These Zodiac Matches are Born Soulmates

You may always come across some individuals who despite having a very loving and kind partner can never bring themselves to reciprocate the same or even though being married for half century doesn’t make them feel complete.
There are chances that people confuse comfort and compatibility with partner to having found their soulmate. All things considered, you never know who may be perfect for whom, however you can have a thought by knowing the zodiac indications of the interested individuals.
We all know there are a couple of zodiacs run well with particular other zodiac signs. The following zodiac sign match is believed to be a ‘match made in heaven’.
1. Libra & Scorpio
Both Scorpio and Libra are subtly enthusiastic. This is the reason they share an extraordinary companionship. Libras have a secret desire to be needed by their partner and Scorpios love to fixate their world around people, who are close to them. Even though both these signs enjoy individual interests and identities; one may even discover dithering between the two at first. Once they come together, no force can move them apart.
Their soulful chemistry is unparalleled and often becomes the reason for other’s envy.
2. Pisces & Cancer
These two are the most passionate ones of all zodiac signs, especially for each other. Alongside their feelings, they additionally have great instinctive abilities. Because of these similitudes, both the zodiacs see each other in a radical new manner. No other zodiac can comprehend these two like they see each other. When they are as one, you can cut the pressure between them, utilizing a blade. They are like water and sponge.
3. Sagittarius & Aries
Once they get to know each other, no force in the world can set them apart. They read each other’s thoughts like they are telepaths. When they are together, there’s no place to entertain a third person; for them the world doesn’t exist beyond each other. If given a chance, these two individuals will only talk high of each other, plan out vacations, and discuss until time ends on any topic that brings their mindsets together. They start with becoming friends first and soulmates until they die.
4. Gemini & Aquarius
Gemini and Aquarius resemble magnets; while Gemini is a scattered and hesitant individual, Aquarius are solid disapproved and submitted, so when the two meet up, they bring the much-needed balance in each other’s lives. Despite the fact that they may have diverse beliefs on how they may accomplish their objectives, they both still depend on each other to fulfil them.
5. Taurus & Virgo
These two individuals are the perfect example of ‘match made in heaven’; they both can offset each other's fantasies. When they meet up in a relationship, they make the most grounded couples. Once in a relationship, both the zodiacs feel comprehended to a level that they can never accomplish things without the other. The Taurus has a sure approach and an extraordinary taste, which is exceptionally attractive to Virgo. Because of these reasons, they both feel pulled in to each other, and appreciate each other's existence in their lives.
6. Libra & Cancer
Like puzzles, these two just need each other to complete. Once they are together, they don’t like to be disturbed off each other’s attention by the world. Honestly, both Libra and Cancer feel good when they are with somebody who totally comprehends them and who better than each other? So, when they meet up, the bond between them develops so solid that they end up like two peas in a pod. When they fall in love, they don’t wait to waste even a minute apart and get hitched instantly. At the point when these stars meet, they don't hold up to get hitched. This may be because of the Cancer's want to settle. Also, this early marriage dependably appears to work for them.
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Who among us doesn’t want to know what fate has prepared for him? What will happen in our lives in the near future, and whether this can be avoided or used to our advantage. Today the Zen-Magazine experts have prepared a fortune telling test for you, which will tell you all about your future.
All you have to do is choose the one card you like the most and read your prediction. Let’s start!
Read your prediction for the near future:
Card number 1
If you chose Card No. 1, then very soon you will have an incredibly good time, during which no special problems or difficulties are foreseen. And those of them that arise on the “horizon” should not be taken into account, for they will by no means cloud your life and have consequences.
For you, everything will develop as you wish. The main thing to do is to keep a positive attitude and believe in yourself and everything will work out for the best.
Card number 2
If you chose Card No. 2, then you should know that everything you will undertake this year should be done by you personally, if you want successful completion of the task at hand. You don’t need to rely on third-party assistance, although you will be repeatedly tempted to ask for help because of the tough tasks at hand that await you in the near future. Just give your complete focus to the tasks and issues of interest to you and be more attentive and responsible than ever and you’ll accomplish everything you set to do and it will be worth.
You shouldn’t have a frivolous attitude to the events of your life as it is in your best interest to take the tasks at hand seriously and complete them to the best of your abilities! Calm yourself and act as your intuition tells you.
Card number 3
If you chose Card No. 3, we are happy to inform you, that in a short time you will feel like you are on top of the world. Everything will get better and you won’t have to worry about anything. You will feel that, finally, you have achieved everything that you wanted. Finally, you will have the time and the right to take a break, rest and enjoy in the little things you didn’t have a time until now.
Try to surround yourself with people who are sincere with you, and wish you well only because you are YOU. After all, only then you will be able to receive all those blessings that fate is ready to give you.
Card number 4
If you chose Card No. 4, then we want to inform you that thanks to your wit, quickness and rationality, you will be able to make a tangible progress to completing your wishes and desires. Everything that you ever wanted might just come true.
However, avoid excessive self-confidence, don’t overestimate your capabilities! After all, even though you are a very talented person, it’s impossible to comprehend and achieve everything.
If you get the opportunity to use the help of a more competent person who could help you, don’t hesitate to ask for it and use it.
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Select The Symbol You Are Most Draw To And Reveal This Week's Message From Spirit

Curious about what your psychic message is for the upcoming week? Select the card that calls to you and then read the message. Be sure to write your message down as a reminder as aligning situations pop up!

This card signifies that you will be celebrating the achievement of a personal goal. The goal spirit speaks of is one that has to do with your personal path, not your career path.  Let's say it's more of an inner celebration rather that an outside manifestation. It may be that you notice a change in your reactions or maybe you are able to find peace and resolution within as opposed to the times you may have felt turmoil and unrest. It doesn't matter how small the achievement, celebrate yourself on your personal progress!

There may be a day or two coming up where the challenges and delays keep popping up for you. Those ducks are not lining up in a row and you may have to constantly check on them to make sure they are where they are in place. You may be tempted to overload yourself with caffeine, sugar, carbs, and energy drinks. Do not give in. Ingest only healthy energy alternatives such as apples, vitamins and plenty of lemon or ginger water. Paying attention to your fuel today is  extremely important. You have a lot on your plate and how you maneuver through the day has a lot to with the type of fuel you are putting into your body...this also includes your inner thoughts for they are fuel as well.

You are at a place where there is harmony, balance, love, and contentment within your personal relationships. Enjoy this beautiful and harmonious time as these important relationships help raise and lift you up from the recent challenges that you have been experiencing. This is a time to receive, a true blessing indeed. Be sure to express your love and gratitude to those who love and care about you for they surely are earth angels. 

source: awakeningpeople

Pick A Fairy And We’ll Reveal What You Are Attracting In Your Life

Fairies are ethereal spirits that have been referred to as “demoted” angels or servers of wizards. In contemporary tales, fairies are frequently portrayed as attractive and charmed tree spirits who stay secreted from humans.
There are diverse individualities and classifications of fairies so the one you pick out will tell you what you attract in life.
Look at the three images below and choose the one you feel most connected with.
If you chose…
Flower Fairy
The Flower Fairy signifies peace, compassion, and love for plainness. You attract persistence and understanding. You’re subtle like a rose petal, so you know how to talk to others in a way that makes them feel upright about themselves or the rough situation they’re in. Nevertheless, others have to treat you with precaution because you can become emotional effortlessly.
Ice Fairy
The Ice Fairy symbolizes strength, boldness, and intelligence. You entice leadership and trials, which suits you seamlessly. You’re a natural born leader who enjoys taking up tough projects and leading a group. The people around you often depend on you to work out hard problems and make swift, smart decisions. You apprehend challenging subjects effortlessly and it takes a lot to upset you because you have a thick skin.
Garden Fairy
You select the Garden Fairy, which signifies ingenuity, resourcefulness, and hilarity. You attract communication and chances. The people around you are overwhelmed by how smoothly you come up with new imaginative ideas and you’re often lost in a fantasy. People have a tendency to trust you and your ideas because of how well you present yourself. You love talking, but sometimes a little too much. You rather laugh than argue. You’re a warm person to be around.
source; Meow Gag

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