Hello, my dear friends, it’s Monday and time to pick a card for our week ahead messages!

It is time to reconnect with our family bloodline as well as our soul lineage or ‘etheric bloodline’ to find our roots and shed any aspects that are not authentic/do not serve our purpose in this existence. The message of this card extends through the next couple of weeks until the New Moon in Libra.

You chose card one. IX 9 of Wands 

The bloodline on your mother’s side is calling for you to connect. This is also where you can focus your healing efforts over the next couple of weeks. Express any emotions that surface rather than suppressing them. Use art and dance as outlets for emotional healing. This could be a fertile period for you creatively.

You chose card two. III The Empress

Look at structures that need rebuilding.  Think of your life as a house. Which rooms (areas of your life) need to be redesigned? Which resources do you have at your disposal? How can you use them? Is there a person with the qualities of the King of Pentacles you could ask for help with the practical/financial side of things if need be?

You chose card three. The King of Pentacles

The focus for this week is to look at where you have papered over cracks in your past instead of doing the healing work. You can easily find these cracks by examining which areas of your life are causing an energy drain. Be honest with yourself. Avoid getting tense and defensive as if you are the victim of past failures. Realize that these are all valuable lessons instead – Lessons which will become invaluable tools in your own healing toolkit once integrated.

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