ANNEXES CARDS FOR SUMMER: Pick one card and reveal what is waiting for you!

The second month of this year is slowly reaching us, but we can still count on the last days of January. Of course, we are all curious about what is what is expected in the coming month. So we have saved a new personality test, or not a classic test, but only a choice that will tell you what is what is expected of you.


If you chose the first card, you can hardly wait for this month to end. January is working for you as long as the whole year, and although this is the month where people simply leave, the opposite is in your place. You are viler than all of you and want to rest. So yes If you want to be fulfilled because February will be really interesting when you are concerned, but you will get what you want most, so harmony and peace. There will be some major changes in your life, both in a business or even with a loving plan. The truth is, it is possible for someone to recognize your emotions, but that’s not something that will surprise you too much, because it’s about a person that you definitely do not cultivate the same feelings so you will be more or less completely unaffected. Use the time that comes to do some nice things, and give your soul and heart over the necessary peace.


You are expecting an interesting month, certainly, but you will not achieve your goals. So if you are planning something big and significant for the month that comes to us, do not be hoping for nothing, because it’s simply not the right time for it. It’s better to prepare in time for some kind of failure and to plan your goals and desires only for April of the current year. This does not mean that there will be no success on the business plan before, but only the fact that you have set too high goals and that there is currently not a big chance all this is accomplished for your benefit.
Therefore, do not expect too much, because when you do not expect too much, then you can not even be disappointed. Of course, it is important to say that you need to spend more time and attention to the people you love because at the time of your closest begging to doubt your love and loyalty. It does not mean that they are right, but only the fact that you have recently neglected the ones you love most.


February will actually be the best month for you this year. Only nice things are waiting for you, but first and foremost, an important acquaintance that, if you are free, will turn into love that could warm your heart to the end of your life. As a matter of fact, for you, the coming month cannot be lost anyway so you have no reason to be skeptical about the events and the days that follow. You will have a lot of laughter and socializing and you will not have to worry about what you are going to enjoy for a second in the happy days that will certainly happen. So you can begin to rejoice and count the days until the beginning of the month that could change your life. You are also a person who can love to love so that if you are free you could be this month and fall in love, so to compensate for all the nasty and painful moments that you spent in solitude disappointed in love and all around you.

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