delicate commercial tricks and you can play any game very professionally. You take your love life very seriously. You do not play games with those around you. You have the patience to wait for the right partner for marriage. You are nice, pleasant and can be a best friend and a wonderful partner.
‘L’- You are romantic and attracted to the magic of love. Your life partner is the most important person to you. You have your own love dictionary. You like adventures and you accept risks. Your lover needs to be intellectual. You need love and are dying to know if you partner appreciates you.
‘M’- You are romantic, shy and down to earth. You are an artist and well experienced. You reach the maximum levels of love easily. You criticize your lover to reach your idea of perfect within the relationship. It is not easy to find the exact requirement you are looking for in your partner. You have difficulties expressing yourself and approaching your loved ones. You are selfish and consider your opinion is right. Sometimes you forget your friends and family and live for the moment.
‘N’- You are romantic, sensitive and imaginative. You are hardly involved in your romantic life. No borders or obstacles can stand in your way. You are looking for a soul mate that in romantic and sensitive. You could build a very strong romantic relationship. You believe in complete freedom. You have lots of energy, which allows you to take risks and try new things. You know how to treat your partner with the tenderness of a mothers care and you wish to be treated the same. You tend to rush through your life without slowing down to enjoy what is around you.
‘O’- You like to be involved in different activities. You are shy and do not say or show your wishes. You have the power to forward your energy to build up your wealth and fame. You can resist being single for long periods, for your love is a serious project and needs power. You are ready to try new things and to meet new people.
‘P’- You are mature and you feel the principles of your culture. You cannot dare to misbehave and jeopardize your name and image. You like to be smart, good looking and elegant. At times you might consider your partner is your enemy. Due to a big fight, your relationship could end. You are ready to go through experiences and adventures and be professional in taking certain actions. You are a sociable person. Sensitive and romantic, which is beneficial to get your wishes and self-satisfaction.
‘Q’- You have strong moving energy, and nobody can follow you. You are enthusiastic in your love and are attracted to those around you based on their principals and behavior. To continue your life you need love negotiations, flowers and romantic hearts.
‘R’- You are ready to correct and change your behavior to better yourself. You are looking for a partner who is equal to you intellectually. You always try to prove that you deserve your partner. You are an open-minded person and very romantic.
‘S’- You believe in pleasure before work. You are deal and strong in your sensitive feelings. You do not lose control of your romantic feelings and when you promise your partner sincerity, you respect your promise. You feel jealous and possessive at times and become selfish. On the other hand you are sensitive, emotional, silent and sometimes very nervous. You are serious in your romantic life and can wait until you find the right match. You are generous, peaceful and loveable. These characteristics make you attractive to others and also a good friend.
‘T’- You are full of emotions, feelings and sometimes nervous. Very romantic and enjoy candles, lights and music. You are an imaginative dreamer. You get in and out of love and recover from it fast. You know how to attract your partner. You have your own way of life and you do not like to change it. You are very stubborn. You do not take advise from anyone but indeed their advise could save your life, don’t underestimate it.
‘U’- You are very enthusiastic. You feel maximum pleasure when you are in love. You are always looking for a person you can love and adore. In your opinion love is a challenge. You are always looking for new challenges, which gives you the feeling of maximum freedom. You are very elegant. You like to give gifts to friends, parents and lovers because you enjoy their reactions.
‘V’- You need freedom and enthusiasm in your life. You wait until you know your partner before making any promises or commitments. You need to discover your partner’s weaknesses and figure out how you can get him or her on your side. You are attracted to those who have strange characters. Your charisma is very attractive when it is needed. Fear, nervous, danger and confusions.
‘W’- You feel very proud of yourself and wise in your decisions. You do not accept “NO!” for an answer. When it is related to love, you are very romantic and caring. Your love is very strong and you are very attracted to your partner. You are full of generosity and you consider nothing is more precious then your loved one. You are an expert in love games and surprises.
‘X’- You cannot live without excitement in your life. You like to have more than one relationship at a time. You cannot stop thinking that you are gifted. You are very good at multi-tasking.
‘Y’- You are very sensitive and have an independent personality. If someone does not do things your way you forget about that subject completely. Your romantic life is not successful because you are over controlling. You are too controlled by your sensitivity and feelings that you need to prove yourself and always need to know others reactions towards your efforts.
‘Z’- You are very romantic and you do not show your feelings easily. You try very hard to please your lover. You are very sociable. You try to help everyone with everything especially those who feel that they need you.

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