This free tarot reading can predict the future, analyze the past and present, and guide your life to improve it.


The esoteric oracle tells you that, in a situation you never imagined, there will be a reunion with an old friend that you have not seen for years. This will bring an improvement in your social life, you will do activities that you never did before.

There will be a rollercoaster of emotions in your life; Both good and bad. There will be much love and passion, but perhaps also some arguments and anger.

You’re going to get out of the dark and negative stage of your life. Can be many things, you may stop seeing a toxic person who hurts you, an obligation you do not like will end, etc.


The three cards oracle tells us that something new is about to start in your life. You’re facing positive new energy, so don’t be afraid when there’s a change in your life. It can be a new job, something about your family, some project, etc.

There will be a quality improvement in your life. The tarot card does not show me specifically in what aspect will improve your life, but it does glimpse joy and more comfort.

In the long run, thanks to your hard work, you will get certain goals you wanted for you. Other goals will be incomplete. You can’t get it all, sometimes you have to know when to stop and enjoy what you have already achieved.


The three cards oracle tells you that your ability to plan your economy and ease for problem-solving will help you to move forward positively the family economy.

With regard to your health, if you have been dragging a certain aching, there is going to be an improvement. You’ll have to worry about your health and take care of yourself, be serious.

You’ve been under some pressure lately. You’ve usually had obligations in your personal life or too much work. This has been creating problems that are accumulating. Solve these problems as soon as possible because it could create more problems.

You’re going to realize that you’re wrong in one aspect of your life. You will correct this error and you can channel your life in a better direction.


Those tarot cards represent healing, and they have a positive effect when you visualize them. These healing cards awoke an ancient remembering, and they can help you to find some peace within you. Many of this tarot cards raise feelings of love, peace, and calmness.

You're Being Helped

"Heaven is working behind the scenes to help you, even if you don't see results yet."

You've put the call out for help and it's on the way - all you need to do now is trust in the Universe delivering it to you in divine timing.  If you get urges to take action, do so. Sometimes this is what's required when we've prayed and waited patiently. This card can also indicate for you to ask for help, either from prayer or asking those around you to help when you're in need.  Perhaps it's time to delegate some chores to those who aren't as busy.  Know that there is always help at hand.


"Make a date for a play day with one or more friends."

Has life become too serious? Have you been working hard and not spending time doing the things you love?  Perhaps it's time to get together with some friends and let your hair down. We all need a balance between work/play and that includes a healthy social life. Spending too much time alone is not healthy so if you're in need of friends, perhaps it's time to join a club or group which interests you, to make friends. This card can also indicate that it's time to talk about what's been burdening you with a trusted friend. Keeping it all bottled up inside is not healthy.

Contemplation Time

"Spend time alone, meditating upon what you truly desire."

Now is the time to stop doing and start meditating.  You've worked hard and it's time to take some time out and reflect on your true desires before you can move forward.  What do you truly wish - not what someone else wishes for you, but what do you desire? Happiness will only come when we follow through with our own heart's desires.  Take this time in gentle contemplation to meditate, visualize and pray for what you truly want.  We do have the power to create our reality. When we are on the go all the time, it's difficult to assess what our wishes are, so take some time now to rest, go within and understand what you truly want.


Hello, my dear friends, it’s Monday and time to pick a card for our week ahead messages!

It is time to reconnect with our family bloodline as well as our soul lineage or ‘etheric bloodline’ to find our roots and shed any aspects that are not authentic/do not serve our purpose in this existence. The message of this card extends through the next couple of weeks until the New Moon in Libra.

You chose card one. IX 9 of Wands 

The bloodline on your mother’s side is calling for you to connect. This is also where you can focus your healing efforts over the next couple of weeks. Express any emotions that surface rather than suppressing them. Use art and dance as outlets for emotional healing. This could be a fertile period for you creatively.

You chose card two. III The Empress

Look at structures that need rebuilding.  Think of your life as a house. Which rooms (areas of your life) need to be redesigned? Which resources do you have at your disposal? How can you use them? Is there a person with the qualities of the King of Pentacles you could ask for help with the practical/financial side of things if need be?

You chose card three. The King of Pentacles

The focus for this week is to look at where you have papered over cracks in your past instead of doing the healing work. You can easily find these cracks by examining which areas of your life are causing an energy drain. Be honest with yourself. Avoid getting tense and defensive as if you are the victim of past failures. Realize that these are all valuable lessons instead – Lessons which will become invaluable tools in your own healing toolkit once integrated.

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