The idea of fairies has permeated both Celtic mythology and modern-day fiction, yet when most people think of the Good Folk, they automatically think of Disney’s ‘Tinker Bell.’
There were many different beliefs concerning fairies. Peasant traditions said they were fallen angels who were neither good enough to be saved nor bad enough to be lost.
Different beliefs and folk memories have no doubt merged, but when all this is sifted and evaluated there remains a body of tradition and testimony, even today, of an elusive ghostly order of life on the borderland of mind and matter, usually depicted in the natural setting of wild and lonely places.
These elemental (and sometimes tricky) creatures can be messengers of spiritual guidance- if you know how to look out for them.

Choose a cosmic fairy from the picture below, and we’ll tell you about your personality, and what kind of energy you are really attracting into your life right now.
If you chose…

1. The Red Fairy

You’re a very serious, and energetic person, but you are also loving and sensitive to the feelings of others. However, other people might not know that about you unless they are very close to you, personally. You come off as the type who is strong and resilient, no matter what. But underneath that tough exterior, you are as soft as they come. Heck, even some movies can make you cry.
You attract Communication and intuition.
Your life is full of moments that could be called “I told you so” moments. You constantly have people ask you for advice, and even though it would be easier to tell them what they want to hear…you give the brutal truth.

2. The Yellow Fairy

You have a free spirit and you love nature. Whether it is the beach, the mountains, or even the local park, you absolutely adore being surrounded by natural beauty. It appeals to your introverted side to be away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and find solace among the trees. You tend to let people get in your head more than you should, which is why you enjoy getting away from other humans.
You attract Growth and patience.
Right now your life is in a transitional period and you are not one who is fond of change. Allow things to flow, and stop resisting the tide.

3. The Blue Fairy

You’re kind, adventurous, and loud at times. But it’s just because you like to have fun and are always laughing, right? Your the kind of person who enjoys a good joke, even if it is at your own expense. Sarcasm has gotten you into a few predicaments, but your charming personality manages to get you out of trouble every time. Your perfect evening is filled with good friends, a bonfire on the beach, and millions of stars in the sky.
You attract Challenges and understanding.
Well, you like adventures so much you might as well have a life full of them that appear in unexpected ways. “Murphy’s Law” might be your new favorite phrase. But unlike most people who would become easily frustrated with all the chaos, you handle it with grace. Life gives you these challenges so you can understand the bigger picture. And it seems like you are almost there.

4. The Purple Fairy

You are a thoughtful and quiet individual who tends to overthink things. This can cause problems in your life- many of which weren’t problems before you turned them into one. You are concerned about the well-being and happiness of others. Your friends will tell you though, you should also spend some time on yourself. Take some R&R for you and reconnect with the person inside- the one you like (and miss).
You attract Opportunity and knowledge.
It’s time to put that big brain of yours to use. Opportunity is knocking and you better answer the door. You’ve been wanting some security in your life and if you pay attention to the lessons life is offering you, you will have exactly what you want.
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source: zen-magazine


Healing is a part of our life.  I think that in the future every human being will know how to heal himself and the others if the evolutionary process goes in a positive and creative way!

Those symbols represent healing, and they have a positive effect when you visualize them. These healing symbols awoke an ancient remembering, and they can help you to find some peace within you. Many of these healing symbols raise feelings of love, peace, and calmness. Many of these symbols can also help you to boost your energy level and make you feel better. If you want to express healing to a loved one or a friend, you can print healing symbols on cards and send them to your friends or family.

Carefully observe the symbols and then pick one of them to read the advice that you need about your current situation.

1. Spiral Sun

– Several Shamanic traditions consider the Sun to be the first shaman, that is, the first healer of people. The Spiral Sun comes from the Anasazi’s petroglyphs as a symbol of healing.

Energy work is so fun and easy. It works with your intention. Close your eyes and imagine a bubble out in front of you, and let it represent your relationship space. It could be your relationship space in general, as in how you relate to all, or perhaps there is a specific relationship you would like to clear…your boss, partner, a friend, or an enemy!

See this bubble grounded and connected to the center of Mother Earth with a cord, such as a tree trunk or waterfall. Allow any energies that get in the way of this relationship healing release down the grounding cord.

Has this space felt forced? Anxious? Irritated? Stagnant? Maybe it’s become too serious or there’s fear or judgment in it. Decide to let it all go. After a minute or so, start to decide how you would like this relationship to be, and fill the bubble up with these intentions and even qualities and colors!

Have some fun here and go to town! Perhaps you would like ease, clear communication, and playfulness in this space. Perhaps you would like to feel certain of how you communicate in this space and remember who you truly are. Would you like some peace or more honesty? It’s all up to you!

2. Cho  Ku Rei

-The Cho Ku Rei is a power symbol. Reiki Energy will flow without using it, however, when you use it, it is believed that the energy increases inside of you significantly. It is like changing a bulb in a lamp from 50 watts to 500 watts. Use this symbol at the beginning of a healing session, and at any other time that additional power is needed. This symbol is specifically for healing within the physical body.

Drink in the beauty of the day. Let it fill the empty spots inside so that you carry peace with you everywhere you go. After a while, it becomes a habit, and you realize you are creating heaven on earth.

Settle into the vibration of effortlessness. Close your eyes, focus on the thought of things being easy and maintaining a joyful flow, and then let the resulting feeling resonate throughout your body. See how much you actually end up getting done while you hold that energy in your space, and validate the outcome. Woohoo!

3. Sei He Ki Reiki Symbol

– The sei he ki symbol is used for mental and also for emotional healing, protection, purification, clearing, and balancing. This symbol goes to the heart of the disease, which can often be hidden in the subconscious mind (emotional body) and or the conscious mind (the mental body). When a human body manifests disease, it is often attempting to deliver a message that there is something in the body that needs attention and care. This mental and emotional healing symbol balances the right and left the brain.

Many, if not most, people carry emotional scars — traumas that can adversely affect your health and quality of life. Using techniques like energy psychology, you can correct the emotional short-circuiting that contributes to your chronic emotional pain. My favorite technique for this is the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), which is the most comprehensive and most popular version of energy psychology. EFT is a form of psychological acupressure based on the same energy meridians used in traditional acupuncture to treat physical and emotional ailments for over 5,000 years, but without the invasiveness of needles.

Instead, simple tapping with the fingertips is used to transfer kinetic energy onto specific meridians on your head and chest while you think about your specific problem – whether it is a traumatic event, an addiction, pain, anxiety, etc. – and voice positive affirmations.

This combination of tapping the energy meridians and voicing positive affirmation works to clear the “short-circuit”—the emotional block—from your body’s bioenergy system, thus restoring your mind and body’s balance, which is essential for optimal health and the healing of physical disease. The beauty about EFT is that it can reprogram your body’s reactions to the unavoidable stressors of everyday life, thereby providing a more lasting effect.

4. Eye of Horus

– An ancient Egyptian symbol associated with the occult, used in modern witchcraft for wisdom, prosperity, spiritual protection, good health, and to increase clairvoyant powers, protect against thieves, and the evil eye.

The repute of the third eye lies far beyond its physical properties and becomes transcendent in its spiritual implications.

Developing the third eye is the doorway to all things psychic—telepathy, clairvoyance, lucid dreaming, and astral projection. It’s the quiet space within where we can touch God. The illusion of separation dissolves when we learn to master the far-reaching tools of the pineal gland. Because it’s inside the brain but outside the mind, a paradox is formed, creating a loophole to escape the contradiction of this reality. The Egyptians taught that when we can contain this paradox, freedom is achieved.

One who has never used a hammer before may encounter many bruised thumbs before they can safely drive a nail. The person who exercises intensely usually feels sore and stiff the next day. Learning to balance the influence of the Third Eye is no different, but it can be difficult when the Eye opens on its own without warning. There are ways to learn how to maintain a healthy balance through careful exercise and meditation. Ideally, one would open their Third Eye deliberately and careful if it were to be open at all. In those cases of accidental openings, relief for the associated symptoms may be found through holistic processes taught by skilled practitioners around the world. Activities like Qi-Qong from China or Raja Yoga from India are examples of things a person might do to help manage their new-found sixth sense.

The Powerful New Impact Of Tonight’s Full Moon On Your Zodiac Sign, Massive Shifts Await

The full moon in Sagittarius on Tuesday 29th May, 2018 is in an optimistic, wide-ranging and long-sighted sign so we’ll all benefit from an upbeat and immensely positive energy. This Full Moon can bring a goal you’ve been working on to fruition, or you may release some heavy baggage you’ve been carrying around with you. The sign of Sagittarius trumpets in a whole host of great things for us all. Like the moon itself coming to the end of a cycle, it brings something to an end – possibly something you tried and failed during the last period – allowing you to make a new beginning, when the moon is at its furthest point from the sun like this.

Here are some of this full moon’s brightest assets:
Mind over matter

Some of us will be hit by the realisation that we can take what we’ve been working on/ruminating on, and offer it up to the wider world with greater confidence. It’s about shooting the ball through the hoop, even in the face of some pretty nifty defence.
Thinking more philosophically about problems comes naturally when the moon is feeling lucky, and it switches on blue-sky thinking and ensures that we always see the bigger picture. It all comes down to the power of thinking ourselves successful, rich, loved etc.


Sagittarius is a sign that likes to keep topping up the glass, and this full moon happens at the end of the week, so it could very well herald party time. If not a party then it could be some sort of big announcement, possibly connected to somebody deciding to up sticks and move a distance away, possibly abroad.


It’s all about the big idea, being a bit of a terrier, and not taking ‘no’ for an answer.  The positive side of the Sagittarian ideal is expanded horizons; its shadowy side is an inflated sense of our own importance, so there’s an even finer line between confidence and arrogance. It can also serve to whet our appetites for the good life, so this might be a weekend when the diet takes a bit of a beating. If this is the outcome, then enjoy it without wrapping it up in guilt.

You Should Be So Lucky

Waves of optimism break over our lives, and with them a fair share of lucky energy. Sagittarius has a habit of being in the right place at the right time, and there’s lots of this energy to go round right now, so it’s entirely up to each and every one of us to grab it.

The Joy of Sag

It’s a two-magpie kind of time, and Sagittarius is the joker of the pack, so a sense of humour always comes in handy, likewise not taking scenarios or people too seriously. This can help us take a step back and not invest too heavily in other people’s emotional dramas and woes.


Whenever Sagittarius is involved, the urge to travel for a holiday and adventure grips us. Some of us therefore might be hit by the wanderlust right here and now, or be consumed by a need to gather the family around and plan a holiday. Maybe something slightly more adventurous than usual – even venturing a little bit further this weekend than you would ordinarily.
Good things to do:
  • Find excitement in whatever you’re doing
  • Go somewhere you’ve never been to before
  • Enrol on a course or start teaching your own classes
  • Find more ways to have fun
  • Stretch your boundaries
  • Find a deeper meaning in your life
  • Meditate, do yoga, tai chi, anything that brings stillness
  • Be generous
  • Go on an adventure
  • Publish a book, article, blog, share a video
  • Think about the future and what you want to achieve
  • Plan a big trip to a country you’ve never visited
  • Find a mentor or be inspirational to someone
  • See everything from a positive angle
  • Take up a new sport or way of exercising
  • Write or tell a story
  • Appreciate the abundance all around you
  • Find ways to celebrate your life and count your blessings
Read on what this Full Moon in Sagittarius means and how it affects your zodiac sign!

How this full moon in Sagittarius will affect you based on your zodiac sign!

This full moon in Sagittarius is really a very good opportunity to gain clarity and derive meaning from your current life challenges. If you’ve been feeling trapped and uninspired lately, it’s time to inject your life with fresh hope, vision and meaning! This is an explorative full moon, when you can survey all the wonderful possibilities that open up before youA plan, project, idea or vision you’ve had may come to a natural conclusion now: you achieved what you set out to do. And even if not, this matter will no longer be relevant to the concerns that will occupy you in the future. Disagreements now may come down to a difference in creed. Time to speak your truth. Time to take a broader perspective to your problems. Time to spread your wings!

Aries zodiac sign

What is it all about, dear Aries? Have you been fighting off a sense of meaninglessness for a few years now? This full moon puts you in a philosophical mood and you might find yourself doing some deep thinking – we know, not quite your game. You’re more one for taking action than doing armchair philosophy. But do take a moment to consider what’s most important to you now. Is it time to move forward with an important relationship for instance? A door opens.

Full moon in Sagittarius meaning for Aries: Plan an adventure or an important trip overseas. Connect with people from other cultures. Learn a new language. Focus on your spiritual growth and find books, films, videos that inspire you. This is a great time to meet a foreigner and have a romance.

Taurus zodiac sign

This is a deep and meaningful full moon for you, dear Taurus. You’re not big on change but it should be clear to you now that you’re on the doorstep of some big life stuff! Yes, changes! This shouldn’t come as a surprise, in fact you’ve been working toward this for some time. This could be concerning your health or taking your relationship and trust with someone to the next level. This is also a moment of truth for your finances – especially loans and gifts. Just do what needs to be done and, we promise, life will get much better!

Full moon in Sagittarius meaning for Taurus: Find ways to connect more deeply with other people. Financial issues could come to a head. Be careful you don’t overspend and don’t rush into any kind of business or financial partnership. You may receive money from a grant, investment or scholarship.

Gemini zodiac sign

It’s a loaded moment for a relationship, dear Gemini! Maybe you’re finally deciding to tie the knot? Gemini prefers to keep their options open so, we’d understand, this is a big one for you. Or maybe you’re deciding to go your separate ways? Well that’s not keeping your options open either, is it? Either way, things are actually looking up where love is concerned! An important event that brings you into contact with the public might also be in store now, one which could unleash your creativity.

Full moon in Sagittarius meaning for Gemini: You could have a new romance and meet someone special. This person could bring you luck and personal growth. This is a good time to extend your social circle and to show the people already in your life how much you appreciate them.

Cancer zodiac sign

Have you been on the job-market for a while, dear Cancer? Or maybe you’re been working like a dog and nobody has really seen much of you? Whichever it is, the effort you’ve put in is about to pay off. A major work project is coming full circle or you’re about to find out if your application has been successful. Saturn is also serious about your health so, if you’ve been letting things slide, this full moon is bound to flag something up needing your attention. The upshot of all this is a warm and fuzzy feeling inside. You’re about to get really lucky on the home and family front!

Full moon in Sagittarius meaning for Cancer: This is shining a light on your work and could bring you an exciting new opportunity. You might decide to go to school and study for more certifications, you could receive a promotion or some good news connected with your work.

Leo zodiac sign

Love has been giving you a tough time of late and it’s been more hard work than fun. Are you attracted to someone older? If so, you’re about to find out where your little budding romance truly stands. If you’ve been going through a rough patch though, or if things have been a little slow, this full moon brings you closure, wisdom and a certificate of attendance. You’re ready to enter the game again and your luck is about to change!

Full moon in Sagittarius meaning for Leo: Starting a new business or expanding an existing one is under fortunate aspects. You could meet the love of your life. Do anything sporty, fun and that brings out the playful, childlike qualities inside you.

Virgo zodiac sign

Family matters have been hard going for a while now. Whatever your life was like before, chances are that your focus has been majorly on your home and family since the end of 2014. This full moon brings you an important moment of truth – whether concerning the care of a parent, a real estate project or the responsibilities of having your own family. You’re called to commit to what’s most important to you wholeheartedly and develop greater self-reliance. There’s a pot of gold for you at the end of the rainbow!

Full moon in Sagittarius meaning for Virgo: This is a good time to speak the truth to your family or people closest to you. You could receive good news regarding a move or relocation to another city or country. Do something different with your furniture, your surroundings and make it uplifting.

Libra zodiac sign

Jupiter is in your sign this year and you might be tired of hearing that you’re the luckiest sign of 2017… But you are! Even if you’ve just spent a few months in the school of hard knocks – that’s Jupiter retrograde and Saturn intent on teaching you a new way of thinking – you’ll still look back on this period some day as the start of new and wonderful things! This full moon brings you an important communication. This may be news or a conversation that you need to have. Or you might be ready to present your new ideas, book or blog to the world. Dare to step into the unfamiliar!

Full moon in Sagittarius meaning for Libra: Make sure you get out and about networking and socialising as you could meet some very influential and helpful people. This is a great time for going on a course of study, for learning anything of a technical nature, for writing, sharing and communicating generally.

Scorpio zodiac sign

You’ve been through such a financial bottleneck in the past couple of years that you don’t need us to remind you. The full moon is here to signal an end to this, although it may not come immediately. You may be presented with one last hefty bill but if so, it’s something you expect and are willing to pay to gain something far greater. Or you may be finally financially rewarded for all your patience and hard work! Even a small reward will mean a lot to you now and crystallise your self-worth. Take heart, dear Scorpio. Someone out there has your best interests at heart!

Full moon in Sagittarius meaning for Scorpio: You could receive a financial bonus or even a windfall. Be careful you don’t overspend on frivolous items. This is a good time to develop a business idea and to share it with people who may be able to help you.

Sagittarius zodiac sign

This is it, dear Sagittarius! You may not think it’s much, or you may be so worn down from Saturn’s harsh way of teaching that you think nothing of it. Nonetheless, this is a key moment of realisation for you. You now have a better sense of who you are and what you want out of life. Some things may be off the table for good but what remains is of real substance and here to stay. Build on it. If you’re attending a social event, expect to be honoured for your knowledge and experience. Others are on your side!

Full moon in Sagittarius meaning for Sagittarius: As this Full Moon is in your sign, this is a time for new beginnings, for dreams and wishes to come to fruition and to set new goals you want to achieve in the next year. Don’t be afraid to reach for the Moon!

Capricorn zodiac sign

It’s time for you to give back, dear Capricorn. It’s also time to discover hidden aspects of yourself. You may be volunteering for charity, or you may take time off work to pursue an activity that feeds you on a soul level. If you’re on a retreat or undergoing therapy, expect a major “aha” moment, when you come face to face with your shadow self. What’s most amazing is that, if you’ve boxed yourself in all these years as to what you thought was worth aiming for and what was not, you’re about to experience greater freedom – and opportunity! – in your career and life direction!

Full moon in Sagittarius meaning for Capricorn: Take time out during this Full Moon to be peaceful and to bring stillness into your life. Listen to your dreams as they could be prophetic. Being alone, being in nature and finding the abundance within will be very nourishing and uplifting for you.

Aquarius zodiac sign

Where do you stand among your friends, dear Aquarius? Are you respected? Are you dissed? Who are your true mates? There seems to be an important public event taking place, one that could show you exactly where you stand in your social circle. It could just give you the honour and respect you deserve. Or maybe it’s time to visit a friend and clear the air, repay a favour or gain entry into a very exclusive club? And if entry is refused, rest assured this wasn’t right for you. It’s time to drop the blinkers and open your mind to new possibilities! Travel could be on the cards as could a fresh marketing campaign!

Full moon in Sagittarius meaning for Aquarius: This is a great time to get out and meet new friends and to create new social networks. You’ll have an opportunity to connect with people who are passionate about the same things you are. A special new friend could come into your life who will broaden your horizons and bring exciting new possibilities to you.

Pisces zodiac sign

Are you at the top of your game, dear Pisces? There’s an air of authority about you and everyone seems to look up to you for guidance and advice! It’s time for you to fully and properly assume that leadership role. Time to recognise the responsibilities you carry and to rise up to these challenges. You’ve grown a lot in the past couple of years and are serving as a shining example to others. This full moon might signify a big career event or it may be time to make a relationship official. Others are about to get incredibly generous!

Full moon in Sagittarius meaning for Pisces: There could be good news about your career, a change in direction or an expansion of your existing career. It’s a great time to be more public with your work, not to hide under a bushel any more, but to shine your unique light and allow others to see it.

source:  horoscope friends

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