Mystery behind Letter X on your palms (Only 3% people in the world have it)

Palmistry- What does Letter X symbolize?

Based on the ancient knowledge of palmistry, we know how the palm lines and symbols are associated with our personalities and future prospects in terms of career, life, marriage, money, and health.

Ancient books on palmistry

This popular ancient practice of foretelling the future through the study of the palm has its roots traced back to Indian (Hindu-Vedic) astrology. Based on several scriptures around the world, it's been deduced that several thousand years ago, Hindu sage Valmiki authored a book containing 567 verses.

Origin of palm reading

It is believed that from India, the knowledge and practice of palmistry sprawled across the world, through China, Tibet, Egypt, Persia and to several other countries in Europe.

Greek astrology

It is also said that it was Greece scholar Anaxagoras, who, during his time around the Indian sub-continent learned about Palmistry and later shared the knowledge with Hermes.

Secrets of Alexander The Great

Aristotle found the treatise regarding the matter of palmistry at one of Hermes’ altars, which he then displayed to Alexander the Great. The latter took great interest and began inspecting the character of his officers by evaluating the lines on their palms.


Though there is no affirming evidence of the same, some say that Alexander deeply studied his own palms and strategized his life accordingly; and no one had the markings, lines, and symbols like his palms.

Letter X on palms

Egyptian scholars suggest that Alexander The Great, had this unique marking on his palm, which was rarely found in anyone else in the world. Of late, only 3% of the entire population claimed to have the exact same marking- Letter X.

Research study on palmistry

In order to determine the credibility of this claim the STI University from Moscow, recently conducted a research and revealed a paper on the subject of the letter X on the palms and its potential connection to the destiny of the people who have it.

Sign of a great leader

The University took collected and analyzed the data of over 2 million people, both living and dead; and concluded that people, who had letter X on both palms, were either leaders or highly popular individuals in the society, remembered for great things.

People who have/or had Letter X on their palms

Of the rare individuals, who had this marking, were great Greek Emperor Alexander The Great, President Abraham Lincoln. And, one of these people is still alive and is hard to ignore- Russian president Vladimir Putin.


Those who have Letter X in both their palms, go on to be remembered for ages even after their death. And, the ones who have it only in one of their palm go on to be extremely successful and famous individuals.

Personality traits of people with X on their palm

These people have great sixth sense or intuition. The can sense, danger, infidelity, and disloyalty from a hands distance. Over the time they form a special energy cycle around them, which people around them simply cannot intrude.

Trying lying to them, and they’ll unleash the worst ever side of themselves. They might forgive, but they’ll never forget. Nothing or no one can bring them any harm; such is the power of their luck.

These people are sharp, intuitive, have great knowledge and memory of an elephant. They are easy to adapt and make no fuss about arrangements around them.

source: speaking tree

Choose A Healing Stone And Discover What It Reveals About You!

Pick a stone, any stone. Seriously, choose the one that grabs you at first glance – It’ll teach you a lot about yourself. Go ahead. See if I am wrong.

1 – Opalite

That beautiful translucent, shimmering blue stone is called opalite. It is a delicate rock, which proponents of meditation believe enhances visions when placed on the Crown Chakra.

So let’s say the opalite caught your fancy. What does that mean?

Opalite is believed to bring peace to all. Maybe you’ve been a little stressed recently and in need of an escape from the hustle and bustle of busy life.
Perhaps you also need to soften up a little bit – Opalite is believed to soften a hardened soul.

2 – Malachite

Maybe opalite did nothing for you, and your interest lies more in that emerald-colored rock to its right.

If so, you’ve chosen malachite. This rock is thought to be a protection stone. It absorbs negative energy and pollutants from the body and air.

The stone is also presumed to signify significant changes on one’s horizon, mainly spiritual and romantic changes.

3 – Sun Stone

Ah, the sunstone.

You can see where it gets its name from and, as you might guess, it is rumored to symbolize a sunny disposition for those who relate to it, as you have if you’ve chosen this rock.

The future is bright for you, and this might be a good reminder to get outside and soak up those sun rays.

4 – Mahogany Obsidian Stone

As you can tell, this stone is a very rich, almost chocolate-looking rock. Iron inclusions form those swirls in the natural glass surface of the rock.

As far as spiritual and psychic uses go, the mahogany obsidian stone is believed to remove energy blockages. It also protects one from psychic attacks.

If you’ve chosen this stone, this could mean your subconscious is trying to get you to break out of old habits and create a new life for yourself.

5 – Howlite

Been feeling a little wolf-like lately?

Okay, bad joke.

However, that aside, Howlite was discovered in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia back in 1868 and has since gone on to gain a reputation for its link to awareness and the receiving of messages from a higher power, which is granted to the wearer of the stone.

If you chose this stone, you should keep an eye out for messages from whatever higher power you believe in. Be sure to keep a dream journal so you do not miss anything.

6 – Dalmatian Jasper

So you are a bit of a bottom right person, eh?

Well, if you’ve chosen this stone, it could mean that you are a fun-loving person in search of adventures and new friends.

This stone is also rumored to help break down barriers that people might think are good for them, but are actually stopping them from discovering freedom and adventure.


Pick A Key To Reveal Its Hidden Meaning For Your Life

Pick one of these five keys to unlock the hidden secrets of your subconscious and learn more about your hidden strengths…

Each one of these five keys has a deeper meaning and is used to tell you more about your hidden strengths and powers. Everyone has hidden powers deep in their subconscious and by picking one of these keys it will unlock the hidden secrets of your mysterious power. Have you ever felt that deep down you had a talent, strength, or power that you couldn’t quite identify? Choose one of these magical keys to get a deeper insight into your subconscious to learn more about your hidden power.

#1 The Key of Aphrodite

Aphrodite is the Greek goddess of love, beauty, and sexuality. You believe in true love and you have a positive and simple outlook on life. You picked the Key of Aphrodite because it has a bird on it, meaning that you value your freedom. Your independence is one of your greatest strengths. Besides the dove, a sign of peace and harmony which you value immensely, the key is pretty simple which is the way that you like to live your life. Your hidden strength is your passion and love.

#2 The Key of the Druids

The Druids were considered the highest ranking members of society in Celtic mythology. This key has a Celtic knot to represent the Druids, who were known as religious leaders, legal authorities, and the keepers of lore. The Druids had a constant connection to their community and the Celtic knot is a representation of their connection with the community and nature. The Celtic knot is a symbol of nature and harmony, by choosing it you are revealing your desire to be in nature to find peace and solitude. Your hidden strength is your deep wisdom and high aptitude.

#3 The Key of Royalty

There’s only one type of person that selects the key of the king and that is a person with high aspirations. You have big dreams and you have intentions of achieving them. You have big goals and nothing is going to stop you because you can do anything you put your mind to. You know how to keep your eyes on the prize and work hard to get what you want. Sometimes you have to be reminded to stop and smell the roses occasionally and take pride in your achievements. Your hidden strength is your deep ambition.

#4 The Key of the Triple Goddess

The triquetra or trinity knot has been used for centuries as a symbol for a deity. By choosing this key you reveal that you have a serious spiritual and supernatural connection. You often find that your intuition is more in tune than others and you seem to have a spiritual connection with the world around you. Your intuition and gut instinct is like none other and you have an almost supernatural ability to read people. You may not be performing actual magic quite yet but you know that you were born to do special things and you have luck and instinct to get you there. Your hidden strength is your spiritual connection to the world around you.

#5 The Key of Eros

Eros is the Greek God of attraction and desire. The Roman equivalent of Eros is Cupid. You chose a key with a heart at the end of it and love is obviously on your mind. You are close to finding your true love if you haven’t already. You have a knack for finding love and you are a very passionate person. You have been hurt before but that doesn’t stop you from continuing to search for your soul-mate. One day you will find the one you are looking for and on the way there you will have beautiful romances that you will look back upon fondly. The very few relationships that don’t end well should be quickly forgotten. Your hidden strength is your amazing romantic ability.


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