Fairies are mythical and supernatural creatures who have magical powers. These charming little winged-spirits are of many different kinds, from flower fairies to water fairies and much more but each come with their unique powers!

Here are three different types of fairies, each with a diverse set of characteristics! The one you feel drawn to can reveal a lot about your personality!

1 Ice Fairy

The ice fairy is symbolic of strength and intelligence. You are a born leader and love challenges. Because of the very same characteristics, people around you tend to depend on you for solutions. It is not easy for anyone to break you or rattle you because of your tolerance level.

2 Flower Fairy

The flower fairy signifies peace, kindness, and simplicity. You are a sensitive person and often refrain from saying anything that might hurt others. Your emotional temperament is quite fragile. You are very understanding as a person.

3 Garden Fairy

The garden fairy signifies originality and inventiveness. You are a very creative person and often come up with imaginative ideas. People find you trustworthy because of the way you present yourself. You are an excellent communicator and an amicable person.

Pick One Card to Find Out Whether Your Dreams And Desires Will Come True!

Each person has his or her secret desires and dreams. Many of us strive to make them real.
But we don’t always succeed in making our dreams come true. Perhaps we have exerted too little effort for this or, maybe we don’t even really want them fulfilled. Or possibly it’s just not the right time to have them realized.

Do you want to know if your dreams and desires will come true right now? We suggest using this fortune-telling.

So, first, think about your hidden wishes, visualize your desire and think about your dreams. Next, go deep into your subconscious and select one of the cards.

You have chosen card # 1 
Your desire will most likely come true, but you need to wait a bit. Don’t rush things. Everything goes on as usual. Haste and hurrying up can only spoil everything, so you got to be patient. Live your life as best as possible and when you expect it the least your dreams and desires will come true.
You have chosen card # 2
 You have earned a long-time deserving reward for your work. You will get what you want, but not in the form in which you expected it to arrive. But this new form might possibly be the best way to receive your reward for all your hard work and you will not regret it.
You have chosen card # 3 
The universe is not ready to give you what you are asking for. Think carefully about your desires. Make an effort to make it happen. Remember, work is always rewarded. So if you are persistent – the universe won’t be able to refuse you. But you must work hard to make it happen, this is not the time for laziness, as it won’t be rewarded.
You have chosen card # 4 
You will receive what you ask for and even more. The main thing is to not stop there. You must act towards your goal and more. For you, the fulfillment of just one desire is not enough. You must continue with all the hard work and lady luck with a look towards you and realize all your dreams and desires.


The meaning of the word “Angel” is a messenger; communication and guidance are their specialties. Messages from your angels are always for your highest good; guiding you to your dreams, your purpose, happiness, joy, and peace.

The Angels assure us that there is a very positive side to all that is happening, and there is a lot we can do to bring about a more peaceful state in all of our lives. Their messages give us insight into what we can each do right to improve not only our own lives but the state of the world as well.

Your guardian angel(s) are excellent counselors; think of them as your very own Divine Life Coaches. Their guidance is truly for your best interests, always positive, unconditionally loving and very honest, but never judgmental or negative. You can always count on your angels for the best advice, counsel, and information available.

Take a look at the 5 Angel Cards below, and choose one that speaks to your soul.

1. Trust Yourself
If everyone learned to trust their own instincts, without question, the world would have more peace, because there would be less drama and stress (we’d be a lot physically healthier too). Consider this, your higher self and spirit (Angels, God, the universe; whatever resonates with you) communicates with you through your intuition. When you dismiss your intuitive feelings, you are, in part, dismissing Divine Guidance.

Your intuition is a guidance system, not an explanation system. It is based on energy, and energy doesn’t lie. Learn to trust it without always needing to know why you are feeling a certain way. If you have doubts about your feelings, ask for a sign from the universe or your angels to confirm them.

2. Love Yourself
Self-love is the foundation of your life. When you are truly loving, forgiving and accepting with and of yourself; you can share and give that energy to others. We can only give what we already have for ourselves. When you are more unconditionally loving with yourself, you naturally give that to others; creating healthier relationships along the way.

All love comes from within, and so does hatred. Self-hatred, even in minimal forms, puts that energy out into the world, and it is matched because like energy attracts like energy (Law of Attraction). Self-love puts loving energy into the world and it is amplified and attracts more of the same. Loving yourself is loving the world!

3. Do What Brings You Joy
Joy is a very high vibrating energy, aligned with love. When you do joyful things, you give that energy to others. Each one of our individual Life Purpose is to serve others in a way that bring us the greatest joy (because when we do, we help raise the energy of the planet).

When you spend your days stressed, miserable or unhappy, that energy affects everyone in your life; it is draining! If you only act on one Angel Message, this would be the most important one; not only for your life but for the lives of everyone around you and for the greater good.

4. Stop Comparing
When we compare ourselves or our lives to others, we lower our vibration.
Comparing is either done to makes us falsely feel better or feel worse; it is a no-win either way.

The only path you need to focus on is your own because the only person you can change is yourself. Allow others to inspire you and believe in your potential; feeling jealous or judgmental is a clear sign of destructive energy.

5. Seek Peace
World peace happens one person at a time. The more peaceful you are, the more peaceful you make the world with your energy. The first four messages all combine to help you have more peace in your life, but there are other practices that can support that.

Meditation, creative expression, yoga, physical exercise, eating clean, energy healing, essential oil diffusing, Chakra clearing/balancing and healing crystal use are all tools for creating more peaceful, energy in your life. Create a spiritual practice that centers around this principle and you will change and impact your life in very positive ways.

Personality Test! Choose The Butterfly That You Like The Most And Find Out The Secrets Of Your Soul!

If you chose butterfly number 1

You are a bright and a positive person. People are drawn to you, like butterflies to the light. You have a sincere and warm soul, in which there is room for everyone. 

You don't think so much about yourself, you do a lot for others. The universe advises you to pay more attention to yourself and to satisfy yourself because when you smile, the whole world smiles.

If you chose the butterfly number 2 

You are a creative person, who has many talents and abilities. You have a vulnerable soul, although very few people know about it. You go through life laughing. Your main enemy is doubt and disbelief in yourself. The universe advises you to rely more on your strengths and to trust your heart.

If you chose butterfly number 3 

You are a sensitive person, and you have some connections to another world. You have a strong intuition. You can feel whether the person is good or not. You are very sincere. Therefore it is difficult to communicate with you. The universe advises you not to be upset because of the actions of other people, but to search "your own" people, with whom you can fully open your soul without fear.

If you chose butterfly number 4 

Your mood changes very often, sometimes you can be gentle, sometimes strong. People fall in love with you very often, but you fall in love rarely and forever. The universe advises you not to pay attention to the sad little things of life. Surround yourself with beautiful objects, surround yourself with good people and everything will be fine.


Look at the 4 cards that are shown below and let your intuition choose your favorite. Please do not choose just to choose, choose the card that most appeals to you because it will reveal a great message to you. Next, discover the message that this card has for this moment of your life

1. Card to believe and create

This card reaches your life today to remind you that with each of your acts you are building your reality.

It is possible that at some point you may have doubts about the ability to materialize your dreams, but when in doubt remember that you are an enthusiastic, passionate, courageous person and that your very nature is to achieve goals.

It is time to believe and create; define your purposes, visualize your goals and take your first step towards your dreams now. It is not necessary that you see the complete path, or that you know exactly what you have to do, it is only necessary that you take the first step with faith, that you maintain a positive attitude that allows you to be happy and grow and the rest of the way will start appearing as you walk. It’s your time!

2. Card for living in the present

When you feel sadness it is because somehow you are clinging to memories of the past and when you feel anxiety it is because you spend a lot of time thinking about the future

Remember that the past and the future are nothing more than mental projections of what was once or what you expect it to be and that the only thing that really exists and belongs to you is the here and now, which is where life really happens.

This card comes in your life today to tell you that maybe you can’t change the past because what happened simply has already happened, but you can always do something to improve your present and move forward into a happier future. It is your moment to release and thank the past because it built your foundations, treasure each of the lessons learned and understand that you are in the present.

Everything you do today with love and enthusiasm will manifest naturally in your tomorrow. Each of your actions in the present is seeds that will sprout naturally tomorrow.

3. Card of talent and commitment

You are known for being a person who knows that commitment and the desire to succeed are fundamental to build the life of your dreams and for this reason, you always put all your soul, commitment, and heart in everything you do.

Your main challenge is to be patient and learn to flow with life because it is likely that sometimes you are a little anxious and question the natural rhythm of things. Remember that life is perfect and has its own timeline and all you have to do is follow it’s natural path and it will lead to happiness.

If you give everything of yourself in your life, you will always see the results, so go ahead, work with love and courage and trust that everything good is about to come, for the shown reasons and in its precise moment.

4. Card for kindness and balance

The universe operates in equilibrium. Each action generates a reaction and each act has its own consequence. If your act with love, prosperity, happiness, and abundance everything positive will return in your life tenfold, but only if you allow it.

This card arrives in your life today to remind you that contrary to what we have been taught, there is the same greatness in learning to receive as is in learning to give. You have given so much and for so many years (kindness is in your nature) and it is time that you allow yourself to receive the gifts that life and the creative force are willing to give you.

Consider yourself a person worthy of good things so that good things begin to manifest in your life because you will only receive what you think you deserve.
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