Card 1
This card spread tells you that it is possible that a negative energy is going to surround you, but do not give it much importance, it is not what it sounds like. This will materialize in some bad habit or an undesirable person who feels envious towards you or speaks negatively of you towards others. You will have a somewhat uncomfortable experience, but in return, you will get wisdom that will help you not have that problem anymore.
Not everything will be bad, luck will accompany you in some aspect of your life, you must guess which one is. But you will have to make merit to know it, you will be able to reach some goal in which you strive to achieve. Everything will depend on the effort you put to achieve it.
CARD 2: 
The card spread tells that lately you have a lot of desires to spend money on whims that you know that are unnecessary. You will be under some stress thinking to make that extravagance or not. Be careful because you could have financial problems if you buy those whims according to the tarot.
Now it’s time to make good deals with people. These tarot cards tell you that you can trust in most of the people you know and it will be a favorable time for interactions with people, even new loves may arise, and there will be a good social life. Enjoy the moment because this moment may be passing by.
Card 3:
Your card says that a new responsibility will come to your life. It is something new, that will change your life a little. Although it is a new responsibility, it will bring you many blessings and joys.
A negative cycle of your life is about to end according to this reading, and with its end, a new phase of your life will come. The obstacles will be left behind and you will be able to breathe easy. The following months will be quiet, you can rest and relax at last.
You are a very open person and you make the mistake of sincere with anyone. In your environment, there is a toxic person who rejoices when you tell him/her something negative about your life. Do not be so open to everyone.

7 Superpowers All Empaths Have But Don’t Usually Notice

Below I am going to go over some of the powers empaths have that they tend to go overlooked. While they are important things and they make big differences in the lives of those around the empath is completely oblivious normally. If you’re an empath these things will really bring you to a new understanding.

Empaths are some of the most powerful people on this planet. While they don’t usually know their true potential, others see it big time.

Now, for those who do not know empaths are people who can sense and absorb the emotions of others. They take them on as their own and sometimes that causes them a lot of issues. While no two empaths are the exact same, they do tend to have a lot in common with one another.

7 Powers Empaths Have But Don’t Usually Notice:

1. They understand animals on a deep level.

Empaths are able to understand animals in ways people usually don’t think about. They can see the emotions animals are feeling and animals are drawn to them. It’s like they are able to actually communicate in a deeper plane.

2. Empaths have a stronger intuition than most.

Empaths can sense things that most other people don’t sense. They have a strong intuition and act accordingly. They don’t ignore the things their intuition is bringing them to.

3. They see people for who they are.

Empaths see other people for who they truly are which is something almost everyone in this day and age is not capable of. They can tell when someone is a good person or a bad person. Even in situations where you do something wrong they see the good in you if it is present.

4. Empaths can spot liars from a mile away.

Empaths can tell whether or not you’re a liar with ease. Empaths can sense when there is something weird going on with the people in your life. If someone isn’t being genuine then you will be able to see it big time.

5. They can change the mood of a room with ease.

Empaths can make the mood of a room turn from positive to negative or vice versa. When they want to make the mood of the situation to change they change it. That being said, sometimes they don’t see the things that are going on. They sometimes do not realize how big the impact they have on things are.

6. They can read auras.

Empaths can read the auras of other people. They can sense whether or not someone is being genuine and can tell if a person is toxic or not. While they might not be able to see a person’s aura they do sense things about them other people can’t.

7. Empaths are natural born healers.

Empaths are able to heal others in ways that most cannot. They work through the emotions and bring forth a sense of comfort within that people otherwise wouldn’t be able to find. While sometimes they struggle with keeping the emotions they absorb from being confused with their own they do work wonders in the lives of others.

source: https://awarenessact.com

The Buddhist Card will Reveal if You will Be Lucky In Life or Not

Card 1:

The Buddhist tarot announces that a dream you had will come true in part. You will not be able to get everything you have in the dream, but you will have enough to enjoy it. You will feel very satisfied and fulfilled.

This tarot card indicates that by chance of fate, the following week's luck will be on your side. Take the opportunity to try to always do what you want. Although you will not be able to achieve everything, I am sure that a large part can do it.

You will correct a bad habit in your life. You have been trying for a long time to avoid that bad habit (sedentary lifestyle, smoking, alcohol, etc), and this year will be where you finally get over it and enjoy a healthy and happy life.

Card 2: 

The Buddhist tarot tells you that the answers you were waiting for, will come soon. Meanwhile, it will be a time to be prudent and think things through.

You have to think about new responsibilities and reflections in your life, you will have to prepare yourself to make the right decisions.

If you maintain an optimistic and positive mood, success and your health will increase enormously, but you will have to be persistent in that mood.

The tarot card indicates among other things, a period of renewal, to start over again a failed purpose, when there was a staging point, to do things right by correcting past mistakes and achieving your goal

Card 3:

The Buddhist tarot says that you will experience an exclusive luxury within a short time and you will feel lucky. It is a luxury that few people can try. This will not change your life but the way of thinking, you could attract luck.

There will be some positive event that you did not expect and new possibilities for improvement in your life will open up for you. Do not hesitate and take advantage, it may not happen again.

You will receive the peace you are seeking. You will have the control of your life again and feel that the problems are finally happening. You will feel that your life finally achieves that harmony and peace that you have fought so hard to have.


This test uses the majestic beauty of the butterfly to reveal fascinating facts about your true personality. Looking at the picture, there are 6 different butterflies, each with their own color, shape, and beauty. Select the one that you find yourself instantly attracted to, remembering the number that has been associated with it. Read on to learn what your choice of butterfly will reveal about you!

The Butterfly is a symbol of immortality, reincarnation, and resurrection. It is the symbol of total transformation, it represents the need for change and greater freedom and at the same time represents courage.

There are approximately 24,000 different species of butterfly in the world, each with their own unique pattern and coloring. While some of these beautiful creatures can be witnessed from the safety of our own backyards, others are exotic, viewed only through images and video.

Butterfly 1 – Enthusiastic and Happy

You view the world as a constant source of joy and energy, waking up each morning with a smile on your face that refuses to fade, shining just as strong as you climb into bed at the end of the day. You love excitement, always looking for your next big adventure, and hate nothing more than the idea of monotony or boredom. Relishing in our freedom, you fill every day with a variety of different activities, determined to experience everything at least once.

Butterfly 2 – Hardworking and Goal-Oriented

When you set your eyes on something, there is nothing that will hold you back! You aren’t afraid of hard working, understanding that with hard work comes success. While some may refer to you as being a workaholic, the truth is that you take a tremendous amount of pride in your work and feel as though anything less than your complete best would be insulting. You set goals in every area of your life, then work towards achieving them, unwilling to rest until you do.

Butterfly 3 – Logical and Tidy

There is a place for everything, and everything has its place. This is your motto, and you expect everyone around you to follow it. Your home is immaculately organized, and that is how you plan on keeping it! If you notice even the smallest item out of place you become overwhelmed with a sense of chaos. Your schedule is just as organized, carefully blocking out the hours of your day in a way that you feel is logical and productive.

Butterfly 4 – Harmonious and Peaceful

You highly value calm, peace and harmony, going to great lengths in your life in order to avoid any possibility of conflict. Your life is full I balance, understanding that you will need both the light and the dark, the high and the low in every situation that you encounter. There is nothing more important to you than ensuring that you maintain this balance, as you experience a high level of anxiety anytime things move even slightly out of place. Your radiate peace, and bring a sense of calmness to all that you encounter.

Butterfly 5 – Sensitive and Big-Hearted

You have a heart of gold and an unwavering desire and passion for helping others. Often stopping to put yourself into others shoes, this provides you with an understanding of your fellow man that most would only dream of obtaining. You are also highly sensitive, feeling as though you are deeply and personally impacted by all that you experience in life, shaping you into the incredibly loving and honest person that you are today.

Pick a Card, The Spanish Tarot Has Urgently Something Good To Tell You

Card Number 1 :

You can finally get an acquisition that you’ve been wanting to do for some time. This will make you very excited and also make your life easier. Maybe you feel selfish about buying something for yourself and not for others, but you deserve it, you have been looking for others for a long time.

There will be an event that is not important, but you will give it a lot of importance. This will make you spend a few days worried, but it will end up solving without needing you to do anything.

The Spanish tarot tells us that there will be a favorable time for the family economy. If you are working there could be a salary increase; If not, you could find a job or a family member.

Card Number 2 :

You will have a good time with your partner. After some unimportant discussions, it will strengthen your relationship and you will enjoy good times. If you are single, you will meet a great person in a situation that you would NEVER think.

The next months you will have to face an odious expense. Maybe it’s something from the kitchen, some appliance. But taking away from that expense, you will not have to spend more for a long time and you can enjoy peace of mind and save.

Card Number 3 : 

The Spanish tarot augurs good health. There will be no serious illness, indeed, you will improve your health by taking better habits and therefore more vitality, energy, and joy.

You have to look for the positive side of each situation and be grateful for everything that you have achieved in your life. Do not be so pessimistic sometimes, you know what I’m talking about.

It´s time to stand up again now that you will enjoy good health and energy, you have been letting yourself be carried away by the stress and the accumulation of bad news, and you have surrendered, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. Start preparing to get ahead, in reality, all these problems have an easy solution.


This free tarot reading can predict the future, analyze the past and present, and guide your life to improve it.

The esoteric oracle tells you that, in a situation you never imagined, there will be a reunion with an old friend that you have not seen for years. This will bring an improvement in your social life, you will do activities that you never did before.

There will be a rollercoaster of emotions in your life; Both good and bad. There will be much love and passion, but perhaps also some arguments and anger.

You’re going to get out of a dark and negative stage of your life. Can be many things, you may stop seeing a toxic person who hurts you, an obligation you do not like will end, etc.

The three cards oracle tells us that something new is about to start in your life. You’re facing a positive new energy, so don’t be afraid when there’s a change in your life. It can be a new job, something about your family, some project, etc.

There will be a quality improvement in your life. The tarot card does not show me specifically in what aspect will improve your life, but it does glimpse joy and more comfort.

In the long run, thanks to your hard work, you will get certain goals you wanted for you. Other goals will be incomplete. You can’t get it all, sometimes you have to know when to stop and enjoy what you have already achieved.

The three cards oracle tells you that your ability to plan your economy and ease for problem-solving will help you to move forward positively the family economy.

With regard to your health, if you have been dragging a certain aching, there is going to be an improvement. You’ll have to worry about your health and take care of yourself, be serious.

You’ve been under some pressure lately. You’ve usually had obligations in your personal life or too much work. This has been creating problems that are accumulating. Solve these problems as soon as possible because it could create more problems.

You’re going to realize that you’re wrong in one aspect of your life. You will correct this error and you can channel your life in a better direction.


Those tarot cards represent healing, and they have a positive effect when you visualize them. These healing cards awoke an ancient remembering, and they can help you to find some peace within you. Many of this tarot cards raise feelings of love, peace, and calmness.

You're Being Helped

"Heaven is working behind the scenes to help you, even if you don't see results yet."

You've put the call out for help and it's on the way - all you need to do now is trust in the Universe delivering it to you in divine timing.  If you get urges to take action, do so. Sometimes this is what's required when we've prayed and waited patiently. This card can also indicate for you to ask for help, either from prayer or asking those around you to help when you're in need.  Perhaps it's time to delegate some chores to those who aren't as busy.  Know that there is always help at hand.


"Make a date for a play day with one or more friends."

Has life become too serious? Have you been working hard and not spending time doing the things you love?  Perhaps it's time to get together with some friends and let your hair down. We all need a balance between work/play and that includes a healthy social life. Spending too much time alone is not healthy so if you're in need of friends, perhaps it's time to join a club or group which interests you, to make friends. This card can also indicate that it's time to talk about what's been burdening you with a trusted friend. Keeping it all bottled up inside is not healthy.

Contemplation Time

"Spend time alone, meditating upon what you truly desire."

Now is the time to stop doing and start meditating.  You've worked hard and it's time to take some time out and reflect on your true desires before you can move forward.  What do you truly wish - not what someone else wishes for you, but what do you desire? Happiness will only come when we follow through with our own heart's desires.  Take this time in gentle contemplation to meditate, visualize and pray for what you truly want.  We do have the power to create our reality. When we are on the go all the time, it's difficult to assess what our wishes are, so take some time now to rest, go within and understand what you truly want.


Hello, my dear friends, it’s Monday and time to pick a card for our week ahead messages!

It is time to reconnect with our family bloodline as well as our soul lineage or ‘etheric bloodline’ to find our roots and shed any aspects that are not authentic/do not serve our purpose in this existence. The message of this card extends through the next couple of weeks until the New Moon in Libra.

You chose card one. IX 9 of Wands 

The bloodline on your mother’s side is calling for you to connect. This is also where you can focus your healing efforts over the next couple of weeks. Express any emotions that surface rather than suppressing them. Use art and dance as outlets for emotional healing. This could be a fertile period for you creatively.

You chose card two. III The Empress

Look at structures that need rebuilding.  Think of your life as a house. Which rooms (areas of your life) need to be redesigned? Which resources do you have at your disposal? How can you use them? Is there a person with the qualities of the King of Pentacles you could ask for help with the practical/financial side of things if need be?

You chose card three. The King of Pentacles

The focus for this week is to look at where you have papered over cracks in your past instead of doing the healing work. You can easily find these cracks by examining which areas of your life are causing an energy drain. Be honest with yourself. Avoid getting tense and defensive as if you are the victim of past failures. Realize that these are all valuable lessons instead – Lessons which will become invaluable tools in your own healing toolkit once integrated.


Look at the following 6 crystals, analyze them well and choose the one you like the most. Make sure your choice is careful and honest to get the best results. After you select the crystal, find the message below and read how you can improve your own future.

Red Jasper Stone - Nickname: the Stabilizer

Red Jasper almost seems to hug you with its comforting essence. Jasper's energy is the support you can learn on when stress is tearing you down. As a supreme nurturer, it soothes the mind of anxiety so that it can focus on other things. Red Jasper's encouragement helps you to take on new pursuits, deal with conflicts and approach problems with creative solutions. 

Garnet-  The Energizer

Not all energy has to come in a Venti-sized cup; reenergize the crystal way with garnet, and you’ll have all of the vitality without the impending crash. By arousing the chi, or life force, within the physical body, garnet encourages you to go out and smell roses. Seize the day and all of your potential with help of this stone for enhancing health, passion, and pleasure.

ROSE QUARTZ - The Love Magnet

See the world through rose-tinted glasses by tapping into the universal love of rose quartz. This stone will open up your heart chakra to every kind of love that you need—whether it’s self-love, familial love, friendship love, love for humanity or romantic love. As a flush of compassion, happiness, forgiveness and peace pulses through you, rose quartz will assist you in ease your grip on toxic emotions. With this sense of release, your spirit can finally be free of petty negativity.

ORANGE CALCITE- The Revitalizer

A stone of unconditional love, rose quartz works by opening your heart to all types of love, including self-love, romantic love, love of the community, friends, family, and everything on Earth. When you hold rose quartz stones while meditating or wear it as jewelry, it surrounds you with a sphere of love energy, which activates and balances the heart chakra. Love is the most powerful energy, which makes rose quartz one of the most beneficial stones for healing and flooding the body with positive energy.

MOOKAITE- The Adventurer

Embrace your wanderlust and let Mookaite be your spiritual compass, pointing you in the direction of adventure. Awaken your true potential with the energy of this stone, and pursue the passions you’ve put on hold. The willpower that mookaite stimulates in your solar plexus and root chakras will rouse in you a desire to explore new activities. Its exciting, yet comforting energy makes for a great travel companion for those on a solo journey.

CITRINE- The Light Maker

Citrine is the stone of light and happiness. It does not hold any negative energy and therefore never needs to be cleansed. Wearing citrine jewelry against your skin enhances the clarity of mind, stimulating and activating the mind and thinking process. It helps to balance the 3rd Solar Chakra, which is the center of breath. When this chakra center is balanced, happiness, self-discipline, flexibility, and reliability are enhanced. Wearing citrine stone jewelry helps you to feel good about yourself, infusing your life with happiness, confidence and overall energy


Choose a Card To Receive a Message For This Exact Moment In your Life. When others project their fear on you and try to tear you or your creation down because it is not a good fit with their narrow worldview or paradigm, quietly get on with your work. You are loved and supported beyond your wildest dreams.

Tarot card number 1

THE WHEEL is a wonderful sign that at least one of the things on your wish or bucket lists are coming true for you this week. This is a great week for friendships and social gatherings. You also have a greater than normal ability to make an impact through humanitarian projects or charities this week. Seek kindred spirits out who, like you, share an interest in making this world a better place. Together, you shine your light in the world brighter than you could do on your own and the sum is greater than its parts. Check yourself for a tendency to be aloof around family members. You may also find that you have more inspired ideas than usual this week – Don’t hesitate to act on them!

Tarot card number 2

THE STAR  is a sign that you need to make time in your schedule for some self-care and in particular establish a grounding practice, whether it be through pranayama, hugging a tree, earthing (walking barefoot) or working with crystals such as black tourmaline. You will find you have a tendency to be in your head and worry about things and/or you could have trouble sleeping because your over-active mind is constantly trying to problem solve. As you probably already know, solutions tend to crop up by themselves when we are relaxed, so seek out as many opportunities as possible for deep relaxation go get those tension levels down and to allow for the problems to take care of themselves.

Tarot card number 3

THE 9 OF SWORDS is Fortune points to a very exciting week for you. Sometimes we find ourselves on the downward turn of the wheel but I’m shown that this week brings a lucky break. This could relate to work, family life or money. Stay alert to not miss any opportunities to move forward in the direction of your dreams. Some of the opportunities may be quite subtle or even disguised as trials. Pay attention to your own energy and to how it meets the world around you. If you pick up on a feeling of expansion, this is your intuitive self-letting you know that it is safe to take a risk and embrace the opportunity before you.


Wisdom Path Experts have done an incredible job at predicting your future and simply by choosing one of this 4 beautiful cards you will receive a powerful message that might change your life for the better

Take a quick look at these four beautiful cards and let your subconscious choose your favorite. Please don’t choose to choose, choose the card that appeals the most to you, because it has a special message which will bring peace and harmony in your life.

Next, discover the message that the card you chose has for this moment of your life.

1. Card of calm

This card comes today in your life to remind you that maybe you are not responsible for everything that happens in your life, but if you are responsible for the attitude you assume in the face of things that happen. Anger and rage are never good counselors. Remember that it’s in your nature to be a wise person.

Take control of your life, your decisions, and your reactions. Learn to face anger with love, stubbornness with good arguments and you will see how your days automatically become happier and your attitude towards life and people will radically improve, attracting to you only well-being, love and prosperity. Be Calm: do not allow people to drag you into their storm, it’s better if you attract them to your peace. If you liked your message, do not forget to share it with your friends and leave your opinion in the comments.

2. Card of joy and hope

This card arrives in your life today to announce that you live in days of the change. Everything that has happened to you up until now has happened because you had to learn, grow and become strong. Now it’s time to face the sun, believe every day that the best is yet to come and live your life with hope because now is your time to shine, to reach for the sky and do the impossible, do the things you always wanted to d but never had the courage to try,

It is time to return to those dreams that one day for various reasons you left abandoned, it is time to be brave and work with love because the universe always conspires in favor of those committed to achieving their greatest desires. Live each and every day with joy and excitement – the time is now. If you liked your message, do not forget to share it with your friends and leave your opinion in the comments.

3. Card of imagination and new opportunities

This card comes in your life to invite you to see life with new eyes, with the eyes of a curious child who is surprised with the flight of a butterfly or the blueness of the sky. We usually go through life in a hurry, missing out on wonderful things that happen on a daily basis and missing out on the messages that life sends us.

The creative force of the universe wants the best for you and it sends you messages in its subtle language all the time. It’s time to put a little more calm, peace and contemplation to your days, because the questions you have asked will be answered and new and wonderful opportunities will appear in front of you, only if you allow it. It is time to observe the signs with attention, because life never stops talking to you about what you need and to guide you through the best path. If you liked your message, do not forget to share your message with your friends and leave your opinion in the comments.

4. Card for honesty and responsibility

This card arrives today in your life to ask you: Have you been giving the best of you lately? What are you doing today that will take you to the place where you want to be tomorrow?

What can you do in your life to be the best version of yourself?

You are a person naturally created to do wonderful things and your destiny and your life is in your hands. For this reason define your purposes, fill yourself with strength, love and courage and move forward every day in the path of your dreams, because when you know what you want and want with enough strength, you will always find a way to achieve it. Be the strongest you can be everyday and try your best and you’ll be a force moving forward. If you liked your message, do not forget to share it with your friends and leave your opinion in the comments.

If You Possess 4 of These Traits, You Are One of the Rarest People on Earth

According to Carl Jung, the personalities of people are represented by general attitude: sensitive – intuitive, extroverted – introverted, judging – perceiving, and thinking – feeling.

So, when you get out the 4 initial letters INFJ from these personalities, you get the rarest type which is Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Judging. When you look at a classroom, you can see only one or two students who are quiet and observing what is going on around.

This is the rarest type. They are not shy, but introverted. But, being quiet is not the only characteristic of this personality.

Below you can read 10 traits of the unique INFJ personality, and see if you belong to this group.

1. The Focus is on Important Things

These people always concentrate on important things and deal with challenges in a confident and easy way. And, when the things do not go as planned, they find new ways to achieve their goals.

2. Hard Workers

Many people from the other personality types are lazy, but the INFJ’s are real hard-workers. They always try to do their best in order to make their dreams come true because nothing comes easy in life.

3. Believing in Their Gut

You have probably noticed that “N” in INFJ stands of iNtuition. So, these people possess a strong intuition. And, when they sense something bad is happening, they immediately start doing something about it. Also, they can always feel if something is going to happen in their life.

4. Only Few Chosen Friends

These people choose their close friends carefully. They are often alone because they enjoy their solitude, and do not enjoy hanging in large social groups.

5. Empaths

They are all about feelings. Whenever someone needs help, they will be there to give them a hand. Also, they are able to put themselves in someone else’s shoes and understand their feelings. And, feeling what others feel is the reason why they often need some alone time to recharge their batteries.

6. Read Other People Easily

Being an empath means having the ability to read people’s minds through their emotions. They are very good at noticing when someone is lying. This characteristic helps them stay safe when they are around people with bad intentions.

7. Visionaries

While being alone, these people let their mind wander. As a result, they get a lot of new and creative ideas that can share with their friends.

8. Inspiring

Since these people are visionaries, idealists, and creative, they are able to inspire everyone around them, especially their close friends.

9. Love Towards Writing

Expressing their thoughts and creativity is these people’s way of life. But, since as we mentioned, they prefer being alone, they choose writing as a way of expression. So, when they write down what they think and feel, they feel much more peaceful and calmer.

10. Great at Solving Problems

INFJ’s are natural when it comes to solving problems because they always see the bigger picture. So, this ability helps them to notice which things are not right and find a way to fix them.

Finally, readers, if you possess at least 4 of the above-mentioned traits, you belong to the group that has the unique and rare personality type.

source: http://mysticalraven.com

The Best Psychic Tarot will Reveal Amazingly your Future


There will be a somewhat uncomfortable situation.

The Best psychic tarot tells us that a person you decided not to see more because you had some kind of discussion or similar, will reappear. It will be an uncomfortable situation but nothing more, but it would be good to prepare yourself with some explanation so that you could make the situation easier.

In your current life you are making a right decision for your future, but later the doubts may arise. Those doubts will not be true, continue with your decision.


You will receive good money that was owed to you

The information that this card offers is diffuse but the result will be that you will obtain that money owed.

Sometimes in your life,e you feel tense because you need an answer on some topic, but you never do anything to solve it. Look for that answer and it will open a world of possibilities and you will stay calm.

Your decisions and actions are wise, and therefore your work or dedication will give results.


The best psychic tarot says that you have missed a good opportunity to meet someone worthwhile for your pride in the past.

Maybe it was your pride or another reason that made you let this happen, however that opportunity is still there, you just have to go find that person.

There is a very big improvement in your life that you could get very soon, it is one step away from you, you just have to take a small step. The tarot talks about an improvement in your life that you can access soon, this improvement could be a salary increase, reach some kind of agreement with another person, show your disagreement with someone you know about something you do not like; and improve your quality of life, etc

You have to materialize something you’ve dreamed about a long time. It can depend on the person and their dreams, a trip, an acquisition, a whim, etc. It is something that will offer you a more wonderful experience than you think, something really constructive that will make you see life from another perspective.

Pick a Dreamcatcher to Receive a Spiritual Awakening to Make your Dreams Come True

Dreamcatcher 1

Now is a great moment to start changing certain things in your behavior or personality. Or in the way you have to see everything. Do not let other people influence you in the process of transformation. You need to be more assertive, learn to say “no” more often, do what you want instead of what others want.

Your spiritual awakening could be a moment for a change of image, or to improve the way of dressing, so if you have extra incomes you could to give yourself a good prize. Do not hesitate to invest it in your person or in your image and self-esteem, you will always do better if you care about your appearance, this means that there will be more confident.

Dreamcatcher 2

Today is the perfect day to smile and receive happiness. You need to smile because you have a great ability to be happy that needs to awaken. Your spiritual awakening will start if you avoid all kind of bad energies. You will increase your quality of life. Start again those activities that made you happy, and you stopped doing them.

Take advantage to spread your happiness. You have the opportunity to spend time with your family, start from today to plan a trip or a visit to your home, it is always good to arrive and surprise those you want.

Dreamcatcher 3

Image 1: Your spiritual awakening is fading. Do not miss again every opportunity that your life gives you to develop yourself and improve as a person. You have a very unselfish mindset.

This mindset doesn´t let you be free and completely happy, sometimes you worry too much about others more than yourself.

Try to use that good quality and positive energy and the time that you put in others for yourself. If you depend on the happiness of others can harm you animously and spiritually. You have been neglecting that for a long time your life, it´s time to change. Focus on yourself.

6 Signs You Are Spiritually Connected With Someone

Have you ever felt an instant connection with someone but been unable to really figure out why? Well, chances are you are spiritually connected with this person.

Spiritual connections are hard to read but they all come with a deep meaning. They really point us in the right direction and everything we say with this person is flowing towards something spectacular. While they may seem like normal people to the rest of the world we see them for their true purpose whether we realize it or not.

These people can read us like an open book right off the bat and everything feels different. Some of these people might go on the be our close friends or something more where-as the rest might not even stick around long enough to get to know us. Our journey in life has decided what place this person holds and it is up to us to make sure they move forth as they should. This kind of deep spiritual connection doesn’t happen often.

6 Signs You Are Spiritually Connected With Someone:

1. You feel like you have known them your whole life.

You literally feel as if you already know this person even though you have only just met. Everything between the two of you is so deep. It’s like your soul has recognized this person and to be honest, that is exactly what is happening.

2. Silence is not silence when it is between the two of you.

When you two sit in silence it is not necessarily sitting in silence. There is no awkwardness and you are still conversing with one another within. Your souls are speaking to one another even without words.

3. You can be yourself around this person.

You don’t have to water down who you are around this person. You are free to be yourself in every sense of the word. You don’t feel judged because you are not being judged.

4. Your conversations are unstoppable.

Once you begin chatting it cannot be stopped. You two can and will talk for hours on end. Nothing can bring you to part ways until the very last minute.

5. They make you feel safe.

This person is someone that you have never been uncomfortable around. Right off the bat, you felt safe around him or her. There was no nervousness or fears.

6. You have similar minds.

You both have a lot in common. You think in the same ways and enjoy a lot of the same things. Your minds are unique, yes but they are also quite linked in more ways than one.


Mystery behind Letter X on your palms (Only 3% people in the world have it)

Palmistry- What does Letter X symbolize?

Based on the ancient knowledge of palmistry, we know how the palm lines and symbols are associated with our personalities and future prospects in terms of career, life, marriage, money, and health.

Ancient books on palmistry

This popular ancient practice of foretelling the future through the study of the palm has its roots traced back to Indian (Hindu-Vedic) astrology. Based on several scriptures around the world, it's been deduced that several thousand years ago, Hindu sage Valmiki authored a book containing 567 verses.

Origin of palm reading

It is believed that from India, the knowledge and practice of palmistry sprawled across the world, through China, Tibet, Egypt, Persia and to several other countries in Europe.

Greek astrology

It is also said that it was Greece scholar Anaxagoras, who, during his time around the Indian sub-continent learned about Palmistry and later shared the knowledge with Hermes.

Secrets of Alexander The Great

Aristotle found the treatise regarding the matter of palmistry at one of Hermes’ altars, which he then displayed to Alexander the Great. The latter took great interest and began inspecting the character of his officers by evaluating the lines on their palms.


Though there is no affirming evidence of the same, some say that Alexander deeply studied his own palms and strategized his life accordingly; and no one had the markings, lines, and symbols like his palms.

Letter X on palms

Egyptian scholars suggest that Alexander The Great, had this unique marking on his palm, which was rarely found in anyone else in the world. Of late, only 3% of the entire population claimed to have the exact same marking- Letter X.

Research study on palmistry

In order to determine the credibility of this claim the STI University from Moscow, recently conducted a research and revealed a paper on the subject of the letter X on the palms and its potential connection to the destiny of the people who have it.

Sign of a great leader

The University took collected and analyzed the data of over 2 million people, both living and dead; and concluded that people, who had letter X on both palms, were either leaders or highly popular individuals in the society, remembered for great things.

People who have/or had Letter X on their palms

Of the rare individuals, who had this marking, were great Greek Emperor Alexander The Great, President Abraham Lincoln. And, one of these people is still alive and is hard to ignore- Russian president Vladimir Putin.


Those who have Letter X in both their palms, go on to be remembered for ages even after their death. And, the ones who have it only in one of their palm go on to be extremely successful and famous individuals.

Personality traits of people with X on their palm

These people have great sixth sense or intuition. The can sense, danger, infidelity, and disloyalty from a hands distance. Over the time they form a special energy cycle around them, which people around them simply cannot intrude.

Trying lying to them, and they’ll unleash the worst ever side of themselves. They might forgive, but they’ll never forget. Nothing or no one can bring them any harm; such is the power of their luck.

These people are sharp, intuitive, have great knowledge and memory of an elephant. They are easy to adapt and make no fuss about arrangements around them.

source: speaking tree

Choose A Healing Stone And Discover What It Reveals About You!

Pick a stone, any stone. Seriously, choose the one that grabs you at first glance – It’ll teach you a lot about yourself. Go ahead. See if I am wrong.

1 – Opalite

That beautiful translucent, shimmering blue stone is called opalite. It is a delicate rock, which proponents of meditation believe enhances visions when placed on the Crown Chakra.

So let’s say the opalite caught your fancy. What does that mean?

Opalite is believed to bring peace to all. Maybe you’ve been a little stressed recently and in need of an escape from the hustle and bustle of busy life.
Perhaps you also need to soften up a little bit – Opalite is believed to soften a hardened soul.

2 – Malachite

Maybe opalite did nothing for you, and your interest lies more in that emerald-colored rock to its right.

If so, you’ve chosen malachite. This rock is thought to be a protection stone. It absorbs negative energy and pollutants from the body and air.

The stone is also presumed to signify significant changes on one’s horizon, mainly spiritual and romantic changes.

3 – Sun Stone

Ah, the sunstone.

You can see where it gets its name from and, as you might guess, it is rumored to symbolize a sunny disposition for those who relate to it, as you have if you’ve chosen this rock.

The future is bright for you, and this might be a good reminder to get outside and soak up those sun rays.

4 – Mahogany Obsidian Stone

As you can tell, this stone is a very rich, almost chocolate-looking rock. Iron inclusions form those swirls in the natural glass surface of the rock.

As far as spiritual and psychic uses go, the mahogany obsidian stone is believed to remove energy blockages. It also protects one from psychic attacks.

If you’ve chosen this stone, this could mean your subconscious is trying to get you to break out of old habits and create a new life for yourself.

5 – Howlite

Been feeling a little wolf-like lately?

Okay, bad joke.

However, that aside, Howlite was discovered in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia back in 1868 and has since gone on to gain a reputation for its link to awareness and the receiving of messages from a higher power, which is granted to the wearer of the stone.

If you chose this stone, you should keep an eye out for messages from whatever higher power you believe in. Be sure to keep a dream journal so you do not miss anything.

6 – Dalmatian Jasper

So you are a bit of a bottom right person, eh?

Well, if you’ve chosen this stone, it could mean that you are a fun-loving person in search of adventures and new friends.

This stone is also rumored to help break down barriers that people might think are good for them, but are actually stopping them from discovering freedom and adventure.

source: www.davidwolfe.com

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