Science Finally Confirms That People Absorb Energy From Others

A study done not long ago has discovered that plants are capable of absorbing energy from other plants. Due to this discovery, the entire scientific world is likely to turn upside down, since this would suggest that human beings are also capable of absorbing energy from one another.

Dr. Olaf Kruse was the leader of this study, which is the first one of this kind to prove that the green alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii has the ability to draw an alternative form of energy despite the one produces by photosynthesis.  This energy comes from a few different plants located around the Chlamydomonas reinhardtii. This discovery was significant enough to be published in the Nature Communications journal online.

Humans need various energies to grow, such as calories from food, oxygen, sunlight, and minerals obtained from water.  Plants also need food, water, and sunlight, plus carbon dioxide.

For the aim of this study, Kruse and his team planted the alga species and then closely looked at it for a certain amount of time, particularly during periods when it was unable to get its sources of energy.  Due to this energy shortage, the algae began to draw energies from the plants nearby. They actually pulled this off thanks to their ability to create enzymes which digested the cellulose from the surrounding plants.

“This is the first time that such a behavior has been confirmed in a vegetable organism’, said Professor Kruse. ‘That algae can digest cellulose contradicts every previous textbook. To a certain extent, what we are seeing is plants eating plants.”

Professor Kruse compared this feature to humans, too. “This is exactly why there are certain people who feel uncomfortable in specific group settings where there is a mix of energy and emotions.”

In regards to how the study would impact studies on humans and how they could be associated with one another, Badar-Lee explained,

“When energy studies become more advanced in the coming years, we will eventually see this translated to human beings as well. The human organism is very much like a plant, it draws needed energy to feed emotional states and this can essentially energize cells or cause increases in cortisol and catabolize cells depending on the emotional trigger.”
Furthermore, she strongly believes that now is the best time to begin exploring bioenergy.
“Human can absorb and heal through other humans, animals, and any part of nature. That’s why being around nature is often uplifting and energizing for so many people,” she noted.

Ways to Protect Yourself from Potential Energy Drains

1. Start Grounding
Take a walk barefoot or sit on the ground every time you feel drained.  These tricks are very helpful when you feel drained from others and they really work as Earth has its way of balancing energies.
2. Cleanse Yourself
To cleanse yourself, use a sage stick or take a bath in sea salt. As much unusual this idea might seem, many people have been using these tricks for a long time and swear by their effectiveness.
3. Stay away from negativity
Do your best to stay away from negative energies, no matter if it`s certain places, people, or objects filled with negative energies.

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Choose a Path To See What Will Change For You In this year !

Choose the path that is the most attractive to you and see where it will take you! Scroll down to begin your journey.

1. If you choose this path…

You are an open-minded person and you will find a new path in your life, different than the one you’re walking at the moment. This year will bring new goals and you will certainly discover new fortune.
Luck will follow you for the whole year. You just have to act upon your instincts and base your decision on your intuition. Your inner self will show you the path to perfection.

2. If you choose this path…

Be patient… This year will bring happy news for you that will make you benefit in a BIG WAY. However, don’t rush, your patience will be rewarded.
You wanted to seek attention for a long time. Well, you will be in the spotlight this year, your wishes have been heard. However, be prepared for radical changes that will make you happy if you stay strong and wise enough.

3. If you choose this path…

You will achieve a dream that keeps crossing your mind. Look to the next year for some pleasant surprises!
Unexpectedly, you will turn a new leaf in your life. You will find out what your purpose is and this year you will be more successful and fulfilled than any other year. Believe in yourself and your abilities, your change will make you a better person.
You will be finally rewarded for your hard work, kindness, dedication, and positivity. If you ever felt neglected and non-appreciated by the others- this will change forever in the new year. Your life will be incredibly different, but that’s what you really wanted.


June has always been considered a special time of the year, and for most of us, it usually feels absolutely magnificent. This June is no exception! It is truly a time filled with purpose and divine energy!
It is important to use the autumn energy correctly and everything you need will turn out as it should. In order to know what you must to do achieve this, first take a look at these three tarot cards and choose the one you like the most.

1. “The 1 of Wands”

Changes literally knock at your door! Don’t be afraid of them, they will all lead you only to better things in life, even if at first you might not be convinced it’s the right step to take. Do not let fear restrain you and act boldly!
You are a person inclined to sacrifice everything for the sake of others, but sometimes it’s worth thinking about yourself. You need to value yourself more in order to achieve all the things you’ve set off to do.
This card serves as confirmation that you are definitely on the right path, so surrender yourself to the changes that are occurring, and you’ll be led to where you need to be. Spend quiet time alone to connect with your inner guidance, for, in the silence, you will be given the next logical step to take.
In order to improve your current situation, you are being asked to adjust to, and harmonize with, the natural rhythm and cycles of your life—cycles that are leading you toward a time of endings and completion. So let go of what no longer serves you, spread your wings, and trust in the Divine to show you the way.

2. “The 2 of Swords”

This card speaks for itself! Pay attention to your soul mate, if you have one, spend more time together, you inspire each other. Together you will overcome everything and receive the highest rewards.
If you are single, look carefully, the future is preparing you a surprise- be careful not to miss it, it might be a very special surprise.
In the near future your road intersects with a lot of people, take a chance, interact with them, make some friends and you might even find a special person with whom you can spend an eternity with.
In order to improve your current situation, you are being asked to adjust to, and harmonize with, the natural rhythm and cycles of your life—cycles that are leading you toward a time of significant growth and improvement.
As you improve yourself, you improve your quality of life. As you raise your awareness, you align yourself with Source. This is all you need to make your dreams come true.

3 “The Knight of Coins”

You need to make some important decision for a long time and the time to make that decision has come. You are a very versatile person so it might be difficult for you to choose from several options and make the right decision.
My advice to you is to not to listen to other people’s advice! Listen to your soul, she will tell you the right choice.
Your soul is very sensitive, it never makes mistakes. You just need to listen to it more often.
This is a time to clarify your goals and to plan and prioritize your ideas and actions. Then take the mental, emotional, and physical activity needed to make your dreams come true.
You are being encouraged to rein in any thoughts and emotions that are contrary to what you’re trying to attract. Rather than letting your doubts and worries consume you, you must have the strength and willpower to focus predominantly on your dreams. You can attain those goals with a strong, disciplined mind when you surrender the outcome to the Divine.
In order to improve your current situation, you are being asked to adjust to, and harmonize with, the natural rhythm and cycles of your life—cycles that are encouraging you to be motivated and strong. This is where you need to play your part. The Universe will provide the opportunities, but you need to see them through.

Choose A Crystal – Discover What It Reveals About You

Pick A Crystal

Check out the 3 crystals pictured above, which one are you most attracted to? Choose the one you are most drawn to at this very moment, don't just pick your favorite color!

Listed below is the explanation of your choice and what it reveals about you. Don't cheat! Go with your first instinct.

1. Blue Howlite

If you chose crystal number 1, you are being asked to work on your communication skills. Do you need to speak up about what is on your mind? Are you being honest about your feelings, to yourself or someone else? Are you listening to others effectively?

This stone represents the throat chakra which also incorporates the ears - and therefore is associated with communication in all forms. If you have physical problems in the throat such as a sore throat, it's time to look at what you're not saying to someone or you're being called to speak with more diplomacy. Are you swallowing your words to keep the peace or avoid conflict? Are you speaking with anger? It's time to assess the emotional issue behind your throat problem.

If you have problems with your ears, perhaps you've decided you don't want to listen anymore or are being called to listen to those around you including the whispers of your higher self? Only you will know the truth of this physical ailment. Often children have problems with their ears because they don't want to hear the word 'No' anymore or listening to parents fighting.

This Howlite crystal has been dyed blue, so this crystal can also indicate that you are not being true to yourself. Are you wearing a mask all the time - not allowing others to see the real you? We are all unique and have individual talents and skills - nobody else is quite like you. It's time to show the world, the real, beautiful you.

2. Green Aventurine

If you chose crystal number 2, you are in need of healing, balance, harmony, peace or much love. Green represents the heart chakra which is central to the lower and higher chakras. So this chakra represents anything to do with the heart, balance, harmony, healing, and love. Don't you feel at peace whenever you are in nature? When we take walks in nature, we naturally balance this chakra with the aid of the green foliage.

Choosing this crystal represents a need for healing or coming back to center. Have you closed this chakra due to past wounds? Know that when you close off this chakra, you close yourself to receiving love and connecting with people. Perhaps you have difficulty making friends. This chakra also represents self-love, so perhaps it's time to start nurturing yourself and allowing yourself to feel worthy and deserving of all the best life has to offer.

Maybe you've noticed that hospitals often have their walls painted green. This is because green is a very healing color and it also represents growth. So now is the time to look at getting some healing of some kind. Of course, any problems to do with the heart or lungs is also an indication that this chakra needs some tender, loving care.

3. Citrine

If you chose crystal number 3, this indicates issues around the Solar Plexus chakra. This chakra is our power center or the seat of the will. Have you given your power away to others? Have you allowed others to control your life, instead of taking the reigns of your own life? Perhaps you have become dependent on others and/or have low self-esteem. Now is the time to focus on driving your own life. Spend time in quiet meditation and focus on what you want to create in your life. Yes, you have the power to create your reality with visualization, setting goals and having the courage to take little steps each day towards your goals. Dream big, and know that you are capable to go after your dreams. Perfection is not needed to start - just start.

This crystal is also a great one to use for allowing abundance in all forms to come into your life. Perhaps you have some money issues right now or you've been pushing abundance away because you don't feel worthy or deserving. You are just as deserving as anyone else, so allow abundance to flow into your life. 


So let’s take a moment to just settle into ourselves.  Take a glorious deep breath in through your nose and out through your mouth and let your face, shoulders, scalp gently relax.  As your breathing starts to slow trust yourself and allow your inner deep wise one to float up to the surface and help you pick the card or cards for you this week.  If you would like a bit more support with settling in, there is a fun guided visualization that honors the flowers of this Full Flower Moon. Shall we go see?

Princess Victorious

You are being asked to be a big-picture person for the moment.  Sometimes immediate gratification has to give way for a grander scheme unfolding, which will ultimately lead you to far greater and more meaningful success.  What seems to be a delay, obstacle, loss or even failure now is a twist in the plot of your life, necessary for your gracious destiny to unfold according to a higher plan.

It can be hard to keep faith when you’ve been defeated just one too many times.  It is easy to make fear and doubt mean something they don’t; it’s usually something like being doomed to fail and so we might as well give up.  However, fear and doubt are just symptoms of fatigue. They are signs that we are feeling battle-weary when it comes to life. To overcome weariness and create happiness, you are being asked to temporarily surrender your need to win – just for now.  Instead, you are guided to step back, regroup, replenish, be kind to yourself and know this: sometimes you have to be willing to lose the battle to win the war. That means being willing to go through things in the short term that might seem like a failure without losing confidence, courage, and trust that everything is going to go your way in the long term.

Know that you are strong and determined enough to bounce back and overcome difficult circumstances.  You will be given the power to succeed at the right time and in the best way for all concerned. So give in to how your journey is unfolding – even if it seems like you are losing when you’d rather be winning – but don’t give up hope.  Trust that the universe is strategic. It is helping you to succeed. If you need a sign to know that things are going to work out for the best, even if it seems like they are falling apart along the way, then this is it!

Joker is Wild

The Universe has a sense of humor, but never at your expense.  It is laughing with you, not t you. You’ll see this for yourself as the Joker weaves her magic in your life, bringing you the grace that is beyond all reason, the necessary ingredient to ensure you win with the hand you have been dealt by life.  There’s nothing impossible when the Joker appears. Her wild ways can transform a losing streak into a lifelong love affair with lady Luck.
Strap yourself in and prepare for the ride of a lifetime.  The Joker has come to you and the Joker is wild. Unpredictable and brilliant, she brings you a message.  You are being empowered to overcome all odds. So you are going to win. No doubts, no dramas, but not necessarily in a way that you expect either!  She is sending the best possible situation to you even now. It might startle you, like a sudden light in the middle of the night, but it will be welcome nonetheless.

You probably won’t see it coming.  It will probably be in a way that subverts everything you once believed to be true.  But it will be a welcome trick by the Universe, a loving joke that opens your heart and helps you realize that this vast impersonal universe personally knows and cares for you, so intimately and with such meticulous care.  Just don’t expect to feel in control of the process, for the Joker is wild and moves according to her own genius, but always blesses you with what will work best, beyond compare, now and always.

Divine Disguise

Some blessings are obvious – the door that opens, the person who says yes and the instant success of an idea.  But not all blessings are instantly recognizable. Some blessings are so veiled that at first, you might consider them to be an unwanted development.  A concealed blessing is either already at work in your life or on its way. Don’t worry if you feel like things aren’t working out as they should. Soon enough, the disguise will be dropped, and the blessed unmasked in all its beauty.

Blessings are the mysterious workings of the universe, there to help us along our unique life path to living our truths and fulfill our potential.  The universe has the knack of knowing just what it is we need, even when sometimes we might think we need something altogether different. This is how it can be that something we resist and reject in our lives can become the very thing we’re most grateful for later on.  The real beauty of a situation isn’t obvious to you yet. It could be a delay or change in plans that turn out to be in your favor, even if at the time you aren’t sure it signals failure! It could be the wrong person saying no so the right person can say yes. It could be being blocked from turning back to your past, so you must continue forward into the magic of your future.

But trust and have peace of mind and a realization that the universe does really know what it’s doing.  It’s in your corner, on your side, cheering you on and helping you avoid unnecessary pitfalls, even if you don’t know they exist.

Choose Your Favorite Butterfly And Discover Something Great About Your Personality!

Butterflies are wonderful animals, a symbol of freedom and joy. The characteristics of your favorite butterfly (its shape, its colors) could reveal aspects of your life and your personality. Our Experts bring you those aspects to you so you can find so much more about your personality than you already knew and you can become an even greater and happier person than you already are.
So without thinking too much, look at the butterflies and immediately choose your favorite. Then discover its meaning.
1. Sensitive and generous:
You characterize yourself as an honest and loving person, who shows an authentic interest in others, easily putting yourself in the place of others and worrying (sometimes too much) for their needs, sometimes even forgetting yourself and your needs.
Although, there are a great happiness and joy in helping, remember that it is fundamental to start with yourself so that you can keep your light and your well-being. Recognizing and accepting healthy limits in your life will do you a lot of good, it will make you feel much fuller and more satisfied with yourself.
2. Harmonious and peaceful:
You characterize yourself as an affable, serene, patient and receptive person. You try to maintain a beautiful harmony with life and transmit peace and tranquility in your social groups (family, friends, work, etc). The excessive search for tranquility could lead you to stubbornly deny the existence of unpleasant situations and conflicts, generating episodes of apathy and intentional indifference.
Remember that every situation that occurs (however sad or annoying it may be) has a purpose for you, for this reason, your main challenge is to accept the events of life and flow with them to become a stronger, wiser person with genuine tranquility.
3. Talented:
You are characterized as an observant, logical and orderly person who likes things well done. You feel the need to improve everything around you, you explain to others how to do things and you can get angry when the work of others does not meet your expectations. You could also become a compulsive worker, and that is exactly where your great challenge lies.
A little moderation in your life would be great for you. Establish spaces within your life to calm your agitated mind and put yourself at peace with yourself and the world around you. Look at the sky for a few minutes, go for a walk or just to listen to your favorite song will do a lot of good to your mood and the quality of your work and your relationship with others will improve greatly.
4. Achievement-oriented:
You characterize yourself as a self-confident, energetic and hardworking person, qualities that help you excel in many aspects of life. You can become afraid of failure, because most of your security is based on your achievements, and for this reason, you work hard (sometimes until stressed), which can affect your emotional and physical health.
Your main challenge is to learn to recognize that you are much more than your achievements, and accept that you are a wonderful person, full of unique natural talents and that those who really love you, love you for what you are, not for what you do or what you have. This way your life will become much lighter, happier and more satisfying and you will be able to focus your talent and energy better on everything you want to be and everything you want to do.
5. Enthusiast:
You characterize yourself as a person who wants to be free, happy and fill your life with satisfying experiences. You fear boredom and monotony, and since you have many and very diverse skills and knowledge, you remain in constant movement and immersed in multiple activities at the same time, causing one of your biggest problems: the lack of constancy.
Your main challenge is to learn to manage your time and energy wisely. You would like to do many things at the same time, but that is impossible, it will affect your energy levels, your persona, and your credibility. Learn to set priorities, work with schedules and other organizational methods and learn to say no (to others, and even to yourself) when you feel the need to do so. In this way, your life experiences will be much fuller, satisfying and happy.
6. Artist:
You are known for being a person with high levels of sensitivity, which makes you kind, empathic with others and above all creative. Your creativity allows you to build and reform, be it a physical space, a work of art, a job or a way of doing things.
Due to your high sensitivity, it is likely that sometimes you feel the need to isolate yourself to a quiet place, away from the world and its turmoil, these breaks will do a lot of good to your life, your work, your relationships with other people and connect with your true essence.
If you liked this post and agree with your result, share it with your friends and family so they can also choose their favorite butterfly and discover their personality.

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