When A Narcissist Says These 10 Phrases, This Is What They Really Mean

We all know how narcissists use language differently. When a narcissist says these 10 phrases, they mean something totally different. Anyone who has ever been in a relationship with a narcissist knows how badly it can feel.
When a narcissist uses phrases that most people use in everyday conversations, they bear a far different meaning. Everything is different in an abusive relationship with a narcissist. It’s all about the narcissist. The whole world turns around them. They have a pleasure when they manipulate their partners. They will put down anyone just to feel awesome, just to feel important.
Narcissists suffer from low self-esteem and insecurity. But, when they are in a relationship, they abuse their partner so they can feel better.
If you’re dealing with a narcissist and want to decide what they really mean by a simple phrase, you’ll need to listen more to their actions than their words. When a narcissist’s words are translated into their actual meaning, the results are frankly disturbing.
When a narcissist says these 10 phrases, this is what they really mean: (Written from the perspective of the narcissist.)
It’s not all about you.
When I say, “It’s not all about you,” I mean it’s all about me, I need attention. I can’t handle when you are the center of our conversation. If you ever mention your needs that I don’t fulfill, I’ll make you feel guilty and ashamed of having these needs in the first place. You can’t focus our conversation on someone who is not important, it has to be me. I’m the only one who is important!
You have trust issues.
I won’t ever admit it, but I am an untrustworthy person and I’ve shown you many times by betraying you. You should trust yourself and run, but it won’t happen. But if you leave, how could I have fun? I love making you doubt yourself and question your own sanity. You don’t know what is right or what is real unless I tell you.
You’re so jealous and insecure.
I love how you compete for my attention when I flirt with others in form of you. It makes me so desirable and powerful. I make you feel so diminished, and I know you’re never going to escape my grasp. You know how each suspect is real, but you know I am entitled to everything. You can’t do anything and you’re never going to leave me because you’re hooked up to this toxic relationship.
We’re just friends.
Whenever I get bored with you, I’m calling this person, and in case you leave, they can replace you. Maybe they are already acting as a valuable side piece. I’ll make sure you seem like the controlling one is you if you ever complain about my shady behavior with this person.
You’re crazy.
Well, you’re not crazy, but I just love to make you look like the crazy one. I love the power I have over you to humiliate and provoke you, and when you react I can say you act like the crazy. You don’t have anyone to complain about me, how I’m full of rage or irrational because I already kicked out every person that meant something to you in your life. I’m the one who has the power over your life.
You’re overreacting.
Actually, you have perfectly normal reactions to my bullshit, but you can’t catch on. Not now. I will make you doubt yourself. I will make you the one that is guilty. You need to trust me, not yourself! I will reap all the benefits while you’re working so hard to please me.
You’re oversensitive.
I love making you feel small and insignificant. Making you feel worse makes me feel better. I love the power you give to me to take the advantage of your kindness by exploiting your good intentions. I love how I make you feel horrible when you mention something I did that hurt you. And I just love the look of failure and disappointment on your face.
I’m sorry you feel that way.
I’m not sorry. This is just an argument so I can continue with my abusive behavior. I’m just sorry I got caught, not for what I did. I don’t care how you feel, I don’t care about your emotions. All I care about is to get what I want.
I love you.
I just want you to believe how I love you. But in fact, I love controlling you, I love using you. I love the fact that your life is all about me. You fix my problems, solve my issues, relieve my pain. I love how you take all your time for me, not for yourself. How you give attention to me only. I love how my happiness is your responsibility. I love how I feel when you’re around me, how you need me, and how you think you’re with the right person. How I made you feel unworthy and insignificant. When I say “I love you” it is not what love truly represents. When I say “I love you,” it means I love how you respect my rules and how you live by them.
You’ll never find someone like me.
It’s the best thing that could happen to you if you never find someone like me. There are many people out there who will treat you far better than I ever did. Anyone will treat you better than I did. But I don’t want that to ever happen and it won’t. You’re hooked up to this toxic relationship and me. You won’t leave.

Lightworkers Prepare Yourself For BIG Changes As We Experience Quantum Upgrades

The Lightworkers have a special meaning for us, humans. They are the strong force on Earth that keeps the balance between the people and their emotional struggles. Lightworkers, guardian angels, earth warriors etc. are here to guide our life paths and give us hope, strength, and power for acknowledgment and understanding when it’s hardest.

Lightworkers prepare us for radical changes and huge ‘energy blasts’. This year, 2018, is considered to be a year of radical changes and we already experienced 2 lunar eclipses. In this article, we share the signs that lightworkers prepare you for the big quantum upgrades.

1. Being able to connect to very high frequencies of lighter energies.

2. Very clear and lucid dreams, experiencing astral projection and the likes.

3. Ability to discern what is really going on behind the scenes of politics.

4. Being very sensitive to the existence of surrounding energy fields.

5. Being more mindful of the chi and the solar, root and sacral chakras.

6. Experiencing and appreciating synchronicity as a sign of the deeply embedded codes of nature.

7. Experiencing a lot more deja vu, fluctuations of time, flashbacks etc as you become more aware.

8. Fresh energy and drive to make your mission of healing the earth successful.

9. Physical symptoms such as heart palpitations, nausea, low blood pressure, flu and aches, signs of the activation of your chakras.

10. People being attracted and drawn to you.11. And some people being averse.

12. Experiencing a difficulty in putting on your masks which you’ve adopted for this matrix.

13. Your body being drawn to practices such as reiki and yoga for inner fluidity if movement.

14. More empathy for others and a need to remove negative energy from your surroundings.

15. Knowing that the flow of universal love will take care that what’s right for you, will happen.

16. Practicing yoga and meditation so as to rebalance and manifest your inner vibrations.

17. Purging of karmic toxins from the body accompanied by physical symptoms such as heatwaves, shivering, and nausea.

18. Being consciously aware of the working of the matrix and heightened awareness which will help you to detach yourself from it.

19. Experiencing occasional bouts of depression, restlessness and despair brought on by the need for your consciousness to expand.

20. The overwhelming feeling of being part of a whole, connectedness with everyone and everything else.

source: soultravelrules

Your Date of Birth Is Not an Accident – Here’s How to Decode your Life Purpose

There is one ancient technique that offers you an exciting look in your life path. The lifepath’s concept is something that is applied in nearly every modern religion, but it has its own variations. However, this concept is still very popular and this technique will make you see why.

In this universe, everything is energy and all of us, the whole nature, the spiritual and material world, are created of pure energy of a different kind. This energy determines many things and it’s the closest ‘something’ discovered to the source of everything and all.

Astrology, as you already know, as well as many other beliefs and spiritual practices, significantly include numerology. The power of numbers is also strong and can tell much about each person, even just after our birthday date.
In this article, we will show you the technique how to calculate your life path number. Follow the instructions below carefully:
Your Life Path Number is one of the fundamental numbers in your numerology birth chart reading. It is also quite easy to calculate it yourself. All you have to do is add all the numbers in your birth date.
Here is how you determine a life path number based on the date of birth of Steve Jobs – 24th of February 1955. You take all the numbers in the date of birth (dd/mm/yyyy = 24/02/1955) and you add them up to get a single digit from 1 to 9. The date: 2+4=6, the month: 0+2=2, the year: 1+9+5+5=20=2+0=2. Date + month + year = 6+2+2=10=1+0= 1= life path number 1. Since zero is not really a number but a concept, it is not taken into account when calculating your life path number.
If during the calculation you get 11 or 22, you do not reduce them to a single digit since they stand for a master number. People with master life path numbers often have a special mission in this life.
Each of these numbers has special meaning and determines different life path. Here are the short descriptions of each:

Life path number 1

You are an innovative person and you are determined to motivate others, to become a true pioneer. Your ideas, creativity, and self-confidence make you a great leader, always openminded and oriented to do the best. You don’t really like going into details, but you have to understand the concept of perfection and try to solve this issue.

Life path number 2

You are a natural born diplomat. You have strong persuasion powers and you have a big fortune in managing conflicts. Your logic is what you should always base your decisions on. You are intelligent and you will always know how to find a way out of trouble, but don’t let your inquisitive nature bring you in trouble.

Life path number 3

The purpose is to let your inner child guide you and become responsible for the way you spend your energy. You are very dynamic with a lot of energy to spare. You are generally direct and your desire for immediate emotional response makes others see you as an eternal child.

Life path number 4

The purpose is to bring order, hard work and learn how to deal with change. You are a great protector and a guardian of the limits as well as material aspects of life. You know how to get the job done, which makes you a very important part of any team.

Life path number 5

The purpose is to be the catalyst for change with the reasonable amount of risk. You are the adventurer who treats life as a labyrinth that is full of new experiences. Often very creative with lots of ideas, but it could be quite hard for a life path 5 to make a decision.

Life path number 6

You are the person who is supposed to bring balance and harmony in all social circles. You are the favorite, the star- you should always be in the spotlight, but your pure soul won’t let you become overconsumed by your reputation. However, your empathy and tranquility may bring ‘predators’ in your life that will try to destroy you. Stay away from toxic people.

Life path number 7

Your purpose is to break the isolation and get out of your shell. You are a person that underestimates him/herself. However, after you break free from your isolation, you will finally discover how great abilities you possess and you will regain self-confidence.

Life path number 8

Try to find your inner-strength and use your inner powers to improve your life. You are obsessed with trivial and too ordinary things that make you unhappy. Your routine needs a change. This change should bring happiness in your life- your purpose is to find true happiness.

Life path number 9

You are an idealist and you want to make the world a better place. Your intelligence and knowledge are your strongest weapon and your purpose is to bring wisdom to the world.

Master life path number 11

You should discover your purpose by seeking true spiritual enlightenment and finding your place in the material world. However, you should keep evolving spiritually for your whole life path.

Master life path number 22

Your purpose is to become a master of the form. You should experience different realities, both material and spiritual.
source: Moonchild

A Zen Master Explains The Art Of ‘Letting Go’, And It Isn’t What You Think

Zen Buddhism is a relatively new religion that developed in medieval Japan. The roots come from the ancient Buddhist indoctrination from North India, Nepal and Java.
Zen Buddhism is also following the way of rightfulness and detachment, but Zen Buddhist are determined to completely disconnect from the reality of this world and focus on their own physical and spiritual balance, their own stability and perfection, as being part of the huge energy circle of the universe.
However, most of the people make a crucial mistake when they see detachment as a total disconnect from all others. Being completely closed means neglecting the strongest and purest emotions such as love. The power of love and the divinity given by sharing and accepting love is what brings every individual closer to emotional and spiritual perfection.
Thich Nhat Hanh, the Zen Buddhist master, has some interesting advice about what it means to truly let go. Many people mistake detachment or non-clinging to be a form of aloofness or emotional disconnect from others, but as Hanh explains, truly letting go often means loving someone more than you have ever loved them before.
Hanh gives perfect explanations for each form of detachment. The interesting part of his elaboration is the way he explains the difference between the westerners’ point of view and the eastern spiritual teachings. Now, let’s check his explanations about the forms of detachment according to Zen Buddhism.
Hanh describes the importance of Maitri, not love as we normally understand in a Westernized use of the word. He states:
The first aspect of true love is maitri (Metta, in Pali), the intention and capacity to offer joy and happiness. To develop that capacity, we have to practice looking and listening deeply so that we know what to do and what not to do to make others happy. If you offer your beloved something she does not need, that is not maitri. You have to see her real situation or what you offer might bring her unhappiness.

Karuna (Compassion)

This is probably the most important detachment because it requires to fully detach from your EGO. When we learn how to let the things go, first of all, we need to learn how to let our ego go. Being above your own selfishness and seeing the things as an ‘impartial’ observer will let you truly feel the pain of others. Your compassion and empathy will grow stronger over time and you will acknowledge the true happines and satisfaction of sharing positivity and helping others in need.

Gratitude and Joy

In truly letting go you practice gratitude. Mudita or joy arises when we are overcome with gratitude for all that we have, such that we no longer cling to some other longed-for result. The Buddha’s definition of joy is more like “Unselfish joy.” It means that we don’t only find happiness when something good happens to us, but when others find happiness.

Upeksha (Equanimity)

Master Hanh describes the final quality of true love which sheds inordinate light on the true process of letting go.

He states:

The fourth element of true love is upeksha, which means equanimity, non-attachment, nondiscrimination, even-mindedness, or letting go. Upa means “over,” and iksha means “to look.” You climb the mountain to be able to look over the whole situation, not bound by one side or the other. If your love has attachment, discrimination, prejudice, or clinging to it, it is not true love.
People who do not understand Buddhism sometimes think upeksha means indifference, but true equanimity is neither cold nor indifferent. If you have more than one child, they are all your children. Upeksha does not mean that you don’t love. You love in a way that all your children receive your love, without discrimination.

The Art of Letting Go is Artless

And this is the best possible advice. Be aware that each individual is completely unique and you have to find your own ways and develop a strong mental code. Letting it go is artless, is simple and it’s part of the human nature-you just have to dig deeper into your soul and surpass all obstacles to your spiritual divinity.
source: Selfdevelopshop

Why Do Empaths Have Such a Strong Sense of Not Belonging?

We live in modern societies with already determined roles and rules for everyone and everything. Our order, to be completely honest, secured fast and certain progress of humanity in all fields in our existence on Earth, but still, we are emotionally and spiritually poor, at least most of the people in the western societies.
Empaths, on the other hand, are those special ‘gems’ among humans who have strong insight in the ’emotional’ and spiritual world, those who can truly connect with other beings, feel what other feels and even possess some healing abilities.
However, empaths are cursed to live among people who are empty on the inside, people who instrumentally use hypocrisy and lies, people who don’t really care about the rest of the world. Empaths are not able to understand and accept this mindset that’s becoming so popular with everyone.
For empaths, love, spirituality, dedication and true bondings between people are of essential importance for the progress of all humanity, but for the happiness and fulfillment of each individual too.
Most Empaths only come to discover who they are, as a Sensitive, after an intense awakening or by going through challenging times.
And because of this rude awakening, we may struggle to deal with our emotions and the emotions of others. We may take on too much and then, as a result, suffer from overwhelming, fatigue and a host of other strange anomalies. Being around people is then not tolerated well and we need to spend more time alone. Which only further intensifies this ‘strong sense of not belonging.’
When they wake up in the harsh reality, it is a true shock. Can you just imagine how they actually feel trapped in the vertigo of negativity and hypocrisy all around them?
Anyway, most empaths manage to remain strong enough not to surrender to the pressure caused by the strong emotional disbalance. They say that empaths find their true power and wisdom through suffering, they find the light through the dark.

Every Empath Will Try To Hide These 10 Things From You

Empathy is the ability to recognize, comprehend, and share the feelings of another person. It differs from sympathy in many ways, as the latter is a feeling of care and concern for someone, not sharing their emotions.
Empaths are high on the empathic spectrum, which gives them an incredible compassion for people. However, this also makes them drained by feeling too much, a problem which is quite difficult to overcome.

How To Recognize An Empath

1. Sensitivity
Empaths are hypersensitive individuals who tend to hide their emotions in order to avoid being an inconvenience to others.
2. They absorb emotions
Empaths are great at absorbing emotions and literally feeling the pain another person.
3. Introverts
Empaths enjoy spending time alone as they are so in-tune with others` emotions.  To avoid being rude, they are oftentimes extroverted introverts.
4. They love deeply
Empaths are extremely compassionate and always care about their family, friends, and the society in general.  They are capable of loving deeply and being appreciative for those in their lives.
5. Easily taken advantage of
Empaths are not weak, but their ability to comprehend others makes them a target for manipulators.
6. Highly intuitive
Empaths have great intuition which helps them make crucial decisions based on their gut. They are fully aware of the universe and have the ability to pick up on more than you might assume.
7. They’re Easily Stressed
Given that empaths feel emotions so intensely, it`s no wonder they get easily overwhelmed and stressed.
8. They are human lie detectors
Empaths have various capabilities when it comes to reading others.  They are great at reading people, detecting lies, and seeing through people`s masks.
9. They give too much
Empaths are always willing to help others, oftentimes at their own expense.  Prioritizing others an putting them first often is likely to cause an emotional trauma.
10. They heal with nature
Last but not least, empaths are great nature-lovers and enjoy spending time outdoors.  They relish any time spent outdoors and will always take any opportunity given to be in nature.  Nature serves as a source of positive energy for these people and they use it to replenish their positive vibes.

How To Protect Yourself If You Are An Empath

Although being an empath can be an amazing gift, it is oftentimes a heavy responsibility. Being able to deal with their emotions is of utmost importance, not to mention those emotions of the people around them.  There are the ways to protect yourself while still caring for those around you:
  • Look out for narcissists, sociopaths, and psychopaths, all of which have ‘empathy deficient disorders’. This means that they lack the ability to feel empathy, which is oftentimes caused by an under-active mirror neuron system.
  • It has been scientifically shown that many people tend to pick up the feeling of those around them, which is known as emotional contagion. In another word, you as an empath should choose positive people to hand out with.

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